If it’s not Peace it’s violence. If it’s not Peace it’s War.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner recently resigned due to a sudden onslaught of allegations of sexual harassment. He resigned under extreme conditions of extra judicial justice and not because any of the accusations were actually verified. He referred to these people as a lynch mob which is correct. Under the Odrama administration, social justice comes from the top down and the bottom up without a lick of proof, just a lot of fingers pointing. Fast and Furious is not just an arms scandal but the entire theme for Odrama’s presidency. At a city council meeting one week before he resigned, Mayor Filner spoke in his own defense and made a statement that sums up targeting so well. “I provided them with the ammunition, they aimed the gun and pulled the trigger.” Filner admitted to having boundary issues with women and was open to treatment, but due process seemed out of the question. In contrast, in response to a question about Filner being framed by local developers for political reasons, a commentator on NPR later said “Well, we provided the kindling, Filner threw the gasoline on it and lit the match.” I am sure this is exactly how the lynch mob sees it, which just shows how psychopathic they are.

When my stalking went overt last summer, local law enforcement had every intention of murdering me. Either by suiciding me or homicide by law enforcement. The “strategy of tension” the gang stalkers created was phenomenal. I could tell the perps were ready for a big scene that would include violence everywhere I went. Their blood thirst was palpable.

In the moments I sat at my cubicle in my office on 6/28/12 before 2 police officers arrived I remember suddenly feeling very unsafe. At this point I was about 2 weeks into the overt stalking and had already experienced days of terrorism and harassment. The mobbing was full force at work complete with flooding my office with non-employees (posing as employees) and look alikes impersonating administrators. I calmly asked to speak to my boss and sat and waited. I did not know they had called the police. But in the moments before they arrived a busied hush came over the office and I remember feeling a distinct fear for my physical safety. That is because those officers were waiting for any excuse to pull out a gun and kill me. They were waiting for me to lunge at one of my coworkers, delirious with terror and confusion. Those coworkers thought they were about to witness a murder.

In the 1-2 months leading up to the overt gang stalking I noticed both my downstairs neighbors installing black metal security gates over their front doors. They both put them up within a month of each other. I have lived here 11 years and they never had these gates before but I shrugged it off. I now realize they were girding themselves for violence. There was also a huge criminal element in the neighborhood with all the human slime that moved in to harass me. But these people were taking security measures in case I panicked and got violent, they had every expectation of this from the level of harassment and provocation they were giving me. One of them had her college aged son stay with her for a few weeks in the beginning because she was so scared.

I also remember going to the beach around this time. Yes I went surfing in the midst of this as a giant “fuck you” to these people. I would go to Swami’s which is a local beach that is known world wide for its break. Every time I approached I would notice an exodus of what looked like regular surfers, grown men. Rushing away, running up the stairs, piling their gear into their cars. Could not get away fast enough. These guys knew exactly what was going on and did not want to be a part of it. Did not want to witness or be associated with a murder by law enforcement. You see, this beach has a web cam that can be seen all over the world.

This is how they get an innocent person killed. A stable, independent person with no criminal record, no psychiatric or medical problems; a law-abiding, gainfully employed, tax paying citizen. I have never had a single legal, criminal, or personal issue with any member of law enforcement, anywhere, ever. Look around you, look at the myriad of stories you are seeing in the media now about innocent people suddenly committing acts of violence, barricading themselves in their homes until they are killed by SWAT teams. This is everywhere. These people are doing this because they are being gang stalked. I will never hurt my self or anyone else physically.

When you drive loud vehicles up and down my street and driveway, that is violence. When you are loud and curse and yell at each other in public, that is violence. When you fly choppers low over me everywhere I go, that is violence. When you sexually harass me in public, that is violence. When you are stalked by civilians and first responders, that is violence. When you stalk me en masse and sensitize me to physical stimuli that induces feelings of paranoia everywhere I go, whether it’s from a perp or not, that’s violence. When you destroy my trust in everyone and everything, that is violence. When you deny me from any possible means of legal/social/emotional support or validation of victimization, that is violence. When you mob me at work, that is violence. When law enforcement shows up at your job, tackles you and handcuffs you without witnessing anything or questioning you, that is violence. When you are taunted, mimicked, ridiculed, mobbed, bullied, that is violence. When you viciously alienate, humiliate, isolate, and degrade me that is violence. When you are forcefully separated from your friends and family, that is violence. When you steal and vandalize my property, that is violence. When you illegally enter my home, auto, and storage unit, that is violence. When you falsely imprison me, that is violence. When you commit fraud, that is violence. When you commit menticide with surreal street theater and fake mental illness diagnoses, that is violence. When you invade my physical and mental privacy that is violence. When you sexually assault me in my sleep that is violence. When you cause bodily pain with DEW that is violence. When you are intentionally made to feel fear and unpredictability all the time, that is violence.  When you conspire with others to make every effort to destroy a person’s life that is violence. And when someone besides me responds with violence to these acts, after being turned down for help everywhere they asked, in my opinion they are completely justified.

