Similarities Between Gang Stalking And Human Trafficking

“An Observation of how Psychological Coercion is used in Gang Stalking and Human Trafficking.”

“The methods used to terrorize victims of human trafficking have remarkable similarities to the experiences reported by TI’s.”

referenced: “Invisible Chains: Psychological Coercion of Human Trafficking Victims” by Elizabeth Hopper, PhD. and Joseph Hidalgo, M.D.



For perps it is always most definitely worth the elaborate plan. They work hard at what they do, which consists of going nowhere at the speed of light. The San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force has officially designated 8 signs of terrorism of which every single one applies to OGS/EH. Many of these apply to workplace mobbing which is a big part of OGS/EH.

1.) SURVEILLANCE: To determine a target’s strengths and weaknesses.

2.) ELICITATION: To gain information about the operations and security of a potential target.

3.) TESTING SECURITY: How long does it take for people or security to respond?

4.) FUNDING: Raising money for the operation and spend it in a way that doesn’t draw attention (drugs, counterfeit merchandise, burglary).

5.) ACQUIRING SUPPLIES: Weapons, transportation, communication systems, uniforms, fake passports/ID’s.

6.) IMPERSONATION: First responders (police, sheriff. fire dept.), mail carriers, employees.

7.) REHEARSAL: May rehearse several times, measuring response times.

8.) DEPLOYMENT: Putting plans into place, getting into position, moving equipment, launching an attack.

I can tell you I have witnessed all of these and more while watching gang stalkers in action. The problem is, no one gives a shit. This will be the end of freedom for everyone on this globe if people don’t wake up and stand their ground. And I am not exaggerating.

On another note I would just like to state for all intents and purposes, if you are a perp and you are stalking innocent people all day like a felon, you have NO RIGHT to be offended when a targeted individual reacts negatively to your actions. You have no right, especially when so many of these TI’s have been pushed to the brink of death by your actions. So do us all a favor and just shut your fat, ignorant mouths. The fact that nearly 100% of perps are unable to grasp this concept is testament to their sheer stupidity and cult brainwashing, as evidenced by their involvement in OGS/EH. Furthermore I would like to know how many perps’ lives would stand up to the level of scrutiny that ours are subjected to? Without even doing any data mining on these people, I can already tell it’s very unlikely many of theirs would. As far as I know, the only perfect person out there is Jesus Christ.

EXCLUSIVE: Snowden Level Documents Reveal Stealth DHS Spy Grid

EXCLUSIVE: Snowden Level Documents Reveal Stealth DHS Spy Grid

Government documents obtained exclusively by Infowars expose massive DHS domestic spy grid designed to track citizens in real time through mega government databases.

i.e. Government documentation/contract for city wide tracking of individuals, able to track and predict movements. Very good Infowars show today on illegal government spying on US citizens, I will post a link later. The government has been taken over by Satanists who want our souls and will use any means to get it. Also see:

Loud Vehicles October 2013

Daily count of loud vehicles passing in front of my home and entering/exiting driveway:  loud mufflers, no mufflers, loud engines, loud ignition, loud car stereos, car alarms, loud tires jarring/metal scraping over speed bump below my balcony:

10/01- 28                10/17- 47

10/02- 17                10/18- 69

10/03- 59                10/19- 46

10/04- 64                10/20- 60

10/05- 62                10/21- 73

10/06- 36                10/22- 55

10/07- 72                 10/23- 50

10/08- 46                 10/24- 46

10/09- 37                  10/25- 62

10/10- 66                  10/27- 40

10/11- 53                    10/28- 73

10/12- 47                   10/29- 40

10/13- 23                   10/30- 20

10/14- 50                   10/31- 81

10/15- 31

10/16- 34

Loud vehicles start passing within minutes of me getting out of bed in the morning, often starting off with first responder sirens passing near my home. Vehicle noise continues throughout the day, up to and including our security service at 2 am, revving the engine and speeding through the complex in an extremely hostile manner. Last week a 3 year old child was hit and killed by a car a mile from my home at 7:30 in the morning.

