From Dr. John Hall’s book ‘A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America’…

According to the Restatement (Second) of Torts, “one’s privacy can be invaded in one of the following ways:

1) unreasonable intrusion upon the seclusion of another,

2) appropriation of the other’s name or likeliness,

3) unreasonable publicity given to the other’s private life, or

4) publicity that unreasonably places the other in a false light before the public.”

“Intrusion upon one’s seclusion is most applicable to satellite surveillance. Cyber stalking, a growing problem, is defined by the U.S. Department of Justice as “the use of the internet, e-mail, or other electronic communication devices to stalk another person.”

From “A New Breed” by Dr. John Hall

“Satellite Terrorism in America”  published in 2009

From Appendix 2: “Testimonial For The United Nations” by Jesus Maldonado 9/22/08

“Organized stalking is a copy of the method used by dictatorships to retaliate against those who denounce injustice. Organized stalking includes pervasive street following and high speed road harassment and disruption of daily routines aimed to overload the senses of the target and to cause harm in a way that appears natural, accidental, self inflicted, or the result of a mental problem. Hate groups and groups disguised as neighborhood watch members organize the stalking groups. They fuel support and participation from others by circulating false rumors that the target is mentally insane, child molester, drug dealer, a prostitute, homosexual, spy, terrorist, etc. People from all walks of life from the homeless to professional people, compose these groups. ..”

“There is no evidence that funding of these activities may come from hate groups, and from federally-funded, faith funds for congregations. Members of these groups are found in the courts, in universities, hospitals, the clergy, and even in law enforcement agencies. The harassment road has resulted in deadly consequences. Dead children have been picked up from the pavement in this area. Evidence that the shootings on campuses and congregations across the country are a reaction to Organized Stalking that includes swift intervention from federal agencies to remove the evidence showing that the culprits were reacting to pervasive harassment.”

***When you are targeted law enforcement is not going to help you, your church is not going to help you, your friends/family/neighbors/coworkers are not going to help you, your doctors/therapists/teachers are not going to help you, the government is not going to help you, attorneys are not going to help you, the media is not going to help you, and it’s very likely other targeted individuals are not going to help you.

Stop Watching Us: The Video

Published on Oct 23, 2013 is a coalition of more than 100 public advocacy organizations and companies from across the political spectrum. Join the movement at This video harnesses the voices of celebrities, activists, legal experts, and other prominent figures in speaking out against mass surveillance by the NSA. Please share widely to help us spread the message that we will not stand for the dragnet surveillance of our communications.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit civil liberties law and advocacy center that has been fighting the NSA’s unconstitutional spying for years. Learn more at



10/14/13   Another Capgras victim? Will he be held for an involuntary psych eval. for saying such things? 

A friend of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Youssef al-Qaradawi is making the wild claim that Israel planted a chip in the radical cleric’s brain and is engaging in mind control.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, Egyptian actor Hassan Youssef is a personal friend of the radical Muslim cleric. In a video clip from Egyptian television translated by MEMRI, the actor explained why he believes that the al-Qaradawi seen these days is not actually the really al-Qaradawi, and it’s all because of Israel.


The Perp Media Spin

I do not have a violent bone in my body. But if I ever did pull an Aaron Alexis or Miriam Carey, I have a pretty good idea of what people will say about me after I am arrested or killed. This includes family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, law enforcement, attorneys, and therapists.


“She was a loner. I rarely saw anyone visiting. She worked from home and rarely left her home.”

“She had a breakdown just over a year ago, we called the Sheriff’s dept. multiple times. Her family was very concerned about her.”

“She was very quiet and kept to herself. After her “breakdown” she became less friendly and irritable and rarely spoke to anyone. She started taking pictures and videos of us which upset some neighbors.”

“She became a habitual complainer, filing complaints with the HOA, Sheriff dept., and the city staff regarding increased traffic and loud vehicles on our street/property and noise/harassment/stalking by neighbors.”

“She vandalized a neighbor’s door just because his dog barked too loudly at her.”

Interpretation: “We’re so innocent and sweet. It’s all her own fault. We tried our best to help her. We never did anything to antagonize or provoke her. She was mentally ill and in denial of her illness.”


“She had a severe breakdown at work last summer. She did not recognize some of us. We called the police. She was acting paranoid and delusional.  She did not think they were real cops and tried to injure herself when they detained her.”

“She filed grievances about increased noise inside the call center, disparate treatment by supervisors and coworkers, being singled out for harassment and that we filed a false police report on her.”

“I used to be friendly with her, we hung out socially outside of work. Since her breakdown at work she would no longer speak to me.”

Interpretation: “We’re so sweet and innocent. She’s one of our best employees. We did what we could to help, we didn’t do anything wrong, it was the police dept.’s fault she had a panic reaction. We didn’t to anything to antagonize or provoke her.”


