Sheriff/Police/Fire Dept. Harassment 12/26/12

Took a trip downtown today:

11:20am  Passed by Sheriff Dept. SUV.

12:10 pm  Patrol car enters freeway one exit ahead of me.

12:40 pm  Passed parked patrol car while walking into Police HQ.

1:00 pm  Passed by Firetruck right after exiting Police HQ.

1:09 pm  Passed by Patrol car while walking into Courthouse.

1:40 pm  Passed parked patrol car while walking out of Courthouse.

2:09 pm  Passed parked patrol car while walking out of Courthouse.

2:09 pm  Passed by red ambulance w/ sirens/lights right after exiting Courthouse.

2:12 pm  Passed parked patrol car while driving.

3:00 pm  Sheriff patrol car U-turned in front of me at intersection, drove ahead of me.

Family/ Friends Harassed Pt. 2

clown mugBest friend: Stalked by former coworker named M. I pleaded with her to go to the cops. Instead she confided everything about it to another coworker named J. and he counseled her about it. I suspect J. is a perp as well. He once called 911 for her without her permission for an irregular heart rythm. She also told me M. has a lot of cop friends and keeps surveillance equipment in the trunk of his car. She was genuinely concerned he was a psychopath.

Best friend: Boss showed embarassing video of her dancing at a wedding to everyone during a staff meeting.

Best friend: Harassed by guards at courthouse she attends regularly for meetings. She has a pacemaker and it is not supposed to be exposed to the security wands. She ended up completely frustrated trying to explain it to them and had to go all the way up the chain to NSA or TSA to get them to stop.

Best friend: Police came to her house one night and said a woman reported her for not clearing ice off the roof of her car. She said a sheet of ice fell off my friends car and cracked her windshield while driving behind her. My friend was stunned, she was certain it wasn’t from her car. And why didn’t the cops just call her instead of show up at her house?

Best friend: Rude/irritating coworkers. Rude woman at her gym. Rude clients. Switched to another dept. at work because one of her superiors did not like her candid attitude. Put in a remote office by herself near a back entrance. Cold air blew in during the winter every time someone came in the door.

Best friend: Videotaped by a cop on dash cam falling off her bike at a fundraising event. The cop showed it to her and laughed.

Best friend: House broken into, robbed.

Best friend: Someone urinated in the unshoveled snow on her front lawn after a Christmas party. It was right by the front entrance, we could not find any animal tracks.

Best friend: Her best friend, B. was a victim of a noise campaign by her neighbors on a cul-de-sac. From what was described, it was done very perp style.

Best friend: Aunt and Uncle were hit in a bad car accident while I was visiting. Her aunt has still not fully recovered. They were hit by a pickup whle making a left turn at a light. Witnesses say the pickup had a green light.

Best friend: Multiple car accidents. One of them involved one of her former clients. My BFF is a social worker and works with many homeless/indigent clients.

Best friend: Her brother’s best friend died after a tonsillectomy due to a complication. Was very close timing to their Father’s death.

Best friend: Close male friend hit by a drunk driver while jogging. His boyfriend had a weird rash all over his upper body last time I saw him.

Best friend: She was very irritated with her husband the last time we travelled. He wakes up very early and wants to stay in the hotel room all afternoon.  He would not turn off the email alert on his smart phone at night. He told everyone to wait in the lobby for her one morning after she said she didn’t want to go to breakfast. She was pissed when she came down later and they were all waiting for her. These are things perps do…just sayin’…

The above trip was the last time I was with her group of friends and A LOT of weird/bad things happened. There was definitely a bad vibe. We saw someone get assaulted, our rental car got locked in a garage, 2 of the couples were fighting the whole time, the couple with a child got the tiniest room. One restaurant wouldn’t seat us. Someone came and peed on the ground near us while we explored a beach. Staff members kept entering my room right after I checked in. My reserved airport shuttle never showed up after I arrived at the airport.

Organized Stalking is death by a thousand paper cuts. They study you thoroughly and know exactly which buttons to push to get you bent out of shape. When friends/family seem really bugged out over small events please don’t shrug it off and make fun of them. I remeber a couple of people in my circle saying “I felt just like you” when they got completely perplexed and exasperated with someone/ something. When you finally realize your entire family/ circle of friends is being targeted  it is like being hit by a tsunami. This is what makes organized stalking terrorism and it’s the moment perps live for. Single women of all ages, you are EXTEMELY vulnerable to organized stalking and we are being targeted as a group.

