Loud Vehicles October 2013

Daily count of loud vehicles passing in front of my home and entering/exiting driveway:  loud mufflers, no mufflers, loud engines, loud ignition, loud car stereos, car alarms, loud tires jarring/metal scraping over speed bump below my balcony:

10/01- 28                10/17- 47

10/02- 17                10/18- 69

10/03- 59                10/19- 46

10/04- 64                10/20- 60

10/05- 62                10/21- 73

10/06- 36                10/22- 55

10/07- 72                 10/23- 50

10/08- 46                 10/24- 46

10/09- 37                  10/25- 62

10/10- 66                  10/27- 40

10/11- 53                    10/28- 73

10/12- 47                   10/29- 40

10/13- 23                   10/30- 20

10/14- 50                   10/31- 81

10/15- 31

10/16- 34

Loud vehicles start passing within minutes of me getting out of bed in the morning, often starting off with first responder sirens passing near my home. Vehicle noise continues throughout the day, up to and including our security service at 2 am, revving the engine and speeding through the complex in an extremely hostile manner. Last week a 3 year old child was hit and killed by a car a mile from my home at 7:30 in the morning.

I have recently started calling the Sheriff’s Dept. for increased patrols on my street particularly on days with heavier traffic and the noise increases after 10 pm, to no avail at all. My long term plan is to mount an outdoor camera with audio and night vision, ideally with internet access for a 24/7 “gang stalking” webcam that can be posted on this blog for all to see and hear.

3 thoughts on “Loud Vehicles October 2013

  1. Camera is a good idea. In 2010 when I was suffering from sonophobia, I bought ear plugs. Those weren’t so useful. But I later discovered that those big, huge earphone-like things which you wear when you practice shooting at the gun range can really block off most of the unpleasant noises.

    It seems that these women who tried to suppress my website and destroy me through hospitalization by accusing me of terrorism have failed in their project. This is recorded in my blog: http://www..lawrencechin2011.com/blogs/ However, I’m going through severe mind-control torture right now because the government officials who have busted these women need to gather evidence about how I have mind-controlled. This seems to be what is going on. I’m suffering a lot lately.

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