Its 2013…

It’s 2013 and there is a covert war/ holocaust/coup taking place in the United States. It is actually totalitarianism and anarchy at the same time. The whole system has gone “bipolar” just like the people perpetrating the crimes. Obama’s little pigs are committing the power grab of multiple lifetimes and going all out to maniacally rape, pillage, and plunder this country for everything it’s worth. They are in a hurry because they know they can only get away with this while he is in office. This whole country is a target and is being relentlessly assaulted from every possible angle, in the exact same way as an individual TI. They are committing acts of terror, but they can’t really be considered terrorists. Real terrorists do things because they are passionate about their beliefs. The people responsible for terror acts in the US are simply doing it for money and all the free shit and perks they get from the government. So they don’t have to work a real job or go to jail for their kiddie porn addiction. These people are not terrorists, they are whores. They are helping the govt. destroy the infrastructure of this country and what their dim little minds don’t get is once this is accomplished, all that money and free shit won’t be worth anything.

When people hear infrastructure they think of large things like bridges, buildings, highways. But infrastructure also means people. The people who make up the infrastructure of our communities/states/country are being destroyed right now. In the govt., military, in the media, in business, in entertainment. In your city/town/neighborhood/family. These people are not whistleblowers or activists. They are the people in your community that you would run to in a crisis. Who you know you can count on and help. These people are guilty of being “good”, the best and the most moral people. They are being destroyed because the whores know they will not comply with the evil taking place and they do not want anyone to seek safety with them. They do not want anyone left who will help give legitimacy to people like myself and others who are targeted.

One of the worst and biggest offenses in the destruction of the infrastructure of people is the placing of “moles” inside groups of friends or family. Cointelpro did the same thing but there is a new twist now w/ artificial telepathy and replacing people with “doubles”. Yes they are somehow “snaking” your family members and friends. I don’t know how it’s being done but I am here to tell you it is. I have lived through it, and these people did not count on me being around long enough to write about it because it is truly and thoroughly MADDENING. People need to know about this but you need to stay calm no matter what. Don’t go buy an assault rifle and a movie ticket. Don’t try to throw the replacement off a bridge. Don’t go shoot up a school. Don’t call the police and tell them there’s an intruder in the house because your fiance can now read your thoughts and doesn’t quite look the same…Don’t have   a nervous breakdown. Because then you will end up in jail, dead, or committed. Just don’t. You need to stay free and right here so you, me, and all the other victims can bear witness to these atrocities when the time comes to lock these whores up.

2 thoughts on “Its 2013…

  1. I feel that eventually, when all the current groups of TIs have been killed by their insidious method of torture, they (the whores) will ultimately end up feeding off each other.

  2. They already are…it will just get more extreme. I read even some of Hitler’s own men tried to kill him and vice versa. And even he couldn’t believe how mean/nasty people out in the community could be to each other in the name of “nationalism”.

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