Message for commentor “Renee”

Renee recently commented on a previous blog post here about Darlene Miles. This is the second incredibly rude and bullying comment I have received on this same post from a perp posing as a TI. The post has now been made private so these disgusting individuals can feel free to roam the internet masturbating to other genuine TI’s who are trying to spread awareness and help people.

Renee commented on Pete Santilli Episode #823 – Whistleblower Exposes Coming Drone Invasion of USA:

“Stop using Darlene Miles to promote your mentally ill articles. This is slander of a good person. Post your own real name to get attention.”


Hi Renee!

Contact me again for any reason and I will have you investigated and report you to law enforcement for repeated unprovoked bullying and harassment.

I am not mentally ill or slandering Darlene Miles. If she wanted her knowledge and opinions kept private, I don’t think she would have published a book.

What is it that you are trying to hide Renee? Could it be the TRUTH? Because that’s ALL I post on this blog.

It’s very likely you already know my real name. Are you the same “Renee” that took over the FFCHS conference calls? At the end of every call you would tell the TI, “Oh I know who you are”. Interesting that you are contacting me right after I bought some materials online from PACTS.

Lying two-faced filth like you that infiltrate TI communities just to further mind fuck real TI’s for your own personal gain and agenda are absolutely revolting. Go fuck yourself and if you don’t like what you see on my blog then stay the fuck off of it you attention-desperate stupid whore.

Link: The State of the Deep State: In Deep Sh*t

Clinton Foundation: Financial Conduit Between the Deep State & Shadow Government with Kevin Shipp

Youtube channel: Jason Goodman

Streamed live on June 28, 2018

Kevin Shipp lays it all out in what can only be described as an epic presentation. As a former CIA agent, Kevin’s grasp of the inner workings of the deep state and the shadow government are second to none. Kevin sheds new light on the most powerful and prolific organized crime syndicate in human history.

Death By Banker (from the

Posted on March 04, 2018 by Jolly Roger

Let’s assume for a minute that a true patriot, wholeheartedly devoted to saving and serving this country, was allowed to run for president. With an honest vote count he’ll win by a landslide, so let’s also assume that his promises were sincere, and he had every intention of keeping them. He could assemble a cabinet of loyal, intelligent, and wise advisors, and they all might work tirelessly toward the restoration of our Bill of Rights. Even if both houses of congress supporting him, what could he accomplish?

“Don’t screw with us. We killed the Kennedys, we killed Lincoln, and we killed the Romanovs, too. Matter of fact, your pretty daughter looks a little bit like Anastasia, and I’ll bet she can scream just as loudly. We’ve lain whole societies to waste, incinerated millions, starved nations, and killed Kings. We rule the world, and you live because we allow you to. You had your fun being America’s hero, but now it’s time for you to understand how the world really works, because you have a beautiful family, and we wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen to them. We can arrange for you to live like a king, or suffer unimaginable torture, and we do this for our amusement, so I think you should work for us now.”

Do you see the problem here? We’re besieged by a power so deeply entrenched, so unimaginably wealthy, and so globally encompassing, that the intrigues and infighting of Washington D.C. are almost meaningless to them, despite all the importance they’re given by the media. The real rulers of this nation are never mentioned in the press, because the owners of the presses serve them too.

What Americans generally refer to as our “government” is nothing but a collection criminals, perverts and whores, all fighting for a piece of the rotten pie. They’ll never do anything that benefits the American people unless it’s profitable for themselves, because we’re the targets of their crimes. They maintain the illusion of “serving the country” because it’s necessary to continuing their theft, but every last skunk in D.C. makes their cash by betraying the American people for the corporations that stuff their pockets. They’ll only do as much of their job as is required to maintain the illusion of “serving” us, but they’re all living like kings on a modest salary, and that never happens honestly.

Our salvation lies in our ability to look beyond the circus, and find out who pitched the tent. It doesn’t make the slightest difference which party controls congress, the courts, the white house, or all three; only the rhetoric changes, but the invasion of the country continues, and someone keeps shooting kids in some vain attempt to disarm us. Open borders and disarmament have been our “government’s” policy for at least thirty years, despite the vast majority of Americans being strongly opposed to both.

Well we know who’s behind it. The bankers rule this country, and every other country of any importance, and their plans for global government require that Americans be disarmed, because we’re the last obstacle that threatens their goal of world domination. Another bunch of kids had to die to bring the gun control debate into the forefront again, and provide an excuse to pass new laws that could never have been discussed before the carnage. That’s how the population is emotionally manipulated, and since these deceptive practices are employed constantly, your only wise choice is to ignore all they have to say, and stick to America’s political constant that we call the Bill of Rights.

