The Dentist visit

As a TI you come to expect the fact that you will never receive satisfactory service again from anyone, ever. The carpet cleaner who uses dirty, flea infested water. The cat groomer that returns your cats with raw, red acne all over their chins. The dry cleaner who shrinks your slipcover. The locksmith who installs your doorknob slightly crooked. The mover who intentionally breaks and damages items. The list goes on…and it includes dentists.

After 2 really awful dental experiences since 2012 I decided to take a break. But my teeth hadn’t been cleaned for over a year. I received a mailer ad for Dr. M. His office was nearby, he looked friendly, and he studied at Georgetown, one of my fave schools. I called and made an appt. for a cleaning and hoped for the best. I told the receptionist I had some bad previous experiences and would not tolerate someone intentionally trying to hurt me.

On the day of my appt. the theater started in the parking lot. A young woman with long black hair and a bright green jacket synced entering the building the same time as me. This is synced harassment and color harassment. She was supposed to enter right before me to let everyone know “the show” was starting, but I cut her off and entered first. Of course she turned out to be my hygienist later on.

I checked in and sat waiting with a magazine. They started playing a live recording of the Dave Matthews Band that started off by him saying “You can only see my face on the screen, that’s the only way you can see me”. Other selections included John Maher and Jack Johnson who I frequently listen to at home. This is directed conversation and mimicking harassment.

I was given a complete tour of the office and then seated in an examining room. The examining room next to mine only had a partial wall so I could hear and see into the room. The tour included cough harassment, gesture harassment, and blocking harassment from other staff and patients. During the tour, we passed 2 doctors sitting together at a monitor in the hall. I was told there was an associate named Dr. F. I was never introduced to Dr. F.

My hygienist D. came in and started a detailed interview. One of the questions included “Do you like detailed explanations or just the bottom line?” I said it depends on the situation but most of the time just the bottom line. During her exam she then treated me like a person who wants detail oriented explanations. D. also had one pointed eyebrow, which are seen frequently on perps everywhere now (one or both brows pointed). Their equipment was pretty state of the art which was nice but creepy in a sci-fi way. One machine included a panoramic x-ray machine which I had to stand under. Many pictures were taken of my teeth.

The cleaning was not painful which I am thankful for but makes me wonder if I got a “real” cleaning. During the cleaning, I did notice D. touch some type of instrument to my right lower molars. She paused and them removed the instrument, which I never saw. But a very thick trail of liquid spilled onto my face as she did so (more viscous than saliva). I figured it was intentional just to annoy me. 3 days later I came down with a really nasty head cold and cough with allergy symptoms and I realized she may have been planted a virus in my mouth. The symptoms started 3 days later with a sore throat. I very rarely get sick.

After her exam the dentists came in. This was probably the worst mind fuck of the whole appt. The Dr. who introduced himself as Dr. M., whose picture I has seen on the mailer ad, looked nothing like Dr. M. He was heavyset, pale, and partially bald with dark brown dyed hair on the sides. The “associate” who I assumed was Dr. F. shadowed him into the room and stood in the periphery or behind me the whole time. He never said a word and never introduced himself. Although I never got a good look at his face, this man looked like the photo on the mailer ad. He was Dr. M. He was letting this other man pretend to be him for my benefit. This is gaslighting and medical fraud. The fake Dr. M was professional and nice, but Hell will freeze over before I let him do any dental work on me.

During my time in the exam room, they placed a middle-aged woman in the exam room next to me. She was a perp and talked loud enough for me to hear the whole time through the partial wall. It was theater with mimicking harassment and artificial telepathy. She was a new patient, she got the mailer ad, it was important to her that Dr. M. went to a good school like Georgetown. Another shrill windbag full of hot air for the perps.

At the end of the appt. D. told me they would like have more patients like me. After the appt. they sent me an email survey about their services. Because despite the NWO mind control, psychological abuse and PsyOps, and the obvious insult to my intelligence and physical health, they really, really, really, want you to like them!









