Pimp my Stalker-mobile

When you are a victim of Organized Gang Stalking, you will see an influx of cars in your neighborhood/town/city with the following:

Missing hubcap(s), sparkly hubcaps

Missing one tail light or headlight, or one tail light/headlight is brighter than the other

Limo tint on all windows or rear 5 windows, all 4 windows rolled down, shades over side windows, metallic sunshades inside windshield when parked

Stickers: Coexist stickers, GPS location stickers, American flag stickers, Family character stickers (stick figure Dad, Mom, kids, etc.), “Namaste” symbol stickers, Pentagram stickers, Jolly Roger stickers, Pawprint stickers, Hibiscus stickers, Obama stickers, Fire dept. stickers, Military stickers, La Costa Canyon HS stickers (white bull), San Diego Charger “Bolt” stickers, Various collections of stickers covering back window/ door, messages/ writing on rear window (in marker or written by hand on dirty window), small US flags on roof/ trunk, cars with “For Sale” signs in the window, parked cars w/ sun visors in the front window.

License plates: Vanity plates, Numerous out-of-state plates (including Mexico and Canada), Drive off dealer plates (paper), Handicap plates/placards, Plates with your name or weird messages on them, Plates from states where your family/ friends live.

Design/private vehicles: neon colored/ bright colored cars, bright patterns/designs on cars, unusually designed cars/ trucks/vans, small business vehicles, utility/contractor vehicles, Crown Victorias, Jaguars, convertibles, Extra large/long/high pickup trucks and SUVs, super bright headlights, weathered vehicles with worn paint on roof/hood, motorcycles, vespas

Commercial vehicles: Garbage trucks, FedEx trucks, UPS trucks, White cargo vans, white MTS shuttle vans, AT&T trucks, Red Coca-Cola trucks, Locksmith trucks, Armored bank trucks, Fire/flood cleanup trucks, Geek Squad, Stanley Steemer, Moving vans (U-Haul, Ryder, Mayflower), Private Contractor utility vehicles (plumbers, carpenters, painters, etc.), Small business delivery vehicles (flowers, pizza, pet wash, etc.), Private ambulance companies, delivery trucks/vans, landscaping trucks w/ rakes,etc., trucks piled high with furniture/junk, Mack trucks/semis

Sound: loud mufflers, no mufflers, loud engines, loud ignition, stalling ignition, repeated car alarms, squeaky brakes, backfiring vehicles, loud car stereo, shocks/suspension adjusted to make loud noise or scraping sounds over speed bumps, synchronized ignition/alarms when target passes car or enters/exit home

Government vehicles: Dept. of Homeland Security vehicles, Police cars, Sheriff dept. cars, Highway Patrol, USPS mail trucks, Volunteer Sheriff dept. cars, Paramedic ambulances, Firetrucks, Lifeguard jeeps and trucks, City worker vehicles

Driving tactics: Following, tailgating, “tag team” stalking, speeding, “near misses” at intersections, cutting you off at intersections/ stop signs, Running red lights/ stop signs, crossing the road divider, passing too close to your vehicle, “staged” car accidents, Fake traffic stops, “Car Ballet” : Pulling out of parking spots at the same time as you/zoom behind you as you pull out, Frequent U-turns in front of you (multiple vehicles at same time), Cars driving in reverse, crowding parking lots, walking in front of your car, cutting you off when you are walking, competing for parking spots, driving with one arm out the window w/ limp wrist, Parked cars with doors/trunk left open, Parked cars at night with interior light left on, Mimicking gestures/ stasi hand signals while driving or stopped in traffic, Cars parked in the same spot near target’s property for days/weeks (often getting ticketed by cops after 72 hrs.), Driving with or leaving large/aggressive dogs in parked cars (they don’t want stalkers going through their car just like they do to ours).

Sheriff/Fire/Lifeguard Dept. Harassment Log 10/28/12

Went for a walk on the beach today.

2 pm- Passed by lifeguard truck while walking North.

2:30 pm- Surrounded by Lifeguard trucks and jeeps at drudging site while walking North. One Sheriff dept. jeep present. Multiple city workers present in orange vests.

2:50 pm- Passed lifeguards and Sheriff’s jeep again while walking South.

2:55 pm- Passed by Lifeguard truck while walking South.

3 pm- Passed by Lifeguard medic truck while walking South.

3:20 pm-  Lifeguard truck stopped with red lights flashing, passed it walking South.

3:40 pm- Passed firetruck and Paramedic ambulance stopped at Denny’s entrance on drive home from beach.

