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I am a victim of organized stalking for at least 15 years now. I did not realize what was happening until 3 months ago. On June 16, 2012, I did a Google search for “why an I being followed” and sites for gang stalking popped up. Since that day things  have really amped up. My “perps” now knew that I was “aware” and launched an extremly severe “shock and awe” campaign designed to eliminate me quickly. The scale and scope of  resources involved in these efforts are astounding and completely unbelievable. Yet 100% true. I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to.  And trust me I have better things to do with my time. But I’ll admit if I wasn’t going through it myself, I probably would not believe it either. Another victim inspired to me to start this blog. It is my goal to increase education and awareness to the general public about what gang stalking is and how anyone can become a victim.

Many victims refer to themselves as “targeted individuals” or “TI”‘s or just “targets”. Some have been victims for decades now, spanning generations. There are many theories as to the “who, what, and why” when it comes to the stalkers and the victims. My plan is to enumerate these theories via personal experience, links to websites, other blogs, books, research, etc. My goal is to also help new victims who feel like they have no one to turn to. There is a wealth of resources that I plan to provide links to; esp. in California.

My biggest, most ambitious goal is to create a National database for victims of gang stalking that would include a national  registry for victims, a 24 hr. crisis hotline, petition for a federal grand jury investigation of gang stalking, petition for legislation against gang stalking, and a databse of license plate numbers and pics/info about serial stalkers so they can be tracked from state to state.

The goals of organized gang stalking are to: Provoke the victim to commit an asault so they will be arrested; Make the victim seem mentally ill or delusional so they are institutionalized; or make the victim so depressed they become suicidal (if they don’t die first of a heart attack or a stroke from the severe stress).

The stalkers engage in a wide variety of tactics to achieve these goals. The stalkers numbers range in groups of hundreds to thousands; organized stalking is also referred to as “covert war”. Many of them already live in your community, but some will travel/move from other areas or out of state to stalk. Single individuals or families are targeted. Victims often include activists, whistle blowers, single women, single moms, loners. It is bullying on steroids and hooliganism on crack with harassment 24/7/365. I will go into more about who is victimized and the stalkers tactics in future posts.

Whether or not you are a victim I invite you to subscribe to this blog and become more aware of this heinous crime. Everything I write in this blog about my own personal experience is 100% TRUE. If it sounds like a living nightmare, it is. Before 3 months ago, I never would have believed any of this was possible or that I lived among such monsters.

6 thoughts on “GS Awareness

  1. I have been a target for almost 7 years after I attended North Hennepin College pursuing an Criminal Justice degree. I am bombarded with lethal intent with weapons and massive microwave exposures here in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs…….There something not quite right about the complicity of those who have sworn to protect and serve..WHY ARE THEY NOT HELPING TI’S and WHY is everyone seeming to be in on this evil?? NO Government should be able to force someone into an abusive and torturous ordeal such as electronic harassment against their will…Slavery is over………The DOD and the law enforcement agencies need to be culpable for this madness because I did not consent EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great! The feds will love that! They love anyone willing to collect databases they can use. I can only imagine the ‘hair’ storage warehouse is 10 times the size of the biggest Wally World.

  3. The license plate database won’t do any good. They make their own. You can tell who the new employees are at the shop next to the DOT as they don’t back in.

    They used one of their plates to impersonate a postal worker years ago, VHR850 if I recall correctly, and replaced one on their white van snatch and grab units that corresponded with TI F5 if I recall correctly. Don’t really know for sure since I’ve never consulted one of their guvt hypnotists or state phunded Psychobabblers.

  4. Your story is similar to mine in that I have been stalked for at least 15 or so years but did not realize it until around 7 months ago. I always just thought that my “luck was very bad” or that I just run into a lot of nasty people. So unaware that a program like this even exists I just went along with my life. However they kept getting more intense with the amount of nasty people who I “kept running into” or the multiple neighbors who started acting bizarrely around me. They kept amping up the harassment and pulling the same bs over and over again in a definite pattern. I finally realized that everybody has some bad luck or a few bad neighbors but this was just getting ridiculous.

    I googled the different types of things that were happening to me and a lot of websites and YouTube videos on gang stalking popped up. After reading through others experiences you immediately realize that you are a targeted individual and you are being gang stalked. Immediately the severe “shock and awe” harassment began as soon as they realized that I was now aware. It’s obvious that the perps grow tired with you being an unaware TI as they only take the harassment so far. So they fully know that you will Google what’s happening to you if the harassment gets bad enough and keeps happening with a greater frequency. So they want you to be an aware TI so they can use their full bag of harassment tricks on you and with constant frequency.

    I have since gotten most of the classic harassment techniques over and over again since I became aware. It’s all about sensitization and it’s also all about them having you know that they are trying to mess with you on purpose. It’s obviously a challenge putting up with the daily harassment and some days are more difficult than others. A couple things that have helped me is that I realize that not everybody is a perp. There are many people out there who aren’t perps and unfortunately there are many who are. You just have to realize that the higher up perps just make sure that wherever you go that you are constantly surrounded by perps, so it creates the false illusion that everybody is a perp. Also the people who do this shit are criminals. I don’t care if they are 8 or 80, if they participate in this they are participating in something immoral and illegal. So even though its not always easy, I do try to consider the source of my harassment.

  5. 1. Joyce Knight AKA Francine Joyce Mauser and Tiffany Albright are domestic terrorists.
    Between 2005 to 2008 Joyce Knight instructed patrons at her place of business (4425 Bannock Ave., San Diego, CA 92117) to stalk people and to vandalize their cars. Joyce Knight was directed to perform the illegal acts by corrupt members of law enforcement.
    In 2006, Using a keystroke logger on the computer network, Joyce Knight intercepted passwords for the Senior Emergency Alert System (SEAS) program and deleted the servers data, causing it to cease function. Joyce Knight sought to falsely blame a male employee who had already contacted SDPD about her break in activity. Tiffany Albright enabled and participated in the illegal actions of Joyce Knight and other participants.

    The SEAS server was a FIRST RESPONDER server used in the dispatch of ambulance services from AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE (AMR) located at 8808 Balboa Ave., San Diego. The server break-in constituted a violation of federal HIPAA laws because the server contained medical data pertaining to each client, social security numbers and Billing information. A group of people engaged in the server break-in, constituting a conspiracy as defined by federal law.
    The punishment for each activity is 5 years and 10 years in federal prison plus additional for the terrorism act. Joyce knight was fired from the center the following year. Several employees said that she had been taking money from the daily donations box that was meant to pay for congregate meals each day in the meal line.

    If you are a member of the public or a member of Livewell San Diego /Clairemont Freindship Senior Center (CFSC) AKA Clairemont Friendship Center and were asked to stalk a person or car, vandalize a car (2005 to 2019), enter a car and place feces on the steering wheel, please contact the internal affairs unit of the appropriate local or federal agency, Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) If you were asked to compromise a server or break in by Joyce knight call 911 and turn them in
    The male stalkers are convicted armed robbers and fraud convicts. if you are asked to follow people at Walmart, Starbucks coffee, VONS,7-11, Etc, you are helping domestic terrorists and armed robbers who will try to find a persons house to commit robberies.
    This flyer was handed out by neighborhood watch.

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