Thursday AM

Went to 8 o’clock mass this am. As I exited my front door, I see a large black truck idling on the corner across the street. I went back inside for a few moments, when I came back it was gone. As soon as I exited again a grey truck (see above pic) started it’s engine and idled on the street. It sat and idled until I got into my car and pulled off the curb. The truck pulled away the same time as me, driving ahead of me. There is some variation of this every single time I exit and enter my home. If it is not car stuff, it is random people or neighbors walking by or standing around.

A Sheriff patrol car exits the church lot just as I am entering. Ther usual fake coughing and sneezing inside church. Someone lets their cell phone ring tone go off twice without muting it. As I returned to my home and enter, someone drags a large plastic dumpster loudly across  the street.

Part of my harassment protocol is to drive a loud truck down my driveway every time I take off my shirt. Another part is to zoom a loud car down the street every time I pull down my pants to go to the bathroom. When I am in the shower, they have a loud car roar down the street so loud I can hear it inside my shower, inside my bathroom, with the water running. There is a very big chauvenistic, misogynistic element to organized stalking. The fact that so many single, educated, independent single women in the prime of their life are targeted is testament to this. The men who engage in organized stalking are NOT men. They are weak, abusive, and base. Many of them have drug and alcohol addictions and I suspect many of them were abused at some point. Many of them are gay, especially the younger ones. And I am certain many of the others are closeted gays.

Single women, loners, people who are timid, people who have little to no social network. These people are picked as targets because it is easy and the perps know they can get away with it. Just think of the same pussies who engage in “canned hunts” with animals. Because this is exactly what organized stalking is…only with humans as the subject.

I read that women who are married to perps are spied on as well. And many targets are divorced women targeted by their exes. They once smeared tiger balm on a maxi pad I left out in my bathroom. It burned so badly I had to remove it right away. This was done while I was out.

When you are a stalked (by one or by many) it is like being raped over and over and over again. When you are a TI, it is like being the only adult in the room, everywhere you go. When you a female TI, it is like being trapped in an abusive relationship with someone you don’t even know and never wanted anything to do with ever. Back in school, you only had to put up with bullies for part of a day. In organized stalking you put up with the bullies for the rest of your life, everywhere you go.

Family/Friends Targeted Part 1

Organized stalkers can and will target an entire family or group of friends. For years you will hear friends and family complain about little bad/weird things that happened to them. You listen and dwell on it for a bit and move on, shrugging it off as a minor annoyance. When you come to the realization that you are a TI and there are no more coincidences, you suddenly realize how all these bad/weird things happening to you and everyone in your circle is connected. The following are some examples from the past 10 years:

Mom: Woman from random credit card company continuously calling and harassing her saying she owed money. In the end she did not.

Mom: Man called and asked her to place money on her front door for the fire dept. When she didn’t do it he actually called back and asked why.

Mom: Woman supposedly from her bank called and said she was going to send a man named “Shamus” over to talk about her account.

Mom: Man came out a Dunkin Donuts and started yelling at her for putting a ping in his door after she parked next to him. She did not damage his car. He insisted. She was at least 80 years old when this took place.

Mom: Financial adviser at Wells Fargo in Ridgefield, CT had her to take out a 20,000 dollar home equity loan that she neither asked for or needed.

Mom: Persistent hang up calls over a span of 6 months to a year, until she finally got caller ID/blocking.

Mom: X-ray tech did and entire mammogram series and then told her she had to repeat it because there was no film in the machine.

Mom: Male X-ray tech was rude/rough when placing needles in her breast for an X-ray.

Mom: Kirby vaccum sent extremely aggressive salesman to her condo to sell her a very expensive, heavy vacuum with too many parts. She was 82 at the time.

Mom: Doctor did not use local anesthetic when stitching a gash on her forehead.

Mom: Returned home from weekend trip to find gas burner on, flaming up over the stove.

Mom: Neighbor’s girlfriend from upstairs condo wrote a paper about my Mom “for school” which included my Mom’s full name and address and the fact that she lived alone and rarely saw her family. It read more like a legal document than anything else. The neighbor was an HOA board member.

