First Responder Harassment- 10/21/14

Last week I reported a man who scared me at the beach. It was intentional. He ran up behind me very fast and yelled “Hey!” really loud and aggressively like he was about to do something violent to me. When I turned around the man apologized and said he was just yelling at his dog. I cursed at him as he ran past me. I have seen him here multiple times in the past few months. He runs but does not look athletic at all, just a skinny, overly tanned tweaker with long dirty hair. I am supposed to take notice of him always appearing about the same time during my walk, running towards me too fast in pastel plaid shorts. This man is a perp who intentionally startled me and the reaction was strong. If he were any closer I would have acted out in self-defense and he would have been injured. I reported it to the lifeguard because he is creating a dangerous situation for himself and others. My former best friend, also in her early 40’s, has a serious heart condition. He could cause a serious cardiac event by scaring someone with her condition. I reported him and told the lifeguard I have had PTSD since 2012 and he scared me badly. He asked me for his description and said they would look out for him. He also asked me if I had reported him to the Sheriff dept. I said no and he told me to report it to them if he did it again.

This is the first time I have told any non-TI that I have PTSD. I have almost every symptom. Months of therapy in 2012 and not a single provider mentioned PTSD as a diagnosis or suggested any treatment for it. That is serious negligence on their part. Not only did they not try to recognize it or treat it, they went out of their way to exacerbate and trigger it.

Today I went for a walk at the beach. I have been walking this same route weekly for over 10 years. Because of the report I called in to the lifeguard last week I got extra harassment today. Including a State Lifeguard who blocked my path with his tuck then got out, walked up to me and stared at me. It was intimidation, stalking, crowding, and harassment. Now that I admitted to them I have PTSD they are going to try to treat me like they treat the vets. Stigmatize them, treat them like they are a threat, while constantly provoking and triggering them at the same time. Hoping for any chance to arrest, subdue, or kill them and play the big “hero”.

4:07 pm- Passed by Encinitas Lifeguard in red pickup truck driving South of Beacon’s Beach. Blonde lifeguard in passenger seat hangs arm out window which is sensitization.

4:25 pm- State Lifeguard in white pickup truck #JG arrives at North end of South Ponto Beach just as I am arriving to the jetty, where the perps know I stop and turn back. Male lifeguard pulls up next to lifeguard station as I pass. As I get closer he drives South, U-turns and loops back, stopping directly in front of me to block my path. He then sits for an extended time as I rest on the jetty, getting in and out of the vehicle once to walk around. He then drives over to the jetty and stops near where I sit. Gets out of the vehicle and walks on to the jetty and stands and stares at me. Busied himself with some other lifeguard stations there, lingers some more, gets back in the truck and leaves, passing me again on the road. Sooperdoosh 🙂

5:10 pm- Passed again by sam red Encinitas Lifeguard truck driving North towards Beacon’s Beach as I walk South.

5:36 pm- Passed by Encinitas ladder firetruck at intersection of Balour and Encinitas Blvd. East after I leave the beach.

I am now seeking treatment specifically for PTSD. These people are now consciously agreeing to persistently trigger and torture a person with known symptoms of PTSD that they initiated in 2012. They are, without question, acting with purely malicious intent.




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The Covert Harassment Conference 2014 is a human rights conference to create awareness on the covert harassment of civilians with the use of non-lethal weaponry and organized stalking.

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Watterson v. Aro Court Ruling 9/04/15 Joshua Tree, CA

Kathleen Watterson is a TI in Joshua Tree, CA who attempted to get a permanent restraining order against a former neighbor who still lives in her area and is assaulting her with microwave weapons. After many court dates Kathleen was able to get a temporary restraining order. On 9/04/14 the former neighbor petitioned against a permanent restraining order and won. In a previous court date the judge referred to a restraining order against microwave assault “like controlling fog”. But thanks to the judge’s advice, Kathleen is working on a bigger and better case against the defendant. Read the judge’s ruling below.


Kathleen Watterson, plaintiff vs. Matti B. Aro, defendant (Mr. Ghan is the defendant’s attorney)

