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I am a victim of organized stalking for at least 15 years now. I did not realize what was happening until 3 months ago. On June 16, 2012, I did a Google search for “why an I being followed” and sites for gang stalking popped up. Since that day things  have really amped up. My “perps” now knew that I was “aware” and launched an extremly severe “shock and awe” campaign designed to eliminate me quickly. The scale and scope of  resources involved in these efforts are astounding and completely unbelievable. Yet 100% true. I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to.  And trust me I have better things to do with my time. But I’ll admit if I wasn’t going through it myself, I probably would not believe it either. Another victim inspired to me to start this blog. It is my goal to increase education and awareness to the general public about what gang stalking is and how anyone can become a victim.

Many victims refer to themselves as “targeted individuals” or “TI”‘s or just “targets”. Some have been victims for decades now, spanning generations. There are many theories as to the “who, what, and why” when it comes to the stalkers and the victims. My plan is to enumerate these theories via personal experience, links to websites, other blogs, books, research, etc. My goal is to also help new victims who feel like they have no one to turn to. There is a wealth of resources that I plan to provide links to; esp. in California.

My biggest, most ambitious goal is to create a National database for victims of gang stalking that would include a national  registry for victims, a 24 hr. crisis hotline, petition for a federal grand jury investigation of gang stalking, petition for legislation against gang stalking, and a databse of license plate numbers and pics/info about serial stalkers so they can be tracked from state to state.

The goals of organized gang stalking are to: Provoke the victim to commit an asault so they will be arrested; Make the victim seem mentally ill or delusional so they are institutionalized; or make the victim so depressed they become suicidal (if they don’t die first of a heart attack or a stroke from the severe stress).

The stalkers engage in a wide variety of tactics to achieve these goals. The stalkers numbers range in groups of hundreds to thousands; organized stalking is also referred to as “covert war”. Many of them already live in your community, but some will travel/move from other areas or out of state to stalk. Single individuals or families are targeted. Victims often include activists, whistle blowers, single women, single moms, loners. It is bullying on steroids and hooliganism on crack with harassment 24/7/365. I will go into more about who is victimized and the stalkers tactics in future posts.

Whether or not you are a victim I invite you to subscribe to this blog and become more aware of this heinous crime. Everything I write in this blog about my own personal experience is 100% TRUE. If it sounds like a living nightmare, it is. Before 3 months ago, I never would have believed any of this was possible or that I lived among such monsters.

Hello world!

This is a blog is about Organized Gang Stalking and electronic surveillance/ harassment in the city of Encinitas CA 92024, a city just North of San Diego CA,  and how a single person can be psychologically bound, gagged and gang raped by an entire city and everyone they know and loved. If you are a victim of this crime I hope it helps. You are not alone. If you are not a victim, please be aware that this is real and it can happen to anyone, including yourself. If you are a perp, God f*cking help you.

The following is my best generalized definition of gang stalking:

Organized gang stalking is an extreme form of community based harassment that encompasses non-consesual human experimentation and has every hallmark of domestic terrorism. With the help of technology, a single family or individual is targeted with 24/7 tracking and surveillance that can go on for decades. It is psychotronic warfare as the target becomes the victim of psychological torture by land, sea, and air. Victim is identified, vilified, and nullified, with the intention of being destroyed. Either by incarceration, institutionalization, or self-initiated execution. Many also die a “sudden death” by heart attack or stroke from the severe stress caused by gang stalking. Neighbors, co-workers, community members, business/retail employees, friends, family members are recruited to harass the individual(s). The victim’s entire social support is eliminated as friends and family members are targeted as well. Victim is literally stalked by hundreds to thousands
of people in every venue, including their own homes. Trafficking networks that are already set up for illegal trade in drugs, arms, sex, and human slaves are heavily involved. Harassment tactics are numerous and include “street theater”, gaslighting, mimicking, coded gestures, directed conversation, noise campaigns, and much more. Victims are sensitized to these tactics to let them know they are being followed and watched at all times. Since non-perpetrators may in fact may in fact make some of these same gestures, the victim can seem to have signs of a mental illness.

Gang stalking is legalized abuse and may sound like innocent fun but can be highly lethal. A victim may describe it as desperately climbing the walls of a gas chamber without any help in sight. Law enforcement agencies, attorneys, Employee unions, doctors, and politicians will not help victims. In fact, many of them are also involved or complicit in the harassment. The torture has escalated with advances in technology such as satellite tracking and through wall imaging, voice to skull communication, directed energy weapons, and artificial telepathy where a victims thoughts can be read in real time.

Gang stalking is hardly a new concept and similar tactics of organized harassment have already been used in the following: Stasi police, KKK, Pro-life groups, Satanic Ritual Abuse, FBI Cointelpro, MK Ultra, Monarch programming, workplace mobbing, and to help eject residents of rent- controlled apartments. The difference now is the levels of harassment have escalated 10 fold due to the involvement of Federal intelligence agencies, DHS, and the fear mongering caused by “terrorism”. The endgame is worldwide depopulation, mind control, and slavery.


Shortly after Megan realized she was a victim of gang stalking, the harassment escalated severely. She became the target of workplace mobbing, harassment by neighbors, community members, and first responders. This included stalking by groups in the hundreds to thousands on foot, bicycle, and by car. The harassment became so intense she had a severe panic attack and was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold where a fraudulent doctor attempted to diagnosis her with schizophrenia, put her on antipsychotic meds and place her under a conservatorship.