First Responder Harassment Log- February 2015


1235pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car on Hwy. 101 South near Cardiff State Beach. (Cardiff By the Sea)

1240pm- Passed private ambulance parked on shoulder of Vulcan nearSanta Fe Dr. (Encinitas)


147pm- Passed SD Sheriff Dept. SUV at El Camino Real East at Balour. (Encinitas)


1125am- Encinitas Fire Dept. Red ambulance down my street (Rosebay Dr.) w/ emergency lights/ sirens on- passes my home. (Encinitas)

1132am- Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck down Rosebay Dr. w/ emergency lights/ sirens on- passes my home. (Encinitas)

1139am- Sam red ambulance passes home leaving Rosebay Dr. w/ emergency lights/ sirens on. (Encinitas)

403pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. or State Park Ranger SUV on Hwy. 101 South just North of Ponto Beach. (Carlsbad)

544pm- Hwy 101 South blocked by 2 SD Sheriff Dept. patrols cars w/emergency lights on. Both lanes going South closed for one block- forced detour to 101 North. (Leucadia)


522pm- Passed by white State patrol car (CHP or SD Sheriff Dept. or Park Ranger) on 5 North at Santa Fe Dr. Plate # CA 1284850. (Encinitas)


1037am- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car on Hwy 101 South at Chesterfield. (Cardiff By the Sea)

101pm- Red Encinitas Lifeguard pickup truck parked South of Beacon’s Beach as I walk North. Both doors open, lifeguard standing next to truck talking to a couple. Baby sea lion suddenly comes towards me on the sand. Lifeguard/ couple suddenly shake hands and depart opposite ways as soon as I pass them. (Encinitas)

2pm- Passed red Encinitas lifeguard truck parked North of Beacon’s as I walk South. 2-3 lifeguards walking around near water- both truck doors left open. Truck #2387 (Leucadia)

237pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at Hwy. 101 South and Tamarack. (Carlsbad)

248pm- Passed by Oceanside Fire Dept. red ambulance on South Coast Hwy. at Leonard. (Oceanside)

307pm- Carlsbad PD patrol car syncs exiting parking lot onto Hwy. 101 South right before I pass at Palomar Airport Rd. (Carlsbad)


429pm- Passed by private ambulance at Torrey Pines Rd. and La Jolla Shores Blvd. (La Jolla)

430pm- Passed red ambulance parked at Starbuck’s on La Jolla Shores Dr. at Torrey Pines Rd. (La Jolla)

515 pm- Passed SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car #20462 at intersection of El Camino Real North and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas)


120pm- Passed by red ambulance on Santa Fe Dr. West at 5 South off ramp. (Encinitas)

120 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Santa Fe Dr. West at 5 North off ramp. (Encinitas)

123pm- Passed white lifeguard jeep w/ SD Sheriff Dept. logo at Encinitas Blvd. West and Westlake. (Encinitas)


844pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. red ambulance w. emergency lights and sirens on on Encinitas Blvd. East after exiting Smart and Final parking lot on foot.

10 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment Log- February 2015

  1. Stopogs-

    You are helping. This is a BIG part of my harassment, nice to know I’m not the only one. Take care and stay vigilant.

  2. You know how the alternative media is packed with all kinds of truthers and whistle blowers from ex-CIA to ex-FBI, tons of people who have exposed the dangers of vaccines, geoengineering/chemtrails, secret societies;SRA abuse survivors are in found on the net, former sex slave truthers, 9/11 truthers like Dr. Judy Wood, a former Carter administration worker, Alfred Webre on Expolotics, some inside info about the world wide pedophilia trafficking and former NSA employees such as Edward Snowden andWilliam Binney.

    There are plenty of truthers speaking up about Fukushima, Satanism and all other Hollywood and music industry perversion, ex-police speaking up, even MK Ultra truthers and tons of other subjects called “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media EXCEPT-

    Not one ex-perp or ex-perp government official (cop from local to federal levels) or civilian handler and/or ex-fusion center worker has posted in blog, forum, You Tube video, Twitter feed or any other easy to find online media source.


    Because this program is illegal on every conceivable level.

