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Published on Mar 19, 2017

Today I welcomed NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart to the program! Karen recently exposed the NSA, FBI, and Military groups as being involved in illegal targeting and electronic harassment of Americans. These covert programs of assault and non-consensual human experimentation are ongoing in the USA today. These methods are being used to suppress the truth and anything that challenges the official narrative offered by the powers that shouldn’t be! Targeted Individuals, Mass Surveillance, Gang Stalking, Directed Energy Weapons, and Electronic Harassment were all topics of discussion! Many thanks to Karen for joining em today! Much and God Bless!

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Links: ‘Hundreds of Marines investigated for sharing photos of naked colleagues’ (Reveal News)

A private Facebook group called ‘Marines United’ has been exposed for posting hundreds of nude photos and videos of female colleagues and unknown females without their consent. At least one female on the site has been stalked by an active duty Marine. Private dossiers are being created on the site that list the women’s full names, ranks, and stations. If you are gangstalked by former or active duty USMC member, report them to NCIS online: