Bio: I am a victim of Cointelpro/ Organized Gang Stalking in Southern California. This includes Community-based harassment, Group Stalking, Workplace mobbing, Psychological abuse/torture/menticide, sexual harassment, noise harassment, Remote Neural Monitoring, Directed Energy/ EMF weapons, Illegal surveillance in public and private, Illegal entry inside my home and car, Medical and Psychiatric fraud, Vandalism and theft of my personal property, Law Enforcement and local city govt. corruption. Terms and Conditions of use: All content provided on this "Stoporgangstalking.com" blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site, including reader comments posted, or found by following any link on this site. Reader comments posted on this blog may not represent the blog owner's own views, opinions or beliefs. The owner of Stoporgangstalking.com will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. This terms and conditions is subject to change at anytime with or without notice.

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    • Hello:

      I am concerned about the potential for use of technology to conduct unethical research and/or influence the behavior of others through the use of brain scanning technology. I have personally experienced this phenomenon and am willing to publicly share my experiences with others. I can be contacted directly at 907.598.5433.

      I also believe there may be other victims of this phenomenon in my local community. Through internet research I have become aware of various forms and methods of employing such techniques. Two different subjects I researched include Voice to Skull (Gang stalking) and an experiment conducted by the United States Navy into non-verbal communication through implanting a device into a person (possibly without their consent) to study the possibility of different forms of communication.

      There may also be some type of cult influence involved. I was previously a member of a cult in Soldotna, Alaska known as the Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ (http://www.bodyofjesus.org/).

      Again, I am more than willing to share my personal experiences with anyone willing to listen.

    • Thanks for this blog, it really helped me understand the situation I found myself in and gave me info VERY QUICKLY.

      I am a South African victim whose life started going bad from workplace mobbing in Cape Town. I always wondered how my colleagues could see my computer screen and knew of the sexual activities in my private home.

      In my case, it all evidence points to my targeting being for company insurance fraud, my perpetrators hinted at having me completely killed by 2018 from the DEW causing cancer and other illnesses.

      Once dead, the company that I worked for will cash in on the employee insurance. For now, my life is complete hell.

      If it was not for blogs such as these, I would be been completely lost.

      Thank you

      • Thanks for reading my blog. It was through reading other’s blogs in 2012 that I realized I am a TI. I was subjected to heinous workplace mobbing at my office in 2012 (a major national healthcare company in the US). You are not alone and this program will be exposed. Oppose and expose, report them every time you can for breaking rules and violating (social) boundaries so people will see the patterns of their criminal harassment. Put complaints in writing to make a permanent paper trail, keep complaints legit and concrete. We will eventually find attorneys and judges who are not part of this corrupt system who will be aghast at what is taking place right now and justice will be served.

      • I think you should take steps to remove yourself from their insurance policy. I don’t think it could possibly be legal to insure someone against their will, especially if as you stated you no longer work for them.

    • Oh how relieved I am that I found your site…I was born and raised in Encinitas and after working for a law firm from hell there, I have been gang stalked as a result for the past 8 years – I knew there were other victims nearby; I would like more information about the PI that offers stalking packages…I’m pretty sure he was in my folks’ neighborhood in Carlsbad a few years back.

    • Lewis plaza/adams is the ring leader here in kern county!He feeds the meth attacks tons of meth to do this 24/7′ if they get busted for anything he makes sure they dont go to jail’

  1. I live in SD and i’m experiencing this too. I’m not sure when it began but it became very obvious in July of 2012. Please email me. I promise I’m not a perp. This is the worst thing a human being can
    experience and there is no where to turn or none to turn to.

    • the possibility that you may be a perp does not concern me. if you were it would not increase damage. I am alone in this as well. seclusion leaves people more vulnerable, so they like it that way. don’t let them break you.sometimes it feels like I wont get through the day.but I know the reaction they want and it makes me not give up.i am an individualist who does not follow, and I am “mentally unstable”.the fact that I am not easily BRAINWASHED makes me a possible obstacle and threat to them.the difference of my mind state is a weapon they use. try to think of the REASON youre targeted.whatever it is, it makes you a threat to their plans for humanity.also find your weak spots and keep them hidden. they know all mine so its too late.they want you to stay silent about whats going on with them.DONT.they want you to eventually be eliminated.FIGHT THEM,i don’t think theres a way to make it stop when youre alone.but don’t let them win.

      • This garbage is straight from Jewish supremacist “communism” by the way; it never left, but went underground! See my blog for copious details on their kults, both private and public sector!
        (Under the Sign of the Scorpion, and Stasiland by Anna Funder)

        DragonsPaw. blogspot. com/2015/11 has key info.

        While It’s more about Jewish BLOOD than religion the Soncinian Talmud has key KULT tactics/teachings like pedophilia/sodomy of your children.

  2. Hey guys, I have a new petition on the white house website to prevent gang stalkers from organizing:
    Cut the communication pipeline between law enforcement and fusion center to private community watch groups.
    http://wh.gov/l3bFf Please click the link and signed it, we need 100,000 signatures in 30 days

    Cut the communication pipeline between law enforcement and fusion center to private community…


    Dear President Obama, we the people wish you to cut all connections of Law Enforcement fusion centers with information sharing of local community watch groups

  3. Hi Maura, I love your blog, thanks for sharing your gang stalking experience with the world. Your experience is very strange, but it does resonance with me. It seems that you are troubled by a strange environment of an excessive number of police cars and ambulances and an excessive number of people syncing with you and cutting you off, etc. I have experienced something similar, although more definite. Between 2007 and 2009 when I was targeted by the Department of Homeland Security, they also sent an excessive number of police cars and ambulances to circle around me, and they instructed the residents around me to do all sorts of weird thing. I filmed it all as proof. I recently put online the video survey I did in June 2009 of an excessive number of people with broken arms and broken legs in my environment. I knew it was the Department of Homeland Security which has instructed the people around me to pretend to have broken legs, etc., although I don’t really know why: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/suppl_pld_4_60bg/suppl_pld_4_60bg.pdf, see p. 60 – 61. I want to leave you another link, where is described the problem of the gap between mind-control operations and the victims’ interpretation of their victimization experiences: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/suppl_pld_9_139/suppl_pld_9_139b.pdf (p. 247 – 251).

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes I got the theater with people on crutches, casts, splints, slings, etc. too. I will have some more posts on street theater coming up soon. I wish I had taken videos, you would not believe what they did.

    • Well they actually broke my leg in 2009 or 2010, I don’t care to recall which. Told me they were going to several times prior to doing it. It is possible they actually broke the limbs of those around you.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m sorry you are living this nightmare also. This blog is to help expose and oppose Gang stalking/ Electronic Harassment.

  4. To whomever blogged about the healthcare providers being “in on it”. I know this is true. I lived this hell for 5+ yrs. It began in a hospital near as I can tell. I know the doctors (not all of them but I ran into quite a lot) and many many nurses and techs who are in on this harassment and abuse/stalking. Do NOT rule out religious folks! I know a lot of these folks who are also medical are quite religious and the ones of the religious bent – are a particular protestant group. It made me absolutely sick when they treated my newborn and my elderly parents dirty in stores and a cafe. They act friendly for awhile and then “flip”. So now when someone comes up to me “wanting to be my friend” and it’s unnatural I politely turn them away. Many times it’s like a badly spliced tape with snippets of things I’ve said and added on to. This crime is dehumanizing, cruel and if left to continue will make the NAZI’s look good compared to this. Medical workers are in on this abuse. I try to tell folks do NOT trust your healthcare provider. Just use them when you HAVE to. These people are psychos and they have no soul. Sad the same ones who are “trained” to take care of you and Help you are the most abusive, nasty, two faced, cruel, psychopathic caregivers one could ask for. Gangstalking is evil. Don’t ask “why” this is happening. psychos don’t care they just have a compulsion and get cheap thrills from doing this. Sick peopl.

  5. Hello,

    Stay strong. There are many of us and the numbers are growing.

    I am certain that we have been labeled as “suspected domestic terrorists.” When we are labeled as such, that gives them the right (in their opinion and maybe secret legal interpretations) to utilize psyops and COINTELPRO tactics against us.

    The Gov recently admitted to over 700,000 people on terrorist watch-list. The gangstalkers are everybody who has received intelligence about the terrorist watch-lists. That’s why local law enforcement/Fire/EMS, etc is involved.

