Gang Stalking Testimonial

Published on May 14, 2014
We are victims of gang stalking and electronic harassment. We believe the only way to get things like this to stop is to make people aware of it and to stop participating in it. Thanks for watching.

FedEx Store 3/08/15


It appears the harassment has been “reset” since my encounter with the Carlsbad Police Dept. on 3/03/15 at South Ponto Beach. On Sunday 3/08/15 pm I visited the local FedEx store in Encinitas, CA to fax some documents. Immediately after I pulled into the lot a SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car pulled in to the lot and parked in the row across from me. The deputy got out and stood on the corner near the entrance with 2 other deputies with a clear view to my car. They stood there for 25 minutes before they left. There did not appear to be anything else going on there.

945pm- I pull into parking lot, Hispanic male walks in front of my car and immediately takes out his cell phone and starts using it. He takes a seat on the sidewalk in front of my car. Seconds later a SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car enters the lot, U-turns and parks facing me. The deputy exits the car and talks to the Hispanic male who appears to motion towards me multiple times. The deputy also makes repeated motions with both hands. He then walks out of sight behind the building. He comes back seconds later as the Hispanic male leaves, walking very close to my car.

949pm to 1009pm– 3 deputies stand talking on the far right corner of the front of the FedEx building with a clear view to the back of my car. I did not see where the other 2 deputies came from. One deputy is staring directly at my car. 2 deputies are wearing tan uniforms and one is wearing a dark blue uniform with a thick ballistics vest worn over his shirt. I do not exit the car because I fear for my safety.

1010 pm– All 3 deputies leave, I see one walk behind the building. The deputy who was parked in front of me walks to his car. Right before he opens his car door, he suddenly makes a motion with his right arm like he is about to pull his gun out while looking to the left and then directly at my car. He exits the lot and 2 more patrol cars which I never knew were there exit from behind the building and follow him out of the lot.

Obviously there is more funding pouring in for the harassment program since my encounter at the beach. The harassment has picked up a lot this week. Nothing I haven’t seen before, just more of it like a “reset” button has been pushed. It’s obvious they use us as low risk way to rob the government. You should see all the new development and construction going on in every level of the private and public sector of my neighborhood and community. All built with blood and bribe money. The developers and the Unions get rich and their minions get “perks”. They could care less about the collateral damage and helping the American cities that are actually blighted.

I have a feeling a lot of this recent harassment has a lot to do with an HOA meeting coming up at the end of the month about my noise complaints against a neighbor. I have called the Sheriff Dept. on them 3 times for making an insane amount of noise. Since then I have been reported to law enforcement exactly 3 times. That is so typical of perps. Every time I report something legit here, I get reported in return. They love the childish petty little tit for tat BS. I never committed a crime or directly offended anyone. None of their complaints on me were legit and it makes total sense that one of my former neighbors was involved in the beach incident on 3/03 if this is what it’s about.

Upadte 3/13/15: Called San Diego Sheriff Dept. dispatcher for information about this activity so I can file a complaint. The deputies were at the FedEx store that night responding to an “alarm check” according to the dispatcher. For almost 30 minutes?? Deputies names/ badges numbers are: Ryan #2620, Miller #3922, Rayyan #4916.



First Responder Harassment Log- February 2015


1235pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car on Hwy. 101 South near Cardiff State Beach. (Cardiff By the Sea)

1240pm- Passed private ambulance parked on shoulder of Vulcan nearSanta Fe Dr. (Encinitas)


147pm- Passed SD Sheriff Dept. SUV at El Camino Real East at Balour. (Encinitas)


1125am- Encinitas Fire Dept. Red ambulance down my street (Rosebay Dr.) w/ emergency lights/ sirens on- passes my home. (Encinitas)

1132am- Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck down Rosebay Dr. w/ emergency lights/ sirens on- passes my home. (Encinitas)

1139am- Sam red ambulance passes home leaving Rosebay Dr. w/ emergency lights/ sirens on. (Encinitas)

403pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. or State Park Ranger SUV on Hwy. 101 South just North of Ponto Beach. (Carlsbad)

544pm- Hwy 101 South blocked by 2 SD Sheriff Dept. patrols cars w/emergency lights on. Both lanes going South closed for one block- forced detour to 101 North. (Leucadia)


522pm- Passed by white State patrol car (CHP or SD Sheriff Dept. or Park Ranger) on 5 North at Santa Fe Dr. Plate # CA 1284850. (Encinitas)


1037am- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car on Hwy 101 South at Chesterfield. (Cardiff By the Sea)

101pm- Red Encinitas Lifeguard pickup truck parked South of Beacon’s Beach as I walk North. Both doors open, lifeguard standing next to truck talking to a couple. Baby sea lion suddenly comes towards me on the sand. Lifeguard/ couple suddenly shake hands and depart opposite ways as soon as I pass them. (Encinitas)

2pm- Passed red Encinitas lifeguard truck parked North of Beacon’s as I walk South. 2-3 lifeguards walking around near water- both truck doors left open. Truck #2387 (Leucadia)

237pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at Hwy. 101 South and Tamarack. (Carlsbad)

248pm- Passed by Oceanside Fire Dept. red ambulance on South Coast Hwy. at Leonard. (Oceanside)

307pm- Carlsbad PD patrol car syncs exiting parking lot onto Hwy. 101 South right before I pass at Palomar Airport Rd. (Carlsbad)


429pm- Passed by private ambulance at Torrey Pines Rd. and La Jolla Shores Blvd. (La Jolla)

430pm- Passed red ambulance parked at Starbuck’s on La Jolla Shores Dr. at Torrey Pines Rd. (La Jolla)

515 pm- Passed SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car #20462 at intersection of El Camino Real North and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas)


120pm- Passed by red ambulance on Santa Fe Dr. West at 5 South off ramp. (Encinitas)

120 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Santa Fe Dr. West at 5 North off ramp. (Encinitas)

123pm- Passed white lifeguard jeep w/ SD Sheriff Dept. logo at Encinitas Blvd. West and Westlake. (Encinitas)


844pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. red ambulance w. emergency lights and sirens on on Encinitas Blvd. East after exiting Smart and Final parking lot on foot.