**I am beginning to wonder if my city has a long standing history of hate due to racism. If so, adding more categories of people as targets for OGS/EH was probably just a lateral move. I am noticing a current trend in targeting people who are considered “pious” and trustworthy, or in other words, “too normal”.

11 thoughts on “If it’s not Peace it’s violence. If it’s not Peace it’s War.

  1. Maura, it seems that, after all that gang stalking (or live theater and provocation) you have now a very weak nervous system. Perhaps that’s what you mean by PDST. In fact, your weak nervous state or PDST resembles the after-effect of severe torture. What is noteworthy then is the fact that the things which the people around you have done to you are so minute and tiny, they have never even physically touched you, but by everyone pushing the right button on you just lightly but over a long period of time they can reduce you to a nervous freak. Now I was tortured likewise in 2010 by the same technique. It’s a form of “minute torture”. This is how I have characterized it: “It is thus because I must in the end appear as if I were BY NATURE an insane and violently dangerous person that the torture took the form of a constant series of small instances rather than a few instances of spectacular injuries, with the aim of lowering my tolerance for ordinary phenomena rather than
    provoking me to violence all at once… [The goal is to cause] me to acquire “immnodeficiency syndrome” in regard to some phenomena
    in daily life to which every normal person was immune: noises and children and machine malfunctioning…. hence it is called “cognitive behavioral torture” – the experts would in the coming months condition me to extraordinarily acute “Sonophobia”, “Misopedia”, and “Hispanophobia”: violent responses to loud noises, children, the mere sights of Hispanics, and even to people’s saying “Thank you” to such point as to want to kill people – which would serve to confirm [the pre-fabricated] false profile of me as a danger to others since it would be mysterious to normal people without knowledge of what had happened to me that a person could be provoked to kill people simply because he heard them talking loudly and laughing next to him or saw Hispanic people. Again, he must be BY NATURE a danger to others… The particular genius of the operation consists in draining out the reservoir of patience inside the target just one small drop at a time. It is like, instead of imposing extraneous unpleasantness on a person as a way to break him such as is usually done in secret prisons, the torturer proceeds to destroy the prisoner’s immune system so that he would get sick simply by breathing in the natural amount of bacteria in the air from which no normal human being could be sick. Just like AIDS. The advantage, again, is that no one could tell that he has been tortured at all – as long as the stimuli exploited in the cognitive behavioral process is minute and not comprehensible to others, which in my case consists of malfunctioning of electronics and disturbing noises and sights – since he has merely broken down from the ordinary amount of unpleasantness in life against which normal human beings would have developed immunity while growing up.” (From: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/suppl_pld_9_139/suppl_pld_9_139b.pdf, p. 228.) At the time they tortured me in order to transform me into a dangerous person, like the suddenly turned crazy killer you have mentioned about. Thanks God they didn’t succeed, and I’m still here rather than shot dead by SWAT team. In your case the goal might be different — although you said that they were also trying to provoke you so that you can be killed by police while the whole thing would appear as if it were your own fault — but the technique of torture is the same: instead of striking you hard with a weapon just once, everyone would simply make a little gesture or make some annoying noise, etc., and when this is done over a long period of time, your normal ability to tolerate unpleasant experience would have been drained out and lowered so much that simply a sharp noise or the sight of a police car could cause you nervous collapse. You have acquired a psychological equivalent of AIDS. Meanwhile nobody else is bothered by what has bothered you (because their ability to tolerate unpleasantness is still at the normal level). Then, everyone else would think that you are simply BY NATURE crazy and weak and neurotic. That’s what your torturer aims at: you must be wrecked while it all appears as if it were your own fault. And if you tell people that you are not born like this but this is all conditioned by a long period of gang stalking and theater like you describe it above, nobody will think it is torture. They will just say: “Why would that bother you? It’s just noise from some car… It’s just a rude gesture… It’s a just a wink… They are just impolite, they don’t mean to harm you…” That’s why this kind of “cognitive behavioral torture” or “minute torture” is more pernicious than overt, hard-core torture like beating or water-boarding, because it operates invisibly, so that, when you come out damaged like a nervous wreck, people will think that it is all your own fault. That’s how they torture you while depriving you of any possibility to accuse them of torture.

  2. I’m so glad you dodged the worst outcome and are still here to tell about it and expose this horror.

    Our stories are quite similar. At this time last summer, my harassment and stalking had been steadily escalating to a terrifying level. I had taken all kinds of peaceful defensive measures that any reasonable person facing such an attack would have, to no avail. I was so afraid for my safety and life that I was sleeping with my cell phone, a baseball bat, a knife, and pepper spray. I had begun to suspect (correctly) that the criminals were turning off my security alarm and entering my locked home, even while I slept there at night. Just horrible.