    The whole apparatus is controlled/overseen by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

    If you email me, I can share more. And provide a link to my website.


    Yah Berry

  6. I am the victim of gang stalking for 10 months now. They go to business that I like to go to like mcdonalds ans say malicious things to the workers who then stare at me or eatch me closely.

    The police and fbi help them. They use car horns, dogs, comments to citizens, law enforcement, any and all means.

    I cant get a place to stay because of them.

    Worst of all I.am a ex cop. I am also a wistleblower of police corruption.

    I need help. 336_ 587_ 5256

    • They are doing this now because they “have time”. This “time” that they have is really nothing but borrowed time, time granted them to demonstrate what they are made of, so that when THEY face Judgement, they cannot claim to have had no chance to demonstrate their moral and ethical fiber.

      This is also the time for the Righteous to stand firm in their Moral and Ethical Sovereignty and Dignity, and to refuse to bend or break to such cowardly tactics, so that THE JUDGEMENT is rendered in their favor.

      Just remember, they might be “playing god”, as does the laws of physics which enable their charade, but the end result is that all facades fall, and the consequences will be that those who did evil deeds, whatever their pathetic excuses, will be facing a “Nuremburg” trial they will be dreading like nothing they’ve ever feared. It may be 1 second before it begins, but the dread will be so intense, their minds will attempt to delay that second for an eternity, and the hell they experience as they resist the inevitable will be in direct proportion to their resistance.

      That’s what THEY have to look forward to. As to certain of the TIs, who were in fact being systematically targeted for evil because their Virtue or other Divine Potential was a threat to the evil that IS the “system”, they cannot be denied their Final Reward, which is eternal, and overflows their ability to receive and appreciate it to an infinite degree so great that it will assuredly overwhelm and utterly extinguish these traumas.

      Just keep up you chins, the cowards and scum will break, and be broken.

    • Hello Spencer!
      The same has been happening me 2002-2015. U say you need help.Yes, the town war is unbearable.I even tried to change country. It didn’t work because the same perv perps attacked there on a 24/7 basis.The best way to survive is to keep on yr daily routines. Have joy on very,very simple things.It sounds curious,but in the midst of the wast and obtrusive gangharassment ocean u can take, as I do ,the pleasure moments in having a good feeling in walking,drinking coffee,sun shining,or listening good music.There is a buddhist exercise:to be happy on other people’s happiness!!Develop the habit of rejoysing their joy!!(of course it sounds naive in the midst of being a TI)- At one time I made a clip board of smiling pictures of my wall just ,to convince that happiness IS. -When the bulling at home goes unbearable,go out,then return. It is a self motivated move, -so there will be at least some sec’s of peace. The gang hates and wants to break and mess to all yr moves and choises, but this would not be annoying for them.- Making any kind of own decision is a healthening act.- It is a war,and the TI’s cannot win.We must survive.Read good material; even if they attack yelling on every time when u turn the page.If they are noise harassing to yr movements at home,dont keep tv or comp open all days long,it makes them too jumpy and aggravated.- U can get them going somewhat more slowly when being very calm at all the remaining movements.Collecting good moments is the best trick to keep u calm. Annoying them dont work.Best greetings,Tula

  7. hey man, i’ve known about ur blog for awhile, read it here and there. yeah but anyway im trying to tone down my lazyness a bit and try to network with other ti’s. i saw on one of ur blogs that u mention encinatas noise campaign. i assume that means ur in sd county? so am i 🙂

    to prove im not a gs pos u can look at some of neverending’s blogs and i post some comments there. so once u confirm im not a gs’er can u email me at alliknowfella00 at yahoo dot com ? really wanna network with ti’s esp in san diego county

    fyi i’ve gave my emails recently to a few ti’s and for w/e reason none of them emailed me. so send it twice or even a third time to make sure i get it

  8. I dont know if any of you can help me or not. I read your blog and it sounds exactly like what my husband is going through. At one point he even thought I was involved and honestly Im not so sure hes stopped thinking that. Im writing to see if there is anything I can do to help my husband through this. I have tried to see the things he sees but I dont see them and to be absolutely honest since he accused me of being involved I didnt think there was anything to see since I knew I was and still am innocent. It kills me to see him have to go through this. Have any TI’s found a way out of this?

    Ive tried talking though everything with him to find the why, Ive averted his attention to something else, Ive tried to tell him to ignore it. Nothing seems to help. He says it gets less some days and then comes full force other days. Im just at a loss and dont know what to do.

    • Organized Gnag Stalking and Electronic Harassment is a systematic slow-killing machine and a sadistic mobile version of the Truman show. If they want to sensitize you to something, you will become sensitized, even if the person is not intentionally trying to harass you. Almost every TI has these same issues with one or more family members. This is a psychological virus and yes your thoughts can be unknowingly manipulated. There is usually a pattern to the harassment and they often mirror the target, esp. very personal thoughts/ behaviors the target finds embarrassing or shameful so they won’t want to report it to others. It’s all done in broad daylight under “plausible deniability”. But if you keep an open mind and remain observant, you will find it is very unnatural behavior the perps exhibit. Practicing Mindfulness and meditation has helped me somewhat. As well as documenting harassment daily and writing this blog. Their goal is to alienate and isolate us, and take way all social/ emotional support. I would say just do what you can to counteract that. If you are truly not a perp then he is extremely lucky to have you.

      • Thank you so much! We did try mindful meditation a while ago and come to think of it I think it did help. I do see they imphasize on his insecurities and we are working on that as well. He also tells me all the time he’s lucky to have me. I just wish he could see I’m lucky to have him. He truly is an amazing man with a heart of gold. I can’t thank you enough. You have given me some light at the end of the tunnel.

    • I am also a TI and have wondered if my wife has been involved. In fact after reading this I wondered to myself if my wife wrote this. I am going thru the same thing and no one in my family will verify that they see vehicles on the side of the road waiting on us werever we go. Vehicles have also tried to run us off the road and she cant see this. I aklso hear these lowlives talking all the time with insults to me.

      I will never give up till I find the dirtbags responsible for the effect it has had on my life but I am very close now. I have written down all tags, pics, vids and a journal of all thats transpired the last year and a half. Some days the electronic harrassment pisses me off the point of becoming violent. Tell me Mrs. what state do you and your husband reside. I will tell you fusion centers are at the heart of this as well as community sponsered groups that watch neighborhoods.

      Pray, Fight, Never give up. Most importantly always believe what he tells you because no one would make this up. Stand by him and he will never forget your courage and support. I hope you both get couciling .\

      NC, TI

      • Thanks for reading my blog. I am in California. They start slander campaigns to turn friends/ family/ neighbors/ coworkers against the target. Not sure what they say but it has to be hideous. Some believe it, some know it’s complete BS but participate in the witch hunt anyway.

      • Who these people are is practitioners of Satanic Witchcraft. It is well documented that they have close contact with extraterrestrials. Their stalking of me has been very well coordinated and the in my face setups were put together only after repeated flying saucer flyovers. The extraterrestrials communicated with me saying they needed to establish their power over me and intimidate me before unleashing their Satanic human stalkers on me so I didn’t go into all out war on them. It is possible the saucercraft are of human origin but let me tell you their abilities are far beyond anything I could guess human technology might be capable of including flying at enourmous speeds, one that was over a hundred feet wide flew from way up high down toward me then apparently cloaked into the clear blue sky when it was about thirty feet up, another one descended quickly in the night sky leaving columns of blue fire a couple hundred feet high. I suppose they could have used holograms or inserted the film into my. optic nerve but even these would be amazing technologies. A number of the gang stalkers who harass me and have poisoned me are people I have known for years and have on very rare occasions admitted they are Satan worshippers, while most of the time they look and act like normal people. A couple of them confided in me, they are part of the worldwide Satanic coven and are not allowed to leave the cult nor disobey orders or they can be killed and one of them I worked with told me they were going to kill him because he was becoming a real Christian and refused to associate with them. Most of these Satanic people are part of multigenerational membership and were badly sexually abused from a young age. In many cases the stalkers may be worse victims than their targets and may not even know it due to the level of mind control and the ability of the controllers to selectively erase memories in anyone.

