Aaron Alexis: Schizophrenia or Psyop?

Published on Sep 21, 2013
Alexis had carved the words ‘My ELF weapon’ on his Remington 870-Express-Tactical shotgun. ELF stands for ‘extremely low frequency’, and usually refers to communications or weather.[1]

For those who are familiar with this technology, it is well understood that this is used in programs such as H.A.A.R.P. It has also been reported by several government whistle blowers, and even political activists that they suspected a ‘ELF weapon’ was being used on them.


OGS/EH is a Federal Crime

It’s 4:15 pm on a Tuesdy. I sit in my living room on my day off, listening to a meditation CD. My cats are sitting quietly with me, enjoying the CD. A loud “pop” suddenly goes off nearby outside, it sounds just like a gunshot. One cats gets frightened and runs off to hide. Both my cats have been continuously startled and terrorized by sounds since the gang stalking noise campaign in my neighborhood started in June of 2012. So far today, inside out home, we have been treated to:

Loud cars/trucks/motorcycles up and down our street.

Police/ Fire dept. sirens.

Neighbor slamming window/cabinets/banging/booming/stomping sounds w/ vibrations.

Continuous loud hammering outdoors for 2-3 hours.

Landscapers with leaf blowers.

Screaming/yelling children. They frequently scream as if they are in real distress.

Raking sounds on cement.

Synchronized bathroom use. I am now treated to the sound of my neighbor loudly urinating almost every time I use the bathroom.

Perps like to layer, synchronize, and run “relays” or “tag teams” with the noise campaign.  The above list is just a fraction of the noise campaign tactics that occur in my neighborhood every single day. Perps continue to make 25-60 trips past my house a day w/loud vehicles, some of whom live inside my apartment complex. This includes loud mufflers/engines/car stereos/squeaking brakes/no shocks over speed bumps/idling/large commercial vehicles/car alarms/beeping horns/ slamming of car doors.

I am currently reading the book “My Life Changed Forever” by the TI Elizabeth Sullivan. It is very well written and she make an observation about perps that I believe is correct: that they are on the same level as serial rapists and murderers. This book is very well written and I suggest every TI read it, especially if your harassment protocol is mostly organized stalking and community-based harassment.

Organized gang stalking and electronic harassment IS A FEDERAL CRIME in the U.S. This crime crosses state AND international lines. This is one, among many, federal laws that are being violated with this type of crime. I have been stalked and harassed in San Diego by people from all over the country and the globe. I have seen hundreds of perps driving cars from a multitude of other states as well the bordering countries of Mexico and Canada. I have been stalked and harassed on interstate flights and on Federal property.

It is time for the FBI to admit knowledge of this crime and the fact that it is a Federal crime that needs to be stopped and its violators need to be prosecuted. The fact that they continue to ignore its existence and discredit TI accounts implicates them in this crime. They are either involved in it, letting it happen, ignoring it, or encouraging it. Enough TI’s have already contacted the FBI by mail, phone, internet, and in person (including myself) for them to have enough testimony and evidence to open an investigation at the very minimum. YES THIS IS THEIR JURISDICTION BECAUSE OGS/EH IS A FEDERAL CRIME.

On another note, without being too specific due to patient confidentiality, I will say that I work in the healthcare field and am noticing more and more patients with complaints about physical and psychological symptoms that seem to be related to targeting. It breaks my heart because I know exactly what they are going through but I can’t tell them. And worse, I know their healthcare providers, who are part of the corrupt system, are not really going to help them and probably just make it worse. I am thankful that I am still here for them and that I am good. TI’s this is why should not give up on yourself, ever.

Targeting is also a national health issue and needs to be recognized as such by all the major health organizations. There are known top risk factors (hereditary and lifestyle) for all of these: Heart attack, Stroke, Cancer, and death by physical injury (including suicide). Targeting needs to be officially added as one of the top risk factors for all of these major health issues. Why do I get the feeling “Obamacare” is just another tactic in the government’s “multi-pronged” attempt to invade everyone’s privacy completely and will be used to increase/intensify targeting?

Alex Jones Satellite Harassment/Terrorism With John Hall!

Published on Sep 20, 2013
Alex welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of A New Breed Satellite Terrorism to discuss the FACTS of the possibilities of Government Mind Control and Satellite Harassment/Terrorism. http://www.satweapons.com/

Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooting Suspect, Thought People Followed Him With Microwave Machine

Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooting Suspect, Thought People Followed Him With Microwave Machine

Aaron Alexis was a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. Tortured with V2K, DEW, and Organized Gang Stalking. 

This is not about mental illness, this is not about psych meds, this is not about gun control, this is not about addictions to violent video games. 



