Family Perps

Many of my siblings married perps, some more vicious than others. My brother closest in age to me married a perp named Cathy (name changed). Cathy was his “type”, blonde, wealthy, confident. She grew up as an Army brat moving all over, including Mexico. They met at a party in our hometown in Connecticut, she was from Westchester C.ounty.

Before they got married they had a breakup. She followed my brother to NY city where he had a job with CNN. She lied to him that she was using birth control and he got her pregnant, an obvious attempt at a trap. He was angry and told her they had to go for an abortion which she did. She later told me what a jerk he was that whole time but I get why he was. When they were dating and my brother lived at home, my brother came home to find her asleep in his room one day. My Mom and I were home but no one knew she was there, she just walked in without knocking and went to his room. My brother was just as surprised as everyone else that she did this. Her excuse was that she had bad cramps and just wanted to go lay down somewhere.

Cathy asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at their wedding in North Carolina. She had an older sister who was bitchy. She had a lapdog husband and a young nanny that trailed her everywhere she went attending to her kids. This woman stole a pair of scissors from me while preparing for the wedding. She then told me there was no room for me in the limo to the church. After the wedding, I found them taking the formal pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids without me. I have no idea why she asked me to be in this wedding.

My brother’s best man at his wedding, Jay (name changed), later told my brother and Cathy that he liked me. Everyone, including my brother laughed, joking about why would he pick me when all of Cathy’s single friends were so much more attractive and “fun”. Jay was a decent guy and that made me sad. That same scenario has played out multiple times through my life.

Before they married they lived together in Atlanta, my brother still working for CNN. I visited them once on my way to visit a friend in Florida. I met some of their friends. Cathy told me one of them used to be involved in phone scams. Another one had a boyfriend but was sleeping with her boss. Nice crowd. My brother told me something weird when Cathy wasn’t there. I lived in DC at the time and she had been telling my brother repeatedly that she thought I must be a spy or some type of undercover Federal agent (CIA). I had no clue why she would say something like that, she had no reason to. I just brushed it off as her being a flake.

They lived in an apt. near Atlanta and their neighbor was a 40ish professional woman living with her boyfriend. The boyfriend was slovenly looking with dark curly hair and a beard. They seemed like an unlikely match. My brother told me the man offered him coke (not the soda) one day and my brother accepted. My brother did drugs in high school but had steered away from that lifestyle since then. I am now very suspicious this man was DEA and probably taped my brother doing drugs in his apt. with him that day. This becomes “evidence” for future phoney investigations. (Remember the Heath Ledger video from Chateau Marmont?).

They had a puppy then who later contracted Parvovirus and bit Cathy. The dog was put down soon after that. Anything for Cathy because my brother was whipped by this woman. The only friend of theirs I really liked was Tom (name changed). He was from our hometown and was an alcoholic but had a good heart.  Tom later had problems with Cathy and was then told by my brother to stay away. Tom and my brother went way back. Like I said…whipped.

During that Atlanta visit we did some activities with Tom and took two cars. At one point Cathy and I were in Tom’s car with my brother tailing us in a red Wrangler jeep. As we merged onto a freeway, Tom checked the rearview for my brother and started to get upset. A man in a pickup was driving in front of my brother’s jeep, a spare tire suddenly flew out from under the man’s truck and flew straight at the Jeep’s windshield. My brother swerved and narrowly missed it. We all pulled over, it had scared the hell out of him. I do not think now this was a coincidence. Perps rig their cars to do all kinds of weird shit.

I had a flashback about this brother recently not related to Cathy. When I was in junior high or high school, I remember my Mom coming home from a local market. She said she was waiting at a deli or bakery counter and overheard 2 young employees talking about my brother. They said his name and then said “Yeah he’s a good person to take things out on when you are mad, if you feel like taking it out on someone.” My Mom didn’t tell them she was his Mother. But I now know they already knew, this was “directed conversation”. This tells me our targeting goes back pretty far. After a certain age I developed a really strong dislike for this town. As beautiful as it was, the people were dreadful, and I could not wait to escape.


2 thoughts on “Family Perps

  1. Wow thanks for sharing…everyone but my boyfriend is a perp practically. What can you do? My friend and her daughter are very nice to me…but the one is a target because she knows people….i dont see her enough to mention gangstalking but we did disguss the perps….so we know various ones to avoid….not sure why your a target…people need a scapegoat…ive always had a few friends and never beenoutgoing….it must be sooo hard on the social targets….all i get is death threats and insults online because i dontget out much….

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