“She had a breakdown. She said cars with blacked out windows were following her around the city. That was she was being harassed and singled out at work and being followed around the community by groups of people on foot.”

“When we went to her home to help her she wouldn’t let us inside. She did not believe we were really her family. She said there was excessive/loud traffic on her street. We encouraged her inpatient psychiatrist to put her on Risperdal, extend her involuntary hold, and put her under a conservatorship for her “mental illness”. But our sister refused everything.”

“Since last summer she will not make any verbal,written, or face to face contact with us.”

Interpretation: “We’re so sweet and innocent. We tried to help. She was mentally ill and in denial of her diagnosis. This is all her own fault. We didn’t do anything to antagonize or provoke her.”

Law Enforcement:

Sheriff Dept.- “We made multiple visits to her home last summer and also a safety check on Christmas day. She had multiple complaints about loud vehicles and harassment from neighbors. We told her we don’t have gang stalking in our city.”

Police Dept.- “She did not think we were real police officers when we came to her work. Her coworkers were concerned about her. We were just doing our job when we detained her and cuffed her with excessive force at her desk that day (without actually witnessing her doing anything wrong). We had a right to do what we did.”

Interpretation: “We’re innocent. It was her own fault she didn’t cooperate with us.  She did this because she is mentally ill.”


“She was held involuntarily for 8 days last summer for having a breakdown at home that carried over into work.”

“She stated she was being gang stalked. We told her there is no evidence this problem really exists and it would not be feasible for this to happen anyway.”

“We researched the topic of gang stalking as she requested but all we could find is anecdotal information in blogs and on the internet.”

Interpretation: “We tried to help her but she was in denial of her mental illness/ delusional disorder. She was open to therapy but refused medications and did not agree with her diagnosis. We didn’t do anything wrong.”

Every single one of these people may as well have physically and violently raped me. I have never in my life experienced the extreme terror, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD this crime has caused me. Every single one of these people are guilty of menticide and conspiracy to murder. They are not innocent, they were not “doing the right thing”, they were not just “doing their jobs”/ business as usual. Every single one of these people was fully aware of the destruction they were causing. It’s not the first time they’ve done it and it won’t be the last. The fact that they are able to repeatedly hide these heinous crimes from the courts does not make them innocent. But no crime is perfect. The fact is I am still standing, I will never do anything violent, and I will work to expose these murderers until well after I am 6 feet under. F*CK each and every single one of you 🙂

How ’bout them Neighbors?

When I was a child I honestly thought calling someone a neighbor was an insult. “You neighbor! “, I would say, frowning angrily. I have no idea where this came from but my family teased me about it for years. Who knows, maybe I was a target in my last life too. I currently live in a 50 unit condo complex which consists of 8 buildings. In my whole neighborhood I would guess 75% or more of the neighbors are perps, who already lived here or were relocated here to perp. This includes my complex. There are 8 units in my building, all 7 other units are involved in my harassment. 4 of the units are occupied by people who moved here specifically to perp.

I used to let my cats out at night by themselves. They stay close by and I left the door open. They would stay out for an hour or so. I no longer feel safe doing this. Lately I have started going outside with them. I read my book on top of my stairs while they explore the outdoors nearby. There is a ceiling light over my front landing that stays on 24 hrs. There is also a motion sensor light over the bottom stairs. It is super bright and can be described as a “gestapo light”. This light was installed after my targeting went overt last year, on the suggestion of the HOA president. This is the same president who denied anyone from the HOA was entering my home before my targeting went overt. He also made a strange comment that “We’re not sitting up there with voodoo dolls of people sticking needles into them”.

Had I known how bright the motion sensor light would be I would not have agreed to it. But I did not complain because I knew it would help keep the perps away from my door.  Now they just use it to gaslight me, running under it to set it off and  then vanishing right before I arrive and depart.

Last week I let my cats out and sat and read while they played outside. I was thinking about the ceiling light over my landing that stays on all night. For the past few years, every time it burns out I have changed the bulb myself. I was trying to remember when I last changed it, it was an energy saver bulb. It seemed like a long time ago that I had changed it. Obviously these thoughts were picked up with artificial telepathy.

Three nights ago I opened my front door to complete darkness. The ceiling light was out and the motion sensor light over the stairs was not activating. Last night I tried to change the bulb over the landing but was stopped by a huge spider that had set up a new web nearby. Not sure if he was planted there by the perps.

Today I returned from a walk around 6 pm. I walked through the garage under my building to get my mail. As I approached I heard loud male voices talking and prepared myself for a “skit”. There were 3 men standing near the middle of the garage. As I passed I heard one of them say “The lights…” and point, with his whole arm outstretched, to the back of the building. Two of the men were residents of my building. The other man was the HOA president who stood with his back to me. I just looked at them and rolled my eyes at how stupid they are. I have been sensitized to the same pointing gesture by thousands of perps. Talking about the lights was also “directed conversation” to make me think they are responsible for my lights going out, whether they really are or not. Like the terrorists they are, they always want credit for their work.