If it’s not Peace it’s violence. If it’s not Peace it’s War.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner recently resigned due to a sudden onslaught of allegations of sexual harassment. He resigned under extreme conditions of extra judicial justice and not because any of the accusations were actually verified. He referred to these people as a lynch mob which is correct. Under the Odrama administration, social justice comes from the top down and the bottom up without a lick of proof, just a lot of fingers pointing. Fast and Furious is not just an arms scandal but the entire theme for Odrama’s presidency. At a city council meeting one week before he resigned, Mayor Filner spoke in his own defense and made a statement that sums up targeting so well. “I provided them with the ammunition, they aimed the gun and pulled the trigger.” Filner admitted to having boundary issues with women and was open to treatment, but due process seemed out of the question. In contrast, in response to a question about Filner being framed by local developers for political reasons, a commentator on NPR later said “Well, we provided the kindling, Filner threw the gasoline on it and lit the match.” I am sure this is exactly how the lynch mob sees it, which just shows how psychopathic they are.

When my stalking went overt last summer, local law enforcement had every intention of murdering me. Either by suiciding me or homicide by law enforcement. The “strategy of tension” the gang stalkers created was phenomenal. I could tell the perps were ready for a big scene that would include violence everywhere I went. Their blood thirst was palpable.

In the moments I sat at my cubicle in my office on 6/28/12 before 2 police officers arrived I remember suddenly feeling very unsafe. At this point I was about 2 weeks into the overt stalking and had already experienced days of terrorism and harassment. The mobbing was full force at work complete with flooding my office with non-employees (posing as employees) and look alikes impersonating administrators. I calmly asked to speak to my boss and sat and waited. I did not know they had called the police. But in the moments before they arrived a busied hush came over the office and I remember feeling a distinct fear for my physical safety. That is because those officers were waiting for any excuse to pull out a gun and kill me. They were waiting for me to lunge at one of my coworkers, delirious with terror and confusion. Those coworkers thought they were about to witness a murder.

In the 1-2 months leading up to the overt gang stalking I noticed both my downstairs neighbors installing black metal security gates over their front doors. They both put them up within a month of each other. I have lived here 11 years and they never had these gates before but I shrugged it off. I now realize they were girding themselves for violence. There was also a huge criminal element in the neighborhood with all the human slime that moved in to harass me. But these people were taking security measures in case I panicked and got violent, they had every expectation of this from the level of harassment and provocation they were giving me. One of them had her college aged son stay with her for a few weeks in the beginning because she was so scared.

I also remember going to the beach around this time. Yes I went surfing in the midst of this as a giant “fuck you” to these people. I would go to Swami’s which is a local beach that is known world wide for its break. Every time I approached I would notice an exodus of what looked like regular surfers, grown men. Rushing away, running up the stairs, piling their gear into their cars. Could not get away fast enough. These guys knew exactly what was going on and did not want to be a part of it. Did not want to witness or be associated with a murder by law enforcement. You see, this beach has a web cam that can be seen all over the world.

This is how they get an innocent person killed. A stable, independent person with no criminal record, no psychiatric or medical problems; a law-abiding, gainfully employed, tax paying citizen. I have never had a single legal, criminal, or personal issue with any member of law enforcement, anywhere, ever. Look around you, look at the myriad of stories you are seeing in the media now about innocent people suddenly committing acts of violence, barricading themselves in their homes until they are killed by SWAT teams. This is everywhere. These people are doing this because they are being gang stalked. I will never hurt my self or anyone else physically.

When you drive loud vehicles up and down my street and driveway, that is violence. When you are loud and curse and yell at each other in public, that is violence. When you fly choppers low over me everywhere I go, that is violence. When you sexually harass me in public, that is violence. When you are stalked by civilians and first responders, that is violence. When you stalk me en masse and sensitize me to physical stimuli that induces feelings of paranoia everywhere I go, whether it’s from a perp or not, that’s violence. When you destroy my trust in everyone and everything, that is violence. When you deny me from any possible means of legal/social/emotional support or validation of victimization, that is violence. When you mob me at work, that is violence. When law enforcement shows up at your job, tackles you and handcuffs you without witnessing anything or questioning you, that is violence. When you are taunted, mimicked, ridiculed, mobbed, bullied, that is violence. When you viciously alienate, humiliate, isolate, and degrade me that is violence. When you are forcefully separated from your friends and family, that is violence. When you steal and vandalize my property, that is violence. When you illegally enter my home, auto, and storage unit, that is violence. When you falsely imprison me, that is violence. When you commit fraud, that is violence. When you commit menticide with surreal street theater and fake mental illness diagnoses, that is violence. When you invade my physical and mental privacy that is violence. When you sexually assault me in my sleep that is violence. When you cause bodily pain with DEW that is violence. When you are intentionally made to feel fear and unpredictability all the time, that is violence.  When you conspire with others to make every effort to destroy a person’s life that is violence. And when someone besides me responds with violence to these acts, after being turned down for help everywhere they asked, in my opinion they are completely justified.

