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Published on Aug 27, 2013
Coast to Coast AM:Date:Aug 26 2013
Coast to Coast AM:Host:George Noory
Coast to Coast AM:This Week Guests:Dr. John Hall, Philip Mantle
Coast to Coast AM:Topic:Electronic Harassment/ UFO Oddities


When a person is physically tortured it is plainly obvious to all that he or she is being wronged. There may be witnesses to the event and physical wounds/pain as evidence. If that victim fights back, it would be considered self-defense and any resulting injury or death the victim caused would be justifiable in a court of law. Case closed. The victim is validated and called a “survivor”.

When a person is psychologically tortured with gang stalking and electronic harassment, witnesses are either non- existent or under a gag order. Even though there may be people present “witnessing” the torture, if they are not sensitized to or involved in gang stalking, they are not aware that they are witnessing a crime. There are no physical wounds that result from this torture. Even if there is, evidence is scarce and the target is discredited at every turn. Gang stalking does not allow an ounce of validation of suffering from ANYONE associated with the victim, including complete and total ignorance of severe PTSD symptoms. The outcome can be every bit as deadly as physical torture.

How does someone defend themselves from psychological torture? For some it’s the same way they would defend themselves from physical torture. With physical violence. When you are a victim of gang stalking, you cannot return the scale of psychological torture that you are receiving from your perps. There are some reverse targeting techniques, but nothing that will match or overpower that which you are receiving. The electronic components of gang stalking (V2K, DEW) make it impossible for some TI’s to escape the torture no matter what they do or where they hide. Forced feelings of alienation, isolation, and humiliation are compounded by severe depression, anxiety, and anger. Add prescription psych meds to the mix and you have a shit storm of emotions, side effects, and unpredictability. Neutralized by cognitive shock, a complete loss of control of your self and your life. And the realization that NO ONE is coming to help you.

There are targeted people who are trying to tell people the truth about what is happening to them, regardless of their awareness about whether or not they are being targeted. There is a war being raged on targets in this country and although I DO NOT condone any violence in the least, I have to say I respect the ones who are fighting back with their own two hands. They are not compromising, they are not taking it sitting down, they are not OK with any of this in the least because it is an atrocity. No one else is going to police these criminals and there are targets who are taking matters into their own hands to eliminate them. Gang stalking is Satanic, it is madness, it is chaos and cult mentality and it needs to stop. These targets are doing the job that our law enforcement, military, and politicians refuse to do. These targets care passionately about human and civil rights, our country, and their OWN values. In a way they are the only real, true soldiers and patriots we have left defending our rights and our country. But people will continue to automatically dismiss them as “crazy” …until they find out they are right.

***Bullying is an epidemic in our culture and it is time we take a good, hard look at it. Bullying is actually a form of sociopathy/psychopathy that has infiltrated every social environment from the schoolyard to the White House. Think of it as a “gateway” psych. disorder to mass destruction by people who are solely driven by a compulsion to drain the psychic energy of others.

**It is my belief many perps are being desensitized to death, including their own,  either through cult like mind control, or they are actually dumb enough to believe that everyone else involved is an “actor” and no one is actually being injured or dying.

First Responder Harassment Log 8/18/13

3:07 pm: Passed by Police patrol car on freeway.

3:09 pm: Passed “traffic stop” on right shoulder of freeway w/ one police patrol car.

3:36 pm: Passed by speeding Police Patrol car w/ lights/sirens on freeway.

4:00 pm: Passed by a Firetruck.

4:07 pm: Passed by a red Fire Dept. ambulance w/ lights/sirens on while stopped at an intersection.

4:10 pm: Passed by a private ambulance.

4:13 pm: Passed Police patrol car.

4:18 pm: Passed parked Police patrol car in shopping center.

9:17 pm: Passed by Sheriff patrol car while driving to the market.

Do We Have an American Stasi?

Published on Jul 29, 2013
Do we have an American Stasi in the United States? Was it put in place under President George Bush as part of the President’s Surveillance Program? Was it continued under President Obama? Does it use a tactic called Organized Gang Stalking? Is its members First Responders and Citizen Vigilantes who use RED cars, Red trucks, who wear or carry RED in conspicuous surveillance of citizens? We need a bipartisan Investigatory Commission of Congress to Investigate much as the Church Committee investigated a similar program, COINTELPRO. http://www.stopgangstalkingpolice.com
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Community-Based Harassment 8/16/13

10 am Leave for meditation class. One car exits my driveway right before me, another one right after me. A man in a white t-shirt stands half way up the driveway and watches me exit. A sheriff patrol car passes as I exit my neighborhood. A few blocks away, a strange looking yellow school bus w/ blacked out windows pulls out ahead of me. At the next intersection it leaves a huge plume of exhaust in it’s wake. Pass another police patrol car right after I exit the freeway.

1020 am Arrive at class. A woman stands in the middle of the sidewalk on her cellphone, blocking my path. A woman arrives late to class and sits on my left, repeatedly touching her face and nose. Another woman repeatedly touches her nose while talking during group discussion. When I leave class, 2 women walking a dog sync crossing the sidewalk as I pull up to the exit. One of them is dressed in a bright turquoise top.

1130 am “Now you see me/ now you don’t” routine w/ cyclist on the beach highway going North. Passes me once, disappears, then reappears at another intersection to pass me again. Passed by man dressed in a flourescent green helmet, t-shirt, knee socks, and shoes on a reclining bicylcle.