    So I applied for and was granted a concealed weapons permit, and planned to buy a gun. My neighbors, who had been doing all kinds of horrible things to me, suddenly began to display new behavior that could only be described as fearful and even panicked. For example, they would stay inside and keep their kids inside all day long on nice sunny weekend days.

    This was very informative, and it would have been really puzzling to any objective observer who was unaware of what was going on, for several reasons. First, I was the one being terrorized, and I had not discussed any details about it with the neighbors. Second, people who have not done anything to harm a non-violent, non-aggressive person should have no reason to fear that person. Third, in my state, information about who has a concealed weapons permit and who owns a gun is available only to law enforcement. Yet it was pretty clear that these neighbors had been put on alert that gun violence would break loose.

    Fortunately, my intuition saved me. I still had not discovered the terms gang stalking and organized stalking. But I had a growing sense that I was dealing with something much more vast and sinister than a neighborhood spat. I decided to wait on getting a gun, thinking it could possibly make matters worse. I am convinced that had I purchased a gun, I would have been baited into a confrontation and would be dead, in prison, or in a psych facility today.

    Just my experience. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to coping with this nightmare. Like you, I totally understand TIs who lash out in despair after exhausting all avenues for help.

  3. Yes they are expert at baiting targets, I’m glad you didn’t buy one. They can make confrontation unavoidable, continuously dialing up the tension until the TI boils over the top. Yes it sounds like we had a similar campaign at first, they were trying to get results quick so they came on really fast and intense. They are maniacs trying to push people over the edge and to commit acts of violence.

  4. How beautifully you have expressed the ways in which organized, planned violence is being committed against us (and no doubt, people all over the world, in one form or another). I am very thankful that I (with help I am probably not even aware of) have been able to maintain my basic composure and values in the face of such horrific bullying (and elder abuse: I am almost 68 years old….). Thanks again for the blog.

    • Thank you. Yes they harassed both my parents too in their 80’s. There is a TI near me who is a caregiver for her mentally disabled brother, they are harassed daily. She records it and posts it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SMV7r7pEn0
      The gang stalking machine does not care about any other challenges their victims face in life, it is psychopathic and completely numb. Most victims are expressly chosen for their vulnerability. In the long term, this should be to the perps detriment.

      • Yes, it will be; they are violating constitutional, natural, and spiritual laws. Sooner or later, they will realize they have hurt themselves more than they have hurt their victims.

        Meanwhile, as you say, those of us who appear vulnerable (“appear”, because it takes spiritual strength to get through this intact) go on trying to make our lives meaningful in the midst of meaningless torment. Again, thank you for your blog!

  5. Well, no surprise to any of us, it looks like Aaron Alexis was a TI. The latest NY Times update says he told people he was hearing voices. More: “On Aug. 7, while on a trip to Newport, Alexis called police to his hotel room and told them he was being followed by three people who were keeping him awake ‘by talking to him and sending vibrations into his body,’ according to a police report.” So they succeeded in provoking him to a rampage. RIP, Aaron.

    • Yes I agree he’s a likely TI. If we ever finally get justice against our abusers, it will be thanks to TI’s like Aaron. I am not condoning what he did, but if he was in fact a TI then I would consider this an act of self defense. If we could just get people to understand, it’s not the guns, or the meds, or a mental illness, or the video games, it’s TARGETING AND NO TOUCH TORTURE.

  6. How do you weed out the good from the bad? I feel like they’ve even turned my own family against me. I’m so frustrated with the drama of neighbors, coworkers, family, even possibly my wife. It seems like everyone is in on it. I can’t imagine anyone hating me to the point where I’m constantly being harassed. I’m not sure if this is smart trusting blindly but what other options do i have. I have a baby on the way and I want to make sure i destroy whatever rumor is spread about me. I never hurt a single person or anything that deserves this type of ridiculous attention. How can I find out what the lie is when everyone won’t say anything. I just want the truth to come out and the normal order of life back.

    • Robert, I wish I knew I would tell you. Yes they can and will turn your own friends/family/neighbors/coworkers against you. I don’t know how they do it but I think it’s a combination of things. A lot of the work rumors have gotten back to me and they are stupid, anyone who really knows me knows they are untrue. Perps run the spectrum from harmless to truly demonic and brainless to shrewd. Feel free to put them in their place when they are in fact caught breaking rules and violating boundaries. Focus on the “constants” in life, for me that is nature and helping others in need. And most importantly take care of yourself. I have benefited a lot from mindfulness based stress reduction and a program called CCT (compassion cultivation training). And if nothing else, spread awareness of this heinous crime any way you can.

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