The city is currently drudging sand up onto the beach. The drudging boat magically appears anytime I walk near the coast. The boat stayed with me walking North at the same pace as me until it arrived at the drudge pipe which surfaced on the beach. As I passed this section a city worker in an orange vest aggressively approached me and made a scene. I changed my path and the drudging started right after I passed. They told everyone on the beach they couldn’t walk South past the pipe again, I did it anyway after I turned around at the end of the beach. It is interesting the city has workers out drudging the beach on a Sunday. I walk this beach A LOT and I never see city workers out on the weekend doing routine work. City workers and Lifeguards are just as involved in the harassment as the Sheriff, Police, and Fire dept. Victims of gang stalking will see the “orange safety vests” everywhere….doing road or roadside work, construction, directing traffic, landscaping, volunteer work, etc. Pretty much any excuse to wear one, and you will find a flurry of these types of activity everywhere you go.

My stalkers are getting more aggresive and touching me. I was hit by one on Saturday while doing some volunteer work (adult male) and hit again at the beach yesterday (young adult male). Yesterday afternoon I was almost hit by a Volkswagon Jetta while exiting my apt. complex in my car. I was almost hit again this am by a green van driven by a woman. The license plate started with “5V”. I should have taken a video or pics. They sped in very fast and passed me after I cautiously looked both ways before exiting. It is normally not a busy street but the view is often not clear due to so many parked cars on the shoulder. This morning I confronted the woman in the green van. She said she lived in the neighborhood but wouldn’t tell me her name. She was extremely aggressive as I approached her car and kept saying “You didn’t look both ways.” It was obvious it was synchronized harassment and she was looking for a confrontation. It is unfathomable how horrid these people are…inside and out. Sometimes I honestly wonder if they really are human…as another victim recently told me, they are demonic.

Police/Fire Dept. Harassment log

4:45 pm- Passed by Police car while driving.

4:50 pm- Passed by Fire dept. SUV while driving.

6:30 pm- Private ambulance pickup at Therapist’s office.

6:40 pm- Passed by firetruck while driving.

6:50 pm- passed by Paramedic ambulance while driving.

6:54 pm- Passed by private ambulance while driving.

Tonight was my first Mindfulness class, held at my therapist’s office once a week. I was stalked by multiple cars on my way to and from the offie. A car alarm was blaring as I entered the building. As I entered the class a security guard stood watching in the hallway right outside the door. We filed in and sat in a circle. There were perps in attendence, one sat directly across from me and jingled her bracelet and repeatedly brushed her hair with her hand. She also did some mimicking. Why do so many of them look like death warmed over? Overall it was a good class. But the perps always like to make you feel like shit right after you did something you enjoyed, like a good surf session or yoga class. They are the most petty assholes on the face of the Earth and look for any opportunity possible to inject themselves into your space, no matter how minute. In class my seat faced the door which had a narrow window in it. For the most part class went well but during the last 5-10 minutes I noticed a woman standing outside the door. Her hair was pulled back and she had a paramedic uniform on. She stood right in front of the window so I could see the emblem on her shoulder. When I exited the class I found she had put someone on a gurney and was blocking the hallway with it. The patient and their family member had their brightest, finest stalker colors on. The same security guard stood in the hallway as I exited. The perps have done this at my therapist’s office multiple times before, faking medical problems and calling 911. It is always synchronized to occur right as I am arriving or leaving the building.

Eight Signs of Terrorism

Provided by the San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force. Every single one applies to Organized gang stalking. Terrorists stalking innocent citizens under the guise of fighting terrorism, with the goals of causing chaos, destruction, and death.

1.) Surveillance   (To deteremine a target’s strengths and weaknesses.)

2.) Elicitation  (Gathering info about the operations and security of a potential target.)

3.) Testing security  (Trespassing in a restricted area.)

4.) Funding

5.) Acquiring supplies   (Weapons, transportation, communication systems.)

6.) Impersonation   (Impersonate law officers, firefighters, EMS or paramedic personnel, mail carriers, company employees.)

7.) Rehearsal   (May include measuring response time by emergency responders, and possibly using police radios.)

8.) Deployment   (Putting plans into place, getting into position, moving equipment and supplies, and launching an attack.)

In July of 2012, I went to the local FBI office and spoke to S.A. McCarthy, who treated me with sheer ignorance and scorn, seething with mysogyny. He claimed to know nothing about Organized stalking and asked me if I was supposed to be on medications. I bought literature to the meeting but he refused to look at it, cutting the meeting short. He also engaged in mimicking during our meeting. As I waited at the guards’ station in the parking lot before the meeting, 2 “agents” pretended to inspect a car in the middle of the small lot, blocking the rear of the lot. I heard one of the guards say they didn’t want anyone “back there”. I suspect they were using the car to block  a surveillance camera in the back of the lot.