  9. If I was to ever want to talk to a person about this how would I go about saying it?
    people whispering insults, workplace mobs, fear generator, false law enforcement,
    electronic bullying and stalking. I want to say this is a civil rights crime because the people doing it get innocent people to do it for them with threats false predictions of the future. These people spend a lot of time on the internet, everyone in the town knows about this and I don’t see the point of keeping it a secret if everyone knows.
    I go into public place hear people announce out load what I’m thinking out load.
    The people who have been victims have medic conditions or brain behaviors that’s the only way the people that do this crime leave you alone..

    • you are never supposed to talk about this to anyone that is not a TI because the risk for you is that they will try to say you are mentally ill and put you somewhere where you are not a problem to them.

      • I am going through the same thing. I honestly thought that you were talking about me. Everyone close to me has either been turned, or, I realize was in on it and have been working with me and talking behind my back. I cant leave the house without someone at the end of the block starting up a car and leaving. EVERY SINGLE TIME. As I drive down the road multiple cars will start up and follow me. They wait on the side of the freeway as I zoom by. I have been targeted by a high frequency very very bright light that they shine in my eyes as I drive. Last Friday as I changed lanes, I saw a motorcycle about 100 feet behind….he sped up and after I had changed lanes completely, slammed into me on the freeway. It was just a coincidence that about 4 vehicles with people that he knows were there to pick him up-when I walked back to my truck to get the paperwork, they were all laughing! My fiancé of 8 years was turned and now I am alone. They would come outside our house and stalk me, she would talk to them when I was in the other room or make gestures…always insisted on having the windows and doors open. I can hear them in the other room sometimes and I know that they frequently take my weapons such as pocket knives. You would not believe how far reaching this is!!!! I mean, at least 50 people are involved just watching me going to and from work, shining lights in my face!! I have tons of pics of them doing it, and like you, it makes me violent sometimes. My computer and phone are both remotely viewed. I’m an employer and they frequently get close to me through that venue. I was able to determine today what you said about community groups etc. and concur on the cult thing. I looked up the phone number of the guy that was trying to gain employment from me and he is part of a “Project Hope” and there were some of his friends that wear the masks that they don while stalking me outside my home. I dug further and found the group is called San Diego Organizing Project. A lot of lights went off in my head, as I was looking at the pictures of people there I was like, seen you, seen you…They all seem to have late model suv’s and some bmws. all are charcoal grey, tan, black and some red cars. ALL OF THEM HAVE LED FUNKY HEADLIGHTS AND TAIL LIGHTS, and they all have earbuds, and check in on an app when I drive by. Literally, every time I go to the store 15 people are involved. My mate acted like she didn’t notice them 😦 she left because she was “afraid of me” even though I’ve never hurt her, or threatened her, or any woman. I am a kind, compassionate man. I am routinely ran off the road and the last two to three weeks they “create traffic” when I am driving to work, tons of people will just brake on the freeway for no reason at all!! They slow down to about 20, 10 then stop. Absolutely hideously nerve racking!! And yes, the fire trucks are always on the side of the road looking at me.
        It goes on and on…and my fiancé repeatedly has told me that I am very mentally ill even though I am a rock solid, successful business owner. You wouldn’t believe how heart breaking it is for the love of your life to be brainwashed by these people! It really hurts to see her lie to me with all of her heart and soul…telling me that I am crazy and I need help. What can I do? I hired a PI by making some calls…I got a call back and the guy ended up being one of them! It’s almost overwhelming and if I wasn’t strong I would’ve caved. I would like to talk to someone that understands and share some more info that I have..If I don’t respond it’s because all of my email and facebook is read, so send again.

  10. I have only recently discovered the concept of organized or gang stalking and I am very intrigued. I don’t expect you to trust me because of the nature of what hs been going in your life, but I’m quite interested in making a full-scale documentary about this issue, with footage and testimony from Targeted Individuals like yourself. If interested, please email me at ejoy621@gmail.com. If not, I completely understand. I wish you well.

  11. Hi, stopogs and all you other TI’s reading this blog, I just opened a blog about gang stalking and my own experiences as a targeted individual. I think it’s the first one by a Finn and I write at least for the time being in Finnish because Finns need to be informed about this.

    As I said earlier my stalkers use very similar tactics as yours, and I’ll keep reading your blog, I think it’s the best one of the TI blogs I’ve seen.

    • Good work, all TI’s should start blogging, it’s easy, free, and you can tell the whole world about the crimes being perpetrated on us daily while remaining anonymous if you like. If you want to post a link to your blog here, I will add it to my links. Thanks for reading my blog hopefully we can inspire more TI’s to start one.

  12. Great resource you have put together about gang stalking and electronic harassment.

    We did a full episode of our show about gang stalking. We interviewed 3 Targeted Individuals and had them tell their personal stories and experiences with gang stalking, targeted weapons, and electronic harassment.


    Give it a listen and if you enjoy it, share it with your friends. Together we can spread awareness and eventually stop gang stalking.

    Thank you!


  13. In May, I had a neighbor who was beating her girlfriend, and as the girlfriend was being victimized she was screaming for help. I did what I thought was appropriate, called the Houston Police Department. After that her and a group of her low life alcoholic friends, were sitting in atrium approximately 10 feet away from front door/living room window. We gave no firewalls, so one can hear everything, it was like 2:45am, and she thought age was being cute loudly stomping in front of my door, trying to look through peephole. As I was seating on my couch, by the time I unlocked the two locks she was gone. After the second time, I left the locks unlocked, and open the door and surprised her, she didn’t know what to say…. Then as they continued being loud drunks, she told her friend , guy living directly above me that I had called the police on her and he said I’m going to do something about it. Since then all hell broke lose, and my nightmare started. I have ADHD, and I’m unemployed(discrimination case pending), I do a lot of freelance, so I read and research when I feel like doing it. Time spands of approximately 2 hours, go outside my front door and smoke a cig, then come back inside. So some M****#%^*%} tipped the police, who knows what they said… I noticed different people that looked like police investigators, talking to different neighbors… It was stranged. Then a group of “vigilante/stalking neighbors” began watching my every move 24/7. I live in an apartment 750 sq ft, no porch/patio/balcony, my front door, living room/bedroom windows face North. East of my unit(lesbian), directly above my unit( lesbian’s friend), behind my unit(maintenance worker), across my front door(Arab family), two apartments due west of my unit( maintenance worker), lesbian moved(new neighbor seems to me is an investigator ), upstairs lesbian’s friend moved( Kazakhs moved and arab neighbor recruited them), directly accross the atrium north of my unit, Indian man on third floor. The initial group started congregating between 1:30-3:00am on a daily basis, I noticed lady directly behind me walking her dogs at weird hours if the night, Arab walking around with his infant baby, etc. so as I was smoking I will walk towards the parking lot, and to my surprise; I see this random group of people, that according to me, had nothing in common, and I had not seen even talking to each other before. I know that the apartment us bugged with cams/mics, and it has been so aggrevating, to hear people when I’m taking a shower, using the toilet, cooking, when I fix my hair, commenting on what I’m doing…. If they can go step by step the way I fix my hair, the process of the products that I use on my face, these people have seen me nude…. A TOTAL VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY. I have made notes of things that happened since May. Here us a little taste of the nightmare I have been living that causing me stress , insomnia, emotional/physical/mental exhaustion .
    Since Thursday, this intense annoying watch , I feel that the ring leader is the Arab . The people that just moved to the apartment directly above me, they are from Kazakhstan and he was upstairs, talking to them about me outside their apartment. As I was finishing my cigarette, they did not realized that I was outside, so I proceeded to smoke one more, and as they realized I was outside they immediately went inside and he was there talking to them, for over an hour. Since then, those people upstairs are drilling and walking and running across the the apartment. You can hear them talking, every time that we go from one room into another.


