Police/Fire Dept./Ambulance Harassment Log 7/16 and 7/17


1120 am: Passed by Sheriff Dept. SUV at an intersection.

1125 am: Passed by white Sheriff Dept. Pickup truck at intersection.

9 pm: Passed by Sheriff dept. patrol car.

940 pm: Passed two Sheriff dept. patrol cars parked at a business entrance on my route.

945 pm: Passed a white volunteer Sheriff patrol car passing my home as I arrived.


226 pm: Private ambulance enters gas station right as I exit.

514 pm: Passed by Fire truck.

526 pm: Passed by Fire truck.

528 pm: Passed by Red paramedic ambulance from Fire Dept.

Anyone who states a citizen cannot be plotted and tracked by law enforcement and their little “community police” minions for the purpose of criminal harassment, provocation and entrapment is






Global Army

The Federal government, Hollywood, and Corporate America are now having a meth-fueled three way of epic proportions that could go on for years. They are just that into each other, and into you.

They are in charge of a global army full of millions of trained assassins from every race, age, religion, country, and ethnicity. The troops range from single people to extended families. There are no uniforms but they do wear “gang colors” (purple, turquoise, red, blue, anything in neon). Any color from a gay rights or an American flag.

These troops are highly mobile and have their own top secret methods of communication. (Free phones from Obama). Yet there are absolutely no requirements as far as intelligence or physical condition to sign up for this army. In fact a potato is capable of being a highly functioning member of this army.

The troops are flown from city to city, courtesy of the US government, in order to help assassinate people on the “kill list”. You do not have to be doing anything wrong to be on the list. In fact everyone on the kill list actually makes up the moral fiber/ infrastructure of our country. Silent pillars of the community will be destroyed in a subtle stealth attack until the entire country implodes and can then be subjected to complete government control (FEMA camps).

The troops are excited to come to your city and turn it into a literal war zone. They are provided all the amenities they could possibly need including gas and supermarket shopping cards. Houses/ apartments courtesy of local real estate agents. Cars courtesy of local car dealers, complete with dealer drive off plates. The deal even includes health care (“visiting members”), entertainment, vacations, and tons of other free gifts and services to help soothe their guilty consciences (for those that have a conscience). Of course there are cash incentives since the troops always seem to be “broke”. They like to consume drugs by the pound and booze by the gallon. By the way, many of the homes they “squat” in are foreclosures and set up by the banks. In the event that an entire family can be decimated and “replaced”, the look-alikes will squat in the family’s home indefinitely.

You will notice a huge construction boom in your area with new residential and commercial development going up everywhere you look, including complete remodels of homes and businesses. This is multi purpose. For one, it allows them to crowd your area with temporary workers. It will also create a surreal environment of rapid change to disorient you and throw you off balance.  If you were “sold” to the gang stalkers by your local government, they will also receive funding for multiple city projects like sports parks, a railroad underpass for pedestrians, and a brand new lifeguard station. Many new franchises will move in and they will benefit from all the additional sales tax. Many of the temp workers will live out of their trucks and be given a YMCA membership. They will park and sleep on your side streets at night.

This traveling Satan-worshipping holocaust circus will soon be in a neighborhood near you if it’s not already. You’ll know by the sounds of obnoxiously loud mufflers up and down your street 30-60 times a day and the non- stop cacophony of noise and people that swarms around you everywhere you go (which includes all of your local First Responders).

COINTELPRO: The FBI’s War on Black America

Uploaded on Apr 30, 2011

Through a secret program called the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), there was a concerted effort to subvert the will of the people to avoid the rise “of a black Messiah” that would mobilize the African-American community into a meaningful political force.

This documentary establishes historical perspective on the measures initiated by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI which aimed to discredit black political figures and forces of the late 1960′s and early 1970′s.

Combining declassified documents, interviews, rare footage and exhaustive research, it investigates the government’s role in the assassinations of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and Martin Luther King Jr. Were the murders the result of this concerted effort to avoid “a black Messiah”?


