Soft Targets vs Unhumans


Published on May 1, 2015
Dr. Cherubini answers questions about his being targeted for 20 years after blowing the whistle. He does not feel very positive about a government agenda leading toward a full blown military police state, mass mind control of citizens, and a targeted individual terror/torture program poised to target — anyone and everyone. He relates some of his own experiences and feelings as a long term career educator who has been assaulted daily–right after his moves to equalize education opportunities. His work to expose inequities was covered by media around the world.

9 thoughts on “Soft Targets vs Unhumans

  1. I’ve seen his previous, shorter videos and he’s obviously done a tremendous amount of research on gang stalking and some of the areas of scientific research which are used to make gang stalking and electronic harassment as efficient as possible.

    You can hear the frustration in the poor guy’s voice.

    He needs to do some more research: Myron May, Aarron Alexis and Christopher Dorner were ALL psy ops or hoaxes and I do not state this lightly.

    They were just another way to discredit TIs while trying to push their gun control agenda.
    There are a shitload of holes in every story in addition to crisis actors.

    I have tried to simplify my approach to OSEH by not dissecting the different types of perping;No matter who does it how, it perping. I no longer take it personally as its MEANT to be taken-You can tell what the orders of these SHITS are by not only what they do but what they do NOT do just as I’ve been able to clearly know SOME of the time when I am being mind controlled by obvious signs such as:

    Difficulty thinking clearly, forgetting things too easily, anger, depression and anxiety that comes on immediately, intrusive thoughts and images, thoughts that are totally uncharacteristic of who and what I am, missing time, a cold tight feeling on the top of my head accompanied by difficulty thinking clearly, paranoia, turning my head or moving my eyes of “my own will” and a trigger will be there-Its all fear and anger based.

    When the shitfaced cops harass anyone in conjunction with the equally shitty civilian perps it is 95% orders:When several of my neighbors on Frontenac Ave in Buffalo, NY pull the staring shit for years at a time (on and off) and lay off for a little while its ORDERS. Fusion centers, DHS, NSA and the rest of these cowardly criminals..

    Since the perverse ideology behind the NWO includes FULL CONTROL over everyone’s mind and body, TIs should realize that EVERYONE is being mind f—kd;Our police friends have their Tetra communications system world wide which is causing mental problems, cancer and more diseases.

    The EMF frequencies have been able to control people’s bodily functions and emotions for perhaps scores of years (probably more),

    For example all you have to do is beam the frequency of sleep of 4 Hertz into someone’s head and they fall asleep and this can be done with light and I think sound but from what they LET us know pulse modulated microwave radiation is the most commonly used carrier for the shit they do to TIs (and everyone else despite what any asshole perp reading this may protest otherwise).

    Cellphone and Gwen towers everywhere, satellites, smart meters and more.
    All of this shit is causing the symptoms of premature aging, mental problems, dementia-like symptoms (partly due to the interference of neuron to neuron communication), insomnia (due to the robbing of Melatonin from our bodies),
    increase or decrease in sex drive, pain in the joints, Autism has been indicated as part of the wireless tech problems, SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome possibly due to the radiation from baby monitors.

    Gotta tell you guys that there is a WEALTH of knowledge of how these cowardly spineless fucks use EMF signals to make us sick mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and there are steps other than the traditional shielding we’ve heard of as TIs which we CAN take to attenuate or lessen the attacks on us.

    This You Tube playlist has some of the best videos on the symptoms and dangers of ALL technology which assaults us and includes plenty of ways to deal with this shit.

    We can not stop the mind control they do to us but we can become far more aware of it which makes it somewhat easier to realize when they are f—kng with our mind.

    StopOgs, I’m doing a Talkshoe show on how TIs can keep track of each other ia a buddy system using the phone to check on other TIs as often as a TI requests his or her trusted fellow TI “buddy” who they trust enough to choose. It would involve informing any family or friends of the target if the buddy can not get in contact with their fellow TI for too long a period to ensure that they have not been institutionalized in some way-This is basically a brainstorming session with some exchange of ideas on gang stalking in general.

    My call will be Thursday 6:00 Eastern on Talkshoe: Snitzer1’s TI Contact Call.

  2. Thanks for the info and links Scott. Dr. Cherubini also wrote a book on OSEH that is very good. I won’t be able to call in on Thurs. but if the call is archived I can give you feedback. Thinking of buying my own 800 number to put on this blog.

  3. Scott, I admire your posts. I could never talk about these assholes without my blood boiling and filled with immense hatred. I detest anyone like these handlers and schemers who sit there and dream up ways of getting to me on a daily basis. You seem to know how the system works. They have me angry to the point where I can never think rationally, to figure out ways of countering them. I guess that is a goal of theirs.