    November 10-11, 2014 between 11:00 PM-12:15 AM

    It is really, annoying and I can’t even have my privacy at home. I, also noticed, a resident who lives on the third floor on the north side across the atrium, every time I come outside, he informs someone of me being outside. I’m an adult, who smokes to take breaks as I do a lot of reading as I way to control my ADHD, so I have to take breaks in order to concentrate on my reading. I’m puzzled, and really upset as my complete privacy, in my own refuge, is being violated. Today, the residents behind my unit, were commenting on what I was cooking, exactly what I was doing. This proves to me that there are cams/miss implanted in my dwelling, confirming that I’m being watched. Every time I go to the bathroom or shower they are in their bathroom, talking/commenting on what I’m doing. I’m completely surrounded by these vigilantes, on all sides. This issue, has brought a severe case of depression, that is starting to take a toll on my health, and my sleeping pattern is completely abnormal, as I feel that I have to watch my back, when they come to my front door/window to spy on what I’m doing. I’m reiterating, that I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m not disturbing any one, and I’m not being disrespectful to any one in this building. If, my health deteriorates, it’s gonna be due to this occurrences being performed by these group of individuals, which include the several people who take turns and sits all night in the second floor parking garage of THE PALM APARTMENTS, that as I come out of my front door, is to my right, in east direction.


    11/11/2014 @ 12:50 AM

    I just took a shower, and neighbor behind my unit was in her bathroom listening and talking to her husband. In Spanish , she said: ” No prendió el abanico porque ahorita can a fumar, drogarse.” This is verbatim which translates, as follows: ” He did not turn the exhaust fan on, because he is going to smoke/get high soon.” After I dried myself, as I was getting dressed, I was putting baby powder on my torso, as it is very comforting( my paternal grandmother always did that after we showered, and it was comforting, like being in a safe refuge, not the hell I’m living. She was telling her husband, everything that I was doing, putting baby powder on myself, the process in which I comb my hair, etc. This proves, once again, that my dwelling is bugged. If she is able to describe exactly what I do, this means that they have seen me NUDE…. OMG!!! I feel so violated, as victims feel when their pictures are pervertly taken in a public bathroom. There has to be some justice, that NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD HAVE THEIR PRIVACY VIOLATED TO THIS DEGREE. I AM LIVID, THAT I WAS PART OF A PORNOGRAPHIC SCHEME, IN THE PREMISES OF MY OWN HOME, MY SAFE REFUGE. i am about to go smoke a cigarette, and see who is going to be out watching me (1:30 AM). It’s 2:45 AM, and after doing some research, I went outside for one last cigarette, before going to sleep. I’m exhausted, and to my surprise, as I’m halfway through my cigarette, here comes this young mother with her infant, in one of those carriers that straps to the shoulders and baby is in front of her belly, and as she goes by the elevator through the hallway or stairs, I hear a male’s voice as she tells him there’s a man smoking a cigarette, as if if it was wrong. And the man responds, ” that’s the guy that we are watching.” WOW! REALLY…WHO ARE THIS PEOPLE? WHAT GIVES THE RIGHT TO VIOLATE MY PRIVACY, MY FREEDOM. Well, I must go to sleep, hopefully all this will stop soon, and my life will go back to its NORMALITY.


    Tuesday, 11/11/2014 @ approximately 6:30 PM

    As I was smoking a cigarette, an African American gentleman dressed with a sports coat, was walking across the atrium, in a direction of north to south, I have never seen him, as we made I contact, I said hello to him, he just nodded his head. As I came in, he we in the upstairs apartment, saying that he saw me outside smoking a cigarette, and that I was drugged(really!)’ and that he had seen the other one drugged up too. Around 2:30 PM, I on my mobile, in the parking lot east of my apartment to somewhat speak freely, as if it really makes a difference as all my electronic devices are probably bugged, there was a man standing by the fence, facing my apartment(really! They must be working 24/7 to catch me smoking cigarettes, as I walked towards the exit gate, he walked in the same direction, so I proceeded to go the opposite direction due south from the exit gate, as to kind of lose him. Immediately, Arab neighbor was on the phone, and a real commotion of vigilantes went amok. Tonight, as I was cooking dinner, I had an audience, which made me feel, as if I was a participant of the food network’s ” The Next Big Star.” They were commenting, so intrigued/amazed at what I was cooking. Really anywhere, I walk in my dwelling, I have commentators, to right, behind, above, across, in the next complex parking garage, across the atrium on third floor, down the hall… Wow, I never felt my life to be that interesting for people to be watching every single movement I make. Tonight, around 12:30 AM, AS I WAS SMOKING MY LAST CIGARETTE, I went to the bathroom, and as I was washing my hands, there were the voices of two people, behind my mirror, a woman and a man, in Spanish saying that the one that’s always smoking. And he replied, is the faggot who is always cleaning the apartment( is it a crime to live in a clean home!) as I was in front of my apartment’s door, smoking my cigarette, Robert the head maintenance man and his wife who never runs out of indirect comments towards me, said not even the cold( which was so nice tonight 55 degrees, unnecessary, aggression from someone who I don’t really know,and have no intention of knowing, but feels entitled to say and do whatever she wants because of her husband’s position with the complex and the vigilante group. Well, I’m tired and going to bed, good night and let’s see what kind of happenings tomorrow will bring for me to face.


    SUNDAY, 11/23/2014

    At 12:00 midnight, after reading for about an hour, I stepped outside to smoke. As I was grabbing a lighter, I heard someone, a male’s voice, saying: “He just put a crack pipe on his jacket’s right pocket.” Really, I guess through their spy cam planted in my apartment, “he” could not really tell the difference between a crack pipe and a lighter. AGAIN, THIS IS PROVE THAT MY APARTMENT IS BUGGED. I just smoked outside my apartment, and I notice the gentleman, again, on third floor across the atrium due north, on the phone telling someone that I was outside. Can you say I’m being watched!?!?!? I never knew I had such an interesting life, that theses group of individuals are so interested on when, how, and time of when I take a shit, shower, cook, which room am I in, etcetera. At 1:45 PM, I stepped outside, after baking cornbread and dicing vegetables to make dressing for thanksgiving . As soon as I stepped out, there was a series of whistles coming from all directions, it seems to me that it is a code to alert each other that I am out. Then arab neighbor, comes out of his apartment, through backdoor, and looks at me; I proceeded by greeting him, as I normally do, no reciprocation from him. The Mexican couple that is staying at apartment #110, started commenting that I was smoking. Wow, do you think I’m being watched? It us so uncomfortable getting ALL those piercing stares, if those looks could kill, I would have already been ground like ground beef . I stepped outside to smoke a cigarrete, after doing the dishes, and as soon as u stepped outside, there were comments coming from the second or third floor, their dogs were barking and the lady kept telling to shut up, he sounded intoxicated, and was making the comment, ” I bet you he is so fucked up!” What he meant by that comment, I don’t know, but he is really sure of what he is talking about, and to me that’s CHARACTER ASSASSINATION AS HE DOES NOT KNOW ME, or is 100% SURE OF HIS DEROGATORY INSULT TOWARDS ME.


    MONDAY, 11/24/2014

    Today is developing into a regular day. I stepped outside to throw my trash, no sooner that I closed my door to insert key and lock it, that the Arab’s wife was calling the Kazakhstan woman upstairs. Arab: “He outside, he outside!” Kazakhstan woman: ” what is he doing?” A.W.: “trash throw.” After throwing trash, checking mail, and gong to office; as I was walking back from entrance gate, I lit a cigarette and came in front of my door. A.A.:” outside! Outside!” k.W.: “what is he doing?’ a.w.: “smokey, smokey!”… Then, as I was sitting in the living room reading, same man from last night, and same lady passed by and he was sure to make a comment in front of my window: “he does the same thing all the time, that’s not normal” woman tells him: “it’s none of your business” man: ” I’m gonna knock on his door…” Really!?!?!? What is he suppose to dictate on how to schedule my day. And, I’m puzzled… I don’t bother anyone, I’m not outside yelling/insulting anyone …. I mind my business. Why are they all up in my ass? As I was cooking this afternoon, I had the normal audience. Eventhough it’s annoying, it makes me smile that they are excited, when I cook. Just now, when my partner came back from the gym, he asked for a slice of red velvet cake, as I took cake out of fridge, a comment came from the apartment directly behind my kitchen, woman: “he is eating cake!” I replied, ” Yes, there’s plenty of it. Would you like a slice?” I’m fed up, it’s so frustrating. I’m going to step outside in a bit, to smoke, then read a bit on ADHD. It’s 1:00 and as I’m smoking that gentleman is arguing with someone saying, “THATS ALL HE ALWAYS DOES, I AM GONNA GO DOWNSTAIRS AND TELL HIM!” Wow ?!?!? Really! I do not know these people, as to why is he so bother with what I do, puzzles me. And, I’m not going to let these people intrude in my life any longer. If he approaches me, I will be very polite and walk away, go inside my apartment and call the police, let the HPD DEAL WITH HIS CONCERNS ABOUT ME, as long as I’m not being loud/disturbing anyone, and not doing anything wrong, my actions are totally non intrusive to anyone.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. Sounds like you are ready to start one too! I get all the same harassment and more from my neighbors here in San Diego. Any way you look at it they are not sober and are very obviously the “fucked up” ones.

