Perps: So Low, They are Looking up a Snake’s Asshole

My gang stalking became overt just over 4 months ago but I’m pretty sure I was being targeted since the late 90’s. There are so many people involved, in the hundreds at least.

Went to yoga last night. It was dark when I left. A tall blonde girl stood in the lobby and mimicked me by pretending to pick her nose. I sat in my car for several minutes before backing out to let all the little perps pull out first. I turned the ignition and lights on and slowly began to back out. As soon as I did a young couple walked behind my car. I later wondered how long they had been standing there in the shadows, waiting.

I am no longer scared or nervous for myself. What I am is angry and frustrated. They are so predatory and sick. What does scare me is the painstaking efforts they take to harass someone and/or convince them they are mentally ill. What scares me is how sick someone has to be to engage in this type of behavior and how dedicated they are to it. What scares me is how they have absolutely nothing better to do with their time for hours, days, months at a time. They enroll their parents, kids, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. All clinging to ignorance for dear life. My downstairs neighbor is blasting music as I write this. There have been little noises around my front door all afternoon like someone is pushing on it or trying to turn the knob. It scared my cats. Animals are very good detectors of what is real and what is artificial. EVERYTHING perps do is artificial.

I wanted to write about a perp skit that took place last week during my mindfulness class. I mentioned I’ve been cranky and the perps got on my nerves. I’ve been shopping at the same store a lot and they know what I buy now. So they go into the aisles and stand right in front of the items. When I get there they are blocking the items. This time an employee was invlolved. I turned the corner to pick up yogurt, as I got closer I realize he is intentionally planted right in front of it, pretending to have some reason to be there. I don’t excuse myself because they don’t deserve any respect. I picked the yogurt off the shelf and walked past him. As I got to the end of the aisle I intentionally knocked 2 big yellow blocks of cheese off the shelf and one fell on the floor.

Fast forward to mindfulness class at my therapist’s office later that day. As I waited in the lobby, I notice a perp from class, K. walk out of the therapist’s office and sit down. She had a bright orange shirt on. The therapist came out wearing an animal print blouse and called us to the class. I stood in the lobby waiting for her to unlock the door to class. As soon as I stepped forward to enter, a young girl in a bright green shirt dashed right in front of me on her way to the restroom on my right. Predatory…Her Mom was there and goes “Honey, that was rude!” But you know she probably praised her later and treated her to an ice cream cone (so the little girl will turn into an even bigger whale than she is now).

We go into class and sit in a circle. The therapist starts out by asking if we did anything nice for ourselves this week.

K. the perp said: “I bought myself a big block of cheese.”

Therapist: “Really?”

K: “Yes and it was expensive, almost 10 bucks.”

Therapist: “Oh, that’s nice. you splurged. What kind of cheese was it?”

K: “Cheddar”

Therapist: “And where did you buy it?”

K: (after pausing for a moment she said with a big smile): “Target”.

I now realize what K. was doing in the therapist’s office before class, they were rehearsing this skit. It was retaliation for what I did at the store earlier that day. When you consider the enormous amount of time, energy, and money invested in something so evil and completely destructive as gang stalking, it’s hard to believe there is anything good left in this world. And you wonder how much better the world would be if all those resources were poured into something good like education, healthcare, environmentalism, providing housing, preventing child abuse and drug addiction, more animal  shelters.

Amanda Todd is a teenager who recently commit suicide due to bullying. This is now called bullycide. She was isolated and alienated, just like a T.I. She made a video about her bullying and held up a sign that said “I have noone.” She had me, I will never perp or gang stalk. Amanda had me and I know I have people out there too.

Police/Sheriff/Fire dept. Harassment 11/09/12

9:00 am  Passed by Firetruck while walkig. 

3:40 pm  Passed cop(s) stopped on opposite side of freeway for possible”accident”. Lights flashing. 

5:40 pm  Passed by Sheriff dept. car at Friar’s Rd. East and 163 North on ramp. Not sure what the Sheriff dept. is doing patrolling inside the city of San Diego. 

