Freedom’s just Another word for Nothing Left to Lose

My entire city, and many others like it, appears to be “occupied” by perps. There is a covert war/holocaust/coup occurring locally, nationally, and globally. It is an invasion. Perps are told to act like they “own the place” and are allowed to torture the target at will with total impunity. Targeted individuals are being sold and sacrificed by local governments as slaves/lab rats in return for Federal money, gifts, and favors with complicity at all levels/branches of government. There is no “walking away” from the confrontation since they are right in your face EVERY move you make. You are not given a choice. They are the criminals, not us. They are violating OUR RIGHTS. Innocent people are being VICIOUSLY attacked. Rapid overdevelopment is occurring everywhere. Deception and fraud are rampant. I hope I don’t end up in the psych unit from hell again for telling the truth. That place made “Cuckoo’s Nest” look like Disneyland. God bless all the TI’s, especially the ones who haven’t even realized yet, like myself up until a year ago.

Gang Stalking and mobbing is not a new concept, it has been around for centuries. What is different now is the government intelligence agencies, with spying technology, are now plugged into it. Now it is Uber gang stalking. Recalling the countless number of times over the past years I noticed suspicious behavior around me and feeling like I was being followed, surveilled, even photographed on 2 separate occasions by what looked like professional PI’s. And every single time shrugging it off, telling myself  “Don’t be paranoid/silly/melodramatic.” There are no words to describe the shock when you realize all the suspicions were correct.

This blog focuses a lot on the signs/symptoms/diagnosis of OGS/EH. I have noticed in my stats the the post that gets the most hits consistently is a reblog postcalled “What can be done about Organized gang stalking”. It is actually a post from a forum message board and I have since met the TI who wrote it online. People want to know what can be done. I will be trying to refocus this blog about what can be done. I would encourage people to contact as many agencies as possible- government, human rights, media, even if you really think it’s not going to help. You are putting the issue on people’s radar and if enough of us do it, it will start to “gel” and we can’t be ignored. And with all the news about the severe and pervasive spying and targeting being committed by NSA, DOJ, and the IRS, I think people are now a lot more likely to believe what we are going through.

We all want to keep our country safe, but right now the balance between security and privacy is so severely off kilter to the point where so many of us are being crushed to death by it. We need to find “leverage” to get out from underneath it. There needs to be a more scientific approach to who is a threat to our country, and less opportunity for potential abuse and malfeasance of this system. Stay strong, TI’s. “Be the change you want to see in the world” has never had more meaning. After we stop this atrocity, what do we want to see? We all know about 1984…what are the possibilities for 1994 and beyond?

9 thoughts on “Freedom’s just Another word for Nothing Left to Lose

  1. I’ll be writing, too. It will be impossible to ignore thousands of us.

    Just wanted to share this story, in case others have not seen it. It got very little coverage, and now of course the poor fellow has been whisked away to a psych hospital. Immigrants seem to be another popular targeted group.

    • Wow, thanks. These stories are popping up everywhere. Poor guy, he’s young too. I feel like going to all the jails and visiting these people and tell them “we know exactly what you’re going through.” They pulled the exact same thing on me. A homeless man doing street theater later showed up as a fellow inpatient. A coworker I never saw before in my office before later showed up as an inpatient psych nurse. An assistant from that same psych unit later showed up as a security guard outside the FBI building in San Diego. Right after I left, I saw him leave the guard house and casually walk away down the street. His name was “Bun”. A male church choir member who gave me a satanic “glare down” before mass later showed up as a fellow outpatient. They even had a lot of them using this cheesy catch phrase, “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” And they had a lot of my coworkers from previous jobs showing up in places.

      • I’m so sorry. This has not happened to me yet (that I know of), but I do get a lot of strangers telling me I look familiar. Yeah, I bet! Gotta’ love community notification.

        This poor fellow has had numerous incidents of look-alikes, reappearances, and replacements, including those of his parents. His is one of the most heartbreaking and horrific TI cases I have ever read.

        You have to wonder why they would go to all this trouble, as they already have plenty of other, easier methods for messing with our heads.

      • Wow, thanks for the link. Yes I know what he is going through with his family, it is horrific. We are treated like objects, it is Satanic.

  2. It sounds callous…but say young cho at vt massacre…i was feeling so bad that day….my sex and drugs and jesus christ cd came in the mail
    ..unlike download sidewinder…someonendidnt scratch it all up and put it back in my mailbox….anyway…is it heresy….hopefully young cho blasted a few perps….and as a bonus of his psychotic break from reality
    ..overcame his speech impediment….they all just lined up as he methodically placed two head shots….now he mostly killed fellow immigrants…its the white people doing this….not some girl from india….anyway if there is a brightside to this….perps die when the target goes….i mean i got a list of loudmouth perps i dream of doing like harvey milk…i wouldnt but…i appreciate the thought as bad as it sounds…to see that smirky little cop face disapear in a mist of bacon and pork….not funny now is it? Now your fucking dead….like i say…its therapy 🙂

  3. Aclu responds to me….they said if the cops beat me or taze me theyll sue…otherwise no deal….how handy eh ? They are scared id say based on my contacts articles at the aclu website.

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