      • I used to live in San Diego also, in Mission Valley, my neighbors were also involved. But dont worry, they can never stop us!

      • Go right ahead, no problem

        On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 5:34 PM, stoporgangstalking wrote:

        > stopogs commented: “Is it OK if I post your other comment? It has your > email address in it.”

  14. Someone needs to add Walmart to the gang stalking list. I have been a T.I. of Walmart for about 6 years now. I haven’t worked for them for about 4 years now. They keep escalating their efforts against me, especially since I woke up jus recently and started recognizing it for what it was. My daughter was a big help in discovering what it was that was happening to me.

      • I’ve known now that is was Walmart for several months now and just discovered it and confronted them on their facebook page. Though people from corporate might be involved, because I don’t see how they could do it without them, it is most definitely coming from the two local stores I worked at. And it did get worse once I knew, but I meant it was a relief to my mind to know what or who was doing these things to me. It’s like Cancer, before one has Cancer they worry what is it and once they put a name on it, it’s easier in one sense that now you know what is plaguing your body, but now you have another fight and that is to either shut it down, if possible, or to figure out how you are going to deal with it. Just before I wrote this post I was walking home and I was almost run over and killed in a crosswalk by 10 cars going around me and behind me. Only when someone stopped traffic did I have a chance to escape it, but not before the last car roared around the woman stopping the traffic. On a cold winter day she had her window down and I yelled, “What is wrong with you people?” as she turned to stare coldly at me as if I didn’t matter. I think all this stems from me being mad one night when I was leaving my apartments laundry facility. I was so sick and tired that every time I went to or from the laundry facility that I would seei 15 cars (and I actually counted them every time) when I left my house coming and going and then seeing 15 cars coming and going when I’d leave the laundry facility. So I just decided to walk down the middle of the parking lot. I did this several times with cars right on my heels and following right behind me. My reasoning was if they are going to irritate me I’m going to irritate them back. After that many of the cars would roar around the corner just before I got there and roar past me really fast and then stop at the other end of the parking lot. Then it was the at one night I was walking home, and I even hit the button to cross the street, that the cars acted like they were going to hit me and then roared around me. I was so scared I screamed. Then I heard in my Voice to Skull a person ask “Did you get a picture of her screaming?” Someone answered that they had and they laughed. As if my fear was the funniest thing. Then I looked up behind the gate that surrounds my apartments and saw a woman on the other side standing by her car and she just stared at me as I walked by. When our manager orders the Gates closed they all come up to the gate and sit there for a minute or two and when it doesn’t open they all turn around and drive off except a few of the cars of the people who live here. This didn’t start until after a woman who worked at a bank at Walmart became our manager, but she quickly left the position of manager and went somewhere else. Then I got a temp job under a woman who was my HR manager at Walmart. I had not worked for a long time, because Wal-mart made me scared to go back to work, because of the harassment I endured there. On my second day the boss of this company asked me if I had taken a mini retirement. I kept my calm and explained no, I tried to get other jobs but no one was hiring. I did not tell him how after I left Walmart and I would go in there some of the employees upon recognizing me would ask if I had a job somewhere else. At the time I lived in a neighborhood where Walmart spread rumors about me and made some of my neighbors pick on me. One of the women said, “we know your boss, and we know how much money you make and we are going to get you fired and kicked out of your home.” They also were told I was on welfare and that I abused my daughter and that I was being abused and their kids were in my daughter’s class at school and they wrote on a piece of paper “I Love To Have Sex” and put it in my daughter’s desk. The teacher found it and she asked for a conference with me. She was so mad at me and when I saw the piece of paper I said this is not even my daughter’s handwriting, my daughter’s handwriting is unique. It’s straight as pin and very legible, which I found strange that the teacher wouldn’t notice the clear difference in the two styles of handwriting. But needless to say I’m not homeless like they want me to be. My husband made sure that when he died my daughter and I both would have death benefits. Far from welfare. My daughter would never write she loves to have sex, because at the time she didn’t know really what that was, but a few years earlier a little girl had molested her at school and the little girl would whisper sex sex sex in her ear so when she heard the word on the news she scrunched up her face and started to cry and said, “I AM NEVER HAVING THAT IN MY LIFE!!!” Also the schools counselors gave me a packet to go to a women’s shelter for abused women. I was single and so what did I need that for? That right there should have been a red flag to them that someone wasn’t telling them the truth about me but the teacher continued to harass my daughter in class and so I pulled her out. It’s so sad that all the times I was keeping my daughter safe by pulling her out of school to the point it affected her education and so I ask myself what did I save her from? It was a double edged sword. So here we are and I go to work again under that HR manager and the people there obviously knew everything about me and were saying things I said in my home and asking me why I wasn’t using my degree, which I am. I have degree as a Legal Secretary and any Secretarial field is clearly accepted as using my Associates in that field. Everyone knows this, even people who are professional secretaries know this, because some of the women who I knew in my dad’s office that were secretaries even took the Accredited Legal Secretary Exam. I even attended their professional Secretary meetings with them. It’s all about the same. One you just work for lawyers and the other you work for corporate. Besides that job was a temp to hire position, but she hired someone right under my nose, even though she told me she had already hired the person before I came. That was a lie. She was interviewing people for a whole MONTH before this person came in to work. I’m not stupid nor blind. Then she introduces her to everyone WHILE I’m still there, and says this is just our temp, Debbie. I’M IN HER POSITION DOING HER JOB!! I TRAINED HER TO DO THE JOB. NO one waits a month for someone to take over a job. I could go out right now and apply for a position and if they told me I was hired when could I start and I told them in a month, they would be like ok well we need you now, not a month. WHO DOES THAT? When I knew these people were acting like they were having a conversation but really they were saying things that were about me or what I said in my home, I started looking up on the internet about workplace harassment. Thinking at first that it was coincidental just like all the other things were in years past. I came across gang stalking information and then I looked it up on youtube and realized something was amiss. Then after that me and my daughter were just playing around being really loud in our living room and laughing and my daughter said, “Mom did you hear that.” I asked her what she heard, even though I had clearly heard something, but had never told her I heard this lots of times. Shes stopped and we both were quiet and then she yelled something and few minutes later we heard it echo back at us from the parking lot. So she did it again and again we heard ourselves echoing back at us just what we had said. This is when I really started researching all of this out. In a short amount of time I have gained a lot of knowledge on Gang Stalking. I’m not satisfied. I want to know more. I also know it’s not the government stalking me and I think my apartments are involved. I’ve made sense out things that used not make sense and now I know who it is and where it’s coming from. You are right it gets worse. I more hyper aware than I ever have been. I know most of their tactics too. But what used to work on me is not working anymore. So they’ll have to up their game, which they are and I’m afraid the more I know the more they will do to me, maybe even kill me, after all this is the same bunch of people who tried to run me off the road and kill me and ended up only busting up my car, because I think God was looking out for me on that one. Sorry this so long and in one paragraph. I didn’t set out to write a novel, but it’s all related so how could I not? I’m not even going to go back and separate ideas, I’m too tired. It always takes a lot out of me thinking, writing, or talking about this stuff. But Walmart does have the capabilities to do this, look for the movie Walmart Financial Terrorists of the World on youtube. In that documentary they tell you that you electronic surveillance on their employees and the man says the more illegal it is the more they do it.

  15. I see how I could have edited that better.. I was having so many thoughts flooding my mind that it was hard to organize them and get out there, so at some point ai drifted from one point to the other and never finished the first point.

      • Sorry for posting on your post. You are experiencing the same thing I am I don’t take a shower very often but talk to them when I’m on the toilet, but probably they like that too… I can’t do much about it but I’m getting a security system tomorrow. Maybe that will help. I don’t know.

