Bio: I am a victim of Cointelpro/ Organized Gang Stalking in Southern California. This includes Community-based harassment, Group Stalking, Workplace mobbing, Psychological abuse/torture/menticide, sexual harassment, noise harassment, Remote Neural Monitoring, Directed Energy/ EMF weapons, Illegal surveillance in public and private, Illegal entry inside my home and car, Medical and Psychiatric fraud, Vandalism and theft of my personal property, Law Enforcement and local city govt. corruption. Terms and Conditions of use: All content provided on this "Stoporgangstalking.com" blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site, including reader comments posted, or found by following any link on this site. Reader comments posted on this blog may not represent the blog owner's own views, opinions or beliefs. The owner of Stoporgangstalking.com will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. This terms and conditions is subject to change at anytime with or without notice.

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  1. 4619 Viewridge Ave, San Diego. 4747 Viewridge Ave, San Diego. If you are approached by a person and asked to follow someone or damage a vehicle at this address, contact the FBI and turn the stalker in. Contact FBI Office of professional Responsibility or Office of Inspector General. Turn in law enforcement agents engaged in car vandalism and stalking.

  2. SAN DIEGO COUNTY ARCO, Chevron and Jack-in the Box workers ——if you were an employee any San Diego AREA STore and you were contacted and asked to follow a person or car OR asked to vandalize a car or To break in using a key or slim jim, contact the FBI and turn the STALKER in. A corrupt law enforcement personnel has been instructing local businesses to smear feces on the door handles of cars and steer wheels a children’s playground slides and office door handles. The stalkers also shoot at cars with a bb gun or hit the cars and file a fabricated reports against other people. The Stalker is usually an obese white or hispanic female who will exaggerate their authority and lacks self esteem. Some of The male stalkers have prior armed robbery convictions > DO NOT COOPERATE WITH THEM or Neighborhood watch, Call the FBI and turn in the stalker to internal affairs

  3. 12113 Kirkham Road San Diego, CA 92064, POWAY, CA
    If you are approached by an employee or member of law enforcement at this address and asked to follow someone or damage a vehicle or enter a vehicle illegally using keys or break-in tools at this address, contact the FBI and turn the stalker in. Contact FBI Office of professional Responsibility or Office of Inspector General. Turn in law enforcement agents engaged in car vandalism and stalking.

    If an obese female approaches you at this address or in San Diego, Poway area claiming to be acting on behalf of law enforcement and tells you to stalk someone or damage vehicles, turn the stalker in to the FBI

  4. A couple hundred Jitterbug Great call employees took part in police ordered vandalism. They got caught in people’s yard. and in cars. 2008-2016 If a great Call Jitterbug employee asked you to follow someone, enter a car or damage a car, CONTACT THE FBI. If the local FBI office does not take your call, call OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY (OPR) and OIG. REPORT A CORRUPT Law enforcement agent directing people to damage cars for no reason and stalking people San Diego area, Carlsbad area. “Great Call Inc Jitterbug vandalized cars broke into employee cars Carlsbad, California IF you were asked to follow anyone to the K1 Speed parking lot to vandalize a car, contact the FBI and turn these people in

  5. This building is next-door to FBI San Diego main office.10509 Vista Sorrento Parkway,San Diego, CA 92121 IF you are at this building and are approached by a person who asks you to stalk a vehicle or person, DO NOT COOPERATE. REPORT THE STALKER TO FBI INTERNAL AFFAIRS. Cars are being broken into or damaged using the keys or a slim jim break in tool. 90 % of the time The stalker is usually a OBESE WHITE| OR HISPANIC FEMALE. The female has esteem issues and the need to feel important. The female is sometimes employed part-time or on welfare and will target a more successful person that they envy. THE STALKER will tell you they represent or are working with a law enforcement agency. TURN IN THE STALKER IMMEDIATELY. THE STALKER WILL OFTEN CALL POLICE ON THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY BROKE IN AND NOW PEOPLE ARE AGAINST THEM. SOME OF THE MALE STALKERS HAVE PRIOR ROBBERY CONVICTIONS. THE PUBLIC IS AGAINST THEM AND WARNS PEOPLE

    10509 Vista Sorrento Parkway, San Diego, CA 92121

  6. The late Charles Langenberg put up his fight against the Mystery School thugs in Vancouver, WA. At about the time I tried contacting him the dreaded “Mr. pipewrench” as he was given in an interview, had just visited… he was suicided.
    Once he noticed the gang stalking against him and realized it was organized he began producing talk interviews on “Talk-Shoe”.
    Here is his link: https://archive.org/details/ChuckLangenberg

    I’m very surprised that after his death in late 2013 and his web sites were dissolved, google keeps it going, haaa!

    Here is to you Chuck!

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  8. REHCO ROAD;San Diego; CA; 92121. Human Resources is telling people to bring weapons into the building and to stand behind people in a gang stalking operation. They want your smart phone pass-code. After obtaining your pass-code, they will illegally install spy software on your personal phone. Stalkers enter your office while you are in meetings or in the restroom or at lunch. If you are asked by anyone to stalk a person at this location, contact FBI Internal affairs and turn the stalker in,.The stalker generates phony police reports and terrorism reports.

  9. 800-275-2273 If you are contacted by Suzanne Obnamia or Vicky Pena in San Diego and she asks you to follow someone or a vehicle, DO NOT COOPERATE. Contact Internal affairs at the FBI or local police. The stalkers she is helping have a theft, fraud and armed robbery background. If you provide information to the stalkers they will use the information to break into cars and houses and sabotage computer networks. The stalkers file phony reports blaming a 3rd party..If you are a store or restaurant employee, CONTACT INTERNAL AFFAIRS IMMEDIATELY IF ASKED TO FOLLOW SOMEONE

  10. Add to the music list: Search Chris Cornell’s songs “Holy Water” and “My Wave” (electromagnetic) with lyrics. What do you think he’s shouting about?

  11. I ask you to take in account what I ask or I will pursue you.
    The author doesn’t want to be mentioned on your blog neither be exploited by you. The text was written for Wikileaks and will be shared through another media which doesn’t spread hatred toward people. Your situation doesn’t allow you everything.

    • The post you are commenting on states the original blog post you are complaining about was already removed ages ago. What part of that did you not understand and why are still droning on about this? Contact me again about it and I will pursue a restraining order against you. Get a life, loser.

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