Coast To Coast AM – February 9, 2015 New World Order & Electronic Harassment


Published on Feb 10, 2015
Coast To Coast AM – February 9, 2015 New World Order & Electronic Harassment

John Hall’s segment starts at 1:14:00

In the latter half, Dr. John Hall, a pain management physician specializing in stem cell therapy, spoke about his activism against non-consensual experimentation and intrusive surveillance technology conducted on US citizens. His interest in the topic began when a woman he knew in San Antonio, was stalked and electronically harassed by a former FBI agent. He learned that this wasn’t an isolated case, and that there were thousands of other similar incidents, which involved such things as organized stalking, and attacks with directed energy and electromagnetic weapons. In 2010, the NSA admitted it was using a ground wave-based weapon that was playing havoc with the electricity in the San Antonio area, he reported. The NSA has a base of operations known as TAO in San Antonio, which uses a technology to access computers, as well as people’s brains, he added.

The goal of the experimentation has been to figure out how to remotely control a human being, and seems to be moving in the direction of controlling the population at large, he revealed. Victims are often placed in a difficult position when they report these crimes, as agencies like the FBI are aware of the technology and know that the CIA and NSA are funding the research, and giving access to subcontractors to conduct experiments on a wide sample of the populace, Hall continued. Some of the victims report hearing direct voices in their head, describing accurately what they are doing or wearing, for instance. These occurrences play out differently than what a schizophrenic describes when they hear voices, he noted.

Take Me To Church

In the early stages of my full on gangstalking campaign I visited a local monastery. It is a small but peaceful monastery at the end of a long residential street in San Diego. A large, white chapel adjoins the monastery along with a beautifully manicured rose garden. Several meetings followed this first meeting with a very nice nun who understood there is a spiritual war occurring. I value her spiritual guidance dearly. But at the same time I don’t think she or the other Sisters at the monastery are immune to the “campaign”. This was evident since my first visit with her and has only progressed.

Like everything else a TI touches, the gang stalking system rolls in like a slow fog, causing everything to crumble into dust. Suddenly there were home remodels taking place up and down the street, just like in my own neighborhood. On one occasion I took cell phone pictures of a car that was leading me towards the neighborhood. The perp then took the left turn onto the monastery’s street ahead of me, pulled over, waited for me to pass, and followed me all the way to the monastery. When I parked he got out and started screaming at me “Why are you following me?” “Why are you taking my picture?” I stayed in my car until he left, scared out of my wits. When I went inside to my appt. with the Sister, he came back and stole my cell phone out of my car.

Since I started visiting the Sister, there have been other strange happenings in her life and at the monastery. Sister’s mother passed. Months earlier, she had a bad fall at home while unattended. Another Sister became very ill. Sister’s cat escaped while she was out of town. He was found in the rose garden after she returned. The Sister she was visiting at the time also lost her pet and they had a very stressful time finding it. For an extended period, Sister was also called on to transfer to a monastery in the Boston area to fill in. From what she described after her return, they had a more rigid routine than the monastery her in California. It was also located in a very bad neighborhood in South Boston.

During one of my more recent visits, Sister told me there was remodeling planned in the monastery. Specifically the restrooms to accommodate the older Sisters. She seemed pleased and at that point I could tell the gangstalking system was becoming even more controlling over the monastery. Sister also does frequent gesture harassment during my visits. She also had some strange visitors since I started coming there. She described a woman coming to visit her that seemed to be in a trance. So much so she could barely function. She walked her back out to her truck and she left. Another man, appearing well dressed, visited repeatedly, requesting to borrow money to pay for a storage unit.

From the time of my first visit to the monastery, I wanted to start going to mass in their chapel on Sundays. During my first visit there, sister allowed me to visit the locked chapel. I went in and prayed and cried as the perps buzzed the chapel with a low flying chopper. Because of the PTSD, it took me over a year to start attending mass there. Just thought of driving there on a Sunday was too daunting. I have now been attending mass there 1-2 times a month for about 6-7 months.