Mom: “Swapping” of items took place in her home including food items, a Waterford crystal clock I brought her from Dublin, and possibly a diamond ring that was a family heirloom. She also had a brand new paring knife that went missing right after a sister came to visit. “Swapping” is when perps replace an item with something that looks similar, only it will be either damaged, very worn, made of a different material, or has a slightly different design. The effect is to gaslight the victim, or make you think you are mentally ill because you will know it’s not the same item but couldn’t possibly imagine how it changed. For example: Exchanging a newer dvd player with an identical one that is broken. Replacing a fresh cantaloupe from the market with one that is puckered and dented all over. Replacing a crystal mantle clock with one that has a very similar design. They like to do this with items that you enjoy, are unique,  or that they can make a profit from by selling. They do not have to be valuable items.

Swapping went on in my home for years and years before I realized I was a TI this summer. They actually swapped out a new toilet. I will write another post on that topic eventually…

Police/Sheriff Harassment 11/28/12

7:40 am  Passed by motorcycle cop on freeway.

12:55 pm  Passed by city cop car.

1:05 pm  Passed by city parking patrol vehicle.

1:09 pm  Passed by city cop car.

1:37 pm  Passed by Sheriff patrol car.

2:10  Passed motorcycle cop on side of road.

There may have been one or two more sightings…

Harassment Log 11/21/12

12:30 pm  Passed parked private ambulance.

1:30 pm  Passed by private ambulance at intersection.

1:50 pm  Passed by Paramedic ambulance w/ sirens at intersection. 

2:35 pm  Passed by Paramedic ambulance with sirens at intersection. 

What are Perps Made Of?

I am 99 percent certain at this point that if you snap off a piece of a perp’s body, kinda like a chocolate bunny, you will find a creamy fudge filling made purely of putrid, rotting dog shit and vomit. No brain, no heart, no guts, no backbone, no nervous system, no muscle. Nothing I ever do in private will ever be as disgusting, vile, and degrading as what these people do with themselves in public every day of their lives. Just containers full of putrid dogshit and vomit, walking around posing as humans. 

Sheriff/Fire dept. Harassment Log

6:30 am Sirens pass my home.

7:50 am  Passed by Sheriff patrol on the way to church.

9:30 am Sirens pass my church during Rosary.

1:56 pm  Sirens pass my home.

2:21 pm   Sirens pass my home.

5:34 pm  Sirens pass my home.

9:40 pm  Passed by Sheriff patrol on the way back from the market.

Saturday night….Sunday am

Saturday 11/17/12

8pm   Went to pub w/ neighbor. Sexually harassed by friend of neighbor’s right after he received a text from someone. Male and female perps mimic me by rubbing their chest with one or both hands. This is gesture harassment and sexual harassment. The blonde bartender filled his glass up with wine immediately after he did it as a reward. He is an alcoholic, booze is more important to him than friendship.

An elderly couple also came up to us immediately after this harassment took place (everything’s synchronized). All smiles and chatty, saying goodnight. The man went over to my neighbor’s friend and patted him on the back. I’m sure he is the one who put him up to it. The man had a big round head and a crazed look in his eye like he could be Marshall Applewhite’s little brother. Don’t be fooled by the older perps, just as many of them are sick f*cks as the younger ones. I left and went home.

9pm- 12am  Neighbors blast loud music/ dvd downstairs, loud cars up and down street and up my apt. driveway, loud over the speed bump. Slamming doors and windows and the random loud noise. I wonder if they get bruises.

Sunday 11/18/12

7:30 am  Went to mass. Color harassment (Red, purple, turquoise), Noise harassment (coughing, jingling keys), Gesture harassment (stroking hair/back of neck), mimicking.

915 am Went for a walk on the trail near my house. Color harassment (purple, turquoise, red, neon colors), coughing, gesture harassment.

950 am A Mom with a bright yellow stroller and purple shorts runs in front of my car door just as I approach my car. She stops and talks to a blonde woman in an SUV who continues up the block, U-turns, and follows me to the next intersection. She didn’t like it when I snapped her pic.

