Pimp my Stalker-mobile

When you are a victim of Organized Gang Stalking, you will see an influx of cars in your neighborhood/town/city with the following:

Missing hubcap(s), sparkly hubcaps

Missing one tail light or headlight, or one tail light/headlight is brighter than the other

Limo tint on all windows or rear 5 windows, all 4 windows rolled down, shades over side windows, metallic sunshades inside windshield when parked

Stickers: Coexist stickers, GPS location stickers, American flag stickers, Family character stickers (stick figure Dad, Mom, kids, etc.), “Namaste” symbol stickers, Pentagram stickers, Jolly Roger stickers, Pawprint stickers, Hibiscus stickers, Obama stickers, Fire dept. stickers, Military stickers, La Costa Canyon HS stickers (white bull), San Diego Charger “Bolt” stickers, Various collections of stickers covering back window/ door, messages/ writing on rear window (in marker or written by hand on dirty window), small US flags on roof/ trunk, cars with “For Sale” signs in the window, parked cars w/ sun visors in the front window.

License plates: Vanity plates, Numerous out-of-state plates (including Mexico and Canada), Drive off dealer plates (paper), Handicap plates/placards, Plates with your name or weird messages on them, Plates from states where your family/ friends live.

Design/private vehicles: neon colored/ bright colored cars, bright patterns/designs on cars, unusually designed cars/ trucks/vans, small business vehicles, utility/contractor vehicles, Crown Victorias, Jaguars, convertibles, Extra large/long/high pickup trucks and SUVs, super bright headlights, weathered vehicles with worn paint on roof/hood, motorcycles, vespas

Commercial vehicles: Garbage trucks, FedEx trucks, UPS trucks, White cargo vans, white MTS shuttle vans, AT&T trucks, Red Coca-Cola trucks, Locksmith trucks, Armored bank trucks, Fire/flood cleanup trucks, Geek Squad, Stanley Steemer, Moving vans (U-Haul, Ryder, Mayflower), Private Contractor utility vehicles (plumbers, carpenters, painters, etc.), Small business delivery vehicles (flowers, pizza, pet wash, etc.), Private ambulance companies, delivery trucks/vans, landscaping trucks w/ rakes,etc., trucks piled high with furniture/junk, Mack trucks/semis

Sound: loud mufflers, no mufflers, loud engines, loud ignition, stalling ignition, repeated car alarms, squeaky brakes, backfiring vehicles, loud car stereo, shocks/suspension adjusted to make loud noise or scraping sounds over speed bumps, synchronized ignition/alarms when target passes car or enters/exit home

Government vehicles: Dept. of Homeland Security vehicles, Police cars, Sheriff dept. cars, Highway Patrol, USPS mail trucks, Volunteer Sheriff dept. cars, Paramedic ambulances, Firetrucks, Lifeguard jeeps and trucks, City worker vehicles

Driving tactics: Following, tailgating, “tag team” stalking, speeding, “near misses” at intersections, cutting you off at intersections/ stop signs, Running red lights/ stop signs, crossing the road divider, passing too close to your vehicle, “staged” car accidents, Fake traffic stops, “Car Ballet” : Pulling out of parking spots at the same time as you/zoom behind you as you pull out, Frequent U-turns in front of you (multiple vehicles at same time), Cars driving in reverse, crowding parking lots, walking in front of your car, cutting you off when you are walking, competing for parking spots, driving with one arm out the window w/ limp wrist, Parked cars with doors/trunk left open, Parked cars at night with interior light left on, Mimicking gestures/ stasi hand signals while driving or stopped in traffic, Cars parked in the same spot near target’s property for days/weeks (often getting ticketed by cops after 72 hrs.), Driving with or leaving large/aggressive dogs in parked cars (they don’t want stalkers going through their car just like they do to ours).

7 thoughts on “Pimp my Stalker-mobile

  1. The driving tactics sound familiar. I had two cops U turn in front of me as I was taking my vehicle to be repaired one day. Had a lady in a white SUV roar through a stop light at a busy intersection after getting my attention to tell me I had just ran a stop sign-I may have as I was looking for a tire repair place. I had a guy with those limo tinted windows come to a sceeching halt on a 4-lane road once. Thought he’d missed his exit at first until he floored it and followed me home (or tried to). After I ducked into a cul-de-sac, he passed and I pulled along side him. Instead of rolling down the tinted window, he barely opened the door revealing his crisp white long sleeve shirt and proceeded to tell me I follow too closely.