Multiple sirens on the Blvd. near my house, at least 3-4 times. 

My Body is a Temple

When my stalking became overt 4 months ago, the first TI I met told me, “You have to eat well.” And it’s so true. Over the past week, due to a combination of PMS, too much Halloween candy, and a little caffeine, I got really irritated with the perps. Now that most of that is out of my system, I am back to objectively watching them make fools of themselves. I’ll admit I did honk my horn at Suzy Satanic Soccer Mom this am when she cut me off at a 4 way stop, but otherwise remained calm. I guess she was in a hurry to drop off the dry cleaning before the next human sacrifice.

Went to 8 am mass this am. As soon as I exited the church, a big red firetruck passed by. No sirens this am! Got cut off at the intersection above and went to a shopping center to have something notarized at a mail store. There was one woman at the mail store dressed in a black polo when I entered, she said she could help me and I got my ID. While I waited, a young female employee in a bright turquoise polo appeared and started pacing around nervously like she was bored. She kept looking at me. As the woman notarized my papers the girl leaned against a counter and started picking at something on her face (mimicking). I ignored her but she made sure to walk right in front of me twice. As I paid she walked up to the counter and started moving things around for no reason. Typical perp behavior: agitate, agitate, stir the pot.

While I was in the mail store a big, white delivery truck pulled up and parked at the curb right in front of the store. I left the mail store and went to the Starbuck’s next door. I ordered a cocoa and a pastry. They weren’t too busy yet but I noticed this Starbuck’s, like many other businesses in my city, has recently been completely remodeled. Construction and remodeling are suddenly BOOMING in my city (in the business and private sector) and I wonder who’s paying for all of it in this struggling economy. As I waited for my order, a young female employee came out and started sweep, sweep, sweeping the floor near me, working her way closer and closer to my feet. I walked to the opposite side of the store to pick up my drink and when I turned around she was right in my path again with the

dustpan. I have experienced this specific type of harassment at a couple other places in town. I need to write a blog on street theater soon, which is another BIG part of Organized Gang Stalking. Street theater is very sychronized. Perps excel at it because they are extremely calculating people (“the devil is into details”). Their weakness is their complete lack of compassion and ability to feel joy.


Just returned from 8 am mass. When I arrived at church and exited my car, an SUV suddenly pulled into the spot on my left and almost ran into my door. He stopped just short of doing so and acted like it was my fault. Inside church there is random coughing every where, I feel like offering these people a glass of water. The woman who sits 3 rows in front of me continually strokes her hair throughout the mass. I wonder if her arm gets tired. The 2-3 people sitting near me would not shake my hand when we offered peace. Someone slammed a door as the priest prepared the gifts and of course the fire truck went by with the sirens blaring. Two separate cellphone ringtones went off and there was a baby crying loudly in the back of the church. The altar girl flapped her arms and wiggled like she was doing some kind of boogie dance at the side of the altar while the priest blessed everyone at the end of mass**.

I try to go to mass every day and attend the Rosary group afterwards. After that I visit an alcove where there are statues of St. Jude and Jesus and I pray a while longer. Many times, while I do this, two ore more people will converse loudly on the other side of the church until I leave. As soon as I leave, they stop and leave also. Today it went on for almost an hour. The conversation was loud enough to distract, but with non- stop babbling where you can’t really make out the words (probably so you can’t tell how phoney the conversation actually is). Perps have done this to me before. E.g. pretending to have a cell phone conversation outside the window at my gym during a yoga class, they do it in the line behind me at the supermarket. It is like a low, non- stop , senseless babbling. These two went on for almost an hour today, I gave them a run for their money! I finally left and realized they were not standing inside the church but right outside one of the front doors. I exited through the door on the opposite side of the church and sat down and waited to see how long it would take them to leave. As I waited I saw a white car back out of a space. Someone had been sitting in the parking lot waiting. Probably a perp signaling to them that I had exited, there were only 3 cars in the lot. Exactly 4 minutes after I exited the church, the two of them stopped talking and walked away.