Flashback: Why me?

Many TI’s spend more time then they’d like to admit trying to figure out why they have been targeted. Some know, some really don’t. We’re all pretty sure we did something to piss someone off (9/11 truther, won workman’s comp claim, refused to join the masons, etc.), but some of us may have been chosen randomly.   I am not yet certain why I have been targeted or even when exactly it really first started. I come from a large, Irish Catholic family, the youngest of 11 siblings. We grew up in a small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut. My Dad was a physician, my Mom a housewife, both born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

Some TI’s I have spoke with think it may have something to do with a man named S. that I dated in 1998. He was Afghani, I met him at work. He was dark, handsome, charming, and mysterious. A little too mysterious. I fell in love with him but he kept me at arm’s length, never introducing me to friends or family. I never even got to see where he lived. I always sensed a deep tension inside him, that he was holding something back, trying very hard not to get too attached. He made frequent trips to Mexico and Canada, and also traveled to San Francisco , Florida, and Mammouth mountain in the time we dated. Aside from Mexico (40 minutes away), I did not accompany him on any of these trips. After 6 months I grew more and more suspicious about his marital status and he admitted he was married but said it was ending. They did not sleep in the same room. I was devastated.

There were other red flags I ignored. A large silver and onyx ring he wore on his right ring finger that looked like it was there to cover something up. A small, rune shaped scar (Algiz) on the webbing between his thumb and forefinger. He bought a different used car every 6 months or so, selling each one. When I think back he may have been involved in color harassment as well. He wore a lot of bright, vibrant colored polos, usually at work. I now wonder if he had been stalked at some point. I remember him repeating things like “I am a law abiding citizen” and “I am completely sane…” At times he did seem paranoid and nervous. And he had a bunch of aliases.

We broke up shortly after I found out he was married. I was so hurt and angry. I moved to the East Coast and had him investigated. I found out his SSN matched the same one as a deceased man in Tennessee. S. onced lived in Memphis. I considered sending the P.I.’s report to S.’s new boss for revenge, but I never did. I did call the FBI after 9/11 and told them about him. S. ended up on the watch list, making those trips across the Mexican border a little longer than planned. I don’t know if this had anything to do with my call to the FBI. I regret doing it but I wanted to get even with him so badly.

But within the past week, I realized my harassment started before dating S. In 1997 I moved to California for a job in Palm Springs, CA. The company put me up in an apartment. A roommate, A., showed up a day after me. She was from Alaska. She was pushy, rude, and hostile from day one. Very sarcastic and demeaning. She talked loudly when I was on the phone with my family. She spoke about me within earshot while she was on the phone with others. She left her clothes to air dry all over the dining room table. She shared my personal info/habits with coworkers. She made offhand rude comments about my body while talking to others.

She was tall and thin with light brown hair cut just above the shoulder and wore eyeglasses. She was frequently mistaken for being a male. Her Mom died when she was young, and she had a drinking problem in college. I think her Dad was a pilot.

A couple of other things happened during this time that were pretty strange. I bought a newspaper that had info about the new Getty art museum in L.A. I wanted to go badly and I saved the magazine section. I left it on the coffee table. A few weeks later I tried to find it but it was gone. I later found out A. had taken it, gone to L.A. and invited a bunch of friends to go. I never told her I wanted to go but I think she knew and excluded me on purpose. This is VERY similar to what the perps are doing to me now. At Thanksgiving, I told A. I was going to see my family in L.A. and that we we planned to go to Disneyland the day after, which is a VERY busy day there. When my family and I got to the the front of the line to enter the park, I turned to my right and A. was standing right there in the next line with her friends. My brother and I later marveled at the coincidence. To see someone you know entering Disney at the same time as you on such a crowded day. I am now pretty sure it was not a coincidence.

A. also invited me to go to Las Vegas once with her and her friends, I said I couldn’t get the time off and I remember her being very hostile about that. Another one of our neighbors, a female coworker from Ireland, went with A. After they returned, I found out A. had been very rude to the neighbor the whole trip. I felt sorry for the neighbor and glad that I didn’t go.

My bedroom also got flooded by the sprinkler system during this time. It was on the ground floor and the entire carpet was saturated, including the closet, ruining a pair of leather shoes. I then got recurring upper respiratory infections from the mildew for the rest of my stay there.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Noise Harassment

Noise Harassment or “noise campaign” is a BIG part of organized gang stalking. As I write this, a neighbor blasts the stereo and a noisy motorbike drives by my apartment. Noise harassment comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms and they have tactics for every type of environment and setting.

