Happy New Year

I see Patty, and Kerry, and Deana, and Kristen…

I see Tommy, and Sarah, and Beth, and Elaine..

I see Eileen, and Lucy, and Latrice, and Travis..

I see Dan, and Frank, and Cara, and Dr. Lozar..

I just wanted to send a New Year’s greeting to all the perps of the past, present, and future..

You will never convince anyone, including myself that I am mentally ill. To all the fucking losers of years present and past who have gaslighted me, you are epic failures..at everything. Despite your best and most painfully micro-managed and epically financially wasteful efforts you have accomplished zero…zilch..nada. You are the ultimate filth of the universe. Go ahead and knock yourself out with “transhumanism”, turning yourselves into a bunch of fucking Frankenstein freaks. You will never accomplish eternal life no matter how hard you try.

On the other hand, myself, friends and family will be guaranteed eternal life. We will live for eternity in joy, love, happiness, peace, and freedom from suffering…not giving one single fuck about you, your family, your friends, or anything you did to us. You will be completely and utterly forgotten, cold, pulseless and dead.

Happy New Year perpies. Enjoy your synthetic, anesthetized, enslaved, toxic, pedophile lives while they last.


Ghosting is a common tactic used on TI’s but I recently learned it has another meaning. Most TI’s who are subject to psychological abuse/ harassment are familiar with the tactic of perps moving items around the TI’s home, making items disappear for days/months and returning them (or not). And ghosting by swapping, where the original item is swapped out with a flawed reproduction that is obvious to the TI only.

Another form of ghosting is identity theft. Perps take the swapping to a whole new level by assuming other people’s lives. Identity theft by ghosting is not new but may be taking place at unprecedented levels right now and should probably be considered a form of terrorism. Impersonation and look- alikes are standard harassment tactics of joint targeting. Ghosting involves completely annihilating a target and seamlessly replacing them. The perps then gain another mind controlled person that looks, talks, and acts just like you do. They will live in your home, eat your food, sleep in your bed, spend your money, attend your church, and even act like they are related to you. Many times these ghosting perp “replacements” are criminals (as well as socio- and psychopaths) who are very happy to take on a shiny new life.

Whereas as traditional ghosting involved assuming the identity of a person that died of natural causes, ghosting via joint targeting involves intentionally eliminating a TI specifically for the purpose of ghosting. In a completely covert manner.

This is something every TI should know about because we are very vulnerable to it, as well as our friends, family, and coworkers. It also may be happening more frequently now in the entertainment business and the government. It could be one of the ultimate uses for all the “harmless” metadata the NSA is gathering on all of us, along with depopulation.

Some of the telltale signs of ghosting are a sudden appearance or disappearance of medical problems. Dramatic changes in physical appearance (weight gain/loss, change in height, accelerated aging, hairline/hairstyle/hair texture, skin hue/tone). Sudden change in style of dress, lifestyle (incl. spending habits, drug/alcohol use), speech/accent, eyesight, occupation, motivation, etc. Sudden change in social circle, may hang out w/new or very old friends or friends/ family members they previously didn’t get along with. Revealing secrets, telling you personal things about themselves from past and present. New replacements will may act nervous and uncomfortable around the target in the beginning. And of course they will act like perps. Many TI’s who are unaware that they are TI’s, and some who are, may not be aware of ghosting and come to believe their loved ones are possessed. Upon noticing all of these subtle changes along with standard perp harassment tactics like artificial telepathy and mimicking, they may think their loved has been demonized. This can and will frequently escalate into violent situations and there are stories in the news like this almost every day, with the TI claiming the person they hurt was a demon.

Some links on identity theft by “ghosting”. Can you imagine if some of these “ghosting” frauds actually get exposed for their heinous crimes?






“Ghosting” is also a term used by the CIA when they imprison people in secret locations without documenting their presence.

First Responder Harassment Log November 2014

San Diego County, CA


8:41 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. ambulance with lights/ sirens on while walking west on Encinitas Blvd. at Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)


1:00 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. patrol while sitting outside at Swami’s cafe at Hwy. 101 North and K Str. (Encinitas)


1:02 pm- Passed by newer model San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car #20133  on 5 South freeway after exiting from Encinitas Blvd. on ramp. (Encinitas)

3:21 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car at intersection of Hwy. 101 South and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas)

3:23 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck at Hwy. 101 South and Marcheta (Leucadia)

3:40 pm- Parked on shoulder of Hwy. 101 South at South Ponto Beach. White CA State Lifeguard patrol pickup truck parked on sand facing shoreline adjacent to my car. (Carlsbad)

3:51 pm- Passed by white CA State Lifeguard patrol pickup truck while walking South of Beacon’s Beach. (Truck looks very similar to white truck that synced pulling out of state campground entrance on 101 North as I passed about 15 minutes prior.) Truck passes me on the beach and continues North. Stops at South Ponto Beach to meet with the other State Lifeguard truck that was stopped near my car. (Carlsbad)


11:00 am- Received ACLS recertification in Mission Valley from a paramedic from the Valley Center Fire Dept. This person is not listed as an employee on the company’s website and the class size/ structure/ classroom location was dramatically different from the recert I did here 2 years ago. (San Diego)


