Rent-a-Stalker, Inc.

It has recently come to my attention that there are several companies that provide “crowds” for a fee including “Crowds on Command”, “Rent a Crowd”, “Crowds for Rent”, and “Extra Mile Casting”. There are likely more I have not discovered yet. These companies are beyond a doubt involved in organized stalking and need to be exposed. According to, one of these companies employs at least 20,000 people just in Southern California alone. TI’s know hundreds of thousands of text messages, emails, phone calls, and V2k messages are exchanged daily in order to coordinate public and private harassment of TI’s in the US and abroad. The implications for abuse by companies such as these should be obvious to any TI. When asked “why you” or told “it’s not feasible”, the existence of these companies takes away a lot of the mystery. Anyone with the disposable income (including US govt.) can use them indefinitely as a tool to relentlessly gaslight, humiliate, isolate, traumatize and ultimately help destroy and individual. It’s unlikely that the employees of these companies are given any type of background check. Although many of them in Southern California appear to be wannabe models and actors and may not fully understand what they are involved in, there are definitely ones that are hired specifically to intimidate, threaten, and make the TI feel uncomfortable everywhere they go. Follow the money and expose “rent-a-crowd” companies and employees for the psychopathic serial murderers that they are. Thanks to technology, this business idea has already gone global and is just another means to depopulation made to look like something innocent.

*It should be noted some of these paid actors are also committing fraud by posing as law enforcement, doctors, nurses, and therapists. A few weeks ago I took a short hike through Torrey Pines State Park in Del Mar, CA. I stopped at the end of the trail near 101 hwy. to enjoy the view. A young female dressed in a Park Ranger uniform approached me. She looked like she graduated from high school the day before. She was small and wore a baggy uniform and oversized shades. As she walked towards me I asked her what time the park closed. Any real Park Ranger would know this. She had no idea. She directed me to an area near the entrance and told me to “go ask over there”. She then smiled like a fool and quickly walked towards the parking area. Sometimes this program is like having a dozen immature, incestuous little sisters and brothers around you at all times, who don’t even know you, but expect you to accept them and “play along” just because this is the first job they have ever been able to hold down. If it sounds sociopathic, that’s because it is.


13 thoughts on “Rent-a-Stalker, Inc.

  1. Try all fbi and local police and the extended social political circles of Reagan Bush yrs of behavior science projects and the feds have at any time 100 agents to saturate any area the suspect goes where they wine dope it on up at the tax payers expense in a dangerous counter intel roving unlawful enhanced interrogation via advanced satellite and bio metric dod nsa fbi tech to employ their cronies Etal…

    • Unfortunately, there is nowhere that you can go. If there is any place that exists that could keep us protected, I have, yet, to discovery it. Even moving from state to state or state to another country does not help. They are everywhere.

      It sucks for us because they have infiltrated society so deep that it would be hard to tell, in the beginning, who is a member of these crime syndication and who is not unless your experienced enough to read the signs.

      My prayers go out to you. The best thing that we can do is pray and find ways to protect ourselves.

      Your gang stalker, sadly, may always have a means of finding you. They use satellite technology and you may already be wired up to their tracking system.

      Good luck.

      • I belong the least we can do is band together in specific regions to at least go to the grocery store together when need be. These cowards almost never harrass people when they are with another person so that would cut down on the psyops. If the harrassment increases when you’re with a specific person then you know they’re in on it.

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    I thought that this was very interesting. I have had identical experiences with gang stalkers. So many actors. They act their part and smile for whoever is watching even though nothing that they do is funny. And no wonder customer service, anywhere we go, sucks. Many of them have no clue what they are doing anyway. And now that I can really think about it further, they even take it as far as role playing in courtrooms! Watch out Hollywood!