    Some of the perps though DO take stuff like this seriously. After I posted that “info” a while back about some of my perps, they started this thing where they are going to be watching for me to go to WalMart, threatening to make something “happen” to me. Well, to the perps doing this, I’m telling you to go ahead and try it. I see perps making threats to me all the time, and when I see them in person, they are uber uber uber nice and polite about their harassment. Perps seem to be very angry hateful people, but very cowardly. They don’t seem to have control over their lives, and getting angry with targets seems to exceed their real-world ability to really do anything about it. Yeah, let’s see you try it, Bleach Blondie. Bring your big tough whomever it is you’re going to bring. I’ll bet you’ll be as quite as a weak little mouse. I dare you, perps. Let the B$## try it.

    I’m sure they wouldn’t try it anyways, The people running this BS show probably “allowed” them to make the threats, because it fell inline with their plans to keep me from going to WalMart anyways. Try it, Blondee! Let’s see how far you get.

  4. Thank you for the information. I am in dire need of help and Justice. Any other information that can be helpful and investigation would be great. Nadine S. Siracusa

    Information contained in this e-mail transmission is Privileged and Confidential. If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, do not read, distribute or reproduce this transmission (including any attachments). If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by telephone or e-mail reply. Under no circumstances should this email be copied or forwarded to any company or individual unless from the original author. If doing so can and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Claw back provision and shall not be used for your purpose of Judicial reviews NOW TO MY HACKERS/HUSBAND/ STAY OFF AND THIS IS NOT FOR YOUR OWN FINANCIAL BENEFITS. YOU ALL ARE GOING TO GET CAUGHT.​ If you are reading this illegally and using it for your own purpose YOU ARE IN DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF MY CRIMINAL STATUES. ACLU

  5. I do not have the entire system figured out, Lifelong but I understand most of the fundamentals involved in this sick shit;They spend years priming, conditioning;Brainwashing us with what I’m not positive is a combination of direct energy weapons to increase our sensitivity to the triggers they implant in us right along with the increasing isolation thanks to the smear campaign as we become more fearful, doubtful of ourselves which in the case of many TIs (guessing) means that you question if you committed a crime and/or are “crazy” while ironically every one of our gang stlakers are both criminals and mentally ill.

    There’s obviously a way in which the perps keep in contact with each other and their handlers, how they are paid, how they have brainstorming sessions acting rehearsals for some of the skits they pull on us (probably via Skype usually), they know where we will be and when thanks to the remote neural monitoring or plainly put, mind control by which they can implant subliminal directions which seem like our own inner voice.

    They can make us think that everyone is against us when its literally using both the DE weapons and the years of conditioning which complement each other to keep us in a perpetual state of anger, depression, hypervigilance, paranoia, high anxiety, insomnia, ect and the rest of the horrible shit that comes with EMF attacks from not only our targeting but wireless routers, smart meters, wireless phones, cell phones, microwave and gwen towers and so on-Just as the sick evil fucks in power use a combination of GM foods, poison air, water, medications, chem trails, EMF pollution including dirty electricity, fumes from our chemically treated clothes and living quarters and cars, vaccines, the flicker rate of your TV (puts you in an Alpha or receptive state of programming)-My point is they use as many possible tools of psychology, neurology, computer science, military-grade energy weapons, cult or group psych and mind control of them to unite them against us, sociology and our own personal psych profile to use these things adn more against us.

    In my case, similar to yours, Life-Long they inculcated strong feelings of guilt, doubt, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, my sense of responsibility, my black and white or absolutist thinking and now very old self-esteem issues against me making me the IDEAL candidate for this program coupled with the fact that I was/am an introvert making me relatively easy to isolate which is why not every truther becomes a full blown TI as there SEEMS to be too much of a risk of exposure and too much “work” for the sick assholes in “law” enforcement, DHS or whatever other evil assholes are involved in this scummy program.

    Like Renata (very well known TI Talkshoe host), I now look at ALL perping AS perping, Life-Long. I DO take it personal now and then due to a combo of old conditioning and their very real mind-invasive technologies (my vivid dreams and walking into perping skits are just ONE of many ways they proudly show me their “talents.”

    Also, for ALL TIs please keep the following in mind:

    One of their strategies I have figured out which is NOW obvious is how they distract us with one form of stalking while priming us for the next “assault” and knowing that they DO combine the physical stalking with subliminal implants and other programming and that their supercomputers can think far, far faster than our minds can they are hitting us from every conceivable angle sometimes building confidence then knocking it down making us doubt ourselves even further:This is a very, very complex multi-layered multi-axis if you will attack on one human being and honest to god, admitting that our minds have and are being read, admitting that we can easily be programmed into perping situations, ect and keeping as open a mind as possible allows you to discern shit that takes away at least SOME of the smoke screen these scummy slobs pull on us.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I say and/or do something and regret it a few minutes later but realize it was mind control and by knowing yourself as much as possible that’s a huge help.

