Police/Fire/Lifeguard dept. Harassment Log 5/28/13

10:25 am- Passed by Firetruck while eating at a restaurant.

12:00- Same Firetruck passes restaurant again going the opposite direction.

12:37 pm- Large Firetruck/ Ladder truck pulls into the gas station across the street and parks in full view.

12:45- Red ambulance pulls into same gas station and parks.

4:06 pm- Passed by Police patrol car.

4:07 pm- Passed by Police patrol car.

4:08 pm- Passed a procession of Law Enforcement vehicles that included 2 Police Patrol cars, 1 Police SUV, 2 traffic officers, 1 bicycle cop, and 1 paramedic ambulance. I have no idea what was going on here but I’m pretty sure it was staged harassment.

4:10 pm- Passed traffic officer standing at intersection with a second officer. A third traffic officer pulled up as I waited at the red light.

5:15 Passed by Lifeguard patrol truck while walking at the beach.

One thought on “Police/Fire/Lifeguard dept. Harassment Log 5/28/13

  1. They have that in my state, too. However, mostly when the burn rings around the neighborhood or torch the state.

    If two identical harassers are scamming a local small business, they’ll make harassing calls to members of their ‘security team’ to call Homeland Security and report them.

    They had to shut down the night flames were within 20′ of their business.

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