Touchless Tourture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary


Published on Jan 17, 2016
What does Billions upon Billions spent by our government on brain mapping the human mind, psychotronic touchless torture, targeted individuals, self-replicating nano-bots, Morgellons disease, smart dust, geoengineering, scalar waves, GWEN towers, Dwave Quantum super computers, Black goo, Gray Goo, Goo-gle and Archons have in common?

They are all being used together for a mass mind control agenda using wireless remote brain mapping to be able to override one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions from anywhere in the world, anytime using smart dust released from geoengineering smart dust carrying planes released into the air to enter our bodies with sub atomic particulate matter. This is the ultimate mind control technology where machines are taking control of human minds around the world since at least the mid 1970’s to the point where we are all Phase I affected and many TI’s (targeted individuals) are Phase II where voices are inside your head, body functions are controlled remotely and lives are ruined to the pt. that some TI’s commit suicide to escape the torture.

Nanotechnology (“nanotech”) is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.[1]

Nanotechnology has many applications being tested covertly and used to control the human population in psychotronic warfare or Mind Control methods and also to track down people and to know what they are thinking. This is a type of military alien technology used for artificial intelligence networks for Brain Mapping.

Nanotechnology weapons such as Morgellons are self replicating hollow fibers that are designed to read out the light finger print code of the DNA of the person infected with the alien technology and transform it to a signal that is detectable to be tracked, tested and harvested. It appears to be self assembly nano bot technology related to transhumanist agenda of the Archons for artificial light harvesting.


2 thoughts on “Touchless Tourture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary

  1. Racist Extremist Supremacist Group terror Gang Members known as the family known as “the family “commit violent crimes activities that include,  Financial crimes that include bank fraud and murder, especially , mortgage fraud,commit attempted murder,  kidnapping,  murdering street game members
    > More than a 200 members of the family involved with crimes including racketeering conspiracy, RICO Conspiracies, murder conspiracy and attempted murder. In one scheme, the family — a Racial Biased Hate Motivated Organized Group Gang Members —conspiracy to participate in the affairs of a racketeering enterprise (RICO conspiracy), in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1962.
    > The family notorious for violent crimes to African Americans and other races that controls women and benefit from fraud crimes and assault to women.  The family and its associates engage in a variety of crime in order to maintain their presence in the criminal world, including murder, assault, kidnapping, extortion, bank fraud,  Mortgage Fraud scheme scam and other violent crimes.
    > Territory: California , Tennessee, Chicago and selected areas around the United States
    > Alliances: Unknown
    > Members: 200
    Racial make up: Black
    Threat: High
    Rival Gangs: MS-13, Gangster Disciples
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