I swear some of these perps went to real clown schools. But there is nothing cute or funny about them. They really do move like clowns. They way they wait for you to walk up to a register and then careen in front of you out of nowhere with their shopping cart, getting in line ahead of you at an empty register. It is theatrical yet predatory and chilling, completely inhuman. It is done in such a way that there is doubt in your mind they are a perp. But to an outsider they are doing NOTHING wrong. And if you react to it, YOU are in the wrong. The problem is when you see the frequncy and duration in which this same act is performed over and over and over again, it is VERY VERY wrong and it constitutes group stalking. Our challenge is getting Joe Public to understand this, that is if he hasn’t been recruited by the perps yet.

Sheriff/Police/Fire Dept. Harassment 12/17/12



Drove up to Orange County tonight to buy a new stick (Thank you, Santa!). Saw no less than 5 cops on my trip. I love my new stick, can’t wait to get back in the water!

8:00 pm  Passed Sheriff patrol car at an intersection near my house.

8:15 pm  Passed Patrol Car parked on side of freeway. Parked perpendicular to freeway with headlights shining onto cars.

8:20 pm Drove through Border Patrol checkpoint. 2 agents there checking cars, got waved through. Are they usually there this late?

8:30 pm  Passed by Orange County Patrol car on freeway, patrol car was FLYING.

8:33 pm  Passed by Orange County Patrol car, also speeding.

9:25 pm  Passed “traffic stop” on the side of the freeway. Patrol car with lights flashing.

9:45 pm  White Sheriff or Fire dept. SUV entered freeway ahead of me.

11:25 pm  Firetruck with sirens on the Blvd. near my house. Turned off sirens and drove down my street.


I’m not sure what pissed my perps off more, putting up Christmas decorations around my home or meeting another TI for coffee this day. Just imagine yourself the only Who in Whoville surrounded by an entire city full of Grinches.

I met T. for coffee at a place on the on the 101 highway. Meeting other TI’s is difficult for many reasons that I will not get into here. Let’s just say I have lowered my expectations a lot due to trust issues. I will go, and I will hear you out, but it no longer means I trust you or take you seriously. Just keep in mind, even if they are not who they say they are, you still may get some useful info out of them.

We sat outside on a balcony facing the old highway and talked for a couple of hrs. The place was full of perps. Towards the end, a Sheriff’s patrol car passed back and forth no less than 3 times. On the 3rd pass he stopped and parked on the corner near the coffee shop. My new TI friend became uneasy and wanted to leave shortly after.

We parted ways. I was parked one car behind the Deputy. I pulled out onto the highway and snapped his pic with my cell phone, drifting slightly into the left lane as I did this. He saw it all and quickly turned on his lights and followed me. As soon as he pulled me over he spat out his overly rehearsed lines, perp style. “What were you doing with your cell phone?” “You weren’t paying attention to the road.” Deputy S. was young, bald, and inexperienced. No lecture, just asked for my license and registration, insurance and got back in his car. I watched his face in my side mirror as he wrote my ticket…so eager. He reminded me of the elf from the Christmas special who kept saying he really wanted to be a dentist.

He came back and said he was citing me for “Unsafe speed” since the only safe speed while operating a cell phone is zero. I called a traffic attorney today, she said this is only the second time she has seen a ticket like this for a cell phone violation.

What bugs me the most about all the harassment is not the actual things they do. It’s the way they are done. The sheer premeditation and planning, the predatory nature of it. They way they lay in wait for you and then disperse as soon as it is over. Call them skits and theater, but they are way more vile than that.

Perps continue to drive all around my neighborhood in loud cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Between 3:36 pm and 7:22 pm tonight, I counted at least 25 cars passing my home with loud engines/ mufflers/music. The thing is, the entire neighborhood has to suffer through this, not just me. Including the air harassment and trucks and bikes that sit and idle loudly. They are conditioning everyone here to living in a police state.

Anyway, thanks Deputy S. for the $200 reminder. Next time I will safely photo document your stalking and harassment from the sidewalk or a parked car.

Sheriff/Fire Dept. Harassment Log 12/12/12

09:20 am  Passed “Traffic stop” on side of the road , Sheriff ” patrol car with lights flashing.

11:20 am  Sheriff patrol car passed while at coffee with a friend, going South.

11:36 am  Sheriff patrol car passed coffee house again going other direction, going North.

11:39 am  Sheriff patrol car passed coffee house again going South again, stopped and parked in front of   coffee house.

11:50 am  Pulled over by same Sheriff patrol car while leaving coffee house. Cited by Deputy for “Unsafe Speed”.

11:59 am  Passed by Sheriff patrol car at an intersection.

12:15  Passed by Firetruck.

1:36 pm Parking ticket for parking near a fire hydrant near my home.

Dirty Pretty Things

Caution: Subhuman Toxic Waste!!!

Caution: Subhuman Toxic Waste!!!

