Rent-a-Stalker, Inc.

It has recently come to my attention that there are several companies that provide “crowds” for a fee including “Crowds on Command”, “Rent a Crowd”, “Crowds for Rent”, and “Extra Mile Casting”. There are likely more I have not discovered yet. These companies are beyond a doubt involved in organized stalking and need to be exposed. According to, one of these companies employs at least 20,000 people just in Southern California alone. TI’s know hundreds of thousands of text messages, emails, phone calls, and V2k messages are exchanged daily in order to coordinate public and private harassment of TI’s in the US and abroad. The implications for abuse by companies such as these should be obvious to any TI. When asked “why you” or told “it’s not feasible”, the existence of these companies takes away a lot of the mystery. Anyone with the disposable income (including US govt.) can use them indefinitely as a tool to relentlessly gaslight, humiliate, isolate, traumatize and ultimately help destroy and individual. It’s unlikely that the employees of these companies are given any type of background check. Although many of them in Southern California appear to be wannabe models and actors and may not fully understand what they are involved in, there are definitely ones that are hired specifically to intimidate, threaten, and make the TI feel uncomfortable everywhere they go. Follow the money and expose “rent-a-crowd” companies and employees for the psychopathic serial murderers that they are. Thanks to technology, this business idea has already gone global and is just another means to depopulation made to look like something innocent.

*It should be noted some of these paid actors are also committing fraud by posing as law enforcement, doctors, nurses, and therapists. A few weeks ago I took a short hike through Torrey Pines State Park in Del Mar, CA. I stopped at the end of the trail near 101 hwy. to enjoy the view. A young female dressed in a Park Ranger uniform approached me. She looked like she graduated from high school the day before. She was small and wore a baggy uniform and oversized shades. As she walked towards me I asked her what time the park closed. Any real Park Ranger would know this. She had no idea. She directed me to an area near the entrance and told me to “go ask over there”. She then smiled like a fool and quickly walked towards the parking area. Sometimes this program is like having a dozen immature, incestuous little sisters and brothers around you at all times, who don’t even know you, but expect you to accept them and “play along” just because this is the first job they have ever been able to hold down. If it sounds sociopathic, that’s because it is.