At home it is loud cars, motorcycles, and trucks up and down the street. This includes commercial vehicles like FedEx and UPS, EDCO garbage trucks,  and even the ice cream man. Vehicles are weighted down to make loud jarring sounds when they drive over speed bumps. Loud mufflers and engines, squeaky brakes, horns beeping, cars backfiring, car alarms going off, car stereos blasting, vehicles idling below my balcony, children screaming/singing/playing instruments, multiple dogs barking, power tools at night, loud gatherings at neighbors’ homes, loud laughter, loud coughing, plastic dumpsters being dragged to the curb, breaking glass, slamming doors, windows, sliders, even clicking and banging sounds coming from IN BETWEEN the walls. Police/ fire/ and ambulance sirens coming from the boulevard 2 blocks away. Small planes and helicopters flying over the neighborhood periodically (military, police, commercial, private). At one point my deactivated ADT security alarm kept going off until I finally unplugged it.

At church I hear coughing, sneezing, hiccoughing. Jingling change or keys, shoes that make squeaking/shuffling/clacking or loud flip flop noises when walking, excessively loud babies/children, excessively loud chorus music, cell phone ring tones, watch alarms, clapping, items being dropped, plastic wrappers and water bottles being crumpled, excessive/loud talking and whispering. Perps will frequently rub their hands together rapidly for sound wherever you go. They will have one person sit directly behind you and pray/ sing loudly through the whole mass. Vacuums and loud power tools/ lawnmowers being used by landscapers. Loud chatter near you before and after mass after the church has emptied. TI’s will hear frequent forced coughing in pretty much every setting where there are people.

When I go out for a walk they ride by on bicycles without pedaling so it makes a low ticking sound. People will breath heavily near me while running, biking, etc. A lot of skateboarders. And they FREQUENTLY run the trains whenever I am anywhere near the tracks, honestly. The loud car/truck/motorcycle/helicopter noise is pretty much a constant everwhere you go. When you drive through tunnels they try to have a loud car drive through at the same time so it amplified.

If you walk out on the pier, they harass you by dragging loud coolers by on the dock. If you pass through a walk way under the Hotel del Mar, they push heavy, loud carts up and down the tunnel. Everything is done in an extremely hostile, manic, and agitated manner so as to make the victim feel the same way.

At the beach, kids and teens suddenly jump up and start screaming when you pass (while running in front of me). Jet skis, loud footsteps, heavy breathing, jogging in water next to you for splashing sounds. If there is a staircase down to the beach, they stomp loudly behind you all the way up or down. They will have groups of men or kids kicking a soccer ball around and running around on the sand in your path to agitate and block you.

If you go into a store or a bar, they make a point of playing songs with lyrics that have the words “crazy” or “insane” in them, or songs that have something to with suicide. For some reason they play Gotye’s “Somebody I used to know” EVERYWHERE I go. If you go to a restaurant or cafe, they will drag chairs and tables around loudly, rearranging them. They will seat a large party or noisy children next to your table. During a meal at a Lebanese restaurant in Long Beach, I looked down to see someone had dipped their finger into my hummus.

When I was an inpatient, the staff and “patients” were continuously slamming doors, pushing loud carts up and down the hall, using power tools, loud patients roaming the halls all night, arguing and antagonizing staff all night. My room was right next to the elevator, the water fountain, the lounge, the social worker’s office, and the nurses’ station. One time the nurse slammed a door so loudly, she scared her self and apologized. For a few of nights the helicopter hovered over the hospital for hours at a time. My rommate acted like she was struggling to breathe the whole night. At times, I could hear audio or video of my “5150” detention at work being played in the lounge, when I was being held down by two “cops” and screaming for help.

Organized stalkers will maintain their innocence until the end. It must be one of the first things they learn to do at stalker school, complete with the fake, utterly surprised expression when confronted. Their denial is obnoxious and their acting is horrible. All of the harassment falls under “plausible deniability”. Plausible deniability is a legal concept. It refers to lack of evidence proving an allegation. If the victim makes any accusatory statements at all, you are either a bitch or crazy or an ingrate. And doing so just fans the flames, making them hate you and stalk you even more for doing absolutely….nothing. Also confrontation is not recommended with these people as many are highly unstable.