One thing all organized stalkers have in common, regardless of their age, race, religion, income, education level, is that they are all completely toxic. Complete toxic waste dumps. Every single one of them should be branded with a biohazard symbol on their forehead.

I worry about the battle between Good and Evil and who will prevail. I am religious and I have faith that good always wins. But Organized stalking can shake that faith. But if you think of it in terms of this it is simple: Healthy vs. Sick. We all know the healthy person wins the race, wins the fight, passes the test, is more productive, wins the game. The healthy person lives longer and better. For the sick person, all of these things are impossible. And when you realize that ALL organized stalkers are physically and/or mentally sick AND toxic, there is no doubt left in your mind that good prevails. If you are good/healthy the trick is to stay that way and not let yourself get infected and weak like the walking, talking toxic waste dumps surrounding you.

I am trying to learn more about psychopaths and sociopaths since most organized stalkers fall under these categories. I recently read the psychopath’s relationship cycle consists of the following: Idealize, devalue, and discard. It is all about control, manipulation, and getting what they want. They only engage in relationships for the sport of it; the chase and the kill; the seduction and the betrayal. When they have depleted of you of whatever it was they wanted, or whenever they get bored with you; they move on. In the final phase your weaknesses are used against you, your qualities are turned into faults.

If you are faithful, he sees your fidelity as a weakness, a sign you weren’t desirable enough to cheat. Nobody else really wanted you. If you are virtuous, he exploits your honesty while he lies and cheats on you. If you are passionate, he uses your sensuality to seduce you, to entrap you through your own desires, emotions, hopes and dreams…When all is said and done, the only truth that remains is that the whole relationship was a fraud.”

Psychopaths= Narcissists and Predators. Sound familiar TI’s?

Harm’s Way

In the past months, I have seen the perps put their young children in extremely dangerous situations 3 times. All in the name of “street theater”. As I left for church one morning, they blocked the intersection on my street with a black Jetta. It was stopped in the middle of the street next to a parked car on the shoulder. As I went to pass it and honked my horn, there was a suddenly a man opening the rear drivers side door letting a young child out into the street. Who stops in the middle of the road to let their kid out?

The second time I was lost trying to find the freeway and ended up on a dead end with an industrial cul de sac. There was a UPS truck and a compact car stopped on the same street.  As I u-turned at the end they had a perp truck with a trailer on it suddenly back out and block me. I f*cking hate when they do this. It was too big to pass. They started to drive ahead of me, I went to pass it on the left. As soon as I did this, they had a young child exit the compact car and run out into the street. I got back behind the truck and attempted to pass again, this time they had the UPS truck drive straight towards me. I kept driving and passed.

Tonight, as I left the volunteer event, a large SUV sat idling opposite my parking spot, facing the exit. As soon as I backed up and started to the exit, it pulled out in front of me and drove really slow. I went to pass it, and of course they had a woman and a young child trying to cross the street a few hundred feet in front of me. The SUV was so big I couldn’t see them.  A message to perp parents: You are complete psychopaths and criminals. Do not take your kids stalking with you and put them in harm’s way like that.

Perp Docs

I was stalked by my attending psychiatric MD today. She was my MD when I was admitted to a locked psych unit this summer for a 5150 hold. I went to a holiday volunteer event today at the fairgrounds down the coast. As I drove through the long entrance to the parking lot, a man and a woman were walking my way. The woman was my MD, Dr. N. I recognized her immediately. She looks a lot like one of my sister in laws. She was dressed in a turquoise, white, and black dress with her big black eyeglasses on. She looked right at me. One of the bulidings had a sign with her hospital’s name on it like they were having some event, maybe a holiday party. Whether it was an actual scheduled hospital event or not, I’m sure that will be her excuse for being there.

I was also stalked this summer by the ED doctor who saw me after the cops detained me for 5150 hold. I could tell “Dr. S.” was a dopey perp the moment I met him. Dr. S. stalked me at another hospital a few weeks after I was discharged. He drove right past me as I was backing out of my space in the parking garage, I got the license plate number. Both times the doctors made sure I saw them.

The public also needs to be aware that the newer hospitals have broken the emergency departments down into small, separate sections, some of them locked. The easier to gaslight you with. They can fill an entire section with perps, just like they did to me. The target patient will be put in their own section surrounded by perp doctors, nurses, patients, security guards,etc. That way you will have noone to help you.

For those of you who think this is some fun little game or prank, I want you to know that one family member is already dead. And I suspect at least one other family member is dead. Because all communication between me and my family is redirected, I have no way of knowing what is really going on with any of them right now. I hope you are all having a nice little cozy holiday season with your loved ones, while I sit here alone wondering wtf happened to mine.