**I am beginning to wonder if my city has a long standing history of hate due to racism. If so, adding more categories of people as targets for OGS/EH was probably just a lateral move. I am noticing a current trend in targeting people who are considered “pious” and trustworthy, or in other words, “too normal”.

Family Perps

Many of my siblings married perps, some more vicious than others. My brother closest in age to me married a perp named Cathy (name changed). Cathy was his “type”, blonde, wealthy, confident. She grew up as an Army brat moving all over, including Mexico. They met at a party in our hometown in Connecticut, she was from Westchester C.ounty.

Before they got married they had a breakup. She followed my brother to NY city where he had a job with CNN. She lied to him that she was using birth control and he got her pregnant, an obvious attempt at a trap. He was angry and told her they had to go for an abortion which she did. She later told me what a jerk he was that whole time but I get why he was. When they were dating and my brother lived at home, my brother came home to find her asleep in his room one day. My Mom and I were home but no one knew she was there, she just walked in without knocking and went to his room. My brother was just as surprised as everyone else that she did this. Her excuse was that she had bad cramps and just wanted to go lay down somewhere.

Cathy asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at their wedding in North Carolina. She had an older sister who was bitchy. She had a lapdog husband and a young nanny that trailed her everywhere she went attending to her kids. This woman stole a pair of scissors from me while preparing for the wedding. She then told me there was no room for me in the limo to the church. After the wedding, I found them taking the formal pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids without me. I have no idea why she asked me to be in this wedding.

My brother’s best man at his wedding, Jay (name changed), later told my brother and Cathy that he liked me. Everyone, including my brother laughed, joking about why would he pick me when all of Cathy’s single friends were so much more attractive and “fun”. Jay was a decent guy and that made me sad. That same scenario has played out multiple times through my life.

Before they married they lived together in Atlanta, my brother still working for CNN. I visited them once on my way to visit a friend in Florida. I met some of their friends. Cathy told me one of them used to be involved in phone scams. Another one had a boyfriend but was sleeping with her boss. Nice crowd. My brother told me something weird when Cathy wasn’t there. I lived in DC at the time and she had been telling my brother repeatedly that she thought I must be a spy or some type of undercover Federal agent (CIA). I had no clue why she would say something like that, she had no reason to. I just brushed it off as her being a flake.

They lived in an apt. near Atlanta and their neighbor was a 40ish professional woman living with her boyfriend. The boyfriend was slovenly looking with dark curly hair and a beard. They seemed like an unlikely match. My brother told me the man offered him coke (not the soda) one day and my brother accepted. My brother did drugs in high school but had steered away from that lifestyle since then. I am now very suspicious this man was DEA and probably taped my brother doing drugs in his apt. with him that day. This becomes “evidence” for future phoney investigations. (Remember the Heath Ledger video from Chateau Marmont?).

They had a puppy then who later contracted Parvovirus and bit Cathy. The dog was put down soon after that. Anything for Cathy because my brother was whipped by this woman. The only friend of theirs I really liked was Tom (name changed). He was from our hometown and was an alcoholic but had a good heart.  Tom later had problems with Cathy and was then told by my brother to stay away. Tom and my brother went way back. Like I said…whipped.

During that Atlanta visit we did some activities with Tom and took two cars. At one point Cathy and I were in Tom’s car with my brother tailing us in a red Wrangler jeep. As we merged onto a freeway, Tom checked the rearview for my brother and started to get upset. A man in a pickup was driving in front of my brother’s jeep, a spare tire suddenly flew out from under the man’s truck and flew straight at the Jeep’s windshield. My brother swerved and narrowly missed it. We all pulled over, it had scared the hell out of him. I do not think now this was a coincidence. Perps rig their cars to do all kinds of weird shit.

I had a flashback about this brother recently not related to Cathy. When I was in junior high or high school, I remember my Mom coming home from a local market. She said she was waiting at a deli or bakery counter and overheard 2 young employees talking about my brother. They said his name and then said “Yeah he’s a good person to take things out on when you are mad, if you feel like taking it out on someone.” My Mom didn’t tell them she was his Mother. But I now know they already knew, this was “directed conversation”. This tells me our targeting goes back pretty far. After a certain age I developed a really strong dislike for this town. As beautiful as it was, the people were dreadful, and I could not wait to escape.