No one can name an honest politician, or even an honest sentence that came out of one of their mouths, but Americans keep listening to them anyway, so they’re either duped or entertained by this, but nothing they have to say is important; it’s only deceit. Regardless of who’s in power, if you’re an American, you’re going to keep getting taxed, robbed, imprisoned, and harassed until you die, and if this communist takeover of our country isn’t stopped, your death will come a lot sooner that you’re expecting.

The large populations that crowded into urban areas were important to the industrial revolution, but robots do factory jobs now, so they don’t need you anymore. Farming too is increasingly mechanized, and the humans that are needed on farms will soon be replaced by robots as well. You’re just in the way, consuming food and energy, claiming rights and land, and drinking precious water they need for their great grandchildren. You were profitable to them in the past, but that’s no longer the case, so they’ve decided it’s time for you to die, so they might live better.

Unfortunately, we’ve always been like roaches to them; continually breeding faster than we can be killed, and because we’re heavily armed and so outnumber them, we have to be killed without raising too much alarm. They’re forced to tread lightly or they’ll incite rebellion, at which point in the game their plans are not only stopped, but moved backwards too. Yes, “heads will roll” if any rebellion gains steam, but it’s never the bankers’ heads because when they detect an uprising, they infiltrate and subvert that movement just as they’ve done with our “government.”

Our Bill of Rights cannot be infiltrated and subverted unless we allow it to happen. It clearly spells out government prohibitions, as well as outlining a legal system that insures justice and fairness for all, without sacrificing any freedom. The only drawback of the Bill of Rights is that it requires eternal vigilance, and will only protect a population that’s devoted to protecting it in return.

The American people have stupidly allowed their rights to be trampled in exchange for luxury, and the trampling has proceeded so far that our rights are merely a documented memory. In reality, what remains of our rights only exists rhetorically, and in the minute quantity that’s necessary to prevent rebellion. As individuals, we have no rights at all. Americans are disarmed regularly for any excuse, thrown in prisons without due process, and homes are searched, and property seized without proper warrants all the time. Our common law courts have been replaced with the tyranny of arbitrarily enforced laws, and we’ve lost the access to the peoples’ courts that once insured equality, and justice for all.

By necessity, this has been accomplished incrementally. New infringements of our rights are always being tested, and ensconced when they meet no rebellion. Whenever there is public outcry, they lift their foot off of our necks publicly, and examine how they can advance their tyranny stealthily.

Their latest attempt to advance their disarmament agenda involved the slaughter of some Floridian school kids, and if you’re reading this, you already know it was another orchestrated mass murder for the purpose of emotional manipulation, so there’s no need for me to pour over the lies that accompanied the event.

The bold attempt to see how far it would get them was Trump suggesting that some people should be disarmed without due process, and because this was met with outrage, they, and many of the American people, will “compromise” by accepting “red flag laws” being enacted in states throughout the nation.

Ostensibly, these red flag laws will allow for the disarmament of lunatics before they strike, but in reality, they’ll be used to disarm political dissidents. The “news” will report the stories of a few obvious lunatics being disarmed, and this will allow much of the public to believe our “government” is working in our interests, allowing them to ignore the process altogether. What goes unpublicized will be patriots’ doors being broken down in the middle of the night to help eliminate obstacles to the destruction of this nation.

Everyone in the White House, and the rest of our “government” is fully aware that these shootings are orchestrated theatrics, but they’ll uphold the lie forever, despite any factual evidence that destroys it. From this we can only conclude that they’re all determined to undermine our rights and freedom, and reduce us to mere peasants in the country we own.

The number of armed Americans is far too large for them to disarm us all, so they’ll concentrate their efforts on who they believe poses the biggest threat to their tyranny, which will give a larger force, such as an invading army, a chance at success in finishing the job. Know that if the police arrive to disarm you, you’re considered to be a threat, not to school kids, but to their larger schemes of destroying this nation, and ruling the world. You’ll not only be disarmed, but probably institutionalized as well, because the latest excuse for disarming you is based on claims of “mental instability”. You’ll receive a chemically lobotomy in a mental institution, so neither your guns nor your thoughts will ever threaten their plans again.

And since they’re going to disarm us individually, you’re not only going to have to defend your rights individually, but be ready to defend your neighbor’s rights too, because after his rights are taken, removing yours becomes easier, and we’re all on their list to be slaughtered.

