Some Random Harassment

10:00 am- Go to a neighborhood restaurant to meet a TI. As I look for her inside, I turn a corner and see a woman sitting alone in a booth, she starts rubbing her right chest with her left hand.

As I wait in the front of the restaurant, a young Hispanic family with one child enters after loudly pounding on the door. The Mom and the child pass me 4 times while I am there, the child making loud slapping sounds on the floor with her sandals each time. An elderly couple comes in and tells the host they need a table for 8 people.

While we are eating, 2 women and a child sit at the booth next to us. The older woman makes a straight-armed pointing gesture over the back of her booth for an extended period of time, pretending she is seeing something outside and pointing it out t0 the child. A large, loud party takes the booth behind me.

1:30 I arrive at my meditation class, a woman dressed in black and white walks into the building ahead of me. I have to use the restroom but go to the water fountain first. When I get to the 2 separate unisex bathrooms, one is occupied and the cleaning woman is blocking the other one. I watch 2 middle-aged men in the adjacent waiting area as I wait. One has a little smirk of anticipation on his face. After a minute he starts rubbing his right chest with his left hand. So gross. The other restroom opens up, the woman dressed in black and white exits.

A woman whispers loudly to the instructor through the first 10 minutes of meditation. I plug my ears with my fingers. During the lecture part of the class, the same drippy woman pulls her chair in front of me and mimics picking her nose.

5:25 pm- Stop at Petco. 2 Perps and an employee crowd and block the aisle I need to enter. When I exit the store there is a young girl standing on the sidewalk in front of my car. As I round the corner I see her Dad standing there behind her wearing shades and a cell phone to his ear. They loiter there and stare at me blankly until well after I load my trunk, get in my car, and drive away. The kid perps are so creepy. As I exit the shopping center, a car runs a red light and crosses in front of me well after my light turned green. It feels like a threat.

5:45pm- Go to the market for a few things. Male employee sees me and quickly rushes down an aisle while texting someone on his cell. “Wonder Perps Activate!” Usual market BS, blocking harassment, color harassment, stalking. As I head for the door a male employee zips out from behind me and passes right in front of me, almost hitting me. “Oh, sorry,” he says like it was an accident. “No you’re not,” I said. And he laughs like I am making a joke.

6:00 pm- I go to the FedEx store to make copies and send a fax. One employee immediately starts busying himself near me wherever I go in the store. When I go to the fax area, a perp in a bright turquoise button down comes in for a passport photo. He stands menacingly close behind me while he waits and I turn around and stare back. I ask him if he has a question. “No thanks, I’m being helped,” he said, and goes back to the counter. Another employee starts vacuuming. When I stare at her she starts picking her nose. My fax is complete but no confirmation sheet comes out, the paper tray is empty. I use the same fax machine every time and of course they know this, just sayin’.

Police/Fire/Lifeguard dept. Harassment Log 5/28/13

10:25 am- Passed by Firetruck while eating at a restaurant.

12:00- Same Firetruck passes restaurant again going the opposite direction.

12:37 pm- Large Firetruck/ Ladder truck pulls into the gas station across the street and parks in full view.

12:45- Red ambulance pulls into same gas station and parks.

4:06 pm- Passed by Police patrol car.

4:07 pm- Passed by Police patrol car.

4:08 pm- Passed a procession of Law Enforcement vehicles that included 2 Police Patrol cars, 1 Police SUV, 2 traffic officers, 1 bicycle cop, and 1 paramedic ambulance. I have no idea what was going on here but I’m pretty sure it was staged harassment.

4:10 pm- Passed traffic officer standing at intersection with a second officer. A third traffic officer pulled up as I waited at the red light.

5:15 Passed by Lifeguard patrol truck while walking at the beach.