  16. Please I read alot of your comentasion .what I would like to know is do you know any of what the different signals mean like when the man rubbed his stomach.what does any or some of that bs mean anybody else know

  17. My name is Noah Edward Washken. I am A innocent Man, A Catholic hard working DAD. I am blood relation to the first President of the United States of America. I am part Black Foot Indian. I have and can legally obtained evidence to criminally charge and put Corrupt Political perpetrators, corrupt Government perpetrators, corrupt corporate perpetrators, corrupt WORLD perpetrators, ALL perpetrators away for lifetimes of incarceration. I have evidence about an illegal synthetic telepathy concentration camp with the illegal abuse of HUNDREDS of innocent American families in Massachusetts. INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN HAVE BEEN ABUSED and the perpetrators laugh while committing these crimes. The FBI already confessed to murdering my uncle John J Sullivan, January,13,2009 and our cousin guarded the WHITE HOUSE and LOGAN Airport. SINCE PERPETRATORS HAVE TERRORIZED INNOCENT FAMILIES WITH ILLEGAL SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY ALONG WITH ILLEGAL COVERT WEAPONS AND ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT. Residential and Commercial dwellings, with A mass amount of innocent people inside, had been poisoned by Illegal Covert Perpetrators. That was A confession by A FBI perpetrator. A FBI Perpetrator stated and confessed to the illegal poisoning of children and confessed that the FBI claims the murder of A poisoned infant as (SIDS) at the hospital. Statements where made about the illegal poison being used, chemical agents that are not traceable to regular medical scans. I N.E.W. have been terrorized and tortured by a illegal covert Government and more for being Catholic and Patriotic and innocent. Perpetrators who are illegally gang and community stalking confessed about illegal slavery and illegal synthetic telepathy sex slavery. Perpetrators use illegal synthetic telepathy as a mind/brain altering substance, an illegal narcotic. Perpetrators host of A victims brainwaves using illegal technology bridge connected by an illegal frequency stream to the illegal implantation. The perpetrators created an illegal matrix with the use of their illegal technology. Obsessed and addicted to artificial imagery and my Human Temple, the perpetrators illegally experimented/tortured while getting addicted, obsessed, jealous, and high with illegal technology and my Temple. The main areas of the abuse have been the Medford, Cambridge, Newton, Woburn, Watertown, Waltham and Belmont Massachusetts area. But the illegal activity has spread across the state of Massachusetts and more. I went to Key Largo, Florida on vacation with my family in 2014. I was followed, stalked, harassed, threatened and more during the stay and during the travel across the States. There has been illegal terrorist cult abuse, illegal satanic perverted pedophilia rape, illegal experimentation and more caused by illegal FBI,CIA perpetrators, illegal malicious hackers, and other branches of illegal Law Enforcement, illegal Political Perpetrators and illegal Corporate WORLD Perpetrators. I am seeking Medical assistance to HEAL and remove the illegal implantations. Mass protection orders and technology takedown. I am seeking financial compensation for all victims. Hundreds of innocent families. I am seeking for JUSTICE and more. NoahEdwardWashken1983@gmail.com. Thank You, GOD BLESS
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  18. New USA

    December 11, 2014 · Edited

    December/11/2014. This comment is legally used for documenting illegal FBI community stalking in and around Goldstar RD Cambridge MA. In that area A innocent four year old child was abused with illegal artificial
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    New USA

    November 14, 2014 · Edited

    I have confessions from and by FBI perpetrators about illegal science experimentation, illegal demonic frequency , illegal avitar experimentation, illegal synthetic telepathy. The perpetrators confessed about people in their eyes, people in those people’s eyes and down the illegal evil chain the illegal activity travels. The victims are illegally enslaved without even knowing with forms of Illegal memory washing and replacing it with illegal artificial brain wave mixing and illegal possession to the innocent victim. They rape them viewing through the victims eyes calling it fuck bot or slut bot , creating an illegal demonic organism sending signals to the innocent victim. While this is taking place little bedbug size cameras that cause abnormal pimples inside the human pore, fly around or sit stationary and take illegal sexual footage. The perpetrators even put the rape victims mind controlled possessed sex on pornography sites. The mind controlled sex from innocent victims in this case is because of a family home broken into and a innocent mother stuck with a needle with a brain chip in it wile she was sleeping. The attacker stated to me that he liked the way her faced looked getting fucked when he was mind controlling her and illegally invading her with synthetic telepathy. When the attacker confessed to me I did not have knowledge about this illegal technology or that it ever even existing. Now there are hundreds of innocent American family’s that have been illegally victimized. Hundreds of people illegally stuck with a brain chip. THE NEW PROTECTION ACT is for the victims in this case. The mass amount of people being victimized has been going on since 2012. Legal documentation and legal evidence has been collected. The perpetrators are getting sentenced to incarceration for life and more for their crimes against GOD, Nature, Humanity and Society. I have a female FBI perpetrators voice on legal recording and evidence about a mass amount of children that bave been illegally implanted and abused by her and others with illegal synthetic telepathy. The FBI illegally released the frequency to the illegal implantation inside of me to what he called THE WORLD. Now I see three helicopters over my house, out of state plates infesting Belmont MA and surrounding areas. Yet I am pushing forward for legal resolution. N.E.W. November/14/2014.

    New USA

    November 4, 2014 · Edited

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    New USA

    October 10, 2014 · Edited

    Legal reports of illegal abuse,

    1. Abnormal holes in the face and body from illegal Government technology. Children of all ages have been illegally abused by the illegal Government. The bedbug size technology has also been used for illegal sexual footage turned in to internet pornography and more. The footage if of innocent unknowing victims.

    2. Victims have holes in their heads from illegal frequency and illegal synthetic telepathy technology.

    3. Illegal poison has been used to poison innocent victims, Thorazine and more.

    4. When illegal synthetic telepathy technology has been used on innocent victims some symptoms are,one eye twitch left eye stays open most times, weight loss, pale face, abnormal facial expressions, abnormal personality, red around the eyes.

    New USA

    October 5, 2014

    North Cambridge area of illegal perpetrators and covert terrorism. Gold Star Rd,Cambridge, MA. 7 Pines AVE , Cambridge, MA, Camp ST, Cambridge MA. Every Street of of Cameron AVE Cambridge, MA, Somrville, MA, and Cameron AVE, Cambridge, MA, Somerville, MA. Belmont, Ma, has been illegally infested with illegal perpetrators, illegal covert terrorism, illegal technology, and illegal mind control terrorism. — in Cambridge, MA.

  19. Could. E possible that the way that Pedro make these horrible faces is with motion capture devices and mocap suits. I have actually seen one before .I will co tinue searching on the web but most sites are fake

  20. Try to think metaphysically about it. That’s part of the nature of this evil process, to block out your capacity to see beyond the thin layer of their petty manipulations and intrusions. Think BEYOND (meta) the PHYSICAL aspects of all that they do. They are, in the end, doing nothing but physical things, because how you decide to respond or interpret their actions, despicable and small as they are, is your own subjective choice and that cannot be taken from you.

    Go beyond the limits in which they want your mind to be stuck and dwell, deluded into thinking you “must” react to them in x,y,z patterns. Learn to despise them properly, have the Dignity to reject them as valid participants in your own universe. Ensure that YOUR universe is a MORAL one (or what can you do to really complain or reject THEIR immorality?). Be ethical despite their completely unethical behavior. But don’t take any of their shit either. Remember these things are true in ALL universes:

    Justice WILL be done
    What goes around comes around
    What came around will go around
    If they can dish it out, they can end up on the receiving end
    They feel pain and frustration also, and this can end up becoming a source of “instant karma”
    Everyone, EVERYONE will be JUDGED, including the fools, especially the fools “playing god” through these cowardly means
    Karma is 10 times meaner than any bitch

    • Thank you for these words. I have copied the text and shall read it from time to time.
      I’m from southeast Europe and have been a victim from about 1998. I learnt about gangstalking in December 2006.
      Wish you well!

  21. What is your email? Email me at rico717@gmail.com
    I’ve got solution’s.
    Lets all start:
    1. Wearing Body Camera’s

    2. Before you move into neighborhood, put every house on notice to what gang stalking is with link’s to websites & videos & program names. And Let them know your situation, standing & your philosophy on life

    3. Start telling the companies’s, worker’s, & managers & owners that we are going to expose your involvement and rate your poor performances & games on the internet on sites like Yelp, Google Map’s & the Yellow Pages etc. as horrible service & accessories to Gang Stalking. (Not only will this spread the word to others who view the businesses, but will inform fellow T.I.s as well)

  22. They call us giuena pigs only to understand our behavior and control to no end. This is the truth. We cant prove that its the government or anything to do with a government programming. All I know is they do a lot of researching on Internet to scare you into thinking they know the future. There is no Thur the wall technology as far as I know. They ask questions to make you think of the stuff you see or have on you. This blog has confused a lot of people.