Whether it’s the NRA, Donald Trump, Alex Jones, or tomorrow’s hero, someone will always appear to fight your battle for you, and you’ll always eventually discover that they’re not really fighting as hard as they should be, if they’re really fighting at all. You’re going to have to stand up and fight your own battle, because anyone who arrives to fight it for you only exists to allow you to go back to your television, and believe everything will be fine. Nothing is fine. Our nation and our lives are under attack, and we’re going to have to fight for both by ourselves if we want to secure any kind of future for ourselves and our children. No one likes the idea, but these are the cards we’ve been dealt.

If you can organize a weekend football game, or even a poker game, you can organize a civil defense team that’s ready to defend your community from all enemies of this nation, and our Bill of Rights. If you can’t organize any help at all, you should at least be helping to educate Americans by disseminating accurate information. Everyone who knows the truth joins our side, because fighting for what’s right recruits its own army.

All that’s needed to win the war that will soon descend upon us is a little preparation, inspired by the knowledge that it’s coming. Don’t sit back and allow America to be destroyed. Spread the truth, and prepare to defend your nation. It’s your only hope for survival, because the people who rule this world, simply don’t need us around anymore. — Jolly Roger

“Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans, born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.” — John F. Kennedy

Sorry I’m Not Sorry FBI

How do I count the reasons I don’t feel sorry for the downfall of this organization? We’ve been watching you watching us and it’s not just awkward, it’s actually called torture and conspiracy to murder. And now, thanks to Trump you’re fucking busted. And I will enjoy every moment of watching you crumble into a million little pieces. You showed me and hundreds of thousands of others no mercy so enjoy the ride and feel free to help yourself to a speedy self-execution. Now you’re just somebody we used to know 🙂

You are in fact infiltrated and overrun with corruption by leftist globalist Islamic Satanic misogynistic transgender Christian-hating pedophiles and via InfraGard have snaked your way into thousands of other private and government organizations on all levels, in particular all first local responder departments with the use of illegal surveillance, fusion centers and RISS. Your followers have been so impressed, the rest of the world is about to be shocked. Today I read a NYT article written by an FBI agent who is retiring, not because of the corrupt leadership but because he thinks the FBI is being unfairly attacked and he fears loss of public trust when he “goes and knocks on people’s doors”. Do you know what the fucking problem is FBI? You have become such complete perverted greedy pigs that you don’t even knock on doors anymore to get what you want. You just go get a phony warrant based on a bunch of fucking cunt lies and fabricated evidence and then enter our homes whenever you like. You are nothing more than a conglomeration of monsters that actively seeks out innocent human targets to slowly destroy for no other reason than your own sick pathological pleasure. I hope every single one of your headquarters nationwide is eventually gutted by construction companies and scrubbed of your filth. That will be my favorite “remodel” of all time 🙂

Here’s a little trip down my memory lane with the FBI over the past 6.5 years:

In July of 2012 I visited your Aero Dr. HQ in San Diego. I parked across the street as there were no spots left in your lot and checked in at the security kiosk. There were 2 guards, an elderly male and a younger black haired male that looked Indonesian. They took my electronics and made me sit and wait for almost an hour. The black haired guard was named “Bun” and asked if he “knew me from somewhere”. He did look familiar and I later realized he was one of the nursing assistants at Sharp Mesa Vista where I had just been discharged from less than a week prior. When I left the FBI HQ that day the last thing I saw was Bun suddenly leaving the kiosk and walking down the street. Bun was there for theater only, he was not an actual FBI employee. While I waited in the parking lot I noticed a car parked in the middle of the lot, both front doors were opened and 2 men, likely agents, kept taking items of the car, putting them on the roof and then putting them back in the car. This was more theater meant to block the building security camera in the parking area. They did not want security camera footage of me, my car, or the fleet of black unmarked Crown Vics that suddenly appeared like a motorcade and was swiftly waved in through the locked gates. One of these cars contained the Special Agent I was about to meet.

Yes, SA McCarthy, the pleasure was all mine. I showed up with 2 black eyes and severely traumatized, yet calm and professional, to warn you that organized stalking on a massive scale was rampant in our city. You reacted with pure disgust, scorn and ignorance. You repeatedly asked if someone had hurt me. I told you it was psychological abuse. You refused to look at any of the literature I brought on the topic. You told me “we don’t have that problem here”. You acted like a little bitch when I insisted on seeing your ID which looked like a fake piece of shit that had been though the wash and dry cycle 50 times, just like my phony attending psychiatrist’s ID at Sharp Mesa Vista. You were nervous as fuck and couldn’t wait to usher me out of there. As our meeting ended, you went over to the office door and opened it but you were scared of who you saw out there in the lobby because you quickly closed it and tried to stall by turning to me and saying “Aren’t you supposed to be on medication?” For the love of God I can’t wait to see you go to jail for treason. Sitting waiting for you in the parking lot is when I realized the real terrorists are inside our own government and how sad that would make both my belated Father, a former USN medical doctor who served during the Korean War, and my belated Uncle who was a WWII veteran with the 10th Mountain Division and former FBI Special Agent in NYC and Deputy Inspector General of the MTA. Neither of whom would ever endorse or engage in such heinous crimes.