8 thoughts on “The Dentist visit

  1. They’ve harassed me into silence, into not telling my story. It’s so funny how much harassment I get designed to brainwash me into thinking I’m a pussy or gay or whatever. I got outright harassment by a perp at a meeting where it was suggested that I was a “pansy”. There was a rough-looking manly girl years ago who used to call me that who was a perp, and of course, they love to revisit perp harassment to facilitate the breaking down process. Well, one day I came in when I was in a pissed off mood, and this tough butch girl all of a sudden got all scared. It just proved what I already knew, that they are all fake hard asses, paid and controlled assassins, but they aren’t as tough as the TI. They just have me outnumbered, and they are working with a system that constantly controls me and marginalizes me. And they think just because they are bit players that they are tougher and smarter than the TI.

    It’s amazing that someone like me who never backs down and always faces adversity head on is a “pussy” and a “pansy”, yet, the perps who attack me for years in a group are supposed to be all tough and smart. They come after me in large groups looking for respect, yet have done nothing to deserve it, yet have not faced 1/10th the adversity I have faced. They really think they are tough and smart because they are keeping me marginalized.

  2. I should clarify that hardy TI’s who face adversity will get the harassment designed to insult their toughness. That’s what this is all about: trying to break a person by suggesting they’re gay when they’re really not or weak when they’re strong, or a “pussy” when they’re really hardy and quite tough. The NWO is all about hammering people with opposite qualities. And of course, they love to test us with certain types of people.

    The latest harassment included having a supervisor do most of my work while I watched, when I was more than capable of doing it myself. I know it’s designed to make me feel lazy. I figured, well, if they want to pay me while having someone do my work for me, then let them. One worker saw this and threatened to turn him in. Funny how the guy was older and very mild-mannered, but this tough perp just backed right down.

    It’s OK to be of weak character, as long as they’re are large numbers, it makes them strong. It’s like the story of the guy getting consumed by ants. They are too small individually to do anything, but in large numbers, they can do lots of damage, even to tough TI’s. Most TI’s are tougher than the asshole perps they encounter try to suggest.

    • They pull the gay crap with me. At my gym and elsewhere and its the legacy of an MK-Ultra/CIA “game” to try and change a person’s sexuality and obviously to cause psychologcial trauma with the high anxiety these tactics can cause UNTIL you realize what they’ve been trying to do to you as you’ve so clearly noticed.

      They are the ultimate cowards. One on one most would soil their pants with a non-perp backed up confrontation with their target(s).

      I see this chickenshit attitude with ALL of my perps.

      They have the numbers, the technology/instant communication and scores of years of knowledge gained form other TIs across the world for their psy ops and DE weapons but without the backing of the local, state and federal police and other corrupt agencies these losers (perps) would for the most part go about their pathetic, petty lives but WE give them something to focus on, to bring them together as a cult, as a neighborhood and of course the pat on the back from officer no fucking good, gift cards and money.

      Knowledge is power insofar as gaining insight on the behind the scenes work done for each TI’s daily perping.

      Stopogs’s dentist visit may have run into a couple of thousand dollars paying the perps off, arranging certain songs to be played in the office, using DE weapons on her, ect.

      I do not want to estimate the thousands spent on MY perping each week.

      All the needless, avoidable ills in this world yet they have the time and money for this pointless sadistic shit.

      And keep in mind that gang stalking and work place mobbing are just one slice of the criminal NWO pervert’s pie.

      If you offend another person its settled legally or otherwise ONE TIME and then both parties go on with their lives like ADULTS.

      THIS shit, this week after month after year of psych games and electromagnetic spectrum fucking with our bodies and minds redefine the words “insanity” and “cowardice.”