    Because even this brainwashed, dumbed down public would wake up in shock were organized gang stalking’s dirty, terrorist details revealed and would demand justice as many have heard family members and friends complain of being stalked yet have been labeled “crazy” as discrediting us is part of their complex plan(s).

    Think of the myriad “taboo” subjects the alternative and mainstream media covers yet gang stalking, work place mobbing and how the school bulling epidemic and drugging of kids is basically gang stalking.

    I understand that organized gang stalking encompasses the synchronized working of a multitude of corporate, governmental, academic and civilian workers and one single source will not be able to “tell all” but even lower level perp handlers giving out street, vehicle and DE stalking orders and perhaps former police liasons with neighborhood community watch groups or fusion center workers, someone could leak out an operations booklet and/or other inside information.

    But in the years the net has been out there, not one damning bit of evidence from the “horse’s mouth.”

    Plenty of info on DE weapons as per the patents filed.
    THOUSANDS of TI testimonies on every aspect of perping on the web with some great blogs, You Tube vids, Twitter feeds, ect yet while nearly every other taboo subject is covered, the details of gang stalking have not been exposed.

    There’s a video, “perp debriefing” by Nappy Head Roots on You Tube i which the channel owner interviews an ex-low level perp with a hidden camera who tells him how they’re paid with gift cards and other vague bullshit but that’s it.

    So because this evil fuck program remains an open secret, mentally ill, idiot useless assholes in government and civilian life alike feel empowered and get good laughs and great pay while spitting on another human being’s soul.

    • One reason that ex-perps don’t get involved exposing is that they know the dangers. I suspect ex-perps would get far worse gangstalking than actual TIs, and I also suspect they get killed off so they can’t expose the system. I know they have the capabilities to kill people off without leaving a trace. They have to protect their “empire”. As a TI, I don’t really have too much of a need for them. I can’t see how this System could be of any use or help to me.

      When I was at my University in 1994, I could sense that I had an “audience”, a hidden audience, that was watching me and was entertained by my daily routines and ability to survive harsh conditions that perps never could. So they’ve also just existed in the background as an audience and I never really got any kind of help that was truly helpful; only info that was dropped here and there in their usual popular media. Maybe they did something to help me survive that period and I didn’t notice.

      Ever notice that when the weather gets bad, that perps are very scarce or not out at all? But the watchers take note of the fact that TI’s survive harsh conditions on a daily basis. That’s why they have to up the harassment, to make our survival even more difficult, which hopefully (to them) makes us easier to control and manipulate.

    • That reminds me, when you mentioned the “great pay”. There was a skit at work where a fellow worker goes off on a supervisor, telling him “Get your hands off me!!!” There was a ton of commotion, yet the supposed “victim” was smiling the entire time. A bunch of supervisors show up, and the worker and the sup. get escorted away. I never see the (supposed) offended worker again there. I’m thinking it was a skit designed to test me or cause psych. trauma, and I suppose that the “victim” worker got paid off so he doesn’t have to work there again.

      • Of course Nappy is a perp.

        It disgusts me how many morons praise, love and support this obviously fake TI.

        Kind of like the government ass slaves on FFCHS who turn on their own.

  3. I have had a few petty skits done on my behalf, Life-Long Target.

    Probably a LOT more skits than I’ve noticed but I have seen this kind of pettiness in people my entire life especially now-Grown adults making complete idiot assholes out of themselves for money, to impress their friends and authority figures pretending to be their (perps’) buddies.

    The perps and brainwashed people in general have no dignity or self-respect so when they hold their ugly, grinning heads high it is with false confidence, insecure criminals finding joy in the tormenting or attempted tormenting of another human being.

    • Also, when I tell certain supervisors that I like my job, they get this shocked expression along with “you actually LIKE it?” And there is frowning too. Funny, because I actually NEED to like my job in order to perform decently. I could never be a hypocrite and pretend to like something that I don’t. One guy at work told me indirectly: never let them see that you’re broken. And he was doing some harassment too, but I assume he does it to avoid being targeted. A lot of perps harass us because they don’t want to become targets. And I can’t say I blame them. They really want us to be stuck doing jobs we hate. Note that a lot of perps seem like they are doing so soley to avoid doing any kind of real work.

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