Years later I realized I recognized SA McCarthy from an previous incident on the East Coast. (There are at least 3-4 higher levels perps that I recognize here from the East Coast including a doctor.) Between 2003-2011 I was shopping in a store called “Tuesday Morning” in Ridgefield, CT and I recognized a high school classmate, LG, was the cashier. While shopping, SA McCarthy came in and acted like a dick manager, rapidly walking her all over the store and quickly rattling off a bunch of projects that needed to be completed. You wore a dark suit and looked nervous and out of place. You were “working her over” in true perp style and then just breezed out the same way you blew in. I remember feeling sorry for her because you seemed so impersonal and rude. And, quite frankly, it’s hard to forget a face as ugly as yours. I am certain it was you.

After this meeting I was followed home by a lone mulatto male in his late 20’s/ early 30’s. He was clean cut and thin, wore a dark blazer and drove a squeaky clean new model light tan or gold Cadillac or similar type luxury town car. I got lost getting back on the freeway and I stopped at a convenience store for directions. I could tell the Hispanic clerk was freaked out by my 2 black eyes and to this day I wonder if he reported it to police. When I exited the store the mulatto man was parked one spot away from me scrolling through his cell phone and I immediately recognized him. He followed me all the way up the freeway and passed me when I was about 10 minutes form my home on N. Hwy. 101 in Cardiff. This is the second or third time he had followed me within the previous 2-3 weeks. He had followed me to my job within a week of my detention (just days after my programming went overt), driving the same car and dressed exactly the same.

In July of 2015 I visited the FBI branch office in Carlsbad, CA. I did not go for myself but rather in support of another local TI and friend who was turning in testimony and evidence on her case. We found the address online and I picked her up. My dash cam was on and on the way there I captured an incident of first responder harassment by Carlsbad Fire Dept. with a firetruck that was laying in wait to suddenly pull out and block us and 2 lanes of traffic as we passed. We arrived at the office building but could not find the office. Someone in the hallway told us they had moved a few buildings away and pointed us in another direction. I now wonder if this was a Cointelpro style redirect to a phony office. Why wasn’t this new address listed online?

We drove over and entered a small office with an inactivated metal detector and talked to a receptionist who sat behind a glass wall. A heavyset white male SA named “Mike” just happened to be passing by behind her desk and offered to intercept my friend’s file by coming out into the lobby and taking it. He did not wear an ID or tell us his last name. He did not have a business card. He noticed I wore a body camera and immediately told me it was illegal to record there although this was not posted anywhere. He commented “Don’t worry I am not going to arrest you” which told me he knew who I was since my violent detention by SD police in 2012 was recorded and broadcast to all of these fucking losers. My body camera battery was dead at that time anyway. To this day my friend regrets this visit and handing him her file. We briefly explained her case and he immediately brushed it off despite our insistence that this is in fact an interstate as well as international crime. His dismissive comment “we get people in here all the time with complaints about all kinds of things” let us know he was not there to help, just to cover it up.

We left the office and drove to a shopping center about 3 miles away to get a coffee at Starbucks. We were immediately checked out by a plain clothes security as we exited our car, he was a black male and intentionally made eye contact with both of us as he stood in our path. We sat at a table outside the Starbucks and guess who showed up 20 minutes later..SA “Mike” from the Carlsbad FBI office. My friend spotted him first as he entered the Starbucks. He had tracked us there, we knew it was time to leave. I dropped her off at her apt. and there was also some unusual activity around her mailboxes at that time. The mailman was there and one of her shady perp neighbors was giving him instructions in Spanish. My friend later found out the instructions had to do with intercepting her mail and later reported it to a USPS postmaster. She also realized she has had multiple previous encounters with “SA Mike” while he used other identities.

In January of 2016 I attended a TI meeting in Orange County with FBI SA Kendrick Williams from the LA FBI office. He was placed in charge of the LA Intelligence Division by James Comey in 2014. I arrived about an hour late and the meeting seemed very sedate. Yet within an hour was flooded with squads of perps that seemed to wander in off the streets randomly including a small faction of what looked like BLM intent on disrupting the meeting. There were at least 40 TI’s there. SA Williams seemed unimpressed by our testimony, evidence and pleas for help. We were told by SA Williams to go lobby for new laws and legislation from Congress. We were told to report crimes to law enforcement which we already know is dangerous. A very complete and cohesive compilation of testimony and evidence and list of laws already being violated by perps was later presented to SA Williams with no change in the FBI’s “not our job” attitude.