On the way back from the mailbox, the HOA president synchronized an exit from a walkway in front of me and waved as he walked by. The two other neighbors stood behind him on the walkway talking loudly. As I approached my front steps. I noticed a black Crown Victoria parked directly across the street from my front stairs. It was not there when I had returned from my walk 10 minutes prior. The car belongs to another male in my building who frequently harasses me. Normally he has the car parked next to our mailboxes for weeks at a time. I recognized it right away.

This “one act play” may not seem like much but it contained the following types of harassment:

– Stalking harassment: laying in wait/repeatedly/deliberately/with intent to cause fear and causing fear.

– Gesture harassment: pointing.

– Synchronized harassment, sensitization, PsyOps, street theater, color harassment.

– Noise harassment, directed conversation, gaslighting. HOA/neighborhood bullying.

The HOA president was involved to let me know that even though he is friendly and helpful to me at times he is still “one of them”.

It is likely the perps were involved in making the lights over my landing and stairs go out. If both lights are non-functioning, obviously someone pulled a fuse. There are multiple possible reasons for them doing this:

– To remind me that all of my thoughts can be read.

– To vandalize my property, make my life difficult, and compromise my physical safety.

– So I won’t be able to let my cats out at night and read on the stairs while they are outside. They do not want targets to do anything enjoyable, no matter how minute. Or they may want to keep me indoors at night so I can’t see something they are doing outside.

– To possibly allow perps to enter/exit my home undetected in the dark, probably when I am asleep, to accomplish some type of specific task.

– Because “they could”.  To create chaos and make the property seem more lawless overall. To impress each other and their cult “brothers” and bond over persistently harassing an innocent person they know nothing about….Who is being controlled again? I you are a man, wouldn’t you actually feel very emasculated by all of this?

Tonight someone on an OGS conference call stated the Illuminati is about “opposites” and I think this is very true. Perp leaders spin this cult to make it seem like a brotherhood, united in their hatred against everything that is good. It frequently reminds me of the movie “Fight Club”. Have you ever noticed when you insult a perp to their face they take it as a compliment? Then men are treated like little kings by their perp cult, when in reality they are actually being world class p*ssises. Their lives must be like a non- stop infomercial, all hype and control. I have witnessed some of the older male perps acting this way to the very young ones on multiple occasions. It truly is Satanic. Whether or not they eventually see through it is completely up to them.

Update 10/26/13: After 15 days with no exterior lights outside my front door, front stairs and garage, the lights have been turned back on. Outage was caused by a disconnected solar panel, delay was caused by our lone electrician conveniently being out of town for a whole week. Perps love to use the “vacation” excuse to cause delays and avoid TI’s, I have heard this used so many times.

Elizabeth Smart Says Kidnapper Was A ‘Master At Manipulation’

Elizabeth Smart Says Kidnapper Was A ‘Master At Manipulation’

Elizabeth Smart was interviewed on NPR yesterday. When she was 14, Elizabeth was kidnapped from her home and enslaved and tortured for 9 months before being reunited with her family. The thoughts/feelings Smart had during her horrific experience are very similar to what TI’s experience. She describes being made to feel like “nothing”, stripped of all self worth and having everything she knew and loved ripped away from her. Her whole life was turned upside down. Reduced to a shell of herself, she was forced into “survival mode” on a daily basis.

TI’s experience the exact same thing via a “virtual kidnapping” that takes place in their own home/ community/ workplace/ family/social circle. With the help of technology, TI’s are unwittingly scrutinized, judged, and exploited 24/7 for years, only to have their life go up in an inferno of destruction when they finally discover they are a target. TI’s are dissected and then stripped of every last shred of dignity; made to question and doubt every thing and every person they know, including loved ones. All of the same abuses and mind control tactics Smart endured are experienced by TI’s within their own homes and communities, including sexual abuse.

Smart was rescued in San Diego, the city in which I reside. Law enforcement is so corrupt here it’s astounding they helped crack this case. I can’t help wondering if the same network of gang stalkers who abuse me were involved in helping her two captors traffick her around. I’m sure her captors knew about this network. May they rot in hell.

Smart was united with her family and has started a foundation to help missing/trafficked children. Most TI’s and trafficking victims will never be so lucky as to be reunited with their families or feel safe again. But I am happy for her, she is a survivor and this was not just due to luck.

Seeing Impostors: When Loved Ones Suddenly Aren’t

Seeing Impostors: When Loved Ones Suddenly Aren’t

This fake psych “diagnosis” rates right up there with “Truman Show Syndrome”, another fake diagnosis being used to label targeting victims as “mentally ill” with the goal of discrediting them for the purpose of covering up and continuing non- consensual human experimentation. 


 covering up