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The world of Organized Gang Stalking is massive and spans the globe with millions of victims worldwide. Stalkers range from infants to elderly and come from all walks of life, all socioeconomic backgrounds, and may represent multiple organizations that have joined together. Stalkers may have varied reasons for stalking, some think they are actually “do gooders”, some are intentionally malicious, and some may not even know why they are stalking a person. I once heard one stalker tell someone she was  on her way to another “audition”.

In my personal experience MANY of them are on disability and have drug/alcohol problems. So many of them look like they crawled out from under a rock and have a reptilian look about them. Many are obese and unhealthy and lack any stamina or attention span at all. It can be comical at times. I have read on numerous sites that many of them have criminal records that were expunged in return for gang stalking, i.e. they are extorted. They then become slaves in the sense that they are recorded comitting crimes against the victims (entering homes, cars, theft, vandalism, voyeurism, etc.). This is evidence that can be used against them later by police. etc.

Eleanor White has excellent advice for victims on her website which is located in my links. Targeted individuals have to water down what they tell the public. There are things we can tell other TI’s that we cannot tell the public for the very reason that they are just so unbelievable. This is the nature of gang stalking; that the victim comes off as raving, ranting, and delusional. These tactics are very effective and it is very hard for the victim to prove. I could tell you things right now that would curl your hair. But I will not. It is hard for me to even tell other TI’s because it is very disturbing. I will start  with the basics and go from there as public awareness increases.

I have A LOT of empathy for people who are just realizing that they are TI’s. It is indeed a massive shock to your heart, mind, body, and soul. The best advice I can give you right now is to NOT react no matter how bad it is (and believe me I still struggle a lot with this). You can and will survive this and it all lies in having the right attitude and making choices. Live your life as normally as possible and DO NOT isolate. DO NOT back down. Gang Stalking is the snake in the corner that you eventually find out is just a piece of rope. If you make any changes in your lifestyle, they have to be positive ones that increase your credibility. Volunteer, exercise outdoors, go to therapy, go to church, go to HOA and city council meetings, join meetup groups online, get to know your neighbors. You will see stalkers in all of these places but if you are acting appropriately and being service and community oriented it is more difficult to accuse you of being a criminal or mentally ill.

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  1. I been gang stalked for 4yrs now. All this time I was made out to be crazy. or a person looking fpor a reason to get violent . When you have people you know follow you every time you leave your house , In my world you want to get to the bottom of it a.s.a.p .the voices I would hear put a dagger my heart cause it sounds like my girlfriend is having the orgazam of her while she is I. Bed next to me ….. I would feel diffrent stimulating sensations running up my legs almost to my privates then it would go away, next my girlfriend would let agrunt out as if being penatraited . I searched endlessly for answers finally found a feww and then I stared to research and found a web sight on gang stalking . EVetything has come togethe .. I know who and revejge will mine my story goes way further and very intense but I wont revel more altho they know my every move ad thought . THanks to all the T.I tat have gien me knowledge insight and hope to obercome this crule joke stay strong .. wst texas target

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