THE COURT: Thank you, Mr. Ghan. Appreciate that. Okay. The issue before the Court, if we look at the definition of harassment, harassment in the sense in which it is to be dealt with under the Code of Civil Procedure, which is what this — Code of Civil Procedure is applicable. I think it is 527. There is several variations of it. But what I’m suggesting is this. Harassment is a knowing and willful statement or course of conduct that puts a person in fear for themselves and serves no legitimate purpose. It’s a course of conduct that annoys, harasses and so forth, causes a person to suffer perhaps emotional distress as well as physical harm. Now, I’m led to believe from Ms. Watterson that she has complained to Mr. Aro about this, and his expert did not see any evidence of the type of equipment that would intentionally allow microwaves to be addressed to her property some distance away. Her expert says it was possible and that, but we do not have evidence of the equipment itself. We’re thinking that it emanates from this one dish, and I’m speculating that it had to do with the microphone that was in the dish or the way the dish was apparently directed that could cause this interference with her lifestyle. I’m very satisfied that she has suffered physical ailment because of these microwaves. There’s no doubt in my mind. It is quite clear and convincing that she has suffered this harm. The question that I have is whether this was the result of negligence on the part of Mr. Aro. He claims to be a self-professed radio amateur buff — that is how I’m going to call him — that didn’t know any better that what he hooked up was causing this harm. Now, whether that transmutes or transfers or transmits into willful, intentional misconduct, clear and convincing, I cannot say

MS. WATTERSON: (Unintelligible.)

THE COURT: Ms. Watterson, I’m speaking. There is no doubt in my mind that he has caused this harm. But what causes me reflection is that we do not have evidence of the actual generator that apparently is necessary to operate this dish in such fashion. Maybe it exists. But I do not take it as an intentional invasion on his part. It was, in my opinion, the result. of his negligence, hooking things up that ultimately have caused harm to a neighbor. This is the subject of a negligence civil suit with substantial damages, but that is another forum. We’re dealing here with what would appear to be a criminal act. It’s atrocious that he doesn’t see his harm. His stubbornness is quite apparent. But his stubbornness and his attitude is such that I do not find it is equivalent of intentionally harassing, intentionally seeking to cause harm. I cannot call it a criminal act, which is the reason for the injunctive relief that Ms. Watterson sought. It is gross negligence on his part, very unwitting that he permitted himself to do that. I’m trusting that Mr. Aro will take it upon himself to change his equipment before Ms. Watterson files a civil suit and causes him real harm, because she has suffered terribly under this. And it is just because of the nature of the section that she chose to bring, trying to represent herself, that she didn’t seek the proper remedy, which is a negligence suit. Not intentionally inflicting harm, but a negligence suit, that his lack of care harmed you just as much as if he had hit you with his car. That’s what we have. But I cannot find clear and convincing that he did such with such a criminal intent, because that’s what we’re dealing with. I do appreciate your sincerity, Ms. Watterson. This is not over. This activity that you are involved in and your pursuit is not over. I suggest you seek proper legal advice, but I —

MS.WATTERSON: I might have a picture of the generator.

MR. GHAN: You’re ruling, your Honor.

THE COURT: I’m ruling. I’m already ruling.


THE COURT: And that may be the generator, but we do not have actual proof of that. Under the circumstances, the Court does not sustain the petition.

MR.GHAN: Thepetitionisdenied;correct?

THE COURT: Petition is denied.

MR. GHAN: Thank you, your Honor.

THE COURT: That will be the order. Return exhibits to the parties. Ms. Watterson, you want your exhibits back?

MS. WATTERSON: Yeah, but I’d love to have them back. I’d rather you look at them, though.

THE COURT: You may have them back. (No further proceedings on this date.)

**Whole 9/04/14 transcript: http://www.knowing-is-half-the

**Kathleen and Levi McCann’s website:

First Responder Harassment Log September 2014

Holy fuck, people. Get a life.


8:50 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car traveling West while walking under Leucadia Blvd. bridge near golf course. (Encinitas)


3:31 pm- Passed by red ambulance traveling South on 101 Hwy. at Lomas Santa Fe Blvd. (Solana Beach)

3:34 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car at Camino Del Mar North and 26th Str. (Del Mar)

3:47 pm- AMR ambulance parked at entrance to UCSD glider port as I arrive. Male EMT sitting in driver seat. (La Jolla)

4:15 pm pm- 17:15 pm- 2 EMT’s in uniform (one male/ one female) sit 2 tables behind me and another TI during a meeting at the UCSD glider port. During the meeting they move to seats to the right of us. When we stood to leave, they got up and walked back to their table. As I walked back to my car, I passed the same AMR ambulance parked in the row across from mine. (La Jolla)


8:07 pm- Exiting from gas station onto Encinitas Blvd. East. SD patrol car passes me traveling West, U-turns into my lane and ends up in front of me at the light. Patrol car then turns right without using a blinker. SDSD unit # 20953 CA 1257818. (Encinitas)


1:30 pm- Arrive at City Hall and park. As soon as I exit my car, a male walks up to the white Fire Dept. SUV parked next to me, gets in and exits parking lot. (Encinitas)

1:49 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol SUV at Encinitas Blvd. West and Westlake. (Encinitas)

3:00 pm- White Lifeguard jeep parked at South Ponto Beach as I pass on my walk and sit near jetty. Jeep is gone when I pass back minutes later. (Carlsbad)