I have recently started calling the Sheriff’s Dept. for increased patrols on my street particularly on days with heavier traffic and the noise increases after 10 pm, to no avail at all. My long term plan is to mount an outdoor camera with audio and night vision, ideally with internet access for a 24/7 “gang stalking” webcam that can be posted on this blog for all to see and hear.

No Consent

This is an official notice that I have NEVER CONSENTED to any of the following:

Having my residence, car, or storage unit entered when I am or am not occupying it.

Any type of medical/psychological/military/scientific/sexual  experimentation or research, most especially having to do with Artificial Telepathy, Directed Energy Weapons, and RFID implants.

To being filmed, recorded, or photographed for any reason, in private or public.

To be any part of any internet, TV, or film production including any “reality show”. I am not now nor have I ever been involved in the entertainment industry.

To be part of any type of ongoing “game” or “race” in any venue, real or virtual.

To ANY type of life insurance plan. I have NEVER designated a beneficiary.

To leave ANY of my finances or assets, or my pets, to ANY of my family members. ALL finances and assets will go directly to charities. Furthermore, if it appears my death was a result of a suicide it should be investigated as a homicide without a doubt. I will NEVER fatally injure myself.

To be any part of any “community emergency response team” (CERT, COPPS, community policing, citizen corps, InfraGard, neighborhood watch, etc.) involving any drills, tracking/reporting/surveilling people, etc. I have never volunteered to be the subject of “target practice” for any of these organizations. (Have you noticed recently how every time someone has an “accident” there is an “off duty” paramedic/nurse/lifeguard,etc. nearby? I am in healthcare and I am hearing this way too often with patients and family members.)

And to my neighbor who followed me to a Stater Brothers supermarket after 10pm at night many years ago and stood outside with a petition for me to sign when I exited the store: You told me this petition was to protect our property from “eminent domain”. I trusted you and signed it because you were my neighbor. Although I admit it seemed so fucking weird for you to be standing there that late with some random petition when no one else is shopping. If and when I find out this petition had nothing to do with “eminent domain” and everything to do with being gang stalked, you will be promptly locked up like the sociopathic fucking demon that you are.

Serena Porino- Wikileaks Actu

A extremely recent article on TIs, on Wikileaks Actu, a must read

Serena Porino is an artist, writer and photograph. I think it is relevant that she wrote this , the 27th of this month of October 2013, on Wikileaks Actu (in French, the present version is a google translation..), on top of the fact that it is remarkably, informed, clear and intelligent:

Serena Porino :

” Non-lethal weapons and human control , a phenomenon of collective paranoia ? ”

Who are the Targeted Individuals ( Individuals targets ) ? Today , many people define themselves as such who deplore similar symptoms to the victims of the famous Soviet ” Woodpecker signal ” 1975 : officially premieres the emission of pulsed waves of extremely low frequencies coincided with those of the brain .

They then made victims in various cities in Canada and the United States . The sensations : pressure and pain in the head , anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, lack of coordination and numbness, accompanied by a high pitched sound, inaudible to the persons who did not have those symptoms , all effects characteristic of irradiation by radio frequencies or microwaves . These complaints are among the first to have been taken into account on the subject of directed energy weapons .

Today, the nightmare seems to persist and grow . Often confused with schizophrenics or paranoids, Targeted Individuals ( Individus Ciblés ) , whose symbol is the Indigo Ribbon , denounce, among other abuses exercised on their persons ( abuses consisting in actual acts of torture ), the fact of hearing voices all of a sudden, of being deprived of sleep, of having all their vital functions subjected to harmful influences and this without being able to determine who are those responsible for the actions carried out against them.

These abuses would have led to suicide or disability hundreds of people around the world . The fact of hearing voices remotely is one of the main phenomena that reduce to silence these people , however, the possibility that they are victims of people who’s aim is precisely to reduce them to silent victims exists. Dr. Allan H. Frey indeed discovered in 1962 that the “sound” was not perceived by the eardrum, but directly by nerve cells in the brain itself. This is henceforth known as “Frey effect”. And this discovery has been the subject of research and patents, we can assume that they could be employed against individuals called targets. All this is hypothetical, but the information seems “blackouted” in the French press.

