More Perp Flashbacks

My birthday was last week. About a week prior to my birthday, I went for a walk around 8pm. On my return trip I noticed a round mylar balloon tied up high onto a street post, blowing around in the breeze. The balloon had not been there when I had passed the same spot 20-30 min. earlier.  A few weeks ago I noticed a small mylar balloon someone had dropped in a parking spot outside my building. It was the kind of balloon that goes in a flower arrangement, with a stick attached to it. The balloon said “Happy Father’s Day”. I thought this was peculiar since Father’s Day was more than a month away. I now realized Father’s Day is June 16. This is the anniversary of the day I found out I am a TI. Last June 16 I found info about gang stalking online that BLEW my mind. And then they tried to blow me away.

This post will now get even more creepy as I write about a few people from my past who I now realize were likely perps. These encounters occurred before I became aware I was being targeted.

1.) J.

J. was a female medical student when I was a new grad RN working at the VA medical center in Washington, D.C. from 1994-1996. This VA was a teaching hospital and she rotated through our ward with a group of other med students from Georgetown University. Fast forward to 2000, J. appears at the hospital I am working at in New Haven, CT. Again, she rotates through my ward with another group of residents from Yale. We have very little interaction. Fast forward to 2005, J. reappears at the same hospital I am working at in La Jolla, CA. She is there for a fellowship in the same dept. I am working in, the GI dept. I used to think this was a weird coincidence, now I know better.

2.) Indian woman.

From 2000- 2001 I worked at a hospital in Bridgeport CT. In the weeks leading up to my start date I was stalked my 2 of the nurses from my dept., both times in supermarkets, one of which was in my hometown. I did not know who they were at the time, and I didn’t even realize it after I met them at work. But now I get it. Towards the end of my assignment, there was a nurse from India who frequently floated to my unit to work. I don’t remember her name, I’ll just call her A. for now. I noticed A’s son would call her on her cell frequently throughout the day. He was in his late teens/ early 20’s. One day we were talking about him and she told me he worked at the same tennis club where my sister worked. This club is very close to my hometown in CT but a much longer drive from where A. lives. I later asked my sister about him and saw a chill go up her spine. The son had been in a lot of trouble at the club for sexually harassing a member. “Yeah he’s constantly calling his Mother,” she said.

3.) Boston Roommate.

Yes, I have had more than one perp roommate, all of them creepers. But this one was real subtle. I think her name was K. We shared an apt. in Boston as travel nurses in 1999. She was originally from New Hampshire. She constantly wore sunglasses indoors, which is something a lot of my perps do now. But I also got the impression she cried a lot. She had met her husband in the Army and she had done a hospital tour overseas. She told me she had a brother who was very abusive, he has assaulted her and her Mother before. What I later found out about K. was that she did basic training for the Army in Texas with a very close friend of mine from Nursing school. I still spoke to this friend often and she remembered K. She told me that during training, K. never wanted to leave the base or go out, she always stayed behind in the barracks. I have lost touch with my friend and of course I’m worried that she is being targeted now too. She is married with 2 kids, her husband is in the Army.

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