Tahrir Square

I read an article this morning about the protests in Egypt. There are many sexual assaults taking place in Tahrir Square right now and I could not help but notice the parallels to Organized Stalking tactics. Of course they have gang stalking in Egypt, it is present in every country, although not as lockstep with the government intelligence agencies everywhere else as it in the US. It is extrajudicial punishment, mob rule. I still don’t understand why so many of these assaults are taking place when the whole point of the protest is to remove something evil from their country. Maybe they are infiltrators trying to make the protestors look bad? (It was the Muslim Brotherhood who raped our embassador.) Whatever the reason, there are parallels in their tactics to gang stalking:

– The women felt the overall message was for them to “stay home”.

– Victims are singled out and surrounded/ isolated by mobs of men ranging in numbers from 5-100, the women are physically separated/pulled away from their friends.

– Police are of no help as they are not even entering the square due to all of the chaos. They are looking the other way which means they are complicit with the attacks. That means no accountability for the attackers and no protection for the victims.

– People who come to the aid of the victim are also attacked.

– Some attackers pose as rescuers, further disorienting the victim.

– One woman described laying naked face down naked on the ground during a prolonged  attack, covered in sewage. She looked up to see men smiling and laughing down at her, taking pics. She said she could still not comprehend their expressions.

These victims will be traumatized by these events long after they are over, for the rest of their lives. Although most OGS victims are not physically attacked (as least not as severely), our trauma is ongoing in that the torture and the isolation never ends. The smiling and the pointing and laughing at the spectacle of our sheer humiliation and degradation goes on and on. I heard another TI describe this as OTSD (Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I have experienced male gang stalkers separating me from my family once at an amusement park. I have experienced them standing too close, beside me and behind me. Groups of them standing shoulder to shoulder near a stairway so I could not pass. I have experienced male gang stalkers brushing up against me, in the workplace, in the market. One stood directly in front of me as I sat on a trolley bench so his crotch lined right up with my face. Ogling and leering in public places, making comments about my body/appearance within earshot. Every female OGS victim has experienced being followed, lead, “laying in wait”, and invasion of personal space by perp men. You can shrug them off as dumb little intimidation tactics that don’t add up to anything. But someone is coaching them to act out these specific acts of predatorial behavior in a serious manner. These criminals are always rehearsing and preparing for the next phase, the final one being Tahrir Square.

I still cannot believe that everything that has happened in my neighborhood, my city, and in my life over the past year has actually taken place in America. Our leaders want to destroy our memory of everything as we think we know it…beyond recognition. Including our own country, our communities, our families, and our own selves. And for targeted individuals, the whole world is Tahrir Square.

6 thoughts on “Tahrir Square

  1. I had a hard time getting into your blog. They tried to take me off my computer. There’s nothing you’ve written which I haven’t experienced. Do they think I’m learning something new? And today when I finished my blog, I was re-directed to a site to draw a penis. Aren’t they just so funny? I’m still laughing at their smartness. What a bunch of total freaking idiots.

  2. Hi. I am a new target – just since October but have suffered a lot. It was someone’s wish that I be driven crazy. Freaking idiots, stupid stalkers. I can’t believe this happens in the U.S. and those in authority look the other way. I will bookmark this site to look at more fully. You can find me at Sherlock1955.com a wordpress.com blog

  3. They do that here, too. Mostly pseudo- Christian males instead of muslim, though some are muslim I suspect.

    A woman told me of someone leaving a photo of male genitals in her yard. Taken with a Polaroid camera. Who has one of those these days? Easy answer: The white, fat, butter-bomber bank robber who was working with an Iranian scammer. They phoned from a bank named after a horse earlier in the day. Fortunately, as I know the people in my area, I pulled out my camera and got a shot of him admiring his own self photo taken after he walked to the front of the Post Office door, extended his left hand with an Internet camera placed to the side of his head, and with his right hand extended directly in front of his face, he photographed himself.

    Proud of trying to push some of their stolen cash off on someone. The police were proud too as they could care less.

  4. When inquiring about an episode that happened not too long ago…people knocking on the front door of a neighbor consistently…her husband’s eye started to twitch and thought it was no big deal. No big deal to kick in the front door around St. Patty’s Day. No big deal their garage door goes up and down in their abseces, no big deal he still hasn’t replaced the breaker that blew after the butter-bomber bank robbery.

    I had to buy a generator to keep from being murdered. The entire street was without power for tow weeks due to a blown fuse.

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