Link: The Reality of Child Trafficking Rings

As targeted individuals, it is in our best interest to align ourselves with anti-trafficking organizations since many or all of the same trafficking/pedophile rings and cartels are involved in our relentless criminal harassment. It is my belief everything we are hearing about Pizzagate is unfortunately true. There are thousands of businesses all over this country that participate in all forms of trafficking. Comet Pizza and “Pizzagate” gets more news only because of all the high profile people involved. As heinous and inhumane as our torture is, it still pales in comparison to what these monsters have done, and are doing right now, to innocent children. Yet many of the exact same tactics are used on us and ALL OF IT leads back to the same people. This is an opportune time for TI’s to speak up for themselves and the victims of child trafficking in order to enlighten and educate people about who is responsible. Thousands of world leaders all over the globe are involved in pedophile rings. The internet is on fire with Pizzagate articles and videos. Use the comments section on those pages to link to sites about gangstalking, satanic ritual abuse and mind control.

Youtube channel: Sargon of Akkad

Published on Dec 13, 2016

International child sex trafficking rings are real and they reach to the highest levels of government, business and entertainment.

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