Link: Why First Responders are Gang Stalking You (Police, Fire, EMS)

I have attended multiple city county meetings in Encinitas, CA where the city council has accepted grant money from DHS. The shiny new red trucks the lifeguards use to stalk TI’s here were bought and paid for by DHS.

Youtube channel: Gotham Nation

Published on May 14, 2015

This is for TIs (Targeted Individuals) victims of illegal behavior experiments carried out by criminal elements of the Federal Government.

5 thoughts on “Link: Why First Responders are Gang Stalking You (Police, Fire, EMS)

  1. Why are we being stalked? Someone has money ands wants illegal activities kept under wraps? Or they just bullying me,us ’tis because they lost in court , or iOS the fed trying to bust someone for a bigger crime and using me/us/’tis as bait !

    • I know I will never have to worry about losing in court. Perps are sticking up for large-scale, well-connected kiddie rings, and if you’re a perp, then you too are a child molester by association.

  2. I’m inclined to think that there is no larger purpose to all of this. Now, I believe that in this social construct, people tend to sink to the bottom, and follow the lowest common denominator. Common people need direction, as they can’t know what’s right and wrong for themselves. That’s why Wiley handlers get their hands on them. They know they can mold them, and lead them, as once they sink to the bottom of the social caste, they will naturally follow the path of least resistance, which to them is the usual laziness trait that perps posses. Just go out and gangstalk and hurt people. They know that being passive-aggressive greatly reduces their odds of getting caught. of course, what they are doing with their stupid insults when a target passes by is no different than that loser with issues that used to bully people when he or she was younger. It’s no different than walking up to a person and beating them up, esp. when they are inflicting so much psychological trauma upon a person that they lose it and do something to hurt themselves or others. The perps are completely, 100% responsible for anything bad that happens to targets as a result of their harassment. It’s no different than if you went over and hit the person. And all kinds of perps over the years have resorted to physical assaults.

    And if you’re a target, they’ll steal your ideas and use them for their own gain. If I come up with a witty song lyric, I take great pride in my creations. Where in the world is the satisfaction if someone steals that lyric, uses it in his or her own song, and then takes full credit and makes all kinds of money off it? They still didn’t write it. it didn’t come from them. Yeah, they took credit for it, and made money off of it, but I don’t see how anyone can be satisfied with knowing they didn’t create something, but instead stole it and made gains from it. this is the root of these gangstalking campaigns. They are too lazy to come up with their own work, so they have to go out and terrorize people who can create those works. They’re so lame, but I’m not worried. One day, they won’t be able to do this. Someone will take their doggy treats away from them, and they will probably froth, act all crazy, and self-destruct inside their homes knowing they can’t come out and harass innocent targets anymore.

    That day is coming, perps. So if I were you, I’d stop posting here now. Beware of posters with childish posts with bad grammar and punctuation. But they are still proud of themselves for all the crap they spit out, aren’t they?

  3. Hi I’m having this same problem and I have had all my civil rights violated. I was raped and Police refused to acknowledge it. How do I get help?

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