  23. I actually typed my comment in as a reply to someone who’s story resonated so loudly to mine…so I wrote out my whole scenario a little bit up the page. I already had my window unexplainely close down as I typed this once, and that is an every day occurance. One thing that I forgot to include is the projection that I have been getting. I know that this sounds so totally in left field (that is why I haven’t said anything) and it would play into the whole “you need to get help, you are mentally ill” conversation. I am getting images, of people, that are being broadcast on my walls etc in my house and outside. It looks so real! If you take a picture only a portion of the image appears…but there is NO mistaking that it is a human form.
    I’m in SD and am working in Encinitas currently off Encinitas Blvd…can you send me an email?
    Thanks and Bless you for this site!!!


  24. Hi. Im from western cape.From 2005 I have been subjected to SRA, mk- ultra , eeg heterodyning, psychotropics and monarch trauma based mind control.
    want 2 email u something. remoteneural@gmail.com.
    I think they want to cash in on you’re life force. “killed b4 2018″ = U should panic in order 4 them to gain control. ” complete hell” If in harmony they can’t feed.

  25. I wanted to share the following information with you. It is a plan of action that is being established for TIs in order to expose these crimes, or at least bring us one step closer! If you can, please contact me at emsecured@hushmail.com. I especially encourage you to share this info with your full mailing list and with all TIs. Let’s get people working together and intelligently to shed some light on this madness!

    God Bless,
    TB Justice

    Here is the report:

    * * *
    Organized stalking and electronic harassment constitute domestic terrorism, which is clearly being supported and orchestrated by criminal elements throughout all levels of the United States Federal Government in coalition with foreign powers, citizen participants and local law enforcement agencies. It should be noted that these programs can only exist behind a veil of silence that is being held in place using unconstitutional gag orders and the power of the words “national security.” Furthermore, the fact that there are no state or federal laws specifically prohibiting these activities lends itself to their rampant spread.

    However, the inherent vulnerability of these programs is their dependence on such secrecy and the lack of prohibitive legislation. Therefore it is here that hope for ending these crimes lies. To that end, we suggest the following counter-program be implemented. Please share this plan with ALL targeted individuals, and keep in mind that the crimes against us intentionally sow the seeds of distrust between TIs, making it very difficult for us to implement and enact plans. This madness must stop. Spread the word and get involved regardless of your fears and doubts. If we do not proceed, heedless of the obstacles, this campaign of terror may never end. Every voice is encouraged to participate, and organizations with large mailing lists of victims are specifically asked to help implement the following plan:

    Groups of targeted individuals and their friends and families should be established in EVERY U.S. state, as well as other countries around the world. These groups will make up the bedrock of the plan. The individuals in the groups should be put into full and direct contact with one another to avoid perp interference, and with larger groups of TIs as well, even if they live in different communities.
    These groups must be educated to communicate with city councils, police departments, local officials, and state representatives, and given the necessary materials and support to do so, such as professionally produced and well considered flyers. We need to train targets how to communicate about these crimes in a clear manner. The key to effective communication is to be CALM, CLEAR, and AUTHORITATIVE. Stick to facts, and be prepared to provide evidence, such as official government documents, printouts of patented technology, and personal evidence if it’s clear and persuasive. The main thing is to be calm and don’t over communicate. Give people a little information to begin with, some resources, and let them begin to self educate. And always remember, your physical appearance is also going to be judged and it will affect your credibility. When meeting face to face with public officials, you should dress professionally and come well groomed. Never use profanity, and do not threaten or blame anyone. Whenever possible, go together as a group.
    This grass roots education process should be followed by a coordinated communication blast in which victims and their families bombard the media, FBI, and ACLU with accounts of organized stalking and electronic harassment. Ideally we want thousands of reports to be sent to dozens of major newspapers and investigative reporters around the world, all within a short period of time, no longer than thirty days. A list of media, ACLU associates, and federal agents to be contacted must be established in advance and distributed immediately before the campaign begins to all targets who wish to participate. The list should include emails, fax numbers, and physical addresses. Individuals are encouraged to include local media and officials as well in their own personal list of contractees. These reports need to be simple and clear, and no longer than one page at most. Even a statement such as, “I am a victim of organized stalking, and I urge you to investigate these crimes,” is helpful. (Note: While it is commonly circulated that the ACLU and FBI are non responsive to our claims, the more complaints they receive, the harder it will be for them to ignore; also there are good people as well as perps in these organizations, and a concentrated communication blast from thousands of victims over a short period is bound to spike interest). Finally, these communications should be sent from clean computers or phones using new email accounts if possible. It may also be helpful to discreetly mail letters and/or send out faxes as well. Every effort should be made to ensure these communications are not interfered with. This includes avoiding using key phrases such as “gang stalking,” “organized stalking,” “electronic harassment” and “directed energy weapons (or DEWs)” in your subject lines. Remember: The federal electronic eavesdropping campaign includes filters that pick up certain key words such as these. When Snowden first contacted Greenwald his subject line was “Cat Pictures.” You might use something generic like “Story Idea” or “A Note from a Reader.”
    Immediately following step 3, our groups will be instructed to engage in provocative  nonviolent civil disobedience in EVERY state capital and in other parts of the world, ideally at exactly the same date and time. Local media must be informed of an unfolding news story and given the appropriate location shortly beforehand so that cameras and reporters are likely to be on scene. One member of the group should be assigned the role of communicating with the press, and a clear prepared statement should be read at that time. This same statement should be read at every event of civil disobedience, showing a unity among victims across the U.S. and around the world. Participants in this aspect of the plan are encouraged to purchase a prepaid legal plan to assist with any legal issues that may develop as the result of their actions.
    Finally, once the public’s interest is aroused, we must aggressively begin seeking to pass laws against organized stalking and directed energy weapon use. The existence of directed energy weapons has been intentionally hidden from the public, however their reality can be verified by their public patents and through the companies that produce them. Once the public at large realizes this, laws against the use of these devices will naturally gain support. Additionally, instead of hiring attorneys to sue the government, those who can afford to invest should consider hiring attorneys and/or get the ACLU involved to assist in pushing legislature that will prohibit these activities at local, state, federal, and international levels.

    The details of all facets of this plan should remain a secret as much as possible until it is time to implement them. This means targets should be aware of the overall steps as outlined herein, and prepared to act; but the specifics—such as who is to be contacted, as well as the location, nature, and timing of the acts of civil disobedience—should be released in such a manner as to allow participants sufficient notice to prepare and enact them, while limiting the amount of time the perpetrators of these crimes have to coordinate any antagonistic attempts to interfere.

    My friends and fellow targets—whoever you may be, and whatever your personal situation is—I urge each of you to understand that we are in this together, and that is our ONLY true power. Let us stop bickering amongst our own ranks, and focus our efforts on coordinated activities designed to provoke a strong public reaction and spread awareness of these crimes against humanity. Let us cease wasting time and energy on infighting and activities that have proven themselves ineffective, and set our vision instead on a positive, active campaign—intelligently designed and intentionally implemented.

    To win such a lopsided battle as this, our only course is to target our opponent’s Achilles heel, so that no matter how fierce they may appear, they will ultimately fall: secrecy and lack of legislature.