There was a Q&A session at the end of the meeting and the SA’s responses were constantly disrupted by the provocateurs for which he was probably thankful. I sat with my hand raised for almost an hour. He saw me and made a point of going through the entire room’s questions before calling on me. At the end of the meeting I submitted a file full of testimony and evidence to the SA along with 2 copies of Dr. John Hall’s “Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Mind Control”. While I waited in line to turn in my file an extremely hung over looking “TI” I knew from San Diego arrived. This TI behaves like a perp and did not really seem interested in the meeting. His real reason for coming was to pull me away from the meeting so I would not mingle other TI’s. He waited in line with me to see to SA Williams but did not want to speak to the agent. When I handed the SA my file, the TI perp gave him a knowing smile like it was some inside joke.

I left the meeting with the TI perp and was followed out of the building and parking lot on foot by a man in a suit who seemed to be SA William’s assistant, it was obvious he was getting my license plate number. I went to a nearby restaurant with the TI perp and was repeatedly and intentionally triggered with sexual harassment gestures by him the entire time. This would be the last time I went anywhere with him. When we exited the restaurant there were 3 police patrol cars parked directly across from our cars at a 7-11 store. I wanted to buy candy but was scared to go in. The TI perp encouraged me to go in. I entered and 5-6 cops stood angrily staring me down as I bought gummy bears. They did not appear to be there for any particular reason and also looked bored. We left and ate candy in the parking lot until they left. I realized later this was a set-up and collusion between the FBI agent, the TI perp and law enforcement. TI perp was sent in to whisk me out of the meeting and trigger me into another detention by law enforcement. TI perp is now MIA. I have since learned first responder harassment tends to increase immediately before and after meetings with FBI agents. What a bouquet of flaming dicks.

Somewhere in this time period I made an anonymous call to the FBI to report medical fraud at a well known National healthcare corporation. It had to do with very specific cases of impersonation fraud with respect to multiple individuals posing as healthcare providers having access to secured areas and computers containing thousands of patients’ private medical information from multiple states. These are crimes that should have resulted in a massive investigation and arrests yet instead resulted in sudden retirement announcements and transfers to other departments.

And there you have it. Viva la second American Revolution because it’s here.
The Intelligence community is severely compromised and can no longer to be trusted.
Don’t blame partisan politics, you did it to yourselves.
Freedom isn’t free and I will gladly pay for it with my life.
Because it’s worth every drop of blood in this body that God my Father gave to me.
Leave the kids alone perverts and come and get it.
The tables have turned.
We’re waiting on you now.


MK-Ultra Mind-Control Documentary: Techniques, Celebrities & more! *WARNING CONTAINS TRIGGERS!* (Youtube: Jay Myers Documentaries)






***********FUCK YOU MIND CONTROL****************

Published on Oct 21, 2016  (YOUTUBE CHANNEL:Jay Myers Documentariesriss-centersmap

This powerful form of undetectable mind control his far reaching implications for humanity and out world. Many Celebrities, politicians, as well as common people are under this form of total-mind control!
© Jay Myers 2017 All rights reserved. May be reproduced in part for fair use/ educational purposes.
“How the Illuminati Create a Totally Undetectable Mind Control Slave”
-Fritz Springmeier
“Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula”
-Fritz Springmeier.
“Trance-Formation of America”
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“Thanks for the Memories”
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Targeted Individual Conference 2017: Dr. John Hall on Unity & the Attacks on Diplomats in Cuba

Posted on Youtube on 11/03/17 by Youtube channel: Matthew Aaron.

Over this summer, news stories started appearing (including NY Times) about Cuban embassy employees and their family members becoming ill from what sounded like directed energy weapon attacks. The embassy employees also complained of 24/7 surveillance, home break-ins and vandalism. Sound familiar? The government is taking it seriously despite having ignored the same complaints from people inside the US for decades.

Community Based Harassment (YouTube: GodIsOurProtector)

Published on May 31, 2015
Community based harassment is running rampant in U.S. Cities. The targeting and harassment of innocent targets is not by mistake there are government sponsored programs in place that sponsors some of the targeting such as Neighborhood Watch, See Something Say Something, Operation T.I.P.’s and more. This video discusses these programs and more.

Blogger’s note: All of the harassment described in this video is identical to what is happening to me.