Link: Why First Responders are Gang Stalking You (Police, Fire, EMS)

I have attended multiple city county meetings in Encinitas, CA where the city council has accepted grant money from DHS. The shiny new red trucks the lifeguards use to stalk TI’s here were bought and paid for by DHS.

Youtube channel: Gotham Nation

Published on May 14, 2015

This is for TIs (Targeted Individuals) victims of illegal behavior experiments carried out by criminal elements of the Federal Government.

Link:Shameless Torture in the Age of Electronic Warfare WBB Talks to Ramola D

Youtube channel: pineconeutopia

Published on Feb 7, 2017

Intelligent, insightful and heart-felt interview with an amazing woman who would be leading us out of this quagmire if she weren´t heavily targeted by the intelligence agencies. This is an international shame and something that all humanity should regret and work diligently to end. To learn more visit our websites:

RISS or How Perps Communicate

RISS stands for the “Regional Information Sharing Systems”. Please refer to the link above, specifically “RISS ATIX community exchange” if you would like to know how your perps communicate about you locally and beyond, behind your back, confidentially, in real time, and in organized and ever changing groups that can involve “local, county, state, and tribal levels of emergency management, law enforcement, and government, as well as water and power utilities, transportation, agriculture, chemical manufacturing, private security, environmental protection, banking and finance, and hospitality industries. New community groups are added to RISS ATIX as the service expands.”

My attention was brought to this communication system in Ramola D’s letter to POTUS in my post below. For any TI’s out there like myself who was wondering how our country turned into a giant greasy slimy clusterfuck of electronic human trafficking, RISS offers a big clue. RISS can be utilized  by any “authorized” person from your meth addicted police informant neighbor all the way to the White House. Most likely anyone who has ever had “security clearance” from the US Government has access to it. See the map in the link above for the map of National RISS centers which more than likely function as fusion centers as well.

RISS has legitimized the “slow kill” program. It is being improved upon almost annually and makes depopulation that much more efficient for gangstalking scum. It is basically a giant National sewing circle for people who have nothing better to do all day than masturbate to stranger’s everyday lives. And for “snitches who get riches” from law enforcement and Federal agencies. “See something, Say something” on RISS. Neighbor gave you a dirty look? Have the whole community track them on RISS from their door to door destinations and everywhere in between. Ever wonder why you’re seeing the city water dept., city hall employees, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and armored bank trucks everywhere you go? RISS. Ever wonder how supermarket employees, coworkers, customer service operators, and the landscapers know your “harassment program”? RISS. The potential for abuse is overwhelming and I can personally testify RISS itself is used for terroristic purposes. Please read about RISS on the link above and when you realize how this system is being used legally to slow kill TI’s it will blow your mind.

TI’s always notice perps with their face in their phones or reaching for their phones as soon as you enter a room or pass. I used to think it was just a sensitization technique until I noticed that they were looking at endless columns of text messages that seemed highly intriguing to them. They are using RISS. To communicate with other perps. About you. Once on a TI conference call a perp told me he was “speechless” after he noticed how many people were communicating about me on this system. It must be something like Twitter where they follow a person. Only the target is completely unaware.

If you already knew about this, good for you. I thank Ramola D for calling my attention to this because I consider it a major breakthrough. Knowledge is power and I plan to send a FOIA request to every single Federal agency involved with RISS. I encourage all TI’s to do the same.