Freedom’s just Another word for Nothing Left to Lose

My entire city, and many others like it, appears to be “occupied” by perps. There is a covert war/holocaust/coup occurring locally, nationally, and globally. It is an invasion. Perps are told to act like they “own the place” and are allowed to torture the target at will with total impunity. Targeted individuals are being sold and sacrificed by local governments as slaves/lab rats in return for Federal money, gifts, and favors with complicity at all levels/branches of government. There is no “walking away” from the confrontation since they are right in your face EVERY move you make. You are not given a choice. They are the criminals, not us. They are violating OUR RIGHTS. Innocent people are being VICIOUSLY attacked. Rapid overdevelopment is occurring everywhere. Deception and fraud are rampant. I hope I don’t end up in the psych unit from hell again for telling the truth. That place made “Cuckoo’s Nest” look like Disneyland. God bless all the TI’s, especially the ones who haven’t even realized yet, like myself up until a year ago.

Gang Stalking and mobbing is not a new concept, it has been around for centuries. What is different now is the government intelligence agencies, with spying technology, are now plugged into it. Now it is Uber gang stalking. Recalling the countless number of times over the past years I noticed suspicious behavior around me and feeling like I was being followed, surveilled, even photographed on 2 separate occasions by what looked like professional PI’s. And every single time shrugging it off, telling myself  “Don’t be paranoid/silly/melodramatic.” There are no words to describe the shock when you realize all the suspicions were correct.

This blog focuses a lot on the signs/symptoms/diagnosis of OGS/EH. I have noticed in my stats the the post that gets the most hits consistently is a reblog postcalled “What can be done about Organized gang stalking”. It is actually a post from a forum message board and I have since met the TI who wrote it online. People want to know what can be done. I will be trying to refocus this blog about what can be done. I would encourage people to contact as many agencies as possible- government, human rights, media, even if you really think it’s not going to help. You are putting the issue on people’s radar and if enough of us do it, it will start to “gel” and we can’t be ignored. And with all the news about the severe and pervasive spying and targeting being committed by NSA, DOJ, and the IRS, I think people are now a lot more likely to believe what we are going through.

We all want to keep our country safe, but right now the balance between security and privacy is so severely off kilter to the point where so many of us are being crushed to death by it. We need to find “leverage” to get out from underneath it. There needs to be a more scientific approach to who is a threat to our country, and less opportunity for potential abuse and malfeasance of this system. Stay strong, TI’s. “Be the change you want to see in the world” has never had more meaning. After we stop this atrocity, what do we want to see? We all know about 1984…what are the possibilities for 1994 and beyond?

Tahrir Square

I read an article this morning about the protests in Egypt. There are many sexual assaults taking place in Tahrir Square right now and I could not help but notice the parallels to Organized Stalking tactics. Of course they have gang stalking in Egypt, it is present in every country, although not as lockstep with the government intelligence agencies everywhere else as it in the US. It is extrajudicial punishment, mob rule. I still don’t understand why so many of these assaults are taking place when the whole point of the protest is to remove something evil from their country. Maybe they are infiltrators trying to make the protestors look bad? (It was the Muslim Brotherhood who raped our embassador.) Whatever the reason, there are parallels in their tactics to gang stalking:

– The women felt the overall message was for them to “stay home”.

– Victims are singled out and surrounded/ isolated by mobs of men ranging in numbers from 5-100, the women are physically separated/pulled away from their friends.

– Police are of no help as they are not even entering the square due to all of the chaos. They are looking the other way which means they are complicit with the attacks. That means no accountability for the attackers and no protection for the victims.

– People who come to the aid of the victim are also attacked.

– Some attackers pose as rescuers, further disorienting the victim.

– One woman described laying naked face down naked on the ground during a prolonged  attack, covered in sewage. She looked up to see men smiling and laughing down at her, taking pics. She said she could still not comprehend their expressions.

These victims will be traumatized by these events long after they are over, for the rest of their lives. Although most OGS victims are not physically attacked (as least not as severely), our trauma is ongoing in that the torture and the isolation never ends. The smiling and the pointing and laughing at the spectacle of our sheer humiliation and degradation goes on and on. I heard another TI describe this as OTSD (Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I have experienced male gang stalkers separating me from my family once at an amusement park. I have experienced them standing too close, beside me and behind me. Groups of them standing shoulder to shoulder near a stairway so I could not pass. I have experienced male gang stalkers brushing up against me, in the workplace, in the market. One stood directly in front of me as I sat on a trolley bench so his crotch lined right up with my face. Ogling and leering in public places, making comments about my body/appearance within earshot. Every female OGS victim has experienced being followed, lead, “laying in wait”, and invasion of personal space by perp men. You can shrug them off as dumb little intimidation tactics that don’t add up to anything. But someone is coaching them to act out these specific acts of predatorial behavior in a serious manner. These criminals are always rehearsing and preparing for the next phase, the final one being Tahrir Square.

