‘Artificial Intelligence is as dangerous as NUCLEAR WEAPONS’


Artificial intelligence has the potential to be as dangerous to mankind as nuclear weapons, a leading pioneer of the technology has claimed.
Professor Stuart Russell, a computer scientist who has lead research on artificial intelligence, fears humanity might be ‘driving off a cliff’ with the rapid development of AI.
He fears the technology could too easily be exploited for use by the military in weapons, putting them under the control of AI systems…

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Soft Targets vs Unhumans


Published on May 1, 2015
Dr. Cherubini answers questions about his being targeted for 20 years after blowing the whistle. He does not feel very positive about a government agenda leading toward a full blown military police state, mass mind control of citizens, and a targeted individual terror/torture program poised to target — anyone and everyone. He relates some of his own experiences and feelings as a long term career educator who has been assaulted daily–right after his moves to equalize education opportunities. His work to expose inequities was covered by media around the world.