From “A New Breed” by Dr. John Hall

“Satellite Terrorism in America”  published in 2009

From Appendix 2: “Testimonial For The United Nations” by Jesus Maldonado 9/22/08

“Organized stalking is a copy of the method used by dictatorships to retaliate against those who denounce injustice. Organized stalking includes pervasive street following and high speed road harassment and disruption of daily routines aimed to overload the senses of the target and to cause harm in a way that appears natural, accidental, self inflicted, or the result of a mental problem. Hate groups and groups disguised as neighborhood watch members organize the stalking groups. They fuel support and participation from others by circulating false rumors that the target is mentally insane, child molester, drug dealer, a prostitute, homosexual, spy, terrorist, etc. People from all walks of life from the homeless to professional people, compose these groups. ..”

“There is no evidence that funding of these activities may come from hate groups, and from federally-funded, faith funds for congregations. Members of these groups are found in the courts, in universities, hospitals, the clergy, and even in law enforcement agencies. The harassment road has resulted in deadly consequences. Dead children have been picked up from the pavement in this area. Evidence that the shootings on campuses and congregations across the country are a reaction to Organized Stalking that includes swift intervention from federal agencies to remove the evidence showing that the culprits were reacting to pervasive harassment.”

***When you are targeted law enforcement is not going to help you, your church is not going to help you, your friends/family/neighbors/coworkers are not going to help you, your doctors/therapists/teachers are not going to help you, the government is not going to help you, attorneys are not going to help you, the media is not going to help you, and it’s very likely other targeted individuals are not going to help you.

9 thoughts on “From “A New Breed” by Dr. John Hall

  1. With corruption at the top everything below becomes corrupted. Everyone that formerly you could trust has been hi- jacked to a criminal agenda. The objective is totalitarian power – those at the top controlling and owning everyone and everything.Another good blog.

  2. That’s somewhat true. However, they aren’t that good at the high speed chases-not in my area at least. If they lose, they make them point guard on a major drug drop and hope others will find the rabbit hole.

    I’m not aware of the dead children program, but I am aware of their fake charity to help locate them. As a result, I’ve called the law in two different states since my own refuses to provide law enforcement to anyone other that the stalker about to be eliminated.

    Just the other morning I heard one bragging about how he’d run a bunch off in his own neighborhood. Only me and the gas station attendant knew otherwise. He could have cared less other than to take credit for something he never did. Because three were in there with her, I had thought one of them had just robbed her…yep! My first thought. That’s how out of touch they are. Three together…a social club; no law enforcement whatsoever. I was surprised she knew of their activity so they must be far worse than what I’ve seen.

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  5. Like zeph daniels…he is a cool cat and has long sermons…even if hes a total fake…hes awesome…i watch alot of extremist stuff like nation of islam nazi germany….it may raise your blood pressure…what could anyone do to help? Must be the end times…but u know they system works for them….memphis pd is having a strike due to budget cuts…more this economy collapses….less gangstalking. .of course u have fascist racist groups like golden dawn in greece….i feel good about this…these folks had nothing to offer me but take my money and use me for a sex toy…did me a big favor.

  6. Hi John Hall. I have seen you on video. The info you share is interesting. I am being stalked and harassed. This has been happening to me for almost a year. All my neighbors including management and property workers are constantly harassing me as well as people outside of the apartment building where I reside. These people had turned against me behind rumors lies and jealousy.. They are conspiring against me a lot since 3 years ago. I am innocent and I have did no harm to no one. I am a very kind loving person that is generous and mind my own affairs. I don’t deserve this. I need some support. I am isolated with no family and no friends
    Every one has turned against me. Even my doctors therapists church businesses I get my services from. Talk lines and prayer lines too. John Hall is it a way you could hook me up with support? I don’t feel safe anywhere. I need support and help. I don’t like it that I can’t do my normal routines as I would like to do because the stalking is too much. I have to stay home to recuperate sometimes from this wicked abuse and torture. Please help me.


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