10 am Drove home. They always have a car turn into my block ahead of me. There was one stopped at the light with one faded tail light. I snapped his plates. We both made a left onto my block. He slows and makes a U-turn in front of me as I try to turn right. I kept my sell phone on him. He pulls up next to me and asks why I am filming him. He has 2 young kids in the back of the car. I continue to my home and park, he follows me and idles next to my car and asks why I am filmimg him. WITH his kids in the back seat. I get ready to call the cops and he left.

1005 am A pickup truck with a very loud muffler comes roaring down the street and idles right in front of my apt. as I exit my car and enter my apt. He sits and revs the engine as I enter and shut the door.

Wednesday night…

Went to a City Council meeting last night. I headed for the restroom as soon as I arrived. A woman nervously beelined into the restroom right behind me, washed her hands, turned on the loud dryer and left.  There are 5 council members plus the city manager and the staff (engineers, financial, etc.). At some point, every one of them has participated in my harassment. This includes color harassment, mimicking, gesture harassment, and innuendo.

After I took my seat, a woman from several rows back got up and sat directly behind me. She proceeded to lightly kick the back of my chair throughout the whole meeting. 30 minutes into the meeting, 2 teens came in and sat behind me to my left. You can sometimes tell a perp right away because they act like they have an entire ant farm in their pants. They cannot sit still. The girl continuously stroked her hair and the boy began vigorously picking his nose. They made sure to amp it up every time I looked in their direction to listen to a speaker at the podium. Several council members also participated in color harassment, mimicking, and gesture harassment last night. And of course there was the obligatory fake coughing all over the chamber throughout the meeting.

After the meeting, the two teens behind me stood up and asked one of the council members to sign a paper for school credit. They actually got credit for showing up just to harass me. As I exited the building I could see 2 men and a woman standing outside talking. I am learning how things are staged now. One of them is always keeping a lookout and when they see me there is this excited “here she comes” moment between them. I hear them laughing as I exit. There was discussion in the meeting about a new telecommunications box giving off radiation. As I passed the group, I heard one of the men say, “Radiation…that was a good one, hit the target with radiation.” Right after I passed, the group dispersed and left.

I hit the market afterwards, just a couple of people in line ahead of me at the checkout. As I placed my items on the belt I looked up and saw a woman at the front of the line with her whole arm outstretched in the air, pointing in my direction. “There is a CVS pharmacy up the road in Carlsbad,” she said loudly to her companion and the clerk. LOL, staged. Pointing is gesture harassment, as well as stroking the hair and back of neck. There are many other gestures but I will do a whole entry on that later.

I then went to drop something off at my neighbor’s house, I was there for about 30 min. As I crossed the street to come home, A young hispanic male just happened to be walking down the sidewalk right in front of my apt., just in time to intersect with me. “Cough, cough, cough” as he passed right in front of me. I got on the sidewalk right behind him as he pulled out his all important cell phone. I walked loudly right up behind him and he looked back over his shoulder, startled. Pussy! 🙂

Another Day In The Perp-hood

Gang Stalking brings increased noise, traffic, and crime to affected neighborhoods. The other night I went for a walk around my neighborhood. I saw 3 different men sleeping in their cars on 3 different blocks. On Halloween I called in a stolen car parked outside my apartment. It sat there parked at an angle with the hazards on for 9 hours before the alarm started going off. It went on and off for 30 minutes. I am the only one who called the Sheriff’s dept. about it. They showed up and said the plates didn’t match the VIN# and had it towed. That same night The apartment manager from the complex next door disappeared while trick or treating with his family. His wife went door to door looking for him. He was last seen at my neighbor’s house carrying a glass of vodka and trying to sell drugs. When my neighbor declined he asked if there was anyone else who wanted to buy drugs. This is what gang stalking does to a neighborhood. And everyone looks the other way.

I went for another walk tonight. As I crossed a driveway on the sidewalk a male driver backed into it, blocking me. I flipped him off and in his most innocent little perp voice he said, “M’am?” I said “Fuck you.” I think he’s going to go jerk off in Mommy’s basement now after he calls his team leader. That is if he is able to locate his miniscule dick.

This is mean but a lot of people who perp are people you normally wouldn’t give 2 shits about, which is precisely why they perp. They are ordinary. They jerk off to the power trip. I can’t wait to get back to not giving 2 shits about them.