A document of the USAF ( United States Air Force) 1996 , entitled ” USAF scientific advisory board New world vistas : Air and Space Power For the 21st century” , already at the time, revealed the progress of a technology whose effects would surpass those of woodpecker signal . In this document, one can read these chilling words : “One can consider the development of energy sources , the power of which could be modulated , shaped and directed , and which could be coupled to the human body in a way that would prevent muscle movements , control of emotions ( and thus of actions ) , induce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with memory in the short and long term, produce a set of experiences and erase a set of experiences. ”

Two years later, in ” Parameters ” by the U.S. Army War College Quarterly , the author of the article “The Mind Has No Firewall ” statutes on the state of research on non-lethal weapons in these words: “A recent article [ … ] dealt with Russian and international attempts to control the psychophysical human conditions and processes of decision-making [ … ] Not only the body can be deceived, manipulated or misinformed, but it can also be unplugged or destroyed , as well as any other data processing system , data that the body receives from external sources ( such as electromagnetic sources , vortices or sound wave energy ) . ” The body’s electrical or chemical stimuli can be manipulated or changed , just like any other data processing system.

For those who still remain sceptical, there exists, notably, American patents that permit the exploitation of existing technologies , which make understandable the symptoms of victims, including Patent No. 4,877,027 ; Hearing System, and patent 5,159,703 ; Silent subliminal presentation system .

Both patents also explain how to ” induce” sounds that do not belong to the range of decibels in the brain, to send them to a chosen individual, so they are re-interpreted by the nervous system and hearing device as audible sounds by the irradiated person .

This technology would have been used during the Gulf War, as suggested by the 1999 report of the European Parliament entitled ” Resolution on the environment , security and foreign policy : strategy for the use of military resources for environmental purposes . ” The victims ackowledge very quickly , most of the time , the fact they’re being submitted to actions perpetrated remotely, actions which affect their brain waves in a negative way, before they have even heard of this phenomenon in theory. In 2007, the Washington Post had already accounted for their situation , without ruling on the probability that the phenomenon was one of collective hysteria or paranoia, or real facts .

However , cases of torture complaints addressed to the European Parliament and various European institutions abilitated in the defense of the rights of civilians , such as the CAT ( Action Committee against Torture) multiply.

Why such a wall of silence? Although challenged by the European Parliament itself, non-lethal weapons are still subject to an ambiguous classification, and for the time, it is mainly the different sites of the American base leading HAARP (the official website of which disappeared this summer 2013) which worries the Parliament. ” On February 5, 1998 , the Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Disarmament held a hearing which included HAARP . Representatives of NATO and the United States had been invited to the meeting. However, they chose not to come . ” [ … ] The sub-committee deplored that” the government of the United States has repeatedly refused to send a representative to provide testimony on the risks HAARP poses to the environment and populations ” .

The European Parliament seems to tremble before the Americain military bases leading HAARP , of which it is said that” its legal , ecological and ethical implications are to be examined by an international independent body before any further research and testing achievement .”

Among the countries intended to collaborate in examining the consequences on the environment and the people of the HAARP program is cited the Russian Federation which, though it has also made an alarming report on the HAARP project, is clearly not behind in matters concerning the development of directed energy weapons .

Despite many articles in the Russian press cursing the HAARP project , Europe and the Russian Federation would have shown white paw , while the HAARP would have rolled us all in flour … Thus, the Targeted Individuals or Individus Ciblés are, clearly, the victims of this con game , sustained by the absence of a rigorous legislation on non- lethal weapons.

For now, the power stakes are too high for anyone to take in consideration the relatively few victims of this silent war. Yet, it is an emergency Commission that should be constituted given the issues that are at stake here.

How to hope, otherwise, the conclusion of an for an international agreement on a ” global ban on all research and development , whether civilian or military , which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings, including a ban on any actual or possible deployment of such systems“. (40, pg CII, ref. 369).


By the way, it might be a good idea to leave a comment under the original article in french (I’m sure she speaks english), to give some echo to it. Here is the link: