Police/Fire Dept./Ambulance Harassment Log 7/16 and 7/17


1120 am: Passed by Sheriff Dept. SUV at an intersection.

1125 am: Passed by white Sheriff Dept. Pickup truck at intersection.

9 pm: Passed by Sheriff dept. patrol car.

940 pm: Passed two Sheriff dept. patrol cars parked at a business entrance on my route.

945 pm: Passed a white volunteer Sheriff patrol car passing my home as I arrived.


226 pm: Private ambulance enters gas station right as I exit.

514 pm: Passed by Fire truck.

526 pm: Passed by Fire truck.

528 pm: Passed by Red paramedic ambulance from Fire Dept.

Anyone who states a citizen cannot be plotted and tracked by law enforcement and their little “community police” minions for the purpose of criminal harassment, provocation and entrapment is






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