Reading List

Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control (A.K. Forwood)

Black Flags and Windmills (Scott Crow)

A New Breed Satellite Terrorism (John Hall)

Closing the Gap: Gang Stalking (GmB Bailey)

Harassment 101: The Rules of Engagement  (GmB Bailey)

My Life Changed Forever (Elizabeth Sullivan)

The HIdden Evil (Mark Rich)

Stalking the Stalker (Diane Glass)

Terrorist Stalking in America  (David Lawson)

Cause Stalking  (David Lawson)

Protectors of Privelege  (Frank Donner)

Check back for updates..open to suggestions

Police/Fire Dept. Harassment Log

Monday 10/08/12

9:22 AM- passed by Sheriff’s SUV right after I exited church.

9:54 AM- Passed by Sheriff’s patrol car while driving.

10:40 AM- Passed by Sheriff’s SUV while walking.

10:55 AM- Passed by Sheriff’s patrol car while walking.

11:45 AM- Private ambulance parked in front of library I visited.

12:06 PM- Passed by City Ambulance with lights/ sirens on.

2:16 PM- Passed by private paramedic ambulance.

Intro to Color Harassment






Organized gang stalkers sensitize their victims to certain colors/ patterns/ styles to make them believe they are followed everywhere they go and “everyone” is in on it. I was sensitized to color harassment on 6/19/12, 3 days after I discovered organized gang stalking on a google search and realized I had already been stalked for years. There is a 1.5 mile walking trail near my house. It is a loop that surrounds an expensive housing development and passes a golf course. I have been walking on it for about 3 years. I was first sensitized to neon colors. A woman passed me jogging in neon pink shorts, another passed me wearing neon green shoes, another passed me in a hot pink sweater, then neon blue shoes, and so on, including dogs with neon collars and leashes. I would pass someone wearing neon every few minutes. It was not coincidental and I had never experienced this on the trail before. It persisted for my entire walk.

-As the days and weeks passed, I would see these colors everywhere. They eventually added bright turquoise, purple, bright green, bright blue, bright orange, bright yellow, brown, and any combination of red/white/blue. (All of the colors from the gay rights rainbow flag and the American flag, pluse “any “neon” color).

-They also frequently wear checked/plaid/madras shirts or shorts, Hawaiian shirts, any stripes, animal prints, polka dots, American flag patterns*, jeans rolled up to the knees with high heeled black sandals, maxi dresses, mens’ bathing trunks with wide color darts on the sides (not sure what brand this is).

– Aviator sunglasses, secretary-style reading glasses, sunglasses with white or neon colored frames, cheap Foster Grants. A lot of scarves worn in “perp” colors. Sequins, esp. on girls. Clothing w/ Eiffel tower, owls, “Paris”, American flag graphics on them.

– Under Armor brand clothing, Polo/Ralph Lauren clothing, camoflauge prints, straw “boater” hats w/ short rims, and anything with San Diego Chargers (Bolts) logo.

– Also A LOT of tattoos (sleeve and calf tats very common) and neck lanyards.

– Crocheted tops, lace tops, tie dyes, Croc shoes. Moccasin style loafers or dark brown New Balance hiking shoes for men. Flip flops and high heels  frequently worn for noise harassment. Dansko clogs for women. Jeans with one leg rolled up.

– Bright orange or yellow safety vests everywhere. Any one who has an excuse to wear one will don one, some will just wear it as part of their “costume”.

If this sounds like things you would usually see ordinary people wear, including myself, you are right. This is where the mind f*ck comes in. The difference is they will flood the area you are in with these colors/brans/styles of dress to the point where it is conspicuous.

So when I am taking a stroll down the 101 highway and clusters of people wearing neon, red, turquoise, purple, and yellow clothing pass me continuously over a span of 40 minutes, I know they are perps. Their aim is to to do anything possible to distract and harass you (without touching you), with frequency and duration, everywhere you go. The colors are worn by infants, children, teens, men, women, elderly. The colors are worn by receptionists, therapists, doctors, local public officials, road crews, restaurant workers, churchgoers, union reps, coworkers, school teachers, and so on.

This morning I took a walk while I waited for an oil change on my car. I saw this jogger (see pic) coming up behind me on the sidewalk. I got off the sidewalk to avoid him as he is wearing a “perp” color. He got off the sidewalk right after he passed me so he could run right in front of me. Not only do they want you to see them, they want to RUB YOUR FACE IN IT. I’ve seen some of them repeat the same gestures over and over and over again OBSESSIVELY to ensure that I took notice. Many of them do not have a shred of self control.

*The perps have placed the American flag everywhere in the forms of flags and stickers of all sizes on houses, cars, trucks, buses, storefronts, restaurants, office buildings, medical buildings, in churches and schools, on business cards and clothing.