    And as I look at ALL perping as perping and not a personal thing but assholes taking orders I look at ALL perps as cowardly, spineless criminal shits. Period.
    Black and white. I WILL treat a cop with respect one on one as far as if I am pulled over or have to make out a police report but I have ZERO respect for the police. NONE. These are psychopathic cowardly thugs who only make shit worse for EVERYONE including themselves, their friends and family and that is just the plain truth-All civilian perps, all government workers involved in this program sitting behind a computer filling out reports on us, probably relaying orders to the handlers down to the perps if we are more vulnerable:Every single one of these shits deserve no respect. No benefit of the doubt and no forgiveness.

    Life-Long, it only matters that you are fully aware of what they have tried to do to you. What they have taken away from you as I, Stopogs (I’m sure) and every other target knows they have lost because of these conformist slobs-As long as you are aware of this and aware that every single perp regardless of title, position, income, ect deserves only your disgust, it should keep your mind more focused and centered (meditation and journaling helps too).

    You have to keep yourself as happy and easygoing as possible despite this shit we are all in-I am not saying to act and think as though nothing has every happened but to realize that these sick motherfuckers are literally children in adult bodies who have the gall to act high and mighty while using state of the art technology to torment another human being or fun and money;You have to get to the point where you see these f—krs as THINGS not people. No more benefit of the doubt or looking for the best in everyone-At least this has never worked for me.

    I now realize that I have been openly targeted about 25 not 20 years and to be frank, given the fact that this Zionist, sick ass society has such tight control over people as far as monitoring and surveillance and seeing that the systems of flagging a free thinking possible “threat” is routinely done in school these days (school “bullying” AKA gang stalking and drugging up kids who “act out” into zombies) I now believe 100% that future targets as well as future government assets such as scientists are flagged by the government from the early grades through various behavioral monitoring or tests and that when we’re older we begin to get the full-blown stalking if we are still lateral, outside the box, non conformist, compassionate people who also fit some of their other criterion as part of their sick fuck NWO conformist Nazi psych profile.

    Considering that there are now SEVENTY-TWO categories of who may be a domestic terrorist in this fascist corporation my guess (and that ARE guesses) may not be that far off.

    This post is my way of thanking you shit spineless cowards hiding behind your cars, cruises, uniforms and badges, your computers, doors, curtains, each other, in numbers, for recently HAMMERING THE FUCK out of me with all kinds of intrusive thoughts, vivid dreams, IMMEDIATE onset of anxious and angry states and so many more things. And for denying me the simple opportunities in life that you bastards (the perps) are allowed to pursue without hindererence and to any perps reading this, trust me: You are ALL as expendable as targeted individuals to your governent and other handlers;Most people, like you worry only about themselves and I am thankful beyond words that no matter how this ends for me, I have never been and never will be like one of you hateful, shallow bastards.

    For some reason my Talkshoe call has no callers and my first one had a few.
    This one is an open call unlike the last one which I announced on Renata’s who and a few people were going to call in plus I sent out invites:My point? Fuckers are probably blocking it.

    I’ll just reschedule my call and leave a short link here.

    Thank again for your work trying to inform people about this terrorism, Stopogs.
    Sadly, gang stalking is one of hundreds of crimes the governments of this world cover up courtesy of a corrupt court system and fully controlled media/gate keepers.

      • This Saturday at 8 Eastern, Stopogs.

        Just spoke with a TI from Canada who called in during the time my call was live and he kept getting the message that the show wasn’t on or somethinglike that.

        I’m not surprised, offended or even pissed off.

        I’m seriously disgusted at these sorry ass, mentally ill cowards hiding behind their tech toys and computer programs which allows them to spy, manipulate our online and other private info and harass us anonymously.

        With the severe isolation targeted individuals are subjected to from the smear campaign and/or the isolation brought about by the TI who shuns most human contact due to the suspicious mindset this shit brings on,
        its only morally right for TIs to keep in touch with each other while keeping tabs on other TIs as we know all too well that very few people have our best interests in mind.

        This wasn’t my original idea, but its a damned good one which must be pursued and if the perps have a problem with this, tough shit considering what they have done to all of us and the opportunities they have stolen from us and they honestly believe that its their right to “show us our place?”

        And they call US “crazy? ”

        I do not hate these things but I do dislike them intensely and they make me virulently sick:Every single target is superior to all of their perps. No exception. This is the plain truth. Never forget that ALL those who would gladly sellout a fellow human being as they have done to us is an inferior person unworthy of respect or the benefit of the doubt.

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