1145 am Go to my church office to donate canned food. Right after I park a church employee pulls up in a blue pickup and blocks my path to the door.  A woman enters the office moments ahead of me. When I enter, she is asking about the food bank. I go back to my car to get the food and she syncs bringing food in from her car at the exact same time as me, cutting me off at the door. The church employee gets back in his truck and leaves right before me. It’s like they’re some kind of spring-activated puppets in a circus act.

1215 am Go to Home Depot to return an item. Huge SUV blocks the rear entrance to the parking lot, man syncs pulling out of a spot as I enter. Man at register blocks entrance to store with a cart that has 2 very long, thin pieces of wood laying on top of it, at least 20 feet long. Older male blocks my path around the wood by walking very slowly and actually stopping to inspect the wood. Noise harassment w/ loud carts rushing around me. Group of Mexican day laborers are standing next to my car when I go back to the lot. One stands right in front of the car with his cell phone as I get in my car.

1:00 pm Go to Lowe’s to return an item.  Group of teens stand blocking the spot I usually park in. Right before I leave, SUV syncs pulling out in front of me. “Leading” is just as big of a part of stalking as “following”.

1:30 pm Go to Sprout’s market. Blocked by woman with full cart when entering the store, she synced her exit. Blocked in the produce section buying apples, blocked buying milk, blocked buying chocolate. Blocked at the registers. While waiting to checkout, an elderly woman comes up and asks the the cashier if the bagger can help her go “reach an item” and he leaves, slowing down the large order ahead of me and leaving me to bag my own items.

145 pm Return home. A woman sits in a silver crossover vehicle with her headlights on, parked on the curb opposite my driveway. As I pull up, someone else gets in their car that is parked in front of our front stairs. Perps frequently open the driver side door as I pass. I don’t know if they do this to all TI’s or just me because it is a major pet peeve. My parents are from Brooklyn, NY and taught me to never open a car door into traffic.

210 pm Go up to the laundry room, when I exit the laundry there is a car parked outside with an older man standing next to it with the rear passenger door opened.

245 pm: Go up to the laundry room, as soon as I enter our parking area, a large white van I don’t recognize starts up and backs out.

415 pm Go to the laundry room, when I get to the door a female neighbor is sitting next to it and immediately gets up and attempts to block my path by walking to her mailbox.

7:30 pm Go to yoga class. Sexual harassment from a female student at the end of class who lingers on her mat right by the exit with her left hand on her left breast. Stop for gas on the way home, passed by 3 Sheriff patrol cars on the way home, 2 w/ lights and sirens on speeding through an intersection right after I exit the gas station.

Continue to receive noise harassment on my street with loud cars/ trucks/motorcycles up and down my street and driveway at all hours. Power tools/hammering/ leaf blowers at random hours throughout the day. Frequent air harassment by craft flying/hovering directly over the neighborhood. Multiple vehicles entering/exiting my neighborhood the same time as me. Neighbors engaging in “same time” entry/ exit as me. Adjoining neighbors making stomping/ slamming/ hammering/pounding/banging sounds, shadowing me around home and synchronized bathroom use running fan/ water/ toilet/ shower. Sounds inside bedroom and bathroom ceilings.

I usually take 1-2 long vacations a year to visit my family on the East coast. The last time I did this was September 2011. For reasons mentioned in previous blog posts I am not in communication with any of my family right now and I will not be going back East for a very long time. I miss my Mom the most and doing the usual things we did on my visits. I eventually wanted to move back and take care of her, buy a home with her. I miss being able to call her. I am certain she died last July. On that night I was having an irregular heartbeat and suddenly felt lightheaded and short of breath like I needed to gasp. It was very intense. Right after that I felt a knocking/ tapping sensation under my left ribcage that lasted just under a minute. I had this exact same sensation in 2003, right after I found out my Father died. Only that time, I felt the tapping under my right ribcage. Someone died that night in July, I am certain it was my Mother. A couple of days later a “sibling” that was visiting spoke to another sibling on her cell phone in front of me. She repeated the phrase “sudden death” 2 or 3 times. She then turned to me and said they were talking about a round of golf. I think they were talking about someone who just died. And she sounded very happy about it. It is hard enough to lose a loved one. To not even have any acknowledgement of that loss by others or be able to pay proper respects and mourn that person is satanic torture.

***Laura Poitras: Surveillance Teach-In***

Published on Sep 11, 2012
In this Surveillance Teach-In, award-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras is joined by computer security expert and privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum and National Security Agency whistle-blower Bill Binney to present an artistic and practical commentary on living in the contemporary Panopticon.

First Responder Harassment Log 8/13/13

8:15 am:  Staged accident or traffic stop on inner freeway shoulder of opposite lane w/ blue and white patrol car (agency unknown). Convoy of “evenly” spaced cars spaced out 1-2 car lengths backed up for miles, going North/opposite way of rush hour traffic. Similar convoy seen (going South) while traveling home that afternoon at 3:15 pm.

8:35 am: Passed by ambulance on freeway.

8:50 am: Passed by CHP patrol car, speeding/ weaving on freeway. Turned lights on right after passing me.

9:00 am: Passed CHP patrol car at “traffic stop” at my freeway exit.

4:40 pm: Passed by private ambulance.

5:00 pm: Passed by firetruck.

5:05 pm: Passed Sheriff patrol car parked on a corner on my usual route.

5:15 pm: Red Lifeguard truck parked on the sidewalk, blocking the stairs on my route to the beach.