**Perps often stand right behind or next to the person or thing you are focusing on to get in your line of vision and distract you. They will stand there and mimic, fold their arms and glare, text on their cell phone, etc. When they can’t do this, they will stand right in front of you and block your view of the person or thing. One even tried to block my view of the sunset at the beach once.

Police/Sheriff/Ambulance Harassment 11/07/12

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1:20 pm  Passed by private ambulance while driving south on freeway.

1:27 pm  Passed cop or sheriff car while driving south on freeway- parked on shoulder  w/ lights flashing making a “traffic stop”.

3:30 pm  Passed a cop parked at the 7-11.

3:52 pm  Passed by 2 cops on motorcycles while driving north on freeway.

4:20 pm  Passed by sheriff car while driving.

Had an appt. downtown today. When I returned to my car just over an hour later the above

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pics are what I found next to my car. I took pics of the young male perps watching the show in the background. One of them approached me and asked why I was taking their pics. I told him I was taking pics of the building, I’m an architect. Notice the UPS truck parked in the background in one pic. The Brown lives to perp. Was cut off twice aggressively on the way home on the freeway. When I honked my horn the second time the driver slammed on the breaks in front on me. These are EXTREMELY unstable people.

Happy Friday!

I was more verbal with the perps yesterday. I called one of them a f*cking cunt and another one a bitch. My sensible side tells me not to do this because they are not worth anyone’s time, ever. I went to the beach and walked for an hour and a half. I was stalked and received color and noise harassment. They continuously try to intersect/ walk in front of you. When I arrived home it was after dark. I made a U-turn in my driveway to park in the street and there was a car that pulled up and made a U-turn right behind me. It pulled into the space right behind me on the street. The car had Maryland plates. A girl got out and I asked her if she lived here. She said her boyfriend did. Her name was Jessica. I told her she was parked in front of a hydrant and I wouldn’t park there if I was her. She asked why I was so rude to her. I told her she was a stalker. She said “this is a public place” which just confirmed she was a stalker. They always have some stock, pat little answer ready to go, probably coached by the Sheriff dept. She continued to talk but I said “Shut up, bitch” and walked away. I never do this, to anyone. This morning there was a handwritten note on my windshield. I crumpled it and threw it on the side of the road without reading it.

I went to 8am mass this morning. Fake coughing all over the church and the person sitting behind kept making some squeaking noise with their seat. I got up and moved. The woman across the row from me kept sniffling loudly over and over again and pretended to pick her nose. She actually started sobbing and sniffling even more loudly after communion. During Rosary after mass a woman in a crocheted white veil prayed loudly over everyone through the whole Rosary and added extra prayers before each mystery.

I am a very careful driver with an excellent record and the perps play on this. I always look both ways when exiting a driveway and I am very cautious. I made a right turn out of the church exit onto a Blvd. with a speed limit of 45 mph. There was NO oncoming traffic when I turned. Immediately after I turned, there was suddenly a gold pickup on my tail, honking the horn. I put my blinker on and I tried to get into the left turn lane at the next intersection but she drove up on my left and kept me from entering the lane, almost hitting my car. I followed her to a parking lot and asked her why she tried to run me off the road. She had another “ready to go” stock answer.

“You came out of the church exit onto a road where the speed limit is 55.”  When I told her she almost hit my car, her respnse was “Whatever, crazy.” I told her she was a criminal and left. The speed limit on that road is 45mph. She is in fact a criminal. Her license plate started with “7x” and she had that skanky look they all have, like she was burned out on drugs or booze. Probably stalking so she can afford her next fix.

I went to Best Buy next to buy a new cable for my computer. Every scrawny little male employee in the store made a point of coughing at some point while I was there. I want to tell those perps who think they are innocent because they are just playing a little part like coughing, pointing, jingling keys, etc. Every single one of you is a murderer with blood on your hands. Don’t ever believe you are innocent in this, no matter who tries to tell you that you are.