I still cannot believe that everything that has happened in my neighborhood, my city, and in my life over the past year has actually taken place in America. Our leaders want to destroy our memory of everything as we think we know it…beyond recognition. Including our own country, our communities, our families, and our own selves. And for targeted individuals, the whole world is Tahrir Square.

June 2013 Car stats/ Vehicular Noise Harassment

My once quiet street is a now a magnet for obnoxiously loud car/truck/motorcycle mufflers, engines, and car stereos. Cars and trucks are weighted down (or shocks removed?) to make loud banging/jarring sounds over the speed bump below my balcony. This is part of the gang stalking/ cointelpro tactic: noise harassment/fatigue. This started suddenly just over a year ago and is still going. I am home most of the day and count cars I can hear clearly from inside my home with all 4 double pane windows shut. The counts are conservative, some days have much lower counts because I was out that day. Mostly it is loud mufflers and trucks. These are not total traffic counts, just the number of high decibel vehicles that pass in each 24 hr. period.

I don’t know what the counts were for loud vehicles before the gang stalking became overt. Probably no more than 6-12/day max. Note the count on 6/20 was up to 84. That’s an average of one loud vehicle every 8-9 minutes for a whole 24 hr. period.

6/01- 46

6/02- 37

6/03- 33

6/04- 19

6/05- 26 plus 3 construction trucks idling for 7 hrs. straight at neighbor’s home.

6/06- 46 plus same trucks idling intermittently x 6 hrs.

6/07- 60                                 6/19- 55

6/08- 37                                 6/20-84

6/09- 24                                  6/21- 50

6/10- 52                                  6/22- 23

6/11- 33                                   6/23- 34

6/12- 40                                  6/24- 75

6/13- 47                                  6/25- 23

6/14- 55                                  6/26- 55

6/15- 46                                  6/25- 23

6/16- 40                                  6/28- 53

6/17- 45                                  6/29- 63

6/18- 24                                  6/30- 55

Its 2013…

It’s 2013 and there is a covert war/ holocaust/coup taking place in the United States. It is actually totalitarianism and anarchy at the same time. The whole system has gone “bipolar” just like the people perpetrating the crimes. Obama’s little pigs are committing the power grab of multiple lifetimes and going all out to maniacally rape, pillage, and plunder this country for everything it’s worth. They are in a hurry because they know they can only get away with this while he is in office. This whole country is a target and is being relentlessly assaulted from every possible angle, in the exact same way as an individual TI. They are committing acts of terror, but they can’t really be considered terrorists. Real terrorists do things because they are passionate about their beliefs. The people responsible for terror acts in the US are simply doing it for money and all the free shit and perks they get from the government. So they don’t have to work a real job or go to jail for their kiddie porn addiction. These people are not terrorists, they are whores. They are helping the govt. destroy the infrastructure of this country and what their dim little minds don’t get is once this is accomplished, all that money and free shit won’t be worth anything.

When people hear infrastructure they think of large things like bridges, buildings, highways. But infrastructure also means people. The people who make up the infrastructure of our communities/states/country are being destroyed right now. In the govt., military, in the media, in business, in entertainment. In your city/town/neighborhood/family. These people are not whistleblowers or activists. They are the people in your community that you would run to in a crisis. Who you know you can count on and help. These people are guilty of being “good”, the best and the most moral people. They are being destroyed because the whores know they will not comply with the evil taking place and they do not want anyone to seek safety with them. They do not want anyone left who will help give legitimacy to people like myself and others who are targeted.

One of the worst and biggest offenses in the destruction of the infrastructure of people is the placing of “moles” inside groups of friends or family. Cointelpro did the same thing but there is a new twist now w/ artificial telepathy and replacing people with “doubles”. Yes they are somehow “snaking” your family members and friends. I don’t know how it’s being done but I am here to tell you it is. I have lived through it, and these people did not count on me being around long enough to write about it because it is truly and thoroughly MADDENING. People need to know about this but you need to stay calm no matter what. Don’t go buy an assault rifle and a movie ticket. Don’t try to throw the replacement off a bridge. Don’t go shoot up a school. Don’t call the police and tell them there’s an intruder in the house because your fiance can now read your thoughts and doesn’t quite look the same…Don’t have   a nervous breakdown. Because then you will end up in jail, dead, or committed. Just don’t. You need to stay free and right here so you, me, and all the other victims can bear witness to these atrocities when the time comes to lock these whores up.