June 2013 Car stats/ Vehicular Noise Harassment

My once quiet street is a now a magnet for obnoxiously loud car/truck/motorcycle mufflers, engines, and car stereos. Cars and trucks are weighted down (or shocks removed?) to make loud banging/jarring sounds over the speed bump below my balcony. This is part of the gang stalking/ cointelpro tactic: noise harassment/fatigue. This started suddenly just over a year ago and is still going. I am home most of the day and count cars I can hear clearly from inside my home with all 4 double pane windows shut. The counts are conservative, some days have much lower counts because I was out that day. Mostly it is loud mufflers and trucks. These are not total traffic counts, just the number of high decibel vehicles that pass in each 24 hr. period.

I don’t know what the counts were for loud vehicles before the gang stalking became overt. Probably no more than 6-12/day max. Note the count on 6/20 was up to 84. That’s an average of one loud vehicle every 8-9 minutes for a whole 24 hr. period.

6/01- 46

6/02- 37

6/03- 33

6/04- 19

6/05- 26 plus 3 construction trucks idling for 7 hrs. straight at neighbor’s home.

6/06- 46 plus same trucks idling intermittently x 6 hrs.

6/07- 60                                 6/19- 55

6/08- 37                                 6/20-84

6/09- 24                                  6/21- 50

6/10- 52                                  6/22- 23

6/11- 33                                   6/23- 34

6/12- 40                                  6/24- 75

6/13- 47                                  6/25- 23

6/14- 55                                  6/26- 55

6/15- 46                                  6/25- 23

6/16- 40                                  6/28- 53

6/17- 45                                  6/29- 63

6/18- 24                                  6/30- 55

One thought on “June 2013 Car stats/ Vehicular Noise Harassment

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