Message for commentor “Renee”

Renee recently commented on a previous blog post here about Darlene Miles. This is the second incredibly rude and bullying comment I have received on this same post from a perp posing as a TI. The post has now been made private so these disgusting individuals can feel free to roam the internet masturbating to other genuine TI’s who are trying to spread awareness and help people.

Renee commented on Pete Santilli Episode #823 – Whistleblower Exposes Coming Drone Invasion of USA:

“Stop using Darlene Miles to promote your mentally ill articles. This is slander of a good person. Post your own real name to get attention.”


Hi Renee!

Contact me again for any reason and I will have you investigated and report you to law enforcement for repeated unprovoked bullying and harassment.

I am not mentally ill or slandering Darlene Miles. If she wanted her knowledge and opinions kept private, I don’t think she would have published a book.

What is it that you are trying to hide Renee? Could it be the TRUTH? Because that’s ALL I post on this blog.

It’s very likely you already know my real name. Are you the same “Renee” that took over the FFCHS conference calls? At the end of every call you would tell the TI, “Oh I know who you are”. Interesting that you are contacting me right after I bought some materials online from PACTS.

Lying two-faced filth like you that infiltrate TI communities just to further mind fuck real TI’s for your own personal gain and agenda are absolutely revolting. Go fuck yourself and if you don’t like what you see on my blog then stay the fuck off of it you attention-desperate stupid whore.

14 thoughts on “Message for commentor “Renee”

  1. I and my wife were gangstalked for 2 years in the early 90s. thye didn’t want money, recognision, or any possession of mine. it appeared they just wanted to make me fear. every minute of every day, every movement and action. a lot of resources spent to attain nothing but fear. they were a satanic cult, equipped with cia/fbi spy equipment. most likely supplied by Aquino (army’s psyop Satanist paedo division). this may sound crazy, but I think they brought some sort of entity through into a member or members. I think the fear they produce feeds them. its the only thing all the harassment produces. you are being fed upon by psychic vampires of a sort. I feel for anyone who has to deal with this. its hell and they will make you look crazy to everyone, including your friends and family. make no mistake this is a war on your soul. pray to God for help.

    • I think they love getting people rattled, because some of the people they bully are magnificent in certain ways obvious to them, so this is one way of reclaiming the “superiority” over them. People can get humiliated when they see someone superior to them or towering over them. But many perps are just little shits. By “little shits”, I don’t mean physical size. I mean, in total overall strength, like character, dignity, intellect, emotional IQ, etc. So they do it the only way possible. They bring them down, and then when they have them down, they laugh at them. That’s why it’s important to stay focused and have your mental focus somewhere where you have this goal you are trying to reach for the day. Try various mental firewall techniques to keep them out of your psyche, because they don’t belong there.

  2. One thing that I get sometimes is children screaming. And I see a lot of “mature” women acting so childishly, like doing that has the added benefit of adding to the torture. What are the chances those “responsible parents” coached them to scream like that? And this was on a university campus. I’m sure they don’t care that there are classes going on, and people are in lecture, trying to learn something. This was outside, but still. Some windows were open.

    I’d been getting that kind of stuff in the later 90’s. I remember it well. They’ve been at it a long time.

  3. there’s a you tube user on you tube, named: target handler, that comments hateful insults, just like Renee Does. Renee actually comments the SAME WAY, as you tube user target handler does.

    • Nick? They’re mocking me from the past regarding “trolling”. His name spiritual is something else.

      They (locusts) try to make you think it’s of the flesh so that you keep that mindset. It’s spiritual in nature. I’m not (that narcissistic) but it seems they’ve been fractalizing me for a while so most with the Holy Spirit are related to me or whoever I’m constructed from spiritually.

      I don’t know if you accrue individualized attacks based on your own situations or they attack you through my own targeting (which is more black magic in nature). What do I mean? I mean while it might be technologically aided it is spiritual and they use the technology to mask it.

      Their “authority” to attack is limited to what I do and the things done to me in this house through a false spiritual attachment to the image of my mother (don’t ask). It’s like spirits using an image to take advantage of some familial tie.

      What I’ve notice is that the earth other people see and video is more like the dreamstate than what I see usually. Because it is completely not normal this spiritual it looks like earth but different things are going on that you can’t perceive with your eyes. I see the spirits working in restaurants but the restaurant is in a different place with people from that place or even other places. Things like that. It’s staffed by spirits so to speak.

  4. Fallen and locusts can do attacks in their videos (beyond what I talk about) so it’s best you discern the Holy Spirit by the fire it produces and stick to those targeted individuals as much as you can.

    I know because my “father” did it…more than once. Things that have the opposite effect (i.e. curse by compliment)

  5. You have victims of this crime in my area and I host a blog with about 170,000 hits. Write me sometime. You are an amazing source of information. So happy to see someone putting in the kind of effort I do to stop this. Thanks so much for your very informative site!!! Kevin

    My blog is for the parents of the victims of this crime. I have lots of friends that this has happened to.

    • Thanks Kevin, so nice to hear from you. You are one of the first people I tried to contact in 2012/2013 when my programming went from covert to overt overnight.

  6. 800-275-2273 If you are contacted by Sue Carlin or
    Ian Gatchalian in San Diego and they you to follow someone or a vehicle, DO NOT COOPERATE. Call Internal affairs at the FBI or local police. The stalkers she is helping have a theft, fraud and armed robbery background. If you provide information to the stalkers they will use the information to break into cars and houses and sabotage computer networks. The stalkers file phony reports blaming a 3rd party..If you are a store or restaurant employee, CONTACT INTERNAL AFFAIRS IMMEDIATELY IF ASKED TO FOLLOW SOMEONE

  7. Renee you are a piece of shit. You have used this woman’s name for years. She wrote a consumer guide, not a dam ignorant piece of crap that you peddle tagging her name. I pray they destroy your ass. I guess you are not smart enough to promote your trash without trashing a woman who you don’t even know. Weak piece of shit you are.

  8. I ask you to take in account what I ask or I will pursue you.
    The author doesn’t want to be mentioned on your blog neither be exploited by you. The text was written for Wikileaks and will be shared through another media which doesn’t spread hatred toward people. Your situation doesn’t allow you everything.

      • The post was removed. Please don’t ever comment on my personal situation again as you know nothing about and would not last a single day in my shoes. It’s weak people like you that can’t handle the ugly you truth and everything has to be sugar coated and watered down for so you can wrap your simple little minds around it. Good luck finding a legit media outlet who will publish her info. My blog has over 130,000 unique visitors from all over the globe. Please don’t ever contact me again as I have plenty of other assholes to deal with and don’t need one more, thanks.

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