  26. WIRELESS implants, virtually a person in another person, digital senses data traffic.

    About WIRELESS implants and popular “gang stalking” subject goin on youtbe and internet. gang stalking is part of disinformation as well as a tool . Real reason wireless implants subject: Person virtually has another person inside him. they copy the persons brain signals, and learn to do motoristic actions he does. the remote controll guy inside the person, starts to do actions of his own, slowly learning to do more. he can restrict the emotional state of the person, or even make him instantaneoysly laugh loud without reason. make him look crazy. way to shield the secret. real reason is they try make person medicated, so his own will is less, and he dont distinquish his own actions from the remote-controll actions. important information: short (and lengthening) flashes of imagination, happens many times in minute, and such moments the remotecotroll guy / system, tries to make person do action. it often works. They try make person mind visit into the imagination side often. gain control of that guy. person starts having hard time distingquishing his own actiosn from the remote-controll actions. They talk to his ear nervous system constantly, and derive attention from real life. Person is threatened the remote controll strangles him at night, with his own hand. The more informatical actions person does, the more the remote-controll system learns. psychiatrics are used to shield the secret. My state is , someone is learning / taught to forcefully speak, in the speaking synthetizator in this system. he tries to say opposite things i say: making me look crazy. ( they see my writing, expect disinformation ) About microwaves: the communication frequency is in microwaves frq. The senses transmission: they see the implanted peoples data, and know passwords and can remove data from internet. antti markus kantola only letter comes through ! tilhenkatu 14 20610 turku. i got active implants. help me, help us !

  27. I feel ur pain in this criminal groundhog activity that the police like to call GANGSTALKING. Day after day Week after Week Year after year the same old game. Turn everyone including ur own family against you so you cannot even be on ur own. Just waiting for you to break the law from all the stress and put urself in jail. How fucked up is that? Mean while they will come into our homes and steal anything of value to them and walk right out the door with it putting the fear of god into anyone not to say a word. In my case my sister works with them and handed my name over to them so she could steal the family trust. She even went as far as telling me when she started this nightmare six months after my grandfather passed away since then it has been living hell. Lost everything false charges and got to use my grandmother to put her name on everything and now wont see or even call any family members just waiting for pay day. What a piece of shit.

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  34. THE UCSD ADMINISTRATION has the president’s assistant sit next to you on the bus and stalk people. She is a large; unattractive; over weight woman with dark un-styled hair and she is telling others to stalk you on the bus.
    She does not warn any one that the stalkers have been followed for over 8 years and she is dragging down all of the businesses and students she is enlisting.
    All of the females participating in this are large obese women with a need to feel important and have nothing else in life. Listen for the heavy footsteps and the sound of fabric rubbing on the inner thighs of their pants. Because they are so fucking fat.;You can hear them coming from a mile away.

    The Police put shit on your door office door handle; Steering wheel;pen ;Chair ;desk.

    The police watch to see who is afraid to touch the door handles of their offices and cars because they want to find information leaks. who is warning people about shit on the desks; chairs ; and pens of the offices. They have done this at over 15 San Diego companies,;

    The problem is; the cops don’t bother to tell anyone else in the building because they are so desperate to find the leak. So; everyone is touching the shit

    The stalkers are so dumb, they approach the vehicles while people are inside and have to run away. This is no secret on the street.
    Cops are putting shit on door handles of cars and offices; and shooting cars with a bbgun, Contact internal affairs if a Starbucks employee or patron tells you to stalk someone in Del Mar or San Diego
    1435 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014 (858) 793-4453

    Contact a internal affairs supervisor immediately; if someone asks you to stalk people TURN IN CAR SHOOTING COPS

  35. I have been a victim of gang stalking. It got so bad I attempted suicide. And the stalkers enjoy this. No more. I’ll now work to expose them until they leave me alone. I’m taking pictures, learning names and their methods. Please leave me alone. I know nobody in San Diego. So I know you have no motive. Go play with yourselves. I’m to old for this.

  36. They are all of the Satanic religion. The reason they are so well organized is their religion is headed by the Gray aliens who have future predition supercomputers that actually predict with 100% accuracy. They are able to do this by using quantum entanglement to send a stream of subatomic particles backward through time that is sent in binary form.

  37. She is PSYCHO Kimberly Tyler Brentner is a Lowe’s employee formerly of Escondido, California. She is extremely mentally unbalanced. Kimberly has filed dozens of phony police reports against Co-Workers, Co-inhabitants and members of the public claiming she was assaulted, ETC. In many of the cases, the people she filed the complaints against were never in her presence and she heard about an incident second hand. People at her work had to be transferred because she kept filing phony reports claiming harassment of some kind. Granted, she was verbally abused by a person she thought was a boyfriend, who was just using her for his own purposes. She is paranoid and delusional and makes up fictional stories about her former female flat mate. She claims people are conspiring against her. TRIES TO CONVINCE OTHERS TO FILE REPORTS BASED ON FALSE INFORMATION Last known to reside in Salt lake City, Utah and now Tennesee. AVOID THIS PSYCHO AT ALL COSTS. IGNORE THE PHONY STORIES SHE CREATES FOR ATTENTION Caller company: Kimberly Tyler Brentner.

  38. Hello my name is Xixi. I live in Troy, New York. I just discovered you site. I believe I have been gang-stalked. I’m sorry I’m new to this. I just discovered this “gang-stalking” online this week. I seem to be followed wherever I go for six months now. They are mostly men, but occasionally women. They always wear either orange or red. When I tell my family they all think I’m crazy. But I feel so insecure. They seem to break into my apartment also. When I return home things will be in different places. I am so terrified of being drugged and raped at night. I went to the police two weeks ago, and they tell me to leave. I see that you are more experienced with this than me. There are some similarities. They also came inside your home? But I have not noticed any police cars or ambulances out of the ordinary. Why would police be involved? I wrote to two persons victims of gang-stalking but they have not replied me. I feel alone and scare. I see so many people leaving comments on you site. Are you very experienced? How I can meet other gang-stalking victims in my city? Do you belong to a support group? Is there such a support group? If you know anyway to help, like support groups or how to report it to police, please tell me.

    • Xixi I am sorry to hear this but knowing what it is gives you an advantage. But once they you know you know things can change dimensions quickly. Homeland Security and InfraGard are heavily involved in this program and that’s why law enforcement, neighborhood watches and “community policing” is so heavily involved. I wish I could be more helpful but there are tons of blogs, videos and books now on the topic. There are also conference calls for TI’s on talkshoe.com almost every night. Don’t go to law enforcement unless you have a legit complaint about someone or something. Watch for the perps that break rules and violate boundaries and report them, document their patterns. Derrick Robinson used to be the president of FFCHS, he may be able to connect ypu to other TI’s in your area. It is very helpful to have another TI in your area to hang out with, but watch out for “infiltrators”. There are tons of perps that pose as TI’s.

  39. Hi stopogs, thanks for replying! I don’t know you reply here but I’m very happy to hear from somebody who is experienced! I discovered this Cliff Huylebroeck, he has also many links like you do: https://www.gangstalking.eu/Websites.htm. I see this Derrick Robinson People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance International on his links too. I want to ask to join it. Is it safe? I find it very surprising that all these governments and government programs are involved. I didn’t know this gang-stalking is so big. Are there infiltrators in People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance? Are these government agents? What are they trying to do?

    I just discovered talkshoe. Thanks! I don’t know how to complain about people who follow me. I think I am going to take pictures like you do. I’m most worried about the break-in. I want to install cameras and alarms in my home but it costs almost a thousand dollar. I don’t have the extra money, and my family is not helping. My landlord don’t believe me.

    I have a lot of problem getting online from my home also since this started. I tried to post to you the first time and was rejected. I have to use a proxy website. I don’t know how they are able to block my ISP.

    Thank you!

  40. 4 of the stalkers have violent armed robbery convictions(BEATING PEOPLE DURING THE ROBBERY), fraud, theft and other convictions. DO NOT HELP THEM. If you are at a San Diego AREA bar and this CONVICTED ARMED ROBBER tells you to follow someone or vandalize a car, TURN THE STALKER IN.
    If you were a UCSD Student or staff and were asked to follow someone, TURN THE STALKER IN. If you are a Scripps Hospital EMPLOYEE. Turn the STALKER IN. YOU ARE ENDANGERING PUBLIC SAFETY. The Stalker has already committed a crime and will try to recruit you.
    Usually an OBESE hispanic or white female

    If you were at the Rock Bottom Brewery in la Jolla and were asked to stalk someone or a vehicle, report them to FBI Internal affairs. a corrupt Law enforcement personnel is directing people to gather information used in the vandalism of cars and houses. Usually an obese white or hispanic female will approach people in the UCSD area and encourage stalking. TURN THEM IN IMMEDIATELY. They are also filing phony police reports . if a local starbucks employee tells you to stalk a person or vehicle, TURN THEM IN.

    8980 Villa La Jolla Dr.
    La Jolla, CA92037

    Caller or Company: Starbuck's
    Caller Type: Scam

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