There have been perps at mass there from the beginning. Coughing harassment, mimicking harassment, blocking, gesture harassment, synced harassment, color harassment, vehicle harassment, sexual harassment, crowding, directed conversation, rude/bizarre/ inappropriate behavior. Today a baby was so loud during the homily the priest had to stop and comment on it. One priest has already been transferred out to Japan with the US Navy. He told a joke about mental illness from the altar at the end of mass one day. One Sunday a perp from my previous church showed up to do the readings, grinning at me from the altar. After exiting the chapel a month ago, a man was waiting for me across the street with 2 large German shepherds who kept jumping up and down. He was waiting across the street and crossed over as soon as he saw me exit. I stayed where I was on the steps until he passed. At the same time a group of neighbors from the house across the street came outside and stood in their driveway staring at me. I wish I had recorded this.

Over the past 2-3 months I started noticing more and more people attending mass wearing brown scapulas. 12 inch brown felt squares over their abdomens and backs attached by 2 shoulder straps. They have been increasing in number each time I go and seemed to be getting more involved in running the masses. Today, after missing mass for a month, their role has increased significantly. They have taken over all the roles of the nuns during the mass, who stay hidden in a separate area during the whole mass.

The brown scapula-wearing people call themselves the 3rd order of the Discalced Carmelites. There is now a new sign behind the altar that states “The Sacred Order of the Discalced Carmelites.” The sign has a crest on it with 3 blue stars inside it and a sword above it. I do not know if this is an official crest of the Carmelites, but these symbols look disturbingly Satanic and Islamic to me. The sign is removed immediately after mass. Honestly, they look like/act like cult members to me. They wear name tags now. They have taken over the Sisters’ roles of the gospel readings during mass, and tidying up the chapel after mass. One male cult member blocked me twice while leaving the chapel while feigning busy work.

I miss seeing the Sisters during and after mass and I wonder if they really like all of these changes. I imagine favors like the remodels soften the blows. And the changes likely come from high up so they don’t really have a choice.

Yesterday on my way home from the beach there was a detour on the 101 driving South. Two San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol cars had blocked off both lanes with their emergency lights on (more first responder harassment). I turned around and ended up stopping at a Circle K on the way home for a drink. The cashier’s name was Jesus. Not every detour is a bad thing. I wonder why more whites don’t name their sons Jesus. These people can change it up all they want my faith only grows bigger and stronger, just like the mustard tree.



First Responder Harassment Log: January 2015


928 pm- Passed Carlsbad PD patrol car at intersection of Carlsbad Village Dr. and Hwy. 101 North (Carlsbad).

933 pm- Passed by Oceanside PD patrol car on Wisconsin Blvd. at Coast Hwy. (my destination in Oceanside).

942 pm- After leaving my destination, there is an Oceanside PD patrol car ahead of me driving South on Coast Hwy.

943 pm- Same Oceanside PD patrol car turns emergency lights on and makes a traffic stop one block ahead of me at Coast Hwy. and Cassidy (Oceanside).


433 pm- Encinitas Ranch security vehicle syncs passing me at trail head as I walk on loop trail near Quail gardens Dr. (Encinitas)

342 pm- Red Rural/Metro ambulance (Big time perps) syncs driving ahead of me at Adams and Iowa (San Diego). Vehicle #64 196 plate CA 36315G1

519 pm- Passed a “traffic stop” on right shoulder of 805 North at Mesa College exit- San Diego PD patrol car w/ emergency lights on.  (San Diego)


1235 Passed Encinitas Fire Dept. Firetruck #F2312 on Encinitas Blvd. West at Smart and Final shopping center. (Encinitas)

114 pm- Passed by private ambulance while exiting Von’s shopping center on El Camino Real. (Encinitas)

220 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. Firetruck at Encinitas Blvd. and Balour on way to Vet. appt. (Encinitas)


126 pm- Passed by red ambulance on 5 South Freeway near Birmingham exit (Encinitas). Ambulance was from Carlsbad Fire Dept. #2291 plate CA 1266142 w/ white male driver.

