Happy Friday!

I was more verbal with the perps yesterday. I called one of them a f*cking cunt and another one a bitch. My sensible side tells me not to do this because they are not worth anyone’s time, ever. I went to the beach and walked for an hour and a half. I was stalked and received color and noise harassment. They continuously try to intersect/ walk in front of you. When I arrived home it was after dark. I made a U-turn in my driveway to park in the street and there was a car that pulled up and made a U-turn right behind me. It pulled into the space right behind me on the street. The car had Maryland plates. A girl got out and I asked her if she lived here. She said her boyfriend did. Her name was Jessica. I told her she was parked in front of a hydrant and I wouldn’t park there if I was her. She asked why I was so rude to her. I told her she was a stalker. She said “this is a public place” which just confirmed she was a stalker. They always have some stock, pat little answer ready to go, probably coached by the Sheriff dept. She continued to talk but I said “Shut up, bitch” and walked away. I never do this, to anyone. This morning there was a handwritten note on my windshield. I crumpled it and threw it on the side of the road without reading it.

I went to 8am mass this morning. Fake coughing all over the church and the person sitting behind kept making some squeaking noise with their seat. I got up and moved. The woman across the row from me kept sniffling loudly over and over again and pretended to pick her nose. She actually started sobbing and sniffling even more loudly after communion. During Rosary after mass a woman in a crocheted white veil prayed loudly over everyone through the whole Rosary and added extra prayers before each mystery.

I am a very careful driver with an excellent record and the perps play on this. I always look both ways when exiting a driveway and I am very cautious. I made a right turn out of the church exit onto a Blvd. with a speed limit of 45 mph. There was NO oncoming traffic when I turned. Immediately after I turned, there was suddenly a gold pickup on my tail, honking the horn. I put my blinker on and I tried to get into the left turn lane at the next intersection but she drove up on my left and kept me from entering the lane, almost hitting my car. I followed her to a parking lot and asked her why she tried to run me off the road. She had another “ready to go” stock answer.

“You came out of the church exit onto a road where the speed limit is 55.”  When I told her she almost hit my car, her respnse was “Whatever, crazy.” I told her she was a criminal and left. The speed limit on that road is 45mph. She is in fact a criminal. Her license plate started with “7x” and she had that skanky look they all have, like she was burned out on drugs or booze. Probably stalking so she can afford her next fix.

I went to Best Buy next to buy a new cable for my computer. Every scrawny little male employee in the store made a point of coughing at some point while I was there. I want to tell those perps who think they are innocent because they are just playing a little part like coughing, pointing, jingling keys, etc. Every single one of you is a murderer with blood on your hands. Don’t ever believe you are innocent in this, no matter who tries to tell you that you are.

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. I don’t know why they go to church? They’re such f–ks. Don’t feel bad about calling someone a bitch. She is a bitch! Yeah, there’s no one, and then a whole bunch of them come from everywhere. I never used to curse, either, now I curse like a sailor!

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