5:05 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car at Quail Gardens Dr. and Encinitas Blvd. East. (Encinitas)

7:00 pm- Two SD Sheriff Dept. Patrol cars parked at SW corner of Leucadia Bl. and El Camino Real South with flashing lights on. 3-4 deputies standing on corner as I pass driving North. (Encinitas)


9:40 pm- Red ambulance syncs driving North on Vulcan Ave. w/ flashing lights and sirens as I walk North past Swami’s beach entrance. (Encinitas)


4:36 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at intersection of El Camino Real South and Von’s shopping Center in Carlsbad. Officer synced a left turn going the opposite direction as I turned left into shopping center. (Carlsbad)

7:35 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car w/ flashing lights and sirens traveling on 101 Hwy. North as I walk South towards Pipes Beach. Patrol car was 1/4 mile ahead of me in the South lane when I saw it switch the flashing lights on and U-turn North. (Encinitas)

8:35 pm- SD Sheriff patrol car stopped in road blocking 2 lanes of El Camino Real Rd. North w/ traffic backing up just South of entrance to Target Shopping Center. Patrol car left before I passed it. (Encinitas)


3:42 pm- Passed by red ambulance at 805 North freeway and Balboa Ave. exit. (San Diego)

5:12 pm- Passed by red ambulance at Adams Ave. East and 33rd Str. (San Diego)

5:27 pm- SD Police Dept. patrol car stopped on shoulder of 5 North freeway w/ flashing lights near Del Mar Heights Rd. exit. “Traffic stop” w/ 2 trucks on shoulder. (San Diego)

6:53 pm- Passed by AMR red ambulance at Quail Gardens Dr. and Encinitas Bl. East. (Encinitas)


2:05 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Rosebay Dr. and Encinitas Blvd. as I exit my street. (Encinitas)

2:08 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car at intersection of Quail Gardens Dr. and Leucadia Blvd. East. (Leucadia)


9:53 am- Passed by private ambulance at intersection of El Camino Real South and Cassia. (La Costa/Carlsbad)

12:59 pm- Took wrong turn onto Hortensia and San Diego Ave. in Old Town, SD Police patrol car parked at end of street with flashing lights on, “traffic stop”. Officer syncs exiting the car after I turn onto street. (San Diego)

2:24 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car at intersection of 101 Hwy. North and Leucadia Blvd. East. (Leucadia)

pm time N/A: Passed by Encinitas FD red ambulance with flashing lights/ sirens from opposite direction as I enter my street, Encinitas Blvd. East at Rosebay Drive. (synced). (Encinitas)


9:25 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol SUV at intersection of Vulcan Ave. North and Leucadia Blvd. West. (Leucadia)

9:38 pm- Passed by Oceanside Police patrol car at Wisconsin Ave. and South Coast Hwy. (Oceanside)

9:43 pm- Passed by Oceanside Police patrol car at North Coast Hwy. 2-3 blocks South of Wisconsin Ave. (Oceanside)

10:33 pm- Passed by red ambulance at Encinitas Blvd. East and Seaman. (Encinitas)


9:25 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff SUV at North Vulcan and Leucadia Blvd. intersection. (Leucadia)


12:20 pm- Passed by Oceanside Police patrol car at 76 West freeway East of Loretta Str.

1:16 pm- Passed red ambulance (Carlsbad FD?) exiting Albertson’s shopping center on El Camino Real North at La Costa Blvd. (Carlsbad).

1:38 pm- Passed by Carlsbad Police patrol car at Intersection of Poinsettia and Aviara.

2:33 pm- Passed by private ambulance at North Torrey Pines Rd. and  Jolla Shores Dr. (La Jolla)

8:15 pm- Passed staged “accident” on 101 Hwy. North at San Elijo State Beach. Two SD Sheriff patrol cars stopped with flashing lights on, one unmarked police vehicle parked. 2 cars facing each other in middle turn lane w/ tow truck. (Cardiff by the Sea)

6:45 pm- Passed CA State Park Ranger SUV stopped on shoulder of 101 Hwy. South at Ponto Beach w/ parking lights on. (Carlsbad)







First Responder Harassment 10/02/14

This is a video of 2 San Diego Sheriff Dept. vehicles parked on the SW corner of Encinitas Blvd. and Westlake Blvd in Encinitas, CA at 8:58 pm this evening. Both vehicles were parked on the shoulder of Eastbound Encinitas Blvd. for no apparent reason. It was near the end of my walk this evening. Two deputies stood behind the SUV and as I passed they synced opening the trunk door which is sensitization and gesture harassment. One deputy was tall and bald and I recognized him from a similar set up while walking near Swami’s Beach a few days before Labor Day weekend. I called the Sheriff Dept. when I returned home for the names of both deputies.