      • Have you also noticed how richly they have rewarded perps you befriended and trusted in the past (before you knew they were perps)? I have, esp. with the ones I have dated. They actually got whole new careers, new girlfriends/ wives, gifts, homes, vacations. One guy is even on his second BMW touring bike. When I dated him he was working for minimum wage plus he is an alcoholic. I know at least 3 of them agreed to have us videotaped by perps while we were intimate, some even receiving specific instructions as far as room locations, keeping curtains open, lights on, pressuring me to do certain things and even injuring me on one occasion. This kind of shit is their “currency”, this is how they move up the NWO career ladder, or pyramid. The more hideous the violation the better. It’s solid gold to them. Sick, sick motherfuckers.

      • And also, the nonconsensual human experimentation feeds into the research and development sector, where “experimental” stuff is being developed. I was thinking that the technology in the R$D sector is always ahead of where companies who produce the electronic machines are actually at. For example, vacuum tubes were still being used in mass-produced consumer electronics in the early 70’s, yet integrated circuits had been successfully mass-produced for certain in 1968. Transistors were being developed in the 50’s, yet companies could not afford to make the risky move to solid state yet, as it was an expensive, unproven market, e.g., transistors were hideously expensive and had poor characteristics compared to “Older” tech such as tubes. But the research and development sector, and the military contractors can afford to splurge on bleedinge edge unproven stuff. So the research “people” could already have state of the art, solid state electronic gadgets while everyone else had to settle for stone-age tube technology. The public was Fred Flintstone compared to certain “Elite” tied to the research sector with their fancy tech gadgets. The first successful “powerful” computer was Eniac, which was completely govt. funded. Companies weren’t producing computers yet. Once again, govt. funded research in the tech industry is light years ahead of what is commonly available and what corporations could produce.

        And the perps are using innocent civilians to test out their newly developed toys that nobody knows about. The kind that can spy on anyone, anywhere, at any time and monitor thoughts and dreams. It’s the ultimate in voyeurism. Using the Eniac example, it’s all tied to govt. funded research/experimentation. And of course, military research is all geared towards building the better soldier. So they have so much high-tech stuff that is way ahead of the presently-known/published technology curve, and they of course are getting psychaitric researc into the mix, too. They pick TI’s because they have traits that are special and that the average sheeple doesn’t have. The average sheep would not be useful, as they are not exceptional, and would be useless to test their highly advanced psychological methods and electronic surveillance/behavior modification toys. And the sheep, of course, only have their hive mentality to make them feel special, and they despise targets and it motivates them to come after targets even harder. This is a desireable side effect for the reseacher perps, as they require them for their brainwashing side of their experimentation. And everyone is happy, except for targets who only want to live their lives in peace. Some of us aren’t really interested in being tethered to electronic gadgetry… we are humans, and we need to live our lives naturally without any mad scientists playing God with their lives. So we don’t care about thier toys and what they can do.

  3. Technology which is supposed to make life better and easier for the human race has only made things worse in every aspect and if it meant that we could once again live with nature as one I’d have no problem giving up TV, DVDs and other electronic toys including the web.

    TV, DVDs, the internet, modern convenience food, movies, video games, ect ALL propaganda. All mind control. All conditioning. Nothing for our benefit, only for those illegally holding all of the power.

    With the super or quantum computers I’m betting that every possible combination and permutation insofar as how a human being reacts to being perped and how they react when perping another has long been cataloged and analyzed;Even with the new toys given to our worthless perps how much more data could the govt and corporate scientists gather?

    Stopogs, I am CERTAIN that at least some of our perps have some kind of monitoring equipment to see us and record us even though some piece of shit government worker is monitoring us every second of the day.

    My perps have not openly shown the extra money they’ve made off of me (and possibly others they perp during the day);No fancy new cars or additions to their houses but INhuman nature being as petty as it is, there’s simply no f—ng way that they would just perp me because a criminal with a badge and bullshit smear story told them to do so;People are motivated almost entirely by material gain in this shallow country and the need to be part of a group, to be accepted.