8:16 pm- Passed by 2 San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. patrol cars driving bumper to bumper at intersection of Hwy. 101 South Encinitas Blvd. East. (Encinitas)


12:55 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff’s patrol car while stopped at red light at Encinitas Blvd. East and Saxony. Patrol synced exiting business driveway to my immediate left. (Encinitas)

2:45 pm- San Diego Police Dept. patrol car in front of mine at red light on Genessee North and La Jolla Village Dr. Car #6956 CA 1340481 with all 4 windows rolled down, one officer has arm out passenger window. They pull into left lane so my car is stopped next to their’s at next red light. (La Jolla)

2:45 pm- As above light turns green another San Diego Police Dept. patrol car passes going South on Genessee. (la Jolla)

2:46 pm- Pass another San Diego Police Dept. patrol car stopped in left turn lane at Genessee North and Eastgate. (La Jolla)

2:57 pm- Passed San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car parked on side of Hwy. 101 South at Torrey Pines State Beach (La Jolla)


8:00 pm Sirens blaring near my home as I prepare to go out.

8:26 pm- 1-2 San Diego Sheriff’s dept patrol cars (and one unmarked patrol car) and 1 Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck stopped at intersection of Encinitas Blvd. West and Village Square Drive (which was my destination). All vehicles have emergency lights flashing. (Encinitas)

8:57 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. red ambulance w/ sirens and emergency lights on as I walk into CVS on Encinitas Blvd. at Calle Magdalena. (Encinitas)

9:19 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at Hwy. 101 North and Carlsbad Village Dr. (Carlsbad)

9:24 pm- Passed Oceanside PD patrol car at Coast Hwy. North and Oceanside Blvd. (Oceanside)


1:04 pm- Multiple Encinitas Fire Dept. emergency vehicles drive down my street and passed my home with lights/ sirens on. Encinitas Blvd. and Rosebay Dr. (Encinitas)

9:19 pm- Passed from behind by speeding Carlsbad PD patrol car at Hwy. 101 North and Salomar. (Carlsbad)


9:50 pm- 2 San Diego PD or Sheriff’s Dept. patrol cars stopped at intersection of Poway Rd. and Community Rd. with emergency lights flashing for a “traffic stop” in progress. (Poway)


3:30 pm- Visited San Diego Sheriff’s Dept. Encinitas substation on Via Molena. 2 deputies stand near the door inside the lobby as I enter, one blocking the partition window. Deputies stood in the lobby interviewing a female DV/stalking victim until after I left. During this visit I was also subjected to color harassment, noise harassment, gesture harassment, sensitization, directed conversation, and mimicking harassment. (Encinitas)


1:16 pm- Passed by private ambulance on 5 South freeway at Manchester exit. Golden Health Transportation: CA 7057260 or 7U57260. (Encinitas)

1:24 pm- Passed by private ambulance at 5 South freeway and Mira Mesa exit: Pacific Ambulance. (San Diego)

2:56 pm- Passed by San Diego PD patrol SUV at Genessee South and Decoro. (La Jolla)

3:00 pm- Passed by San Diego PD patrol car #7127 at Genessee North and Eastgate. (La Jolla)

3:04 pm Passed red ambulance #21 at Genessee North and 5 North freeway on ramp. (La Jolla)

5:04 pm- Passed by white CA State Lifeguard jeep while walking on South Ponto Beach.


5:21 pm- Passed by San Diego PD patrol SUV with lights/ sirens on at intersection of Adams Ave. and Felton. (San Diego)

7:34 pm- San Diego Fire Dept. firetruck passes as I exit Felton onto adams Ave. (San Diego)

7:35 pm- Passed by red ambulance on Adams Ave. after Felton. (San Diego)

8:23 pm- Passed by San Diego PD patrol car after parking on K Str. at Hwy 101 South. (Encinitas)

8:26 pm- Pass same patrol car seen above while walking South on Hwy. 101 past Swami’s Beach entrance. Patrol car is stopped and idling inside entrance facing the Hwy. and brighting me with patrol car headlights as I pass. (Encinitas)

9;21 pm- Passed by white Sheriff’s or Fire Dept. SUV (gold star emblem on door) at Encinitas Blvd. East and 5 North on ramp. Plate # CA 1089093. (Encinitas)


3:12 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire dept. ladder firetruck with emergency lights/ sirens on while stopped at red light at Encinitas Blvd. West and Quail Gardens Dr. This occurred minutes after leaving my home. (Encinitas)

4:54 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car while exiting South Ponto State Beach on foot. (Carlsbad)


7:10 pm- Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck passes my home w/ sirens on, synced with eating dinner. Encinitas Blvd. and Rosebay Dr. (Encinitas)

In addition to the overly frequent sitings of first responders while I am out, there are sirens frequently audible in my home from nearby Encinitas Blvd. just 2 blocks from my home. Sirens from the Sheriff’s dept. and Fire Dept. emergency vehicles are frequently synced with my waking times, work breaks, meals, bedtimes, and upon arriving to and leaving my home.