More Perp Flashbacks

My birthday was last week. About a week prior to my birthday, I went for a walk around 8pm. On my return trip I noticed a round mylar balloon tied up high onto a street post, blowing around in the breeze. The balloon had not been there when I had passed the same spot 20-30 min. earlier.  A few weeks ago I noticed a small mylar balloon someone had dropped in a parking spot outside my building. It was the kind of balloon that goes in a flower arrangement, with a stick attached to it. The balloon said “Happy Father’s Day”. I thought this was peculiar since Father’s Day was more than a month away. I now realized Father’s Day is June 16. This is the anniversary of the day I found out I am a TI. Last June 16 I found info about gang stalking online that BLEW my mind. And then they tried to blow me away.

This post will now get even more creepy as I write about a few people from my past who I now realize were likely perps. These encounters occurred before I became aware I was being targeted.

1.) J.

J. was a female medical student when I was a new grad RN working at the VA medical center in Washington, D.C. from 1994-1996. This VA was a teaching hospital and she rotated through our ward with a group of other med students from Georgetown University. Fast forward to 2000, J. appears at the hospital I am working at in New Haven, CT. Again, she rotates through my ward with another group of residents from Yale. We have very little interaction. Fast forward to 2005, J. reappears at the same hospital I am working at in La Jolla, CA. She is there for a fellowship in the same dept. I am working in, the GI dept. I used to think this was a weird coincidence, now I know better.

2.) Indian woman.

From 2000- 2001 I worked at a hospital in Bridgeport CT. In the weeks leading up to my start date I was stalked my 2 of the nurses from my dept., both times in supermarkets, one of which was in my hometown. I did not know who they were at the time, and I didn’t even realize it after I met them at work. But now I get it. Towards the end of my assignment, there was a nurse from India who frequently floated to my unit to work. I don’t remember her name, I’ll just call her A. for now. I noticed A’s son would call her on her cell frequently throughout the day. He was in his late teens/ early 20’s. One day we were talking about him and she told me he worked at the same tennis club where my sister worked. This club is very close to my hometown in CT but a much longer drive from where A. lives. I later asked my sister about him and saw a chill go up her spine. The son had been in a lot of trouble at the club for sexually harassing a member. “Yeah he’s constantly calling his Mother,” she said.

3.) Boston Roommate.

Yes, I have had more than one perp roommate, all of them creepers. But this one was real subtle. I think her name was K. We shared an apt. in Boston as travel nurses in 1999. She was originally from New Hampshire. She constantly wore sunglasses indoors, which is something a lot of my perps do now. But I also got the impression she cried a lot. She had met her husband in the Army and she had done a hospital tour overseas. She told me she had a brother who was very abusive, he has assaulted her and her Mother before. What I later found out about K. was that she did basic training for the Army in Texas with a very close friend of mine from Nursing school. I still spoke to this friend often and she remembered K. She told me that during training, K. never wanted to leave the base or go out, she always stayed behind in the barracks. I have lost touch with my friend and of course I’m worried that she is being targeted now too. She is married with 2 kids, her husband is in the Army.

More Perp Flashbacks: Part 2

More creepy perp flashbacks:

4.) Georgetown Univ. Roommates- Preppy Perps.

The summer after I graduated from Nursing school (1994), I lived in a group house next to campus with some rising sophomores. It was a wild summer with partying and the stress of studying for my board exam. I had a crush on my roommate’s boyfriend, S., it was a running joke. S. brought a friend to the house once, R. He was a football player from Fordham. I was very shy when he introduced himself. He asked if I was afraid of people and if I was schizophrenic. I thought this was a really strange thing to ask. It makes me now wonder if he knew what my future held. Towards the end of the night R. accidentally knocked me backwards out of a lawn chair. He apologized and we ended up in bed together. He said some insulting things to me that night but I shrugged it off as he was drunk. 2 years later a coworker invited me to dinner in Georgetown. Afterwards we went out into the cold night to get a cab. A man approached talking loudly to 2 women, but I did not look at him until he had passed. When I did look, he looked back at me at the same time, it was S.