  3. I have seen these fly-by perpetrators as well. Especially at my job. (I realize I am fortunate to have a job, being a TI.) I am often flirted with by girls barely 18 yrs old and I am 51 yrs old. What 18 to 20 yr old girl wants to hang out with a guy 30+ yrs older than them. Other employees have also been quickly spotted by their actions drastically changing, ignoring me completely to trying to hang out after work, as well as, hanging out and then rarely communicating without reason. I don’t know how leaders and members choose this Cult way of life. But the authorities approve and assist these Unconstitutional, Sacrilegious and Damaging Activities to our society. I never realized there is so much Hateful and Demonic people in America’s population. Hard to call it the ‘Land of the Free’

    • Amen. When I lived free, you could not have paid me to believe that these types of cults existed. I always knew that evil existed and that, no matter where I went, there was always going to be hateful people somewhere in the vicinity; but never in a million years would I have believed that our government would have ‘allowed’ so many murder-loving peohav to walk freely in the streat without suffering consequence.

      My perpetrators are the bragging type. They seem to love advertising the fact that they are Klaverns or Klaverts that may, from what I understand, have swore the ‘baphomet’. Before my gang stalking program began, I didn’t even know what a Klavern or Klavert was! These people belong in a mental institute, not the other way around. And I assumed that the ‘baphomet’ was a pledge for celebrities. Who knew that people were so desperate and so tranced out by evil?

  4. im posting this everywhere I might be able to get some help and/or answers. I’m sorry to post in a lot of places but complacency among people seems to be more common than people actually willing to do anything about this atrocity.

    I’m curious what I can do if i believe I am being targeted for hate by the groups you are talking about. I have been receiving messages both online and by people in the community that I am being portrayed in a negative way based in sexual activity that is horrible to accuse a person of. I have talked with the police after having been told the police were asking questions about me and the police say they aren’t looking to talk to me. I have also been told in writing that the FBI has me under surveillance but that was also denied. What do you suggest I do. This started in a very specific way when I was living in San Francisco California and has intensified in places like Seattle Washington.

    Yesterday I heard one of my neighbors say “there he is, look at him!”

    Are there groups a person like myself can call for support?

    • To answer your question, it is hard to say. Hotlines come and go and you have to be wary of all of the dis-informationalist that stockpile them when you do find one. The FFCHS is supposedly a place that Targeted Individuals can go to for help and information but it seems that they also have that problem.

      If I am not mistaken, the FFCHS may have a hotline. Neal Chevier was a former member of the FFCHS. I do know he began his own newsletter but I am not sure of whether he has a hotline. I will have to do more research. Chris Lissa Myers (lissakrhumanelife, Greed vs. Creed:Smith’s Fields of Shame) had began a hotline but I am not sure of whether it lasted.

      Being a Targeted Individual is very difficult indeed.

  5. The stalker will look over the bathroom stall partition and take photos of you. This person is following you at lunch, also they are putting things on your pen or desk while you are gone or in the bathroom. The person vandalizes cars and then files a phony report because they know everyone is looking for them. If You suddenly have a car towed away for no reason, the neighborhood watch or RSVP volunteer peeled your registration off and called the tow truck, TURN THEM IN, do not help neighborhood watch commit crimes or stalk people. If you are asked by any person or business at this address 10509 Vista Sorrento Parkway to follow and stalk a person, Vandalize or break into a car using the keys or break in tools, Contact the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR): 10509 Vista Sorrento Parkway, San Diego, CA 92121 ***Next door to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headquarters. A corrupt law enforcement officer is directing people to stalk people and cars using social media, file fabricated reports,pour urine or other substances on and inside cars, place feces on the steering wheel or wipe used tampons on car door and building door handles and children’s playground slides. The stalker will shoot the windshield and side of the car with a bb gun. Any information you provide to the rogue cops is used to break into or vandalize cars and houses. CALL OPR IMMEDIATELY if you are contacted by any person from 10509 Vista Sorrento Parkway asking to to stalk, vandalize or break into a premises. if an OBESE white or hispanic female approaches you about stalking people TURN THEM IN for VANDALISM The past 15 companies did.

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