Beach Drama 3/03/15

Today as I started my walk at the beach I noticed a young female perp waiting to mimic me. If you exercise at all in your home, the perps like to mimic that a lot. Lunges, stretches, squats, yoga, you name it. This particular little demon was sent to do squats only, the yoga kind which I do with some frequency. As I passed her I mimicked her a couple of times and made a some rude gestures into the wind. I made no direct contact with her. Well she noticed and immediately started calling out to me. “Do you have a problem?” “Do you have a problem?” When I didn’t respond she chased after me and kept asking the same question. I took out my cell phone and turned the camera on and she immediately ran away, turning her face away from the camera. I’ll admit I was acting out in response to a trigger and I was a jerk but I did not A.) Threaten her in any way. B.) Make any direct contact with her, or C.) Violate her civil liberties in any way. Yet I had a feeling she was going to make trouble for me.

As I continued walking South, the Encinitas Lifeguard approaches in his shiny red pickup truck about 25 minutes later. He passes me driving North and pulls over and stops at the far side of the beach right after passing me. About 13 minutes later he passes me again as I walk back North. Again he passes me from the opposite direction driving South. This time he gets closer to me near the water and U-turns immediately after passing me, like he is casing me out. For the next 15-20 minutes he drives slowly ahead of me and paces me about 1/4- 1 mile ahead of me, making frequent stops to talk to people on the beach. He then vanished.

As I near the end of my walk, 3 Carlsbad police men on foot suddenly appear in front of me on the beach (officers Riggin #5205, Zavala #5297, Develasco #5301). They synced exiting onto the beach from the parking lot as I approached the path. I was about 1/4 mile from my car. This was over an hour from the time the “incident” occurred where the female perp followed me. The lifeguard tipped these guys off and they sat there and waited for me to loop back. I was on my cell phone and continued walking past them, I thought they were firemen. As I passed one of them angrily yelled “Ma’am!” “Ma’am, can we talk to you?” And that oh fuck, here we go again feeling comes rushing back. I approached them and they asked me if I had an issue with a female runner earlier on the beach. I told them I was on the phone the whole time I was walking, I did not have an issue with anyone.

They seemed excited about something and I am sure they got a very exaggerated report from this twat. And when I think back she actually looks like a perp who used to live in my building last year who was a big trouble maker. She also harassed the woman who lived above her by shadowing her around with a parabolic microphone all day. When she lived here she reported me to the Sheriff one day for using my car as a weapon and calling her a whore. When the deputies arrived I told them the truth: When she saw me coming down the street that day I saw her run into my driveway. I did not see her again until after I entered the driveway. She was standing in a blind spot on the far right side with her dog, attempting to block my path while I tried to park in my assigned spot, the same fucking way I do every time I come home. And I have a potty mouth BFD! That’s not illegal last time I checked. I would not be surprised if this is the same girl because my neighbors stalk me a lot around the community. Gangstalking is the narcissist’s wet dream come true. They finally found a way to make the world actually revolve around them and fit them instead of having to grow up.

Anyway, these cops at the beach questioned me for a few minutes and let me go after running my license. Where do you live? Where do you work? How long have you lived here? Why do have a day off on Tuesday? How far do you walk here? Why do you start your walk in carlsbad if you live in Encinitas? Are you under the care of a psychiatric doctor? Do you have a mental illness? I kept my composure. I was alone there and not going to put up a fight. But it does bug me, a lot.

I’ve walked regularly on this beach for over 12 years now. I do not speak to the lifeguards that often, but anyone who has been working there for a while would recognize me. I also help them out by picking up litter and alerting them to marine and wildlife in need of rescues. There have been a couple of troublesome people I reported to them, but I never felt like the police needed to get involved. I have seen the lifeguards more over the past 2.5 years than I have in the previous 10 years combined.

This same lifeguard passed me 3 times today, all 3 times I was on my phone. If there was an “issue”, why didn’t he just ask me about it? I am a white female, 140#, unarmed. Are you telling me they can’t handle that? Instead they escalated the situation and called the police. Likely in hopes that I would get another 5150 or get killed. This lifeguard never approached me for the same reason my coworkers never asked me to leave my office the day they mobbed me in 2012. They had no right to ask me to leave because I wasn’t doing anything wrong. This lifeguard had no right to question me either because he knew the whole story was utter BS. I always feel shattered after these encounters and they know it because of the chronic PTSD.

Being a TI is like having a Federal dick up your ass 24/7. It is complete annihilation of your dignity, freedom, rights, happiness, confidence, trust, sexuality, sense of security and reality. It’s like having a choke collar around your brain that is constantly being yanked for no reason other than the person on the other end of it is a demonic cunt. And you can’t dare react in a negative way or it just gets yanked harder.

By the way if you look closely at the picture of the cops on the beach, you see a civilian male standing at the parking lot entrance directly behind them. I think this guy signaled them when they were waiting for me in the parking lot. He followed me all the way to my car and pulled some more theater on the beach with 2 other men before I left.