The roommates did some weird things that summer. They made a pact with each other to be rude to everyone that called me on the house phone, even my Mom. I got yelled at by one of my supervisors at work because they were so rude to her. One roommate listened in on my phone conversations from her room in the basement. She later repeated something from one of my phone calls while she spoke to another roommate. At the end of the summer right after I moved out, they called and told me I had not paid them enough rent. I had prepaid my whole rent at the beginning of the summer, but I gave them the money. I visited the house soon after and they told me they had just gone on a big shopping trip at the market. I realized the rent story was BS and they just needed money. They also stole and broke some of my property while I was out of town for a week during the summer.

5.) Freeway Perps

Freeway driving is a big part of life in Southern California. I moved to San Diego 12 years ago. For at least the past 5-6 years, I would get chills up my spine when certain vehicles passed me. I drive in the second lane so faster cars can pass me on the left. It happens every few months, and it is invariably a male in a large pickup truck. Males in pickups are common for sure, esp. with so much military presence here. But every once in a while one will drive up on my left and, right before they pass, I will just get this strong, involuntary chill that goes right up my spine. I had no idea why this was happening until now. These guys were likely cold- blooded perps.

6.) Craigslist Perps

This is really a form of cyberstalking. Perps, who are likely neighbors, writing posts on CL ‘Rants and Raves’ section because they know I read it. The San Diego Rants and Raves section is full of smut, I’ll admit. It is a guilty pleasure. But every once in a while you will find a gem or an insightful post that makes it worthwhile. My perps caught on I was reading it and even knew what times I usually signed on.

-One night, right after I signed on, a neighborhood dog started barking loudly. A few minutes later there was a new post about a dog barking loudly.

-I was obviously under surveillance at the time (2004-2005) because my perps knew I drank a lot of tea, I ate a lot, I had cats, and I did not like President Bush. One night I read the following post: “I can’t sleep, I think I’ll put on a pot, watch the Food Network and talk to my cats, they don’t like Bush either.”

– There were also numerous repetitive posts with the heading “CRAZY RN”, which I believe were directed at me. Perps love name calling and menticide, these are their signature trademarks.

– There was also another weird post about drug use to the effect of  ” You must have a meth problem due to all of your late-night, loud, weird activity. You are pretty now but the meth will make all your teeth fall out and destroy your looks, etc.” This post came up right after I told one of my neighbors about a family member that had a drug problem. I am a night owl and my cats like to play at night, but I am 100% drug free.

-One night, soon after I wrote a post about tolerance on the CL philosophy forum, there were a couple of posts on ‘Rants and Raves’ about “Taller Aunts”, meant to ridicule me.

– One evening, right after I had changed into a wife beater tank to go to bed, there was a post titled “It’s Wife Beater Weather” re: women wearing wife beater tanks and who looks the best in them. This poster thought it was Alyssa Milano.

– Last spring I was depressed about my relationship with my Mother. I did some research online to see if there was any forums about other people who struggled with these feelings. Suddenly, there was a slew of posts on CL ‘Rants and Raves’ about people’s bad experiences with their Mother’s.

– There is still cyberstalking going on in this same arena. But now I know I am not paranoid. And I can tell when they are perping/baiting others as well. They are currently posting garbage about an attorney I recently consulted. I am currently using this same forum to expose Cointelpro Gang Stalking and contact other TI’s. We have come full circle 🙂

Video Link: Gang Stalking=Counterintelligence – Former FBI agent and ACLU Policy Counsel Michael German

Great video of Mike German, see brief bio below. Sorry, Wordpess would not “fetch” the video, please go to this link to watch:

Uploaded on Oct 23, 2011

What the hell is gang stalking?

Mike German:

The American Civil Liberties Union Washington Legislative Office appointed Michael German as Policy Counsel on National Security, Immigration and Privacy. A former FBI agent, German brings extensive national security and intelligence experience as well as a lifelong dedication to civil liberties.

Sheriff/Fire Dept. Harassment Log 5/21/13

5:00 pm  Passed by CA State Patrol car while walking near campground.

5:12 pm  Passed by Firetruck while walking.

5:36 pm  Passed by Firetruck while walking.

Stopped at Whole Foods after my class: Stalking harassment, Color harassment, Gesture harassment, Blocking harassment, Noise harassment, Sexual harassment, Remote Neural Monitoring, Crowding, Mimicking.

