Upside down, Backwards, In reverse

The shittiest, most unstable humans that ever roamed the Universe are chosen to gang stalk.

One thing with them that is so hard to swallow is the way some of them react after being so hurtful to a target. They react with scorn. A normal person would be apologetic, empathetic when they realized they hurt someone. Or at least just act neutral if they are not sorry. A perp acts angry and scornful, and disgusted. As if they are the victim and you did something wrong to them. I can’t figure out of this is a typical sociopathic reaction or their SRA mind control programming. Maybe both. It is really a sight to see. I think mostly they aim to confuse. And they are always looking for a reaction.

I remember lending clothes to perp “friends” in high school. One of them returned a shirt with a huge bleach stain on it. But since she acted so angry about my reaction to the damage, I was denied the right to be angry. Another one kept my clothes for over a month. I had to collect them from her room myself one day. You should have seen the actual snarl on her face as she eyed the pile of my clothes on her bed, soon to go home with me.

In 2012 I sat in a FBI office with a Special Agent trying to explain Gang Stalking. He already knew what it was but played ignorant and just sat and seethed with anger and scorn. I had 2 black eyes at the time from a head injury and he acted like it disgusted him, like I was someone’s battered wife who deserved what she got. Later that year a friend of my neighbor sexually harassed me in a bar in front of a group of people who planned the whole skit. The “cleanup” afterwards was swift and very rehearsed meaning they knew it was a big blow and were expecting a reaction. The harassment was covert but he may as well have taken a fist to my face hard enough to knock me to the ground. I just walked out and went home. The next time I was in that bar the little blonde bartender, who knew about the skit, was curt and dismissive, as if I had offended someone there.

Another odd thing is their way of turning friendliness into a form of hostility. Like one of those dogs that is so happy to see you they can’t stop clawing your body and face no matter how you try to calm them. I have a perp in-law who behaved like this, her strained phoniness was palpable. I figured it was just her personality and tried not to take it personally. Until one day my sister came to visit and the perp in-law’s demeanor was completely different with her. Calm, conversational, and easy going. This sister may have also been a perp at the time.

Another in-law from that same family raised 2 of my nephews. This woman is another chapter unto herself. There were so many red flags along the way but I didn’t want to interfere. Now I feel like I’ll never forgive myself for not doing so. One of things she kept repeating over the last 5-6 years was , “Oh, I’m going to unleash them on some poor girl!” I thought she was joking about a girlfriend or a wife. When what she really meant was psychological torture of single women like myself. What a sick ride it has been realizing how much sickness there has been around me for so long. How these people can commit the most atrocious acts of torture and deception right under your nose in broad daylight on you and all of your loved ones. These people are the reason why Hell was invented.