Pete Santilli Episode #823 – Whistleblower Exposes Coming Drone Invasion of USA

***Blogger’s Note: Interview with Darlene starts at 1:06

******PLEASE SEE THE FOLLOWING ACLU LINK for FOIA DRONE INFO ON JOINT TARGETING***** This includes covert/clandestine/special ops, surveillance, tracking, and non-lethal weaponry. ALL TI’S NEED TO READ THIS NOW.

Streamed live on Oct 21, 2014
Full Article:

Darlene Miles is a 25 plus year Independent Information System Technology Consultant and Author of the book ‘An Invasion of Corporate Locust’. As a technology consultant she has been contractually hired by million to billion dollar corporations to build systems for the banking industry’s background system, that is now used by Homeland Security as consumer risk-assessment systems, combining:
Credit background and medical records unethically, (healthcare systems) electronic patient medical records systems,
computerizing complete medical facilities, health insurance billing systems, insurance systems for property/casualty and life/health,
courts/legal systems, automotive industry automation, cable systems, manufacturing systems, steel development systems from raw coal to finished steel for all industry specifications….and government contracted projects such as UAV payload automation and many more….
Darlene is here today to focus on her work to build these systems and how she experienced a host of unethical consumer violations in the process. Violations in banking, in handling of our medical records, and various billing systems that affect all consumers.

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2 thoughts on “Pete Santilli Episode #823 – Whistleblower Exposes Coming Drone Invasion of USA

  1. You are a Fuckin coward. Why use Darlene Miles name, twist her information, use her website, all without authorization. You are a bitchass and we hope they destroy your ass through your so-called targeted. Fuckin vowatd. Use your real name.

    • Not sure who you are or what your problem is but I have an idea..if you don’t like my blog please don’t look at it or comment on it, thanks. By the way wtf is a vowatd? It’s called spellcheck moron.

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