I entered one aisle to get some soy milk and 2 young males stood blocking it. It was clear they were not shopping. They stood facing each other silently looking at  their cellphones. I loudly said “Excuse me” to one of them. He tried to act surprised that he was in my way and moved. They looked like a very young gay couple, maybe still in high school. They were the kind of gay couple that looked like brothers. Tall and thin with small heads that made them look like 12 year olds from the neck up. They slowly moved down to the other end of the aisle and stopped to loiter near my next purchase. When I got there one held his iphone out facing up.  They stood close behind me as I opened a freezer door. I could tell one of them wanted to do something to me while my back was turned. When I turned around I gave the one with the iphone the finger.

I remember coming out of this same store last summer. As I walked back to my car I passed a group of grungy looking male preteen skateboarders huddled down on the sidewalk. They had a handwritten list of everything I had just bought in the store and were reciting it aloud as I passed.

Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment

Published on Feb 27, 2013
Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Of Interview

Coast to Coast AM…

Coast To Coast AM – The Largest Up-to-date Coast to Coast AM Archive is here. The Coast To Coast AM late night talk show hosted by George Noory with Ian Punnett, George Knapp, Richard Hoagland, Rob Simone and John B. Wells are the Coast To Coast AM hosts and will keep you informed late into the night.

To access a huge Coast To Coast AM archive and all the latest daily shows please visit and subscribe to this channel:…

Date: 02-14-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Roger Tolces, Michael F. Bell, Jaimal Yogis

Private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures Roger Tolces was joined by Michael F. Bell to discuss the unbelievable story of how Bell was tracked and tortured by a covert organization via implants and microwave harassment. Bell said the episodes began in 2005 when he started noticing small but noticeable damages in his apartment, as well as an unusual amount of car horns honking at him, and oncoming traffic flashing their lights at him as he drove during the day. By conducting Internet searches on his “symptoms” he began to realize that he was the victim of what is known as “organized stalking or gang stalking.”

Eventually the episodes escalated, culminating with an abduction from his apartment, where he believes he was drugged with scopolamine which has powerful hallucinogenic and amnesia-related properties. The abductors, who wore carnival masks, continued to drug him over a one-week period, and subjected him to mind control experiments, like in A Clockwork Orange, in which he was forced to view violent films and images. Bell said his dreams were infiltrated by the stalkers, and he suffered burns on his body from a directed energy microwave weapon. He also discovered a number of implants on his body, and had one of them removed– a bead-like object, about half the size of a BB.

Bell, who estimated that some 100,000 people in the US are being harassed in this fashion, concluded that the perpetrators are part of a covert or black ops government program, but has no idea why he was targeted. Tolces has dealt with 3,000 to 4,000 such cases, and has characterized the technology involved as a kind of weapons system development. Their goal is probably to determine what kind of manipulations are successful, he continued, whether turning someone into a Manchurian Candidate, or to silence individuals so they won’t speak out against the government. In aiding his clients, Tolces has developed types of electrostatic shielding that can protect people from directed energy.

Thanks to George Noory, Coast To Coast AM, Roger Tolces, Michael F. Bell for helping bring knowledge and awareness of this crime to the public!

Targeted Individuals

I still can’t believe how we are treated like animals in our own country.

I still can’t believe how we are held captive like political prisoners inside our own homes.

I still can’t believe how many people willingly participate in such a heinous crime.

I still can’t believe there are people out there who turn unknowing, and knowing, target’s lives into cinema. I still can’t fathom how sick these people have to be to do this and enjoy it.

I still can’t believe how I’ve been trafficked like a human slave in my own city, in my own country, in broad daylight. A magnifying glass and crosshairs trained on me and my every move. I may as well be a kidnapping victim trapped inside a glass room inside some psychopath’s basement, my screams silent from the outside.

I still can’t believe how many people have knowledge of or are involved in this crime. How many alleged “men”, some of whom claim to protect and serve citizens, I have told about this crime and will not lift a finger to help.