2 thoughts on “0507104652

  1. This is a good video and putting this on internet for ti’s to see. This does happen to me too, especially that woman in the car, with door open, as a signal, and the smirking of the guy at the council, the guys in the trucks, the stranger standing near you, etc. Im surprised the cops didn’t tell you to stop taking pictures? do the cops come into this gangstalking scene? like driveby? or stop and pause for a while then leave?do you have any helicopters or planes above you during this?, and school buses with tinted windows? fire dept trucks with their sirens or cops with sirens? ambulance driving by? they had a ambulance planted near me in a parking lot and my father got upset not wanting me to film these gang stalking police and neighbors, research team members too. he tried pulling me out of the car by my feet with n ambulance in a parking lot as if I am a piece of dirt, and was going to leave me in the parking lot to get back to my apt, in front of an ambulance, as if to say get in the ambulance!! can you believe this shit!!! these cops have an ambulance set up in a parking lot as a threatening symbol to an adult woman not a minor! And he threatens about the police yet the police are the stalkers!!!!!!!!!!!!they are corrupt!!!! hes being abused and he has to signal to when im in the car with him, signaling to them when im in the car to visit them at their house, and we are followed there and back!!! as if I am a criminal!!! and they didn’t allow me to see my family for Christmas because they want to watch me with my family cameras set up in their home like mine, and get their research paper material and observe shit! and monitor me like im a criminal!! they think they own me!!! NO ONE OWNS ME AND THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING TO MY BRAIN AND IDENTITY, BUT THEY AREM AND THEY WILL PAY FOR THIS WHEN I GET THEM ARRESTED AND IN COURT FOR THIS! im not a threat to anyone yet these people are mindcontrolling me and sexually violating me and induced dreams oF horrible sexual abuse(I dream maybe once in a year) and they force the feelings into your body and take over and you are powerless in the dream, and my parents dont know how they are torturing me how bad it is, I think my ex made up stories about me to the police!!! the police and stonybrook have brainwashed my parents!!!!and siblings!!!!!!!!!!based on false allegations and mixed up facts of history form 1970-80s. thanks for the video. post some more!

    • Yes I get frequent harassment by first responders, drive-by’s, following, laying in wait, staged 911 calls and traffic stops, even fake/ staged car accidents. And sirens by my home all the time, frequently synced with certain activities so I know I am being watched. Yes I do get the school buses with the tinted windows, what is the deal with that? And yes I get frequent air harassment. These ppl are out of their fucking minds.

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