  2. I LOVE this blog! And LOL at the “Pimp My Stalker Mobile”- hey we are all going through this, so sometimes its ok to laugh. We have to smile sometimes. The perps WANT us to be angry, hostile, and sad! They want us to be depressed. I’m aware of their motives.
    One thing to remember is that many of us have been targeted since BIRTH! If you’ve been the outcast or bullied in school, you’ve probably been targeted YEARS before you even knew it! I’m convinced this has happened to me.
    Look at what happened to Jesus! People mocked him and ridiculed him all his life, up until his death. If he could withstand all that he went through, then so can we! Jesus was probably a targeted individual as well. Try being alive 2000 years ago and having to deal with this s***!
    They’ve tried to kill me in car accidents before. And while I was walking. They never stop. I’ve been through this my entire life. Then there’s the time they’ve sent robotic insects in my place to spy on me or kill me. Spiders, flies, and mosquitoes etc. Technology is VERY advanced. They’ve sent men and women to talk to me (strangers) who were wired so they could record everything I had to say. Beware of strangers. I mean it has been one setup after the next. We are all in this together. I’m thankful to know that others are going through the same thing. Gangstalking has been going on for probably hundreds or thousands of years.

  3. I do not doubt that this happens, or even that its happening to you. But if you look at things you listed, for trucks and cars etc as well as driving habits, a lot of these are very common in large cities. Im just saying you might want to narrow down who the stalkers may be, and i also get the fact that after being messed with by these weirdos it tends to make you even more paranoid that EVERYONE is involved. I have seen this type of thing happen and something they do, is try to involve people that have nothing to do with it. So if two people get into an argument, it might not be staged after all, it could be one stalker picking a fight with a citizen infront of you. They just couldnt have the resources to involve so many people i think. This would also account for the general paranoia among people who arent being targeted that I see in areas with lots of organized stalking. You mentioned something somilar about residents leaving big dogs in cars etc. Makes sense that if you are living in an area where this type of shit happens youd become wary even if its not happening to you. Anyways good luck dealing with these freaks with no lives, remember if theyre whole life is messing with others lives then they really have no life!

  4. I’m being stalked ! I’m at the point I’ve contacted the police they will not do anything and I’m tired of it now ready to do what ever I have to as I feel my life is threaten and I carry a weapon and don’t want to use it but I feel I may need to really soon !

  5. This article is spot on.
    Although the law and retired military surveillance is from my experience responsible. It is the privately funded street gangs that I have had the most trouble with. The street theatre is the worst aspect of the harrasment, particularly if you have been in accidents prior to becoming t.I. young police cadets and young gang bangers are from my experience the worst.

  6. They leave their cars/pickups parked in my driveway with tinted windows. Leave cars with a door open in the exact entrance/exit of the driveway with a car parked just at the very edge of the entrance/exit so that you have a tiny cramped space to go through. They’ll also have lots of cars lined up further down the road, that are signaled via text, to start moving as you are getting out of your driveway not letting you pass for a long period of time. Cars in different spots parked for long periods of time with their headlights or highbeams pointing to my house windows in the late hours of the night. Noise campaigns 24/7 as they work in shifts. The, also the massive gangs of cars, driving back and forth all night,by my house with loud mufflers and blasting music. Sad, that I live right near a two way highway in Puerto Rico (full of low life scum). The cars coming from the left, will have their right headlight and right signal light on. The ones coming from the right, will have their left headlight on and left signal light on. Alerting the other drivers the side my house is on. All my neighbors are in on it. The lady next door that owns two houses on both sides of me allowed a perp to use a gas powered leaf blower recently, I saw him blowing all the black, toxic, muffler like smoke towards my house. My entire house in side smelled like The Holland Tunnel, with all the carbon monoxide that was lingering in the house especially in the small bedroom in the back. Making my sick mother, and us cough. By the time I went out, to tell him to stop blowing the smoke our way, he was gone.Lately, I get the smell of cigarettes coming in through the windows late at night and the smell of some toxic incense. They slowly try to make you sick, or give you respiratory problems with chemicals, and second hand smoke as well. I started noticing the gangstalking a month ago, but it may have been going on since 2011 (when I moved to this shitty island) or longer, but never noticed.

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