Message for commentor “Renee”

Renee recently commented on a previous blog post here about Darlene Miles. This is the second incredibly rude and bullying comment I have received on this same post from a perp posing as a TI. The post has now been made private so these disgusting individuals can feel free to roam the internet masturbating to other genuine TI’s who are trying to spread awareness and help people.

Renee commented on Pete Santilli Episode #823 – Whistleblower Exposes Coming Drone Invasion of USA:

“Stop using Darlene Miles to promote your mentally ill articles. This is slander of a good person. Post your own real name to get attention.”


Hi Renee!

Contact me again for any reason and I will have you investigated and report you to law enforcement for repeated unprovoked bullying and harassment.

I am not mentally ill or slandering Darlene Miles. If she wanted her knowledge and opinions kept private, I don’t think she would have published a book.

What is it that you are trying to hide Renee? Could it be the TRUTH? Because that’s ALL I post on this blog.

It’s very likely you already know my real name. Are you the same “Renee” that took over the FFCHS conference calls? At the end of every call you would tell the TI, “Oh I know who you are”. Interesting that you are contacting me right after I bought some materials online from PACTS.

Lying two-faced filth like you that infiltrate TI communities just to further mind fuck real TI’s for your own personal gain and agenda are absolutely revolting. Go fuck yourself and if you don’t like what you see on my blog then stay the fuck off of it you attention-desperate stupid whore.

Link: The State of the Deep State: In Deep Sh*t

Clinton Foundation: Financial Conduit Between the Deep State & Shadow Government with Kevin Shipp

Youtube channel: Jason Goodman

Streamed live on June 28, 2018

Kevin Shipp lays it all out in what can only be described as an epic presentation. As a former CIA agent, Kevin’s grasp of the inner workings of the deep state and the shadow government are second to none. Kevin sheds new light on the most powerful and prolific organized crime syndicate in human history.