Myron May Testimony: “Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy – Interview 34: Myron May 01-25-2014

Published on Jan 25, 2015
On this episode the last words of Attorney Myron May are broadcast to an international audience for the first time. A few days before going on a shooting spree at the Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee, May calmly and knowledgeably video-recorded his observations and insights regarding what he argued was an organized campaign of electronic harassment, stalking and surveillance he was subject to. Under a sophisticated program of continual harassment, May hoped that an extreme act could draw attention to the plight of targeted individuals. In this vein he challenged elected officials and mainstream media to address the event and issue rather than explain them away as matters of mental illness.

A 2005 graduate of Florida State who went on to complete law school at Texas Tech University, may was an unlikely profile for a mass shooter. However, analysis of police reports and related documentation obtained by the Tallahassee Police Department alongside personal communications from those familiar with May’s termperment and situation suggest that his observations, at the very least, deserve our attention and consideration.

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Audio Material is used with a permission from Dr. James F. Tracy.

The Roots of Gang Stalking

There are obvious parallels between organized stalking and human trafficking, just as there between perps and pedophiles. Considering perps’ need for control and to invade every inch of our privacy, I did research to see if pedophiles have those same characteristics. Bullseye. In this Plebius Press article “The Roots of Pedophilia” you will find a complete psychological profile that matches that of perps exactly. The CIA, DOD, DOJ, etc. are nothing more than a bunch of serial pedo masturbators. They must think they are God and we are all their children.

The Roots of Pedophilia

First Responder Harassment log December 2014


824 pm- Passed from behind by 2 SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol cars at Encinitas Blvd. West and Vulcan. Second patrol car was CA 138033. (Encinitas)

852 pm- While walking North on Hwy. 101 near Swami’s Beach, up to 6 SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol cars suddenly converged a block ahead of me in front of Hansen’s parking lot on 101. Patrol cars came from 3 different directions with emergency lights and sirens on and blocked both lanes of the Hwy. (Encinitas)

951 pm- SD Police Dept. patrol car exiting lot as I exit a market. (Del Mar)


130 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff’s Dept. at Hwy. 101 South at Cardiff Beach.(Cardiff by the Sea)

135 pm- SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car stopped on right shoulder of Hwy. 101 South at Via de la Valle. (Del Mar)


430 pm- SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car syncs exiting Sheriff substation driveway as I pass on El Camino Real South at Via Molena. (Encinitas)


Between 630-7pm- Passed by SD Fire Dept. firetruck w/ emergency lights and sirens on while sitting in Zia Pizza on Adams Ave. (San Diego)


201 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Hillside and Hidden Valley Rd. (San Diego)

440 pm- Passed white DHS SUV parked on Broadway and First Str. (San Diego)

440 pm- SD Police Dept. patrol SUV syncs parking on right shoulder of Broadway at First Str. before I pass. Female officer syncs exiting vehicle as I pass. (San Diego)

445 pm- Passed SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car at First and Elm car # 20390, male officer. (San Diego)

611 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car at Paseo de los Flores and Quail Garden Dr. Car # 20284, CA 1329216. (Encinitas)


145 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Genessee South and Scripps La Jolla Pkwy. (La Jolla)

440 pm- Passed by SD EMS red ambulance parked at shoulder of North Vulcan and Cornish (Encinitas)

720 pm- Passed by red ambulance w/ emergency lights/sirens on at Leucadia Blvd. and North Vulcan. (Leucadia)


8pm- Passed 1-2 SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol cars parked in a business driveway 1/2 mile from my home on Encinitas Blvd. West near Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)


418 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car at intersection of Encinitas Blvd. West and El Camino Real South. Car #20374. (Encinitas)

536 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. Red ambulance at Encinitas Blvd. East and Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)

12/21/14- (Drove to Huntington Beach for holiday party)

246 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car at Leucadia Bl. and Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)

352 pm- Passed by red ambulance w/ emergency lights on exiting 5 North onto Oceanside Bl. (Oceanside)

Approx. 430 pm- Passed CHP SUV stooped on center median of 5 North facing traffic near Basilone Rd. exit. (Orange County)

850 pm- Passed by Huntington Beach PD patrol car at Beach Ave. and Adams. (Huntington Beach)

851 pm- Huntington Beach PD patrol car (same one?) stopped on right shoulder of Adams, syncs entering traffic right before I pass. (Huntington Beach)

905 pm- “Traffic stop” just off of Harbor Bl. at Adams. Huntington Beach PD patrol car w/ emergency lights on stopped behind semi truck on right shoulder. Truck also had multiple red and yellow lights flashing. (Huntington Beach)


830 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car at Intersection of Encinitas Bl. and El Camino Real as I exit a business lot. (Encinitas)


110 pm- Passed Carlsbad PD patrol car at intersection of Avenida Encinas and Poinsettia. (Carlsbad)

3 pm- Passed by red ambulance while sitting gin Ki’s restaurant on Hwy. 101 North. (Cardiff by the Sea)

423 pm- Passed by red Encinitas Lifeguard Dept. truck while walking South near Beacon’s Beach. (Leucadia)

503 pm- Passed by same red Encinitas Lifeguard dept. truck while walking North near Beacon’s Beach.









The Qigong Show

Today was my first Qigong class at the community center. As I approached the entrance, I noticed a young female perp had parked in front of the entrance and was sitting in her car. When she saw me coming, she dutifully exited her vehicle and entered the building seconds before me. I thought about her sitting there waiting for me while I walked around lost for about 10 minutes trying to find the place. Her job was to enter the class right before me to signal to everyone the “show” was starting.

Things were going OK until about 20-30 minutes into the class when a short Mexican woman walked in late. She reminded me of a clown dressed in a hot neon pink tunic top, purple leggings and sneakers with a busy pattern on them. Even their clothes are loud. We were seated in a circle and of course a chair was added for her right next to me. When the teacher asked her for her name, she gave the name of a main character from a movie I had watched the  night before. It is not a common name. She had a thick accent and pronounced it with a rrrrrolling R. We eventually stood up in a circle for the practice and R. did her best to crowd me. Just think of all the gang stalking points she could score if she hit me! As I repeatedly backed away from her she repeatedly backed up towards me like a neon troll.

After class ended, R. was the model citizen, quickly darting around the studio to help put all of the chairs away. Another class was entering as we left. A person left a pair of shoes in front of one of the double doors at the exit for blocking. Right after I exited a man came out and moved them. During class there was also plenty of noise harassment by low flying aircraft and a garbage truck idling outside. Perps repeatedly walked around the building, they love windows. Mimicking harassment, sexual harassment, gesture harassment, color harassment, directed conversation. Considered how much more enjoyable this class would be without the harassment.


TI Testimony: Cynthia From New Mexico (Growing Up In An Illuminati Family – Gangstalking Almost Ended In Suicide)

Published on Dec 11, 2014
What is the illuminati really? We got Cynthia from New Mexico to call in and share her story of growing up in an illuminati family i.e. close ties to freemasonry and secret societies that worship satan. How deep does this go? After you hear about where she grew up and the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death, you’ll find out. More at