    But as wild as my imagination is I could never conceive of coughing loudly, jangling keys, giving the death stare, mimicking, mocking, talking super-loud, driving by a TI slowly then just sitting in the car until they look, driving in our out while another neighbor does the opposite,
    PRESSING A BUTTON on a cellphone (or whatever DE toy) to make a TI look at me WHILE I give them the “evil eye” or drive by slowly, trying to block someone, follow or shadow someone and on for a gift card or money: These asshole loser perps are NO DIFFERENT than the screaming, jumping fools you see on game shows or reality shows sacrificing their dignity and pride for money or some trinkets.

    When I say “I’m grateful beyond words” that I am nothing like my perpetrators this is no rationalization or reassuring mantra: These people are fucking losers and I do not know how they can stand to look at themselves.

    • I was a young child growing up in the early 70’s. Back then, it seemed like you had so much more room to move around and grow. There wasn’t much in the house, yet we still had 2 TVs, one black and white, and one color, and no cable. There was plenty of good stuff to watch. There was a rotary phone mounted on the wall. No cell phones, no text messaging, no satellite TV or Xm Radio. Back then, you only had to dial 5 digits to call locally. Funny how everyone seemed to have happy lives back then. All we had for years were the standard AM/FM/phonograph. And that was all you needed. Also funny how in that day and age, the recording studio was far more primitive, yet the performers had far more talent. Now that the prehistoric 24 track tape machines are gone (replaced with computers and hard drive), it seems like the talent is no were near as good as it was when you had cruder technology in the studio. So of course, you didn’t need high tech gadgets in order to have a happy life. And of course, less electronic toys means less soures of EMF waves radiating through your skull and body.

      Perps NEED all those high-tech pieces of trash in order to monitor targets, and thus, to live their lives. They’ll have you believe that anyone not helplessly addicted to electronic gadgets is outdated and not with it. The electronic communication mediums is what keeps them all connected to the same level. They think targets are stupid just because we aren’t receiving texts about what other people are doing. I never cared what any one does with their private lives, because I have my one life. Therefore, I am not interested in what anyone else does in theirs. They are all creepers, creeping on targets’ lives. Their cell phones and internet serves as their hive medium for communication.

      More thoughts about the 70’s and the period before:

      The good ‘ol days when Sonny and Cher had their own show. And Tricky Dick’s hilarious denials that he never obstucted justice. If Nixon were still alive, he’d have gotten away with all of this, because the public would be too brainwashed to see that he was a criminal. In fact, Nixon pales in comparison to a lot of NWO sponsored political figureheads.. That’s all politicians are these days: figureheads. The real rulers are the controllers sitting in the shadows, manipulating everything, including their mind control hive they’ve created with cell phones and internet.

      Just thinking about Sonny Bono’s skiing accident. Funny how perps run into trees all the time because of their stupidity, yet certain people (like Bono) just happen to hit a tree and die instantly. Same with John Denver and his plane crash. And of course, there is plenty of speculation of what really happend in the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly. I suppose Holly, being a smart, nerdy hillbilly, would’ve been a threat to certain assholes in the cover world with their about to blossom empire of computers and mind control toys. I suppose there were mind control toys being developed along with other highly experimental electronic toys like minicomputers. I suppose companies like IBM were a front. They probably just wanted the public to believe that all the computing world had were punchcards and crude displays. They probably had far more advanced systems out there, or the internet wouldn’t have been developed shortly thereafter.

  4. Also, that is the main thing about perps; their need to “fit in” with a group. It’s just a hive mentality. At work last night, it was suggested in a directed conversation that I “wasn’t popular”. And this was accompanied by insane laughter. And the perp was an older adult. I was thinking, “aw, I’m not popular. WTF is this, 6th grade?” Seriously, I’ve seen plenty of middle-aged perps with a grade school mentality. They’ve all regressed to the level of a 5th grader, and it’s embarassing, because they should be older and wiser. So that makes them look very dumb indeed.

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