408 pm- Passed CA Park Ranger SUV parked on right shoulder of 101 South overlooking Torrey Pines State Beach. (Del Mar)

428 pm- San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car syncs driving ahead of me on 101 North near Marcheta as I drive North on Vulcan. (Leucadia)


1035- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. driving on 101 North at Cardiff State Beach (South of Las Olas). (Cardiff by the Sea)

1228 pm- Passed by 2 San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol cars (back to back) driving on Vulcan South just North of Birmingham. (Encinitas)

1235 pm- Passed red ambulance from Encinitas Fire Dept. at the intersection of El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas)

1235 pm- Passed “motor vehicle accident” at Encinitas Blvd. east and Village Square Dr. Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck w/ emergency lights on, traffic officer w/ motorcycle present, multiple first responders standing on side of road. Traffic backed up going opposite direction as me. (Encinitas)


353 pm- Passed red ambulance at Genessee North and 5 South on ramp. (La Jolla)

413 pm- Passed traffic officer at intersection of Lomas Santa Fe Dr. and 101 North. (Solana Beach). Officer turns onto 101 North behind me.

427 pm- Passed by (same?) traffic officer at intersection of Encinitas Blvd. East and Westlake. (Encinitas)


1230 pm- Passed by CA State Lifeguard white pickup truck. Syncs passing me as I park at the beach. (Carlsbad)

1236 pm- Same CA State Lifeguard pickup truck crosses jetty and parks  North of me in my path on South Ponto Beach before I walk over jetty bridge. (Carlsbad)

105 pm- Passed by CA State Lifeguard pickup truck while walking South on Beach. (Carlsbad)


904 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car while walking on Quail Gardens Dr. at Encinitas Bl. East. (Encinitas)


715 pm- I am standing on the side of the road in front of my house taking decibel readings of loud vehicles with a sound level meter and a flashlight. 2 San Diego Sheriff dept. patrols cars driving back to back pull up in front of my home on Rosebay drive followed by a black unmarked law enforcement SUV (with blacked out windows) revving it’s engine. Both patrol cars park on the street 1/2 block away from me and 2 deputies slowly walk towards me until they are standing approx. 12-20 feet away. Both officers then left without sating a word to me. After they left a thin man in a black suit with a very short haircut walked behind me and stood about 30 feet way with his back turned to me. He mad a loud cellphone call and vanished about 8-10 minutes later. I think he was the one driving the black SUV with the Sheriff Dept. He looked very out of place in my “blue collar” neighborhood.


142 pm- Passed San Diego Fire Dept. ladder truck at Governor Dr. East and Greenwich. (La Jolla/ UTC area)

357 pm- Passed private ambulance at Genessee North and Scripps Medical Center drwy. (la Jolla)


1044- San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car parked in intersection at Westlake  and Requeza watching traffic. (Encinitas)

1255 pm- Encinitas Fire Dept. in uniform syncs walking in front of me as I approach the checkout at Sprout’s on El Camino Real. He is eating in front of me which is mimicking harassment. (Encinitas)

103 pm- Passed by 3 San Diego patrol cars back to back as I wait to exit Ralph’s shopping center on El Camino Real. Car #20669 w/plate# CA 1213064 w/ female driver. Car #20953 w/plate# CA1257818. Car #20363. (Encinitas)

105 pm- Passed San Diego Sheriff Dept. Traffic officer on motorcycle at intersection of Via Molena and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas)

457 pm- Passed by Rural/Metro red ambulance at Encinitas Blvd. and Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)

458 pm- Passed San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car on Encinitas Blvd. West just east of Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)


805 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car while walking on Encinitas Blvd. near Princehouse.






The Dentist visit

As a TI you come to expect the fact that you will never receive satisfactory service again from anyone, ever. The carpet cleaner who uses dirty, flea infested water. The cat groomer that returns your cats with raw, red acne all over their chins. The dry cleaner who shrinks your slipcover. The locksmith who installs your doorknob slightly crooked. The mover who intentionally breaks and damages items. The list goes on…and it includes dentists.

After 2 really awful dental experiences since 2012 I decided to take a break. But my teeth hadn’t been cleaned for over a year. I received a mailer ad for Dr. M. His office was nearby, he looked friendly, and he studied at Georgetown, one of my fave schools. I called and made an appt. for a cleaning and hoped for the best. I told the receptionist I had some bad previous experiences and would not tolerate someone intentionally trying to hurt me.

On the day of my appt. the theater started in the parking lot. A young woman with long black hair and a bright green jacket synced entering the building the same time as me. This is synced harassment and color harassment. She was supposed to enter right before me to let everyone know “the show” was starting, but I cut her off and entered first. Of course she turned out to be my hygienist later on.

I checked in and sat waiting with a magazine. They started playing a live recording of the Dave Matthews Band that started off by him saying “You can only see my face on the screen, that’s the only way you can see me”. Other selections included John Maher and Jack Johnson who I frequently listen to at home. This is directed conversation and mimicking harassment.

I was given a complete tour of the office and then seated in an examining room. The examining room next to mine only had a partial wall so I could hear and see into the room. The tour included cough harassment, gesture harassment, and blocking harassment from other staff and patients. During the tour, we passed 2 doctors sitting together at a monitor in the hall. I was told there was an associate named Dr. F. I was never introduced to Dr. F.

My hygienist D. came in and started a detailed interview. One of the questions included “Do you like detailed explanations or just the bottom line?” I said it depends on the situation but most of the time just the bottom line. During her exam she then treated me like a person who wants detail oriented explanations. D. also had one pointed eyebrow, which are seen frequently on perps everywhere now (one or both brows pointed). Their equipment was pretty state of the art which was nice but creepy in a sci-fi way. One machine included a panoramic x-ray machine which I had to stand under. Many pictures were taken of my teeth.

The cleaning was not painful which I am thankful for but makes me wonder if I got a “real” cleaning. During the cleaning, I did notice D. touch some type of instrument to my right lower molars. She paused and them removed the instrument, which I never saw. But a very thick trail of liquid spilled onto my face as she did so (more viscous than saliva). I figured it was intentional just to annoy me. 3 days later I came down with a really nasty head cold and cough with allergy symptoms and I realized she may have been planted a virus in my mouth. The symptoms started 3 days later with a sore throat. I very rarely get sick.

After her exam the dentists came in. This was probably the worst mind fuck of the whole appt. The Dr. who introduced himself as Dr. M., whose picture I has seen on the mailer ad, looked nothing like Dr. M. He was heavyset, pale, and partially bald with dark brown dyed hair on the sides. The “associate” who I assumed was Dr. F. shadowed him into the room and stood in the periphery or behind me the whole time. He never said a word and never introduced himself. Although I never got a good look at his face, this man looked like the photo on the mailer ad. He was Dr. M. He was letting this other man pretend to be him for my benefit. This is gaslighting and medical fraud. The fake Dr. M was professional and nice, but Hell will freeze over before I let him do any dental work on me.

During my time in the exam room, they placed a middle-aged woman in the exam room next to me. She was a perp and talked loud enough for me to hear the whole time through the partial wall. It was theater with mimicking harassment and artificial telepathy. She was a new patient, she got the mailer ad, it was important to her that Dr. M. went to a good school like Georgetown. Another shrill windbag full of hot air for the perps.

At the end of the appt. D. told me they would like have more patients like me. After the appt. they sent me an email survey about their services. Because despite the NWO mind control, psychological abuse and PsyOps, and the